Mom Must Have Known The Inevitable


The incestuous relationship between mother and son is not always one of all-consuming lust and intoxicated sexual desire that seizes the two in a spontaneous uncontrollable moment. More often than not the illicit relationship creeps into existence in the cold light of reality with the mother’s consent, though in hind sigh no one would fault her for her progressive indiscretion.

There are many reasons why the mother may drop her defenses; an unhappy marriage, discontentment with life overall or the unfortunate death of her partner in life. A woman does not stop desiring affection and intimacy, but often shies at indiscriminate sex, wishing to hold on to the world that she has become accustomed to.

Agnes had lost her husband six months earlier. Having never worked, it was difficult but she had found a job. The job and the insurance her husband had purchased allowed her to continue her modest lifestyle.

Her son, Bobby, eased the loneliness, supplemented her income, but he was soon to be married and would be leaving their spacious condominium. She had been assured that he would remain in the area but their time together would certainly be limited. With the thought of it all, she had become depressed.

“Working does not agree with me.” She protested, sitting dinner in front of her son. “My back is aching something fierce. There is a movie on at eight. I’m going to take a hot bath before it comes on. Are you staying in tonight?”

“Yes.” Bobby replied. “I’ll get us some chips and Coke.”

Always dressed modestly, Agnes returned to the living room in pink long pants pajamas and a lightweight housecoat.

Mother and son conversed occasionally during the two-hour movie. It was nearing 11 o’clock and Agnes moaned audibly when she stood to clear the coffee table.

“Did you take anything for your back?” Bobby queried.

“Yeah. It doesn’t seem to be helping much.” Agnes replied.

“Would you like me to rub your back?” Bobby suggested. “It might help.”

“It’s so late.” She protested.

“It won’t take long.” He answered.

While her son’s suggestion did not strike her as odd, unconsciously something told her it would be inappropriate for her son’s hands to roam over her body. Just as unconsciously, her desire for closeness overshadowed any concern and she agreed a backrub might help.

“It just might!” She answered. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“Not at all.” Bobby assured her, already moving around the coffee table. “Come over here and lie on the carpet.”

On his knees at her left side, Bobby spent near 30 minutes rubbing his mother’s back and shoulders. Agnes moaned appreciatively as his strong hands squeezed and massaged her torso.

“I am so relaxed I hate to get up.” Agnes said, as her son stood up. “You go ahead to bed. I’m going to stay here a minute or two.”

“Don’t nod off or you will wake up really sore.” Bobby replied, leaving her.

Agnes waited for a long number of minutes before her right hand slipped under her and down the front of her pajamas and panties. Her extended middle finger found her clit and she fingered herself until a warm orgasm flowed through her.

It had nothing to do with her son rubbing her back. She just did it because she could and it felt good and suppressed much of her depression.

Bobby retrieved a clean sock from his dresser and entered his bed nude as he always did. He fiddled and stroked a limp cock to erection and then placed a pillow between his legs and rolled atop it. Holding his cock, in the sock, tightly in his right hand he began to hump the pillow.

It had nothing to do with massaging his mother’s back. He did not think of her. He thought of his wife to be whom he fucked on a regular basis.

The next couple of weeks would find Bobby massaging his mother’s back as she lay stretched out on the carpet. Sometimes he would offer, and other times his mother would hint that a massage to be nice. Bobby never found it to be a chore.

On one particular night, a Tuesday, Agnes complained that her legs hurt her too. She received the usual offer from her son for a backrub. For no particular reason, maybe the room was a bit warm, she removed her housecoat before stretching out on the carpet.

Bobby began rubbing the back of his mother’s legs and for the first time became conscious that his mother had quite a nice butt. Thinking how funny it might be if his mother knew he was assessing her posterior, unconsciously, maybe wanting to be closer to it, he moved to straddle her legs as he began to rub her back.

To say that Agnes was not aware of his position would do her an injustice. Her body instantly stiffened and it took all her concentration to relax, but relax she did and she said nothing. She was savvy enough to look, or feel, for an indication of indiscretion, but the jeans that her son wore gave her no clue. When the massage was over, she intentionally looked. Finding no foul, she put the thought out of her mind.

While it became a habit for Bobby to straddle güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his mother’s legs during the backrubs, nothing out of the ordinary came to pass, well, at least for five or six more backrubs.

