Mom , Me Ch. 31


As soon as Jane saw me, her face lit up in a gorgeous smile. She got up and gave me a big hug. Oh, Billy, I am so happy to be with you tonight. I can’t wait to love you on your 19th Birthday. We walked hand and hand together toward her home. When we got inside we found a note written by her mother that she was out with friends. Jane’s face lit up again in a smile and she said, “Oh goodie, I am going to have you all to myself Billy. If you’re ready let’s go to my bedroom and I will start celebrating your birthday.”

We undressed one another and hugged our nude bodies together. She leaned her perky tits into my chest and kissed my mouth passionately. She was hot and wanting to be fucked tonight. Then I told her to kneel down on the mattress and I would enter her from the back. She jumped on the bed and placed her hands on the mattress. Her sweet pussy was already moist and I was hard and pre cum was oozing from the tip of my penis. I moved my pre cum penis into her glistening vagina and she cooed.

“Oh, Billy, fuck me now. Slam that super cock deep into my vagina honey.

OH! Wow! Oh … oh … my god. Your cock is huge! I can feel it stretching me. Your cock is much bigger than last time. Oh, baby … easy … back off for just a second … Ok, that’s it. Let your sweet baby catch her breath. Ok, I’m fine now Billy. Push your big cock all the way inside of me. That’s it. Oh, oh, oh, it feels so wonderful. Yes, I can feel it. Oh, god, it is all the way in. It feels so wonderful! You’ve make me so happy baby. I feel like a Princess. I love you so much baby. Keep it moving. That’s it baby now increase your speed. Yes, that’s it! Oh, baby it feels so good. Oh, my god this is so awesome. I love you Billy.”

I kept a smooth rhythm and she began to move in rhythm with me. We were quiet now and I could hear her breathing hard and enjoying each stroke. We were both concentrating on our breathing and now are bodies were working together. I could hear my balls slapping against her pussy on each down stroke. She was really into it now and she began to jerk and moan and hum some tune I didn’t recognize.

Then she said, “Oh, baby, I am so happy. I hope you are as pleased as I am. You really know how to please a girl Billy. I love how you fuck me. Oh, baby, I am trying to hold this great feeling a little longer. I am close, so close to an orgasm but I like how you are fucking me right now. I love having your cock so deep inside of me. Oh, baby, I’m ready. I can’t … oh … oh … oh god … hold … Oh, you have so much cum … oh, Oh, OH! I felt it again. Oh, baby, you spoil me. I feel so full of your sweet cum. You were fantastic today baby. I love you Billy.”

She turned around. She had a huge smile on her face. She laid down on the bed facing me. “Place your body on top of me. I want to kiss your face.”

I have not seen Jane this hot and excited before. She was hungry for some loving and she was really into pleasing me.

She inserted her tongue inside my mouth and played jump rope with my tongue. Then she searched for my cock and when she found it she turned me over on my back and got back on her knees and straddles my legs. She picked up my cock, smiled at me and placed the tip of my penis inside of her mouth and began sucking it vigorously. She had me hard again and was taking me deep inside of her mouth. She was really working my shaft and I loved it. Jane loves to fuck and she knows how to give good head. These Kentucky girls really know how to please a man. Within minutes I knew I was close to having another orgasm. I told her I was close to cuming again, and I told her to be ready because I would be releasing a heavy load of cum inside of her mouth.

She kept pumping my cock and I could see she was excited. Finally I reached to put my hand behind her head. I held her head loosely because I want to protect her if the force of my released kurtköy escort made her head jerk backwards. After I released my cum it did not make her jerk backwards and she did not drop any of my cum. She swallowed it and smiled joyfully. Then she said, “Happy Birthday Billy. Did you like my present?”

“Absolutely, that was the best blow-job I’ve ever had, but I feel I am going to release another shot of cum.”

“I’m ready Billy. Give me another load. I love you salty sweet cum.”

As soon as I finished my sentence I hit her in the chin with another load of my seed.

She smiled and said, “You, missed the target baby but I don’t care. She took her hand, and tried to redirect the gob of cum to her mouth. She managed to get most of it inside and she was beaming with delight. She said, “I love the taste of your sweet salty cum. It is so yummy.”

You are making me hungry Jane. I push her down on the bed and said, “Show me how high you can spread your legs above your head.” She complied immediately.

“Oh, Jane, your little flower is gorgeous. I pressed my lips into her pussy and sucked up a mixture of cum and juices. It was delicious. I moved my tongue rapidly around the inside of her kitty searching for her clit. I finally found it and I began massaging it with my tongue. She had heightened sensitivity and she jerked and howls the second I touched it.

