Mommy’s Special Medicine Ch. 02



The early morning sunlight drifted lazily through the crack in the curtains, falling on Toby’s face and dragging him from his slumber. His sleep last night had been fitful; filled with vivid, colourful dreams that had his heart racing, though for the life of him he couldn’t remember why. So many bizarre images and fragments of memory were floating around in his head but none of them made any sense. It was something to do with his Mother… was she in lingerie? He hoped it wasn’t another sex dream about her, though he strongly suspected it was.

As Toby came too, he became dimly aware that something was different. Why did he feel so constricted? Normally he slept in just his boxer shorts but it felt strangely like he was fully dressed. Groggily, he forced himself to sit up and peer under the covers where he was confronted by a sight that jolted him awake like a slap to the face. Instead of his usual dull, grey underwear he found himself wearing the most garish pair of baby blue pyjamas he had ever seen! Printed across the front of which and topped with a halo were three words that turned his blood to ice.

‘Mommy’s Little Angel.’

The events of last night came suddenly flooding back to him. Those bizarre fragments of memory weren’t dreams at all, they’d actually happened! Toby’s mind swam with disturbing images. Pictures of his Mother wearing the sexiest blue lingerie, whispering in his ear, cradling her bare breasts before he… Oh God, what had he done?!

He’d let her drug him; offering no resistance as she stripped him naked and mounted him like a prized mare. He’d grown hard at the sight of her and moaned with pleasure as she’d smothered his face between her stunning breasts and jerked his cock to orgasm. Worst of all, he’d loved every second of it!

Last night he’d had the first sexual experience of his life, and it had been with his Mother! He could already feel the shame of that eating away at him. What was wrong with him? How was he ever going to look her in the eye again after this?

“Oh fuck,” Toby moaned in despair, trying not to become overwhelmed by the rising tide of panic he felt in his chest. It was a struggle to control his breathing and resist the urge to burst into tears, but he knew if he gave in he would just spend the day hiding under his duvet and that would get him nowhere. No, he thought, ignoring what happened last night wouldn’t solve anything. He had to confront his Mother sometime and the sooner he did it the sooner it would be over. But first, he needed to get out of these repulsive pyjamas.

Toby kicked off his covers and forced himself out of his warm bed. He took a few strides across to his wardrobe and tried to pull it open, but was rewarded with only the clink of metal as the door held firm. Confused, he looked down to discover that the handles of each door were secured together with a large, steel padlock.

“What the…” Toby murmured in bewilderment.

Turning his gaze to the rest of the room, Toby could see that his clothes chest and every one of his draws were also sealed shut by a series of similar, sturdy looking locks. What on earth was going on? It had to have been his Mother, but what did she think she was playing at? Struck by sudden inspiration he lifted the lid of his laundry basket, but found it had been emptied during the night.

Great, not only had his Mother dressed him in these horrible pyjamas, but she’d locked away every other item of clothing he owned. It looked like he had no choice but to confront her dressed as he was. He supposed he could strip off and go down nude as a form of protest, his Mother had certainly seen him naked before, and far more recently than he’d like to admit! But after last night it was probably best to stay clothed around her for the foreseeable future.

Unable to think of any way around his predicament, Toby left his room still dressed in his ‘Mommy’s Little Angel’ pyjamas and sheepishly made his way downstairs. Before he even reached the hall he could hear his Mother cheerfully singing along to the radio in the kitchen, she clearly wasn’t feeling the same level of embarrassment over last night’s ordeal.

He hesitated as he reached the kitchen door, knowing that once he crossed that threshold the most humiliating experience of his life was likely to begin. But he reminded himself, there was no way around it and hiding in the hallway was only dragging things out. So he mustered his courage and stepped through to join his Mother in the kitchen.

At first she was too distracted by the music to notice him; nodding her head and singing along as she stirred a saucepan which bubbled and steamed away on the stove. Toby’s eyes were involuntarily drawn to her hips, enjoying the way they rhythmically swayed in time to the music. No! He had to stop thinking like that, Toby reminded himself, shaking his head in frustration.

The moment his Mother turned around and noticed him, her face broke out in an overly excited tuzla escort grin. She gave a squeal of delight and hurried over to pull him into a tight embrace.

