Mom Witnesses an Incestuous Kiss



Just so you don’t waste your time on something that will disappoint you, this story features no monster cocks, watermelon sized breasts or pregnancies.

It does include (in a supporting role) one of the main characters from my Lookalike stories. Nonetheless, this one is written as a standalone

Thanks in advance for reading and I do reply to comments.


“Carlos! Are you home?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

My mother Anita had been visiting relatives for a few days and had just returned.

“Carlos, oh my God. You’ll never believe what I saw at Greta and Rasmus’s.”

My mother had a way of going on and invested small incidents with grave import. A kid could fall off a bike and it would be like the President had been shot. So I was expecting she’d seen a squirrel. “What?”

“Well, we were out by the pool just relaxing. Greta and Tim (their son) went in to get drinks for everyone. A minute later I had to use the bathroom and when I went by the kitchen they were kissing.”


“Yes! And not just gentle kissing. It was pretty wild and I’m sure they were using their tongues.”

“Mom! How could you know that?” She did have a tendency to exaggerate.

“It was obvious. But not only that, she was stroking his penis!”


“Through his pants. She was rubbing her hand up and down. Hard!”

“Yikes. Did they see you?”

“I don’t think so. I only watched for a little bit but they were too engrossed in one another to notice me.”

“Yeow. Well she was always kind of…” I wasn’t sure what the right word was.


“Yeah, something like that. Free-spirited. Didn’t she live on a commune for a while?”

“I believe so. Your father told me so.”

My father, Sven, had impregnated my mother and without even marrying her, buggared off back to Sweden. He was a second cousin or something to Uncle Rasmus. I have no memories of him. My mother Anita is Chilean. Short, about 5’1″ (155 cm), olive-skinned and with medium length straight black hair that often looked greasy. I suppose she was kind of attractive; better looking than my friends’ moms at any rate. She wasn’t overweight but she didn’t dress up and didn’t really stand out in a crowd. Her breasts were small but she had a radiant smile and flashing, expressive brown eyes.

My mother gave me a Spanish name but I got my father’s looks. Blond, trim and 5’11 (180 cm). They met at a state college. My mother was studying bookkeeping and ESL while my father was an exchange student studying business. He had family here who’d urged him to study abroad.

“Well from what I’ve read, they were the free love generation so maybe it was just an extension of that.”

“But with her own son?”

“Yeah, that part seems weird.”

“Still, I can imagine how tempting it could be – living with a handsome young man while being sexually unsatisfied.”

“Mom, how would you know she’s sexually unsatisfied?”

“Call it a woman’s intuition. She mentions sex a lot and Rasmus is 20 years older than her. He probably can’t keep up with her.”

“Keep up or get it up?”

We both laughed. “Both.”

“But Carlos, why would a young man be sexually interested in his mother?”

I didn’t care for the generality of the question so answered it in the specific.

“I don’t know Tim very well but he doesn’t strike me as someone having many barriers.”

From my mother’s quizzical look, I figured I’d better elaborate. “I mean, he’s always going on about hunting and wild antics with his boozer friends. Nothing ever that implies altruism or self-sacrifice. It’s always about him so I’m sure if he had a chance of sex with anyone, he wouldn’t turn it down.”

“Hmm, maybe. How do you think they got started?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t given it any thought.”

“Do you think she seduced him or he seduced her?”

“I don’t know.”

“I bet she seduced him. How do you think she started?”

“Geez Mom, how would I know?”

“Maybe she started getting friendlier. You know, complimenting him, flirting, more touching, showing more skin.”

“Yeah, maybe. The ‘more skin’ I could believe.”

“Why, what do you mean?”

“You know how skimpy her bikinis are. Once she was fiddling with her top and her breast popped out.”

“Oooh! You saw her nipples?”

“Just one. But yes.”

“Her breasts are so large. What colour was her nipple?”

“Mom! It was pink but what’s with that question?”

“I just wanted to know. Mine are brown.”

“Too much information Mom.”

“Say, they have a hot tub and sauna at their cottage. Maybe Tim and Greta had one together. Naked.”

“Maybe.” How they got together didn’t much interest me but my mother’s keen curiosity did. I had no Oedipal feelings about her but it was kind of funny to see the directions her mind was taking.

“I bet that’s how they broke the ice.”

“Yeah, a hot sauna should do the trick.”

“She would have seen his penis. Maybe she offered to wash him and then touched ataköy türbanlı escort it.”