“OH! OH! OH my god! She moans loudly and her whole body was jerking. “Oh, my god Billy, don’t stop! Don’t you stop even if I tell you too? Oh, god, this feels so good. She kept thrashing her body and moving her arms wildly about. She finally placed her hands behind my head and pulled my head into her pussy area. She kept moaning and groaning and yelling OH! OH! My god this feels so good and then she had a tremendous orgasm.

She was limp, exhausted, and I believe she felt very loved. She whispered, “Easy, Billy. Go slow! My pussy is very sensitive right now. I like what you are doing. I like feeling your lips touching me right now. Oh, Billy you make me feel like a queen. Was it good for you Billy? Have I pleased you this afternoon?

“Oh, yes you have Jane. You are an amazing lover. I love you so much. This was the best gift I could ever receive from you. I love your body Jane. It is perfect. You are a beautiful woman and an awesome lover.”

“Oh, Billy, I am so glad you enjoyed my gift. I want to give you more gifts. I am always available anytime you want me, baby. I am yours baby forever. I love you Billy.”

We laid on the bed touching, rubbing, kissing, and holding one another for another 45 minutes. I finally told her I needed to get going. We kissed a few more minutes and I got up and went into her bathroom and cleaned my cock and my thighs that had sticky cum clinging to them. I cleaned my mouth with warm water. Jane came in and leaned her naked body against my back and reached around and held my penis in her hands. Then she said, “Your going to go see Jennifer now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Jane, I am. I promised her I would stop by after I visited with you.” She began touching my testicles with her fingers and then holding my penis. Then she said, “I know you love both of us Billy, and we both love you. Jennifer’s been a close friend of mine since early elementary school. We’ve had our disagreements, and at first we didn’t want to share you, but we finally realized that it was better to share you than not to have you in our life at all. So I hope you have a good time with her this afternoon. I hope she pleases you. …. And I hope she is pleased too.”

“Thank you Sweetie. I do love you, and you please me very much. You are a great lover.

She kissed me again and I left her house and walked toward Jennifer’s home.

I arrived at Jennifer’s house a quarter to six and knocked on the screen door.

“Is that maltepe escort you Billy?”

“Yes, sweetheart!”

“Come in baby. I’ve been waiting anxiously for you. Happy Birthday Billy.” She leaned into me and gave me a big wet kiss. Then she pressed her tongue between my lips and enjoyed playing with my tongue. She had a lot of saliva and I enjoy kissing Jennifer when she’s so wet.

She leaned back looking my in the eyes and smiling. “I hope you had a good time with Jane!”


“Of course. Jane and I’ve talked and we decided it was better to share you Billy than not to have you at all. We’ve been friends for ages and we decided to share you. So, yes, I hope you gave her a good fuck this evening. She was hoping she could light your flame-thrower up this afternoon. Was she able to do that Billy?”

“Yes, she did, and I know you will be successful too. Both of you are awesome lovers. Thank you for having confidence in me Billy. I love lighting you up. I love lighting you up too, Jennifer.”

We kissed some more and then she said, “Let’s go into my bedroom and see if you have any strength left in you to light me up tonight?”

Since it is your birthday Billy I am going to have the pleasure of giving you head. She began to unbutton my shirt and threw it at the chair. It slipped to the floor. She unbuckled my pants and pulled them down so I could step free of them. She then helped me remove my undershirt and underwear. I kicked off my shoes and left my sock on my feet. Then I helped her remove her sweater and was glad to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. She has a fantastic set of boobs. They are firm, big, and I love how one touch of my fingers makes her nipple pop out. I removed her skirt and then I placed my fingers on both sides of her panties and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and I picked them up and put them on my face and smelled deeply. Then I looked at her and said, “You have the most intoxicating smell. I love to smell and taste your pussy Jennifer.”

“Well you are going to have to wait baby, because it is your birthday and I am hoping that I will be able to give you the best blow-job of your young life. Before I begin you can play with my boobs.”

I bent forward and kissed both of them, pulling her tits with my tongue. I turned her around and cupped my hands under them and squeezed them with my fingers. I said, “Jennifer you have a wonderful set of boobs. I love touching and holding your breasts.”

