Mom fucks stranger son provokes


Mom fucks stranger son provokesdeletedone fine day in the evening around 6.30 pm, I was arriving from college on the way I went t o tea shop. I had a sip of tea. I saw a couple there by. The girl was tempting. My eyes stuck to her. The couple went inside a park. I followed them. They went and sat in a corner and they started romancing each other. There were many couples inside the park. Some were talking, some were caressing each other, some kissing and hugging and so… I was just roaming inside the park watching the couples. The park was big with grass and bushes and trees providing a great place for the couples.While I was moving I saw a woman and I was shocked it was my mom. She was sitting with one guy. For a second I freeze, then I came to present I immediately backed myself. I slowly moved forward ensuring that my mom doesn’t see me. I saw that man, I had seen him somewhere but I was not remembering him. The man was a fat guy not looking good whereas my mom was a gorgeous lady at age of 37. I moved forward my moms pallu was below her cleavage. She was laughing and talking with him. Suddenly my mom pulled him and placed a kiss on his cheek. He gave a smile then he hugged her tightly his arms were round her waist. He was kissing on her neck and moved below, caressed her boobs. I took my camera phone and clicked as much as I could and I moved..I went home. After 20 minutes my mom came. I asked her where she went. She said she went to a temple for a special pooja. I said oh special pooja where mom? Is it in the park? My mom blinked and said what? I said yaw pooja mom from when are u doing this pooja? U slut. See u r poja has been recorded. See slut and I showed the photos in my m0bile. My mom stunned looking at that. She was standing speechless. I asked her U slut now say me who is that man. She said I am really sorry my son. I will never do this, please forgive me. I said don’t make any dramas.Say who that man is. After a lot more quarrels she said he is a vegetable seller in our locality. I said what a shit u are; y u did like this y mom y? I never even think of u being like this. Y u whore y? She cried and said please forgive me my son. I shouted don’t say me son. She then said she had not indulged in sex for the last 3 yrs. After my dad got a sugar problem he is not at all showing any interest in sex. Whereas the vegetablewalla use to flirt with her he use to praise about her beauty and somehow she got a liking for him. So they both got to the park for sometimes. I said ok but when does he fuck you. She shouted please u can’t ask me like these. I had never got physical with him. I said stop it I will call the dad and then we will decide what to do? She started pleading please u can’t do this. U r dad will kill me I he comes to know about this. Please. I said u should have thought about this b4 u slept with him. She said pls believe me. I said mom u deserves a punishment and dad is right person to give it. She said no please u give me any punishment but don’t take it to dad. I thought for a second and then I caught hold of her hand and pulled her to the bedroom. Se said what r u doing? I said I am punishing u and pulled her to the bedroom. I pulled her saree from her waist. She caught hold of her saree and pulled back and said r u gone crazy. I left the saree and slapped her and pushed her in the bed. I said u bitch this is the punishment for u. Bear with me or else I will tell to dad. My mom was say no no u can’t do this. I was just removing her saree and now she was not resisting. I asked bursa escort her to stand up and I fully undressed her and made nude. She was staring at me with anger. I gave one more slap to her. This time she slapped me back and screamed behave with me properly. I caught her hand and put my eyes in her eyes and said i am not behaving with you bitch I am punishing u. U better do what I say ok. I asked her to lie on theBed. She laid quietly. I saw there were tears in her eyes. I felt myself guilty. I ordered here to widen her legs ..And she did. The guilt was killing me. I should have not beaten her. I shouted u r a bitch u r a shit and I went out. I went out and I joined my friends were we spent our eve normally, but I was much disturbed about things happened today. Then I went to a wine shop and brought and brought a bottle of liquor for me and went home. I rang the bell my mom opened the door. I sat in the hall and watched TV. I didn’t spoke a word to her. She came with he food and asked me to eat. I remained still. Then she started saying please forget whatever happened I will assure u such things will never happen on future. I gazed in her eyes and said Mom I am sorry. I should have not beaten u but …, but mom whatever happened