“Could be.”

“If she started touching his penis, do you think he could have resisted?”

“Probably not.”

“If she touched yours, would you resist?”

“Mom, I’m not at all interested in her.”

“But if you were having a sauna with her and she washed your penis, wouldn’t you want to do more?”

“Mom, there’s no way I’d have a sauna with her. I’m not at all interested.”

“Hypothetically, would you have a sauna with me?”

“Geez Mom, I don’t know.”

“Hypothetically. I wouldn’t have a problem having one with you.”

“I don’t know. Depends on the circumstances. Maybe.”

“OK. Sometimes you seem a bit of a prude when it comes to nudity.”

“I don’t know. Not in principle though I’m a bit shy.”

She laughed. “You might have your father’s looks but you don’t have that Swedish attitude.”

“What do you mean?”

“In Sweden topless and nude sunbathing is common. And then there are the saunas.”

“Maybe if I were in Sweden I’d join in.”

“We don’t have to be in Sweden for that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Carlos, when you were away at college I got into the habit of wearing little or nothing around the house. One morning after coming out of the shower I was going to get dressed for breakfast and then I thought ‘why bother’. So I had breakfast naked and then got dressed and went to work. After that on Sundays I seldom got dressed. It was fun; liberating. What do you think of that?”

“Well it’s your house so I guess you can wear what you want. Or don’t want.”

“Would it bother you if I wore less now that you’re home for the summer?”

“I don’t know Mom. I’m not used to anything like that.” I felt uneasy at where this was going. I know that sex and nudity are supposed to be two different things but they sure overlapped a lot. And while I had no sexual interest in my mother, I suspected she’d look pretty good in the flesh. But then she might try to get me to go naked – something I did NOT want to do.

“It’s not hard to get used to. Maybe at first but they’re just bodies. And I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape so it wouldn’t be so disgusting.”

“Mom, you can do what you like. But don’t try to rope me into it.”

The next day was Saturday and we both had errands to run. That evening I went to a movie with a couple of my hometown buddies but, as they had girlfriends, it was an early night for me. Mom was still up when I got home. She was sitting on the sofa watching TV dressed in a flimsy pink robe that went to mid-thigh.

“Hola Carlos!” She sometimes reverted to Spanish when she was tipsy. Pour `yourself some wine and join me.”

I got the wine and sat down. “Nice robe there.”

“You’re lucky to be seeing it. An hour ago I was naked but I decided not to show you too much too soon. Besides, you might have invited some friends back.”

“You’re so thoughtful Mom. I bet there aren’t many Moms who cover up in front of their sons.” The sarcasm attempt backfired.

“We know that your Aunt Greta doesn’t.”

“Are you still on about them?”

“Well it’s pretty extraordinary. A mother making love to her own son.” I didn’t care for the sigh that followed.

“I don’t know about the ‘making love’ part. It’s more like just…” I hesitated. My mother never swore and had a long list of words she considered too vulgar for public discourse. “Screw” was one of them. And the F-word was majorly blacklisted.

“Like just…rutting?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Maybe. Tell me Carlos, do you think she gives him oral sex?”

“Oral sex?” Good grief. Where was this heading?

“Yes. Taking his erect penis into her mouth. Or maybe his soft penis and sucking on it until it grows hard. Do you think she does that?”

“I don’t know. Yes, probably. Oral sex is a normal part of sexual relationships.”

“Mmm, my my my. It must be so erotic to have your son’s penis in your mouth. I mean for her to have her son’s penis in her mouth. Do you think she swallows?

I shifted around as I was feeling uncomfortable. I kind of liked the sexy talk but geez, it was coming from my mother.

“How would I know? Some women do; some don’t. I don’t know which she is.”

“I loved to swallow. It’s very erotic.”

“Mom! Way too much information.”

“Carlos, you’re an adult now and we should be able to have adult conversations.”

“But you’re my mother. This isn’t a normal family conversation.”

“How do you know what people talk about behind closed doors? Besides, who else can I talk to?”

“You could always ask Aunt Greta yourself? Which reminds me, when you asked about the colour of her nipples, didn’t you have a sauna with her that one time we were at their cottage?”

“No, I was with those movie stars. Sheila (Tim’s sister) who looks like a young Dyan Cannon and that other woman who looks like the mother on the Partridge Family.”

“Shirley, I think.”

“Yes. ataköy ucuz escort Now I could tell you plenty about their nipples. But Greta’s, I’ll just have to take your word for it.”