“Thank you Billy. I am glad you enjoy them. They are yours anytime you want them just tell me. I am always here to please you.” Then she knelt down on her knees and began stroking the length of my penis with her cool hands. It felt marvelous. I was producing a small amount of pre-cum and she took her finger and wiped it up and worked it into my hard cock. She was finally satisfied that my cock was hard enough, so she kissed the tip of my penis, pausing long enough to move her lips through the cum and then moistening her lips. Then she took my penis deep into her throat, moving its length in and out at a constant speed. She kept looking up at me to see if she was pleasing me and she was. I placed my hand behind her head and helped to guide her. Then she began to move faster and faster, pausing to see how I was reacting. She took her other hand and began to massage my balls. I was really enjoying what she was doing. My body was beginning to react to all she was doing and I began to breath more heavily. I noticed she was increasing the pressure with her lips and she was squeezing my testicles lightly. I was really aroused and I knew I was close to a wonderful orgasm. I spoke to her and told her I was close to releasing my seed. She replied saying I will catch whatever you deliver without dropping any of it.

She said, “Billy your seed is like pure gold to me. I mutlukent escort don’t want to lose a drop of it.”

She was sucking my cock rapidly and with increased pressure and I finally began to groan and moan like never before and then I released a big load inside of her mouth. True to her words, she didn’t drop any of my cum. Jennifer is amazing. She looked up at me and smiled. Then she said, “I told you I won’t lose any of your cum. It’s delicious. I love having your cum inside of my body.”

She licked my cock with her lips and then washed my testicles and shank with a wet towel. “I want to send you home to Ginny all clean and respectable.” She giggled

“Well, that’s nice of you but I’m not leaving until I jam my cock deep inside of your beautiful pussy and make you scream and shout before you have a massive orgasm.”

“Ok, lover boy. Let’s see if you are up to it. You’ve had a big day fucking my best friend and getting an awesome blow-joy from Jane’s best friend.” She knelt on the bed and stuck her ass up in the air and then wiggled her ass back and forth. Then she shouted, “What are you waiting for. This bitch is ready to receive your sweet smelling salty cream.”

I got behind her and pushed my harden penis up along the crack of her ass. I moved it up and down her ass several times and then I inserted my mushroom just inside her pussy. She moved from side-to-side and then said, “Give me your best shot baby. Plunge that big fat cock deep into Jennifer’s pussy. She wants it deep and she wants you to pump her hard and fast. Go for it baby.”

I shoved my cock in and I began moving it in and out at a rapid pace. She howled like a coyote and screamed like a hawk. She was moving her body in rhythm with my stroke. She said, “Fuck me Billy. Fuck your wicked whore. I kept up a fast pace and she kept up the pace too. She had a hell of a lot of endurance and energy. Damn, she was a good fuck!

She said, “Billy, I want to change to another position. I want you to lay down on your back and I want to mount you and ride you like your a wild untamed pony. We changed our position and she lowered her pussy on my hard stick and began to move up and down my stiff cock. She whopped and hollered and acted like she was riding a rodeo horse. She said, “You’re a great stallion Billy. What a glorious ride you are.” I bet Jane would enjoy this ride. I am going to recommend it to her. Yippy I O!

Oh, Billy you are wonderful. I love fucking you. I want you to cling to you. I want to wrap my legs around your waist and I want you to hold my back and I want you to fuck me while I am clinging to your waist and you are holding me off the ground.” She told me to stand up next to the bed and she stood on top of the mattress. Then she climbed up on my belly and told me to hold on to her as she leaned backwards over the mattress. “Don’t drop me Billy. Just lower my body until you can put your penis inside of my pussy and then I want you to start fucking me hard. She said, “I love this!” I pumped her hard and fast and she smiled and said how wonderful it felt.

“Jennifer turned to me and said, “This position is too hard on your back Billy. Ease my body down onto the bed. Then I wasn’t us to finish with you giving me a lap-fuck until I have an orgasm. I leaned back on the chair that was in her room and she inserted my dick into her awaiting pussy. She moved her slender body beautifully back-and-forth until she gave out a scream and jerked her body, and I unload my seed into her. She leaned forward against my chest and began kissing my neck and face and lips. She told me what a great gift I had given her tonight. She kissed my lips passionately and kept thanking me for a wonderful fuck.

We took a shower together, and then we dressed. She kissed me again at her front door. Then she said, “I want you to go straight home. You need to rest. You tell Ginny that you’re all fucked out and she will have to wait until tomorrow.” She laughed and then broke out with a big smile.

“See you tomorrow Mr. Awesome, the Birthday Boy!”

I got back home. Ginny wasn’t there, so I guess she was sleeping over at the Colonel’s house. I got in the bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

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