Mommy’s Slutty Secret


I caught my mother masturbating about a month ago. I guess she didn’t expect me home from school so soon. I was ditching and thought she’d have already taken her lunch break. Apparently we were both wrong.

I heard her first. “Oh yeah. Fuck me hard,” she moaned. I was shocked and completely embarrassed. I tried to sneak past her room to mine to grab my pot-stash and flee, but her door was slightly open. She was on the floor on all fours pumping a giant dildo into her pussy. Her ass was facing me, so I had a full view of her, but she couldn’t see me. I tried to walk past, but I couldn’t. I watched. I stared. Her cunt was obviously drenched. I could see the dildo glistening and hear her pussy greedily slurping it in.

I was amazed. There was my mom – my mother, the woman who raised me – completely naked and exposed, and instead of being horrified, I was horny. My cocked throbbed against my jeans. I couldn’t help but rub it a little.

“Ohhh It feels so good, baby,” she said. She rocked back and forth, her ass jiggling, her big tits swinging. I could see them between her legs.

Suddenly I got scared. I don’t know if it was the idea of getting caught and having to talk to her about all I’d seen or if admitting to myself that I desperately wanted to screw my mom was just too much to bear, but I ran outside and hid behind the apartment.

I smoked and fantasized. I’d never thought of my mom as attractive. She was a little chubby- though not much, just enough to give her big, pillowy tits and a bubble butt. Her hair was brown and curly and long. I always figured her for your typical, boring single-parent, but seeing this side of her, this raw lust… It made me want to do dirty things to her.

When I saw her leave all redressed and ready for the office, I ran into her room and searched through the whole place. I found crotch less lingerie, handcuffs, a big bottle of lube and three different vibrators. bakırköy escort I could smell her pussy juices on them. Then I found something that changed my life – A camcorder and a home-made video.

I spent the rest of the afternoon smoking pot and jerking off to my mom fucking and sucking five guys I’d never seen. Some of them were quite young. She wasn’t with them all at once (though she did get double-teamed in one scene). The movie was a random assortment of wild sex acts. I had no idea my mom was such a slut. At one point, she looked straight at the camera and begged for my cock. I shot a load all over the carpet.

Before she came back from work, I cleaned up her room and put everything back, except the tape. I wanted her to know that I knew. I don’t think she noticed for a few days, but then she started looking at me funny. She caught me checking out her tits when she bent over to pick up some laundry. She flushed a bit but said nothing.

I was going crazy with this secret desire, living so close to her but unable to have her. I stayed up nights with my ear pressed against her bedroom wall, dying to hear her moan.

One day while watching TV together, she decided to change the channel and grabbed the remote from my lap. Her hand brushed my cock, but barely. I pretended not to notice that she was smiling. Did she want me too? I couldn’t tell. But I had to do something.

That night I decided to replay the scene that first sparked my obsession, and to reverse the roles. Just after my mom had gone to bed, I put the tape in the vcr. I undressed and sat on the couch so that my body faced the hallway, but my head would be hidden by a houseplant. I pressed play and stroked my cock until it was rock hard. Then I turned the volume up. She had to be able to hear herself being fucked.

“Oh deeper, I want to feel your cock deep in my ass!” she screamed. I couldn’t believe bakırköy eve gelen escort how horny I was. I had no way of knowing if my mom was watching me jerk off to her own video-taped sexual exploits. The uncertainty made it hotter.

On screen, my mom’s face was glazed with cum. She was licking hungrily at the dick that had creamed her and still riding another guy’s huge cock. In our hallway, she was rubbing her clit.

“You want me to do that to you, don’t you, son?” she said.

“I need you to, mom.”

She walked right over, got on her knees, and took me between her lips. She began by slowly licking the tip, but was soon bobbing down my entire nine-inch length. It felt so good. Behind her, on the tv, some guy was fucking her doggie-style, giving it to her rough.

My mom let my dick fall out of her mouth and started stroking it with her hand. She looked right into my eyes for a solid five seconds then said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Ohh it feels so good, mom. I’ve wanted it for a while now.”

“I have too,” she said. And with that she plunged back down. She wrapped her lips around my dickhead and sucked hard, her hand still working my shaft and her tongue swirling my pee hole. I’d never had head like that before. I was out of my mind with pleasure. Mommy was an expert cocksucker. She fingered herself with her free hand. I was about to cum when she removed her finger from her pussy and slid it up my asshole. That put me over the edge. I grabbed her head and bucked my hips, cuming in thick spurts for what seemed like minutes.

My mom came up gagging with white goo dribbling out of her mouth and onto her tits. She looked beautiful. “That was a lot of fucking cum!” she said.

It was her turn and we both knew it . She laid on the floor and spread her legs. I stared at my mother’s pussy and licked my lips, ready to finally bakırköy grup yapan escort lick hers. I dove right in, lapping at her clit and spreading her hole with three fingers. She was sopping wet.

“Oh yeah, lick mommy’s pussy! Make me cum!”

She writhed and moaned and rubbed her tits. I was proud to make my mother feel so good. But I wanted more.

“Roll over,” I said.

She did. She spread herself out on all fours, just like the first time I saw her. I fingered her pussy slowly, teasing her. I slapped her ass.

“You’re a fucking slut, aren’t you mom?”


“I could do anything I wanted to you right now, couldn’t I?”

“Oh God yes!”

I slapped her ass again. On screen, my mom was begging for more cock. I spread her butt cheeks and put my thumb in her ass. I held her like a bowling ball.

“Yes! Oh finger my ass, son. Mommy likes it in the ass!”

I pulled out my thumb, leaned in and started licking. That drove my mother wild. Her arms crumpled beneath her, forcing her ass higher into the air. She moaned into the carpet.

“That feels so fucking good!” she moaned. “Oh Yes! Eat my ass, baby!”

I ate my mom’s salty ass for about thirty seconds before she started screaming, “I need to be fucked! I need it now!”

I didn’t hesitate. I stood on my knees and drilled into her pussy at a furious rate. Her cunt felt like slippery velvet.

“I love your big cock!” she screamed. I knew she was about to orgasm but I didn’t expect what happened. Her cunt quaked, massaging my rod inside her. She thrashed on the floor, then exploded with a flood of wet pussy juice. My mother was a squirter! My legs and the carpet were soaked I pulled out and watched her pant and quiver uncontrollably. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” she repeated.

I didn’t let her rest long. I pressed my glistening tool against her tight rosebud and pushed slowly into her ass, stretching it wide. It was so warm and so tight that I came in seconds, trembling and completely spent. I didn’t think it was possible to cum that hard. The pleasure was overwhelming.

I rolled off her and staggered to my room. I heard her shut down the tv and eject the tape and walk to her room. We haven’t spoken yet about what happened.

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