“You don’t have to tell me about their nipples Mom. I just remembered about Aunt Greta.”

“Shirley’s were so cute. They’re pinkish and upturned like fishhooks. And Sheila’s are huge and carmelly.”

“Mom! Enough already.”

“OK. I won’t tell you about the rest of their bodies.” She had a bright smile on her face.

I actually wouldn’t have minded if she’d continued but no way in hell did I want to seem like an eager participant in shared intimacies. I’d remembered Shirley who I’d called Aunt. She was something like a third cousin or maybe something removed and she had a son a year younger than me. Looked a lot like me too but as we were family, not so surprising. Anyway, I could never get those connections straight.

Aunt Shirley looked so chaste but if I ever saw her again I knew I’d be thinking about those fishhook nipples. And Sheila was definitely hot but too young for me. While I was mulling this over my mother decided to continue.

“You’d have loved being in there with us, wouldn’t you?”

“I don’t know Mom. I’ve never thought about it.”

“You’ve never thought of how Sheila would look naked? I thought the two of you might hit it off.”

“Mom, she’s three or four years younger than me and always going on about her creative writing.”

“Well she’s got a very hot body that promises hours of fun for some lucky man.”

“Good for her. I’d actually be more curious to have seen Aunt Shirley.”

My mother looked directly at me; eyes wide open with an intense smile. “Oh, you prefer older women?”

“I don’t know in general but if I had to choose between Sheila and Aunt Shirley, I’d pick Aunt Shirley.”

“Don’t forget, I’d be there too. How do you think my naked body would stack up against hers?”

“I don’t know Mom. You both keep yourselves in good shape. I don’t know,”

“Meaning you’d need to get a closer look. Well, you’ll be seeing me in the altogether one of these days. But it’s late now and I need my beauty rest. Buenos noches mi amor.”

She got up, turned to face me and flashed a breast. “Just a sampling of what you’d have seen if you’d returned earlier.” And she left. Yep, her nipples were brown.

I shook my head at the unlikely conversation. It was titillating alright but felt weird because, well, it was with my mother. I was sporting a solid erection and I masturbated in bed to the thought of naked Aunt Shirley and cousin Sheila in the sauna. But as I came I remember my naked mother would have been there too.

It was Sunday morning which meant I was sleeping in. My mother came to wake me dressed in skimpy panties and a light diaphanous top.

“Buen dia Carlos. Time for breakfast.”

“Morning Mom. Quite the outfit there.”

“It’s more modest than I wanted but I’m easing you into this nudity. And say, what do you have on under there?”

With that she flung off the covers. I sometimes slept naked, sometimes in just boxers. It was boxers last night but I’d shucked them in my masturbatory fantasies over Aunt Shirley. So the boxers were beside me, as was the paper towel into which I’d jacked off. And I was sporting morning wood.

“Mom!” I yanked the covers back and awkwardly covered my groin. What in hell…?”

“Language Carlos. I didn’t know you’d be naked. And you’ve got nothing to be shy about. You look very nice in the altogether.”

“But it’s for me to decide when I’m naked and who gets to see me.”

“Carlos mi hjo. We’re family and it’s not unusual to see one another in states of undress. I’ve already told you this.”

“That’s for you Mom. You can dress as you please. And if I were to go from the shower to my room without dressing and you accidently caught me, well, accidents happen. By tearing off the covers was no accident.” I was pretty annoyed but as I was fond of my mother, I couldn’t get downright furious.

“I’m sorry Carlos. I didn’t think it was such a big deal. I promise I won’t invade your privacy like that again. And I’m glad you’re accepting of how I want to dress. Or..” smiling, “not dress.” With that she slipped off her top leaving her only in the skimpy panties. I could see tufts of black pubic hair poking out from all sides. That didn’t mean she had a lot; more an indication of just how skimpy they were.

Meanwhile my morning wood had progressed to titanium. While I didn’t want my mother sexually, it was, well, hard not to appreciate the attractiveness of her body. Her breasts were small but nicely formed and her nipples were hard, like little brown bullets. Her stomach had a very slight paunch which for some reason seemed kind of sexy.

“Very nice Mom. But I need some of that privacy now as I’m about to get up.”

“OK.” She smiled again. “See you in the kitchen.” As she walked away I could see that her ass also looked small and firm.