Consciously or unconsciously, Agnes put on a pair of short pants PJs. Quite modest in length she gave no second thought. She wasn’t even expecting a backrub this particular evening.

“Hey Bobby!” Agnes welcomed her son as he opened the front door to the apartment. “I thought you were going to be out late tonight?”

“Helen is being a bitch about the wedding!” He replied. “It’s funny how we can argue over the slightest detail. How many candlesticks, believe it or not!”

In actuality, Bobby wanted to fuck and Helen did not!

Bobby showered and returned to the open floor plan of the kitchen and living room. He was wearing short, gray, lightweight cotton pants and a white T-shirt.

Walking into the kitchen area, the retrieved ice and a Coke and then joined his mother on the sofa. They watched approximately 40 minutes of an hour-long drama.

“It’s been a few nights. Would you like a backrub, mom?”

“Would love one, if you don’t mind?” Agnes replied.

Also, having become a habit, Agnes discarded her housecoat. Her pink, short PJs immediately caught her son’s attention. The cloth seemed a lot more thinner that her normal PJ attire. By the elimination of the TV, as she moved to the carpet, Bobby see right through the material. He assessed her thin but muscular legs as quite as exquisite. She had quite a gap between her thighs.

He watched her stretch out on the floor. Joining her, he straddled her legs as was the norm.

Sitting below her buttocks, Bobby had to stretch to reach her shoulders. To any casual spectator, it would not have been a stretch to see the sexual connotations in the motion involved.

To Bobby’s credit, it must be said that it was only nature that took its natural course. Agnes soon felt a full-blown erection pressing into her backside. Long minutes slipped by as she pondered how to handle such a situation. She knew that her son had to be aware of the situation.

“Mom, I hate to cut your backrub short but I’m really tired tonight.” Bobby said, as he retreated to a standing position. “I think I’m going to call it a night.”

Agnes felt relief as she heard her son leave the room. Still, she had no thought that her son had had incestuous thoughts concerning her.

The 42-year-old lady had no incestuous thoughts of her own until she sat on the couch staring at the TV, her feet flat on the sofa, knees high and her right hand down her pants fingering her clit. All she could think about was the hard cock repeatedly pressing into her butt. Trying to concentrate on the firm shaft, her son’s face constantly appeared.

Bobby, pillow between his legs, sock on his cock, fantasized about his wife to be but his mother’s ass appeared beneath him as he came.

There was no mention of a backrub for over a week.

Agnes unconsciously rubbed her back as she cleared the kitchen counter after feeding Bobby.

“Is your back hurting you tonight?” Bobby queried.

“Like sin!” Agnes replied.

“Maybe a backrub is in order?” He queried, a bit of sheepishness in his tone.

“That would feel so good!”

As fortune would have it, mother and son were attired pretty much as they had been the last time of a backrub.

Agnes had a tinge of apprehension as she discarded her housecoat to a chair.

Bobby, also with a bit of apprehension, timidly straddled his mother’s legs and began massaging her back and shoulders.

Try as he might to suppress it, Bobby was soon erect again and he repeated the same pattern of massage; small of the back, slide up the middle of back and squeeze the shoulders.

Agnes was well aware of what was happening behind her back, but she crossed her arms in support of her forehead and stared at the carpet, allowing him to continue. Unconsciously and without intent, she groaned at the pleasure of his backrub.

Bobby was locked into the intoxicating rhythm and was not inclined to stop on his own. Surely, he pondered, his mother must know what he was doing. Her moans, intended for him or not, was having a stirring effect on him. He fought to keep his pressing pressure into her ass at a minimum.

It took every fiber in his body not to moan as he shot off into his cotton shorts.

Agnes breathed a long breath through her lips, knowing her son had ejaculated. She could feel the wetness soaking into the material of her PJs.

Her son was still continuing to rub her back but his rhythm had changed as well as the pattern. How long had it taken; 10-15 minutes?

“I feel so much better.” Agnes said. “That really helped, sugar. I suppose we better go to bed.”

As Agnes followed her son down the hall, she reached behind her to feel the slick wetness caused by his ejaculation. With her husband, she had always found semen a necessary evil, but now güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she found it mysterious and alluring.