“There you are darling, I was beginning to think you’d be sleeping all day.” Toby’s face flushed bright red as the firm press of his Mother’s body had his cock beginning to stiffen “come on, take a seat. Breakfast is almost ready.”

Still a little shell-shocked, Toby allowed himself to be led to the kitchen table and took a seat. As his Mother retrieved a bowl and spoon from the cupboard, he managed to compose himself and break his silence.

“Mom…” he began hesitantly. “I tried to open my wardrobe this morning but it was all locked up.”

“Yes I know, who do you think locked it?” his Mother looked at him with a confused expression “wait, why on earth would you need to be going in your wardrobe?”

“Well, I wanted to get changed and…”

“Why would you want to get changed? You look so lovely in your cute little pyjamas.”

Toby wasn’t sure what to say to that. Lovely certainly wasn’t the word he’d use to describe them! And anyway, who was she to tell him what to wear?

“I-I just… I wanted to wear something different.”

“Oh honey don’t be so silly,” his Mother rolled her eyes as she spooned hot porridge into his bowl from the saucepan “you don’t need to decide what you wear anymore, Mommy will choose your clothes from now on. Remember what we agreed on last night?”

Oh shit, Toby had been so preoccupied by everything else that had happened last night that he’d forgotten what she’d made him agree to. What was it? Something about letting her take control of just life? Suddenly Toby felt he was in dangerous waters. This feeling only intensified as he saw his Mother open a drawer, remove a thick box of tablets and place them on the worktop beside a mortar and pestle that he’d bought for her last Christmas.

“Ah we had such fun last night didn’t we?” his Mother sighed wistfully, pushing two tablets from their packaging and placing them in the mortar “you were such a good boy! Taking all of your special medicine just like Mommy asked.”

As she spoke, his Mother worked away with the pestle to crush the tablets into a fine white powder.

“You were so well behaved once you’d sniffed it all up, doing everything Mommy told you with a great big smile on your face,” she went on “in fact it worked so well, Mommy’s going to be putting it in all of your food from now on.”

Toby watched in mute horror as his Mother poured the fine powder over his porridge as though it was sugar before thoroughly mixing it in. She carried the bowl across to where he sat then took a large spoonful of the mixture and held it to his mouth.

“Open wide,” she coaxed sweetly.

Toby wanted to resist her, he really did. After last night he knew what those drugs did to him and what might happen if he didn’t put a stop to this. He didn’t know why, perhaps he was still under their influence from his last dosage or perhaps he was just too scared to say no to his Mother, but Toby did as she asked; opening his mouth and allowing her to spoon feed him the drug laced porridge.

Straight away he could taste the medicinal taint running through the mixture, but he had little time to complain because as soon as he swallowed the first mouthful, his Mother pushed a second between his lips; then a third and a fourth, not stopping until the whole bowl had been practically forced down his throat. Toby was gagging by the end, but somehow he managed to keep it all down.

“There you go, all finished. How does that feel,” his Mother asked, taking his hand affectionately.

It took a moment for Toby to gather his wits enough to answer. Whatever the hell these drugs were, they certainly took hold quickly. It wasn’t quite the same rush he’d felt last when sniffing them last night, but he could already feel a familiar euphoric warmth gathering in his chest and spreading out through his veins like a delicious poison. He suddenly became very aware of just how good it felt to have his Mother holding his hand.

“I erm… I feel great,” he smiled stupidly.

“Yes, I thought you might,” his Mother replied with a hint of smugness.

Toby was just starting to enjoy the new sensations when a thought struck him. Sophia! He needed to confront his Mother and tell her he would damn well be going on that date. If his experience last night was anything to go by, he didn’t have long before the willpower he required to do that would desert him.

“B-but,” he stammered, “I still need to tell you something.”

“And what might that be?”

“W-well, it’s Sophia. I er… I’m still going to see her tonight.”

“Oh are you now? Well you’ve rather changed your tune haven’t you?” his Mother snapped “what’s the matter, don’t feel like behaving yourself without your Mother’s tits in your face?”

For what felt like an eternity she looked at him with utter contempt. Under her furious gaze, pendik escort it was all Toby could do not to burst into tears and plead for forgiveness. Mercifully, her expression eventually softened and a smile returned to her beautiful face.