had to be said to dad. She said please beta don’t do that. I said fine mom the u have to what ever I sya without irritating me. She said ok she will do. Then I made my mom serve liquor for me that too without saree and the hooks of the blouse opened. After that day I didn’t disturbed her like this a month passed.One day my dad came and said that we have to got to a farer place, to attend his friends sons marriage after two days. So we packed every thing then at the last minute my dad was not able to come because he was going abroad for some important work so he asked us to go. So we both went to the station b4 half an hour it was a rainy day. I boarded the compartment and sat inside our box. The train was much empty on that day. I went out and went through the list and I realized in our box there are just 4 people that is I my mom and dad and another person. Suddenly a thought came in mind so I went out of the station I went to a wine shop and brought a bottle of vodka. I came to our box my mom was sitting alone. The train started, my mom was sitting she was a wearing a fit chudhidar.I asked my mom today the climate is good know, she said ya, I said mom I want to punish u today and now, she said y? My mom said enough now u delete all that pics from camera. I said ya I am going to delete it but b4 I will it today. She said stop it and anyhow she has listened to what all I had said , so why I am blackmailing her like this. I said ok mom I will delete all this but today u have to do what ever I say. She said fine. I asker her to become nude She said what in the train. I locked the door of our box and said now no one can see . She said but y? I said I don’t want to see her in a chudidhar and asked her to wear a saree. She then did as I said. I said her in the whole journey we both are strangers so we both don’t know each other accordingly.By then the next station came it was in the afternoon. A man 42 yrs of age, his name was Pratap he was a south Indian, he came into our box. He was looking decent wearing a formals but he was behaving rudely as he came in he said the place where I kept my bag was his so I should vacate whereas there was much more place for him to sit. Then he started smoking and made face like distressing. He took a news paper and sat He was not giving any bursa escort bayan attention to my sexy mom nor else me. I came out of the box and called my mom in her cell and said her to silently come out I am waiting near the latrine. She came there I said her to talk with that man she said what y? I said mom u r going to flirt with him grab his attention. My mom said he is such rude guy y should I talk to him, I said bcoz today night u r going to fuck him. My mom said not at all. I said mom I am not requesting u. And u know if u irritate me what I am going to do. She said u r shhhh…. Pls understand we are in the train and he is a total stranger and not even a good person. I said u say me one thing don’t u Have the desire to have sex. Say me the truth bitch forget that I am u r son. She said ya I have but … ISaid enough don’t say anything And do as I said and make it sure that he fucks u. I then caught her saree and sided it to expose her cleavage and asked to expose more when she goes in. She went and sat and I went inside and sat in window corner and looked outside. After some time I saw my mom kept her eyes closed and now he was looking at her breasts side by side with the paper in the hand. Then he looked at me and the rain has not stopped I nodded and my mom opened her eyes he gave a smile to her and asked where are u going like this we started chatting. Slowly he was giving attention to my mom. By now it was evening I then I went out and gave a sms to my mom saying “expose more”. I came back but my mom we not doing as…Pratap went out I said to my mom why r u not doing what I am saying, my mom said what’s more to do. I said talk some thing sexy with him and some how show u r boobs put u r pallu below down so the he can see u r navels and breast after that he will pounce on u. My mom said no these things are not possible. I said ok now after he comes u sleep I mean just take a nap or act like sleeping and while sleeping u r pallu should come down and also expose u r sexy legs by pulling u r saree. After as I said my mom sleep and then she let her paluu fall down exposing her sexy mountains like breasts ,I was just starring at her breast now Pratap looking at smiled me , he came close to me and said nice figure know. I said see very sexy. He made action like pressing her boobs and staid mm. I said u do first then I too will join u, he laughed. Now let me say about my mom here. My moms name is Leelavathi 37 yrs age a bulge sexy gorgeous woman. She can be said just 32 -34 yrs. She looks