Agnes lay in bed for long minutes agonizing over what had happened. Agonized, until her hand pushed beneath her PJ pants and her middle finger found her clit. After all, it had been a very arousing backrub.

One would have thought that it was time for the lady to get a handle on things. In her defense, maybe she thought she was helping her son. She was pretty sure his discontent with Helen was not about the wedding plans but about Helen keeping her legs shut more often as the wedding grew near. He had voiced his concern that he hoped she had not become frigid and that such a marriage would be disastrous for him.

To her credit, she was reluctant to ask for a backrub as another week wore on, but she did not decline when she was asked if she wanted a backrub. The backrub was much like the previous one; Bobby keeping the pressure light and his orgasmic moan squelched. But the two evenings later during the next backrub, there was little doubt as he pressed his cock into her butt determinedly and his orgasm was quite vocal. Still!

“I feel so much better, honey.” Agnes said. “I know I will sleep so much better. You best be going to bed.”

She remained lying on the carpet is Bobby departed. She reached behind her to rub the slick wetness.

And she did sleep well. After a few minutes of masturbation she slept quite fine……….. Right there on the carpet.

Bobby, to his discredit, began taking his mother for granted. Because she did not stop him, he continued to hump her ass without the least regard for her sexual gratification. It would not be his compassion that would change that but just plain male lustful desire to push the envelope.

After a prolonged backrub with Bobby slowly and deliberately humping his mother’s ass for many minutes, then bringing himself to orgasm in less than a minute, Agnes, as usual, announced her wellness and wished him off to bed. He withdrew from her only slightly. He tenderly widened her legs as he stepped his knees between them.

As she felt her son’s hand slide up her left thigh, her body tensed. Her left hand tensed with intent to stop him. As his hand did not slip up under her PJs short pants leg, she relaxed, pondering his intent.

She felt foolish at such pondering as he achieved his goal. Against her better judgment, her ass lifted slightly to allow his hand to palm her pussy. She felt him probe with his middle finger and let out a very vocal moan when his finger touched her clit. Having found her weak point, he lingered and her only desire was for him not to stop. He didn’t.

She had vowed not to allow such a thing to happen. Her mind tormented over her willingness to allow her son access to her treasure, protected though it was by cotton material, and then opened a window to her soul as she vocalized her orgasm.

Her body numb with embarrassment she lay frozen with her forehead on her crossed arms. She felt her son kissing her posterior lightly and lovingly. How could she face him?

“We really do need to get up early in the morning!” She said, after many minutes with labored breath. “Just let me lay here for a few moments. I love you, Bobby.”

“I love you too, mom.”

A new pattern was established and they continued to act as if nothing was amiss between them.

3 to 4 times a week Agnes received her backrub. Bobby never rushed the backrub but it always ended with him humping her ass and then fingering her to orgasm through the material of her PJs.

Then one evening, after a very nice evening of dinner out and a movie, they arrived home around 11 PM.

“I think I’m too tired even for a shower.” Agnes exclaimed as she set her pocketbook in its usual resting place and removed her light coat, tossing it over the pocketbook.

“Too tired for a back rub?” Bobby inquired.

“Maybe just a quick one.” She smiled a suggestive smile. “Let me change real quick into my PJs.”

She did not realize it but she had smiled the same suggestive smile to her husband many times. She had accepted, even looked forward to, their unconventional sexual relationship.

Bobby hastened to his room and quickly changed into his usual back rubbing attire. As she had hoped, he met his mother coming out of her bedroom. He was pushing the envelope once more.

“Wouldn’t the bed be more convenient?” He suggested. “You could go right to sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.”

With a tentative smile she backed into her bedroom and turned to approach the bed and pulled the bedding down.

She kneed herself onto the bed and stretched out face down in the middle.

Bobby followed close behind her, positioning himself as usual straddle her legs and began to massage his mother’s back and shoulders.

20 minutes into the backrub Agnes was nearly asleep. The pants of her PJs were halfway down her hips before she snapped back to reality. Her head güvenilir bahis şirketleri lifted and turned to the left to look behind her as her left hand reached to clutch one of her son’s hands. Her hand retreated. She let her PJ bottom be pulled halfway down her legs. She told herself she was too tired to care, unless her son tried to enter her, that she would not allow.