I had to jerk ataköy üniversiteli escort off again in the shower. It was getting confusing. I liked looking at my mother’s body – hell, she was a nice looking woman showing lots of skin. But as I was jerking, the thought of actually having sex with her turned me off. Had to switch to Aunt Shirley and her fishhook nipples to complete the act. Then as I was relaxing I envisaged that sauna with her, Sheila and yes, my mother. All of them naked.

My mother was sitting at the kitchen table with bagels and salmon. And no top. I couldn’t stop staring.

“Carlos, they’re just breasts. You’ll get used to them.”

“I guess so. But I’ve never had a meal with a naked woman before.”

“Nearly naked. And as I said, you’ll get used to it. But can we change the topic?”


‘We didn’t finish discussing Greta and Tim.”

“Mom, WE weren’t discussing them. You were.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re not interested in the two of them. Your aunt and your cousin are having sex and to you it’s as though I told you I’d seen them out golfing? I don’t think so.”

“OK, it’s more unusual than golfing.”

“Exactamente!. I’d still love to find out how they got started. Who said what to whom? How did their first kiss come about? Who was the first to touch the other’s genitals? This isn’t a normal boyfriend-girlfriend romance where if you’re into one another, eventually there’ll be sex. They both would know there are societal rules against incest so there must have been a great deal of passion for them to overcome.”

“Or, they’re just too horny for their own good.”

Mom made a face. I wondered if “horny” was on the vulgar list.

“Carlos, having a sex drive is natural. We all do. I do. I’m sure you do. That doesn’t make be any more or less ‘horny’ (another face) than she is. Or that Tim is more or less…than you.”

I wasn’t sure how to reply. I liked the sexy talk but had the uncomfortable feeling that something else was lurking. Surely she wasn’t hinting she’d want sex with me. Nah! More like her tendency to go overboard with enthusiasms.

For example, she had several dates in my teen years. And hardly any second dates. I’d wondered why since she was nice looking with a nice, cheerful personality. But I got an inkling once.

A few years back she’d gone out with some guy and when she got home she was over the moon. How much of a gentleman he was; how interesting; good-looking; he held the door for her; asked about me; smiled a lot etc. So the second date was a brunch at somewhere trendy. It was the 80s so that meant lots of ferns. I dropped her off and to my surprise he asked if I wanted to join them. I didn’t but was too tongue-tied to refuse.

The brunch was fine. Grant, the date, conversed easily and had an understated self-deprecating aspect that appealed to me. He gleaned that I liked fishing and the Yankees and was able to relate experiences in common. My mother was fawning over him and laughed too easily at his wry jokes. As the waiter brought the bill he remarked that it had been enjoyable and that we ought to do it again.

That set her off. “Oh yes” and continued with an agenda for their next ten dates. I could see Grant growing uncomfortable as she babbled on. It was painful. She was kind of adorable in her enthusiasm but I could see that “I never signed on for this much” look in Grant’s eyes. There was a third date from which she came home early and in tears.

I’d been daydreaming this when she continued.

“So there’s no reason to think that their sexual drives are any greater than our own. Carlos, are you listening to me?”

“Ah, yeah, their sex drives.”

Skeptical look. That slowed her down for a couple of seconds.

“So what else could it have been?”

Frankly, I didn’t know and didn’t care. I didn’t much like Tim and Aunt Greta didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. Her hippy past was kind of interesting but she played that up too much; as if to say that I was once young, trendy, unconventional, in short, fascinating, and therefore I still am. It must have worked sometimes, on some people.

“I don’t know Mom. If it wasn’t overactive sex drives and poor self-discipline, I don’t know what else it could have been.”

She looked miffed, as though I wasn’t playing the game the way I should,

“You’re no help Carlos. I think there was an element of daring.”


“Yes. We’re brought up to think that sex is sinful, at least in some measure. You don’t just have sex with someone the way you’d play cards or go to a movie with them. So when you do have sex, there’s this sense of doing something forbidden. Something that, unless you’re married, you shouldn’t be doing. You’re not supposed to let anyone see your naughty bits but when you have sex they’re on full display. It’s all quite, as I said, daring. So sex between a mother and her son is doubly, no triply, no, way, way more daring. It’s the daring aspect of normal sex that’s partly what’s so exciting. And it must be so amplified when it’s two people who should NEVER be having sex.”

She beamed as though she had delivered a tour-de-force summation that would surely free her guilty client. Still, although I had only followed it intermittently, she may have had a point.

“Maybe that’s it Mom.”

“Carlos, I’ve never asked you this before but are you a virgin?”

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