like a normal rajasthani women. She normally wears saree but also wear chudhidhar sometimes. See my mom’s pic below.Slowly my mom moved her saree above and exposed till her thighs and now I saw there was great bulge in his pant. I looked and he said what happened he smiled. Then he went out. I too joined him. He said that women is disturbing a lot. I said even me I feel like fucking her. He said ya even he wants to but she is a family woman but bitch see how sexy see is.Then we both went inside our box. My mom was sitting she was fully covered. We ate our dinner and I went out for washing hand my mom too followed me back I said good show mom. I said and also see to it that he fucks u in the night, my mom should how could i. I said ask him for his cock or do any thing sexy or become nude in front of him and make him fuck u. My mom said he is a stranger. I took the mobile my mom under stood and she said ok as u wish I will. Bit after wards u should delete all that stuffs in u r mobile. I agreed. My mom said escort bursa ok. My mom and I both went inside. My saw there was no water for drinking My mom asked Pratab can he bring water for me in the next station. He said ya of course he took the bottle and we both went out. He said to me in the day itself while sleeping she showed her assets and now in the night what she will be showing. I said him we fuck her, he laughed I said I am saying seriously. He said do u think she will allow u. I said we will ask her and if not we will **** her< he said no please don’t we will be in problem. I said nothing yaar u see.By now the station came we went out and filled water from the tap in our bottles. Then we came into the train as it started. I drank water from my mom’s bottle and then I filled it with vodka. He said what r u doing I said iam going to make her drink this and in the night I will fuck her, he said but if she comes to know. I said we will see. I went inside our box and gave the bottle to my mom and she drank a sip and said the water is not good I said aunty its is tasting like this only here, she then drank the water I know it was working on her fromHer eyes . Now Pratap was looking at my mom with full lust and he slowly said in my ears its working in w what started happening that was even i don’t expected. My stood and went out and then she said guys actually I want to change my dresses. But the the latrine here is very dirty so I want to change it here only. I said ya aunty do it we will close the box. Pratap said Leelaji shall we both go out. My mom said no u guys be here just the close the box door I close the door. My mom stood facing the opposite side of us facing her back to us. First she removed her saree. I was watching my mom with a stranger without her saree from her back. Next my mom lifted her arms and she was pulling her blouse above. Pratab said wow what a sexy whore, he stood up then he sat, I said what he slowly said he is not able to control himself. I said come on we will… he said be cool. We both were hot. My mom removed her blouse and she was standing topless only in her petticoat but we were facing her back the she took a towel and tied around her boobs .It was to her ass. The next her petticoat fell down on the ground we were able see half of her ass in her red panty as the towel was not enough to cover full. My mom eve pulled her panty down. Now she turned too our side her boobs too were clearly visible as it was just half covered .Pratap stood up and he said leelaji u r looking very sexy. My mom just gave a smile and she kneeled down and started looking down the seat . I asked aunty what r u looking for. She said for her bag. I said it is above. She said oh I forget . She now stood on the seat and stretched upward to pull the bag while the towel went above and her ass and cunt was clearly seen to us. Pratap stood and caught hold of her ass and started kissing on her ass. My mom shouted ooooo and she fell down while her towel went much above. Pratap said u r really sexy I want to ….. He pulled the towel and my mom was nude in front of us. My mom said oh give me. He said llela u r sexy please don’t wear any thing. He then undressed himself and tightly hugged my mom. My mom didn’t restrict at all she started kissing pratab. Pratap lip locked her and started caressing her boobs my mom slowly moved her hands towars his 9 inch cock and said pratap please fuck me iam in need of u please.., pratap looked at me and said dude u did a goog job the vodka is working excellently . He made my mom lay on the ground and was sucking her boobs hardly and the step by step he fucked her hard and the then I fucked my mom, and the whole night we both fucked leela . My mom was much cooperative.

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