Bobby repositioned himself staring, in the dim illumination of the hall light that filtered through the half open door, at his mother’s bare ass. His hands immediately began to caress and squeeze the firm skinny buttocks.

Agnes’s body tensed when she felt her son’s lips picking at her butt cheeks. She could not stop her ass tightening and lifting when his tongue raked up the crack of her ass.

“Rub my back, Bobby!” She said, a slight pleading in her tone. “It’s my back that hurts!”

Bobby scooted up. As he did, he pushed his cotton pants down and released his erection, placing it in the crack of his mother’s ass as he began to rub her lower back. When he worked his way up her back, pushing up her PJ shirt as usual, he leaned down over her and kissed her shoulders and neck, continuing his slow rhythmic thrust into her buttocks.

Agnes wanted to stop him. She felt guilty and knew she had let things get out of hand. She wanted desperately to stop him, but still she did not comprehend the progression that was taking place.

It seemed to be “business as usual” with just a bit more warmth from body-to-body contact. The warmth appealed to her and the knowledge that her son would ejaculate onto her bare skin fascinated her.

She felt his right hand slide beneath her breast, squeezing it tenderly. Her mind reeled as the hand maneuvered its way down to her belly, to her nearly hairless mount. Involuntarily, her legs tried to him more access but could not, due to his position straddling her legs. Then, she voluntarily tried achieving the goal a bit. His extended middle finger easily found her clit.

“It feels so good!” She moaned. “It’s so much better than when I do it!”

For the first time, she had acknowledged their sexual complicity.

With delivered intent to provoke, Agnes consciously began to push her ass up against her son’s bare cock.

“Your dick is so hard!” She exclaimed. “I’ll be able to feel it when you come. I’ll be able to feel your warm cum on my back.”

Bobby was not showing any sign of uncontrollable lust. His fingering of his mother’s clit, his kissing of her shoulders and neck and ass had all the indications of tender lovemaking. He was in no hurry. He gave no though of putting his finger into her.

Their bodies moved in lustful, erotic unison. Though not sexually coupled in the conventional manner, mother and son were consumed with their unconventional sexual desire.

“Your body is so beautiful.” Bobby whispered. “I never imagined you so slim. Your ass is so small but so beautiful and soft.”

“I’ve always been slender but the running keeps my body tuned.” She replied. “Oh! Damn that’s good! Your dad always said he loved my body. You don’t mind me mentioning your dad do you?”

“Certainly not!” Bobby assured her. “I feel very fortunate to have the experience with you that he had. “He loved you very much and so do I.”

There were long moments of silence as mother and son gave and received eccentric sexual pleasure.

“I am not a very strong person, sugar.” She sighed mixed with moans. “Please don’t think bad of me! I’ve always been taking care of by your dad.”

“You have always taking care of me! I could never think bad of you, mom.” Bobby replied. “I will look after you always.”

More silence. More unconventional sex.

“Bobby! Bobby!” She cried with intensity. “I’M COMING! I’M COOMMIINNNGGGGggggggg!”

Agnes’s orgasm shook her violently as she shoved her ass against her son, causing him to follow her in mere moments, ejaculating over the small of her back.

It took long moment for Agnes to return to reality. Bobby had lifted himself up and was squeezing her buttocks around his cock as he pushed through them.

Her left hand reached behind her to deliberately rub her knuckles into her son’s abundant cum, savoring the touch. She then sought to grip his cock. She squeezed tightly and pulled on it as if milking it.

Bobby slipped off of her and the bed.

Agnes, instantly agitated, unaccustomed to be in left so soon after intimacy, rolled as if to follow him and confront him.

Bobby switched on the table lamp and returned to the bed to maneuver his mother to her back.

Agnes allowed her legs to be separated, lifting her knees, studying her son as he took position between them his head close to her crotch.

Her body and agitation disappeared instantly and she smiled down at him.

Bobby studied her pussy. Her crack was not large with virtually no labia. What there was of her labia was pink and resemble the ruffled entrance of a clam only much softer. With his right hand, he pulled her crack apart with his forefinger and thumb position from the top. Not able to widen it to his satisfaction he used both hands and fingers tenderly, revealing a glistening pink, perfectly round hole. Just above it was a fin that was approximately a quarter of an inch long, which was her clit.

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