“Aww I can’t stay mad at you my sweet boy,” she said to Toby’s relief “maybe you just need some time to adjust to the way things are now. Change is scary isn’t it?”

“Er… yeah,” Toby hesitated. “Yeah I guess it is.”

“That’s alright, Mommy understands. I’ll tell you what, how about we make a little deal?”

“A deal?”

“That’s right. How about for the rest of today you do what we agreed last night and let Mommy take control so you don’t have to worry or be frightened of making any scary decisions. Then this evening we’ll have a little chat and if you still think it would be best for you to go on that date, I won’t stand in your way. Hell, I’ll even drive you there myself. How does that sound?”

Toby couldn’t believe his ears! It almost sounded like his Mother was giving in to him! Could it possibly be that he had finally managed to stand up for himself? Had he finally gotten his own way?

“Yes! That sounds great, it’s a deal!” Toby hurriedly agreed before his Mother could change her mind.

“Excellent,” his Mother beamed. “Now first things first, you head upstairs and grab a shower. Then get back down here and I’ll put you to work!”

“Wait, work?”

“Oh yes! If I’m going to be making all the decisions around here, I think it’s only fair that you take over the housework from now on. Mommy’s going to make sure you earn your keep!”

***Six hours later***

Thick steam and the fragrant aroma of pomegranate filled the room as the tub flooded with hot, soapy water. Toby gingerly dipped his hand below the surface to test the temperature. Still not quite there he thought, his Mother did like her baths to be piping hot and he knew he would be in trouble if it wasn’t up to her standards.

He eased himself back and resumed his seat on the bathroom floor. The cold tiles didn’t make for an ideal resting spot, but after the day he’d had Toby was grateful just to take the weight off his feet. When his Mother said she was going to make him earn his keep, she had certainly meant it!

From the moment he got out of the shower that morning he knew he was in for one hell of a day. At first he’d been pleased to see his Mother had taken away those repulsive pyjamas she’d made him wear. However that joy turned out to be short-lived when she handed him his ‘work clothes’ for the day; which were nothing but a small pair of white, Y-front pants.

Apparently his Mother believed that there was no reason for him to wear anything else as he’d only get it dirty doing the housework. The fact that her son would be not only freezing cold, but immensely embarrassed to spend the whole day in just his underwear didn’t seem to factor into her decision making. Knowing he no longer had a choice in such matters, he had obediently slipped on the exceedingly tight pants and tried to ignore the uncomfortable pressure they put on his genitals.

If anything, the rest of the day had only gotten harder since then. Toiling away in just his little white pants, his Mother had put him to work on the seemingly endless list of chores that she had decided were now his responsibility. He’d scrubbed every surface, vacuumed or mopped every floor, finished a long overdue tidy of the garage and even braved the chilly early-autumn breeze as he weeded the garden! Luckily the high fence meant no nosey neighbours could see in, but still being outside in such a state of undress was another new embarrassment for him to endure.

His only respite had been a 10 minute break for lunch, during which he just about had time to force down the ‘meal replacement’ milkshake his Mother had bought him. A single sip was enough for him to taste that this too had been spiked with his ‘special medicine,’ though the shake tasted so vile it may have actually improved the flavour.

“You’d better get used to it,” his Mother had told him when he complained. “The days of you eating whatever you please are over. These are not only good for you, but they’re so quick to make it won’t distract you from your other duties around the house. Yes, I think we’ll be replacing a lot of your meals with shakes from now on.”

The drugged food meant that, as well as hungry and humiliated, Toby spent the entire day in a state of constant arousal. Every time his Mother walked past in her short little skirt and tight fitting tank top, which she seemed to do with suspicious regularity, Toby’s eyes were drawn to her body and his tiny pants did little to hide his erection. He was so horny that no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t push those depraved thoughts from his mind.

After hours of exhausting work and unsuccessful attempts to conceal his obvious hard on, he’d been given his last chore of the day which aydınlı escort was to run his Mother a bath before they could finally sit down for the chat she promised this morning. As far as Toby was concerned, that couldn’t come soon enough! He could finally prove that he was man enough to stand up and take charge of his own life.

His thoughts were interrupted as the bathroom door swung open and his Mother stepped into the room. Seeing him sat hunched on the floor, her eyes widened in mock surprise.

“Looks like someone’s having a nice little break, doesn’t it? Perhaps I’ve not been working you hard enough!” she said sternly, though her expression softened when she saw his panicked face “Oh do calm down, I’m only teasing. You’ve been a very good boy today! Now how’s that bath coming along?”

Relieved, Toby checked the bath water and was pleased to find that it was now up to temperature.

“Excellent,” his Mother beamed, “time for Mommy to have a nice, long soak.”

Before Toby knew what was happening, she loosened her skirt and let it fall to her ankles, before peeling off her t-shirt and throwing it to the bathroom room. Seeing her son’s slack-jawed stare at the sight of his Mother in nothing but her underwear, she put her hands on her hips and smiled in amusement.

“Enjoying the view?” she smirked.

“Er, yeah… I mean, no… I mean, sorry I…”

“I do hope you weren’t planning on watching Mommy take a bath like a little peeping Tom?”

“No! No I wasn’t I…”

“Good,” she interrupted and gestured to the door. “Now how about instead of ogling Mommy’s body like a little pervert, you kneel down out there and wait for me to finish?”

Part of him bristled at being made to kneel like some sort of servant. Hadn’t he done enough for her today? But since he was still smarting from the embarrassment of being called a peeping Tom by his own Mother, he sank down onto his knees and knelt outside the bathroom door as he’d been told.

He had no way to tell how long he stayed out there. All he knew was it felt like he spent an eternity on his knees, a dull ache growing stronger by the minute while his Mother enjoyed a relaxing soak just a few feet away. When he finally heard the telltale splash of his Mother getting out he practically sagged with relief, desperate to rest his aching knees. However the second the bathroom door opened, any discomfort he’d felt was instantly forgotten.

As his Mother stepped from the mist filled room she it was like she was Aphrodite herself. With Toby on his knees, she towered over him like a Goddess from some kind of myth or legend. He drank in the sight of her shapely, feminine legs, his eyes following them all the way up until they met the fluffy white towel she’d wrapped around her body. Her long, black hair was wet and wild; it fell over her shoulders and clung like ivy to the sodden skin of her chest. Maybe it was the drugs talking, but Toby thought this might just be the most beautiful sight he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Come on,” she said sweetly, holding out her hand, “now it’s your bath-time. Let’s get you nice and clean, then we can have that little chat you were so eager for.”

Mesmerised, Toby took her hand and allowed her to lead him inside. He didn’t protest as she grabbed his pants and pulled them to the floor, though he flushed with embarrassment when doing so allowed his hard cock to spring free just inches from his Mother’s face. Keen for some space, he took a step to the side and reached for the plug, but his Mother’s hand shot out and grabbed his wrist firmly.

“Don’t be so wasteful,” she scolded, “you can share Mommy’s bath-water, it’s still perfectly warm.”

Despite what had gone on last night, Toby still felt strangely perverse about bathing in his Mother’s dirty water. Still something in him felt unable to refuse her, so he obediently climbed into the tub and settled into the same luke-warm water that had until seconds ago soaked his Mother’s naked body.

“There we go, I’m sorry I’ve used up most of the bubbles. But I do have a little something to help you relax.”

His Mother opened the medicine cabinet and produced a familiar brown bottle, the very sight of which had Toby’s heart racing in his chest. She unscrewed the top and with a knowing wink, tipped the entire bottle into the bath-tub.

Within seconds a thin vapour began to rise from the surface of the bath-water; it was barely visible to the naked eye but as Toby inhaled it he felt its presence immediately. A light burn started from the back of his throat and spread down into his chest. It wasn’t painful, more like the kind of satisfying burn you get sipping on a glass of good whisky, and it had the heady rush to boot.

“Now you have a nice long soak, I want you to stay in here for at least 20 minutes,” his Mother instructed, nodding to the wall mounted clock “then when you’re nice and clean, come and see Mommy in her bedroom and we’ll have that little chat.”

With that she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek and slipped out of the room, closing the door firmly behind her. Toby was left sealed inside the small bathroom as it rapidly filled with the medicinal scent he’d come to know all too well.

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