Mommy’s Urinal [FF]


Content warning: Piss/Watersports, Humiliation, BDSM. Based on a fantasy that I plan on indulging with my girlfriend sometime soon…

We’ve been wanting to go on a day trip to a nearby hiking trail for a while, and it’s finally starting to be warm enough outside for us to go. We both like the idea of spending a few hours together outside, taking pretty pictures, and watching the sunset over the trail’s lake together. However, my sub really doesn’t realize what all she might have in store for her when we finally go…


“Why don’t we go ahead and sit down here to watch the sunset?” I asked, gesturing to the bench. We were only a few hundred feet away from the parking lot, and we also had a gorgeous view of the lake from there. We had come to this same location on one of our first weekends together, and we were both happy to be back by the lake again.

“Yes mommy. That sounds great!” she sat down on the bench, and I sat down next to her. I pulled her head onto my chest and gently began stroking her hair. We cuddled like that for a few minutes before I gently picked her face up off of my chest. She groaned quietly, clearly unhappy that bahis siteleri I was interrupting our cuddling session. However, she quickly started looking happier when I began to climb into her lap on the bench.

Snuggling up to her while kneeling on her lap, I buried my face into her neck. I breathed a sigh, taking a second to enjoy how warm and comforting it felt to snuggle up to her like this. Then, I started to be reminded of a fairly pressing need.

Kneeling on her lap, my bare pussy was touching her jeans. I had decided to take off my panties before we left her place and wear nothing underneath my short skirt, although I didn’t tell her that. I had also chosen her outfit for the day, choosing for her to wear light blue jeans and a t-shirt.

I had been hydrating as much as I could throughout the afternoon, drinking several bottles of water since we left her place earlier. My bladder was starting to complain about the strain I was putting it under.

Slowly I relaxed my muscles, and my piss started dripping out. It took my sub a few seconds to realize what was going on because I was carefully controlling my flow, savoring the feeling of my gentle canlı bahis siteleri release. Suddenly, I felt her body stiffen.

“Mommy?!” she gasped.


“Are you…” she didn’t finish asking the question. I felt her twitch, and I leaned back so that I could see her face. She had her eyes closed, a look of bliss on her face.

“Using my urinal? Yes. I have the right to do that whenever I want. You’re my property” I reminded her, my piss soaking through her jeans.

“Yes mommy,” she breathed. I let out a sigh, enjoying the feeling of relief as I emptied my bladder into her lap. After a minute, my stream flowed to a stop. I slowly stood up, standing in front of her. I lifted my skirt, standing in front of her with my pussy in her face.

“Now that mommy has used her urinal, you need to clean me up. Lick.” I ordered.

I didn’t need to tell her twice. Obediently, she began cleaning me with her tongue. I had piss dripping down my thighs, so that’s where I directed her to begin first. She enthusiastically began lapping it up.

As she eagerly licked my thighs, I noticed that she was attempting to wiggle her hand inside her canlı bahis pants, clearly intending to masturbate while she cleaned me. I grabbed her hair, yanking her away from my body. Glaring at her furiously, I commented, “You’re pathetic. You can’t even remember your manners. You KNOW that you have to ask permission if you want to touch yourself. Hands behind your back. Now.”

“Mommy-” she started to protest.

“Don’t. Argue. Property isn’t allowed to have an opinion.”

She apologetically nodded and put her hands behind her back. She eagerly resumed licking my pussy. I savored the feeling of her tongue on my clit. Holding her face, I started to grind my clit against her tongue. It didn’t take much for me to cum all over her tongue. She fervently lapped up my juices. After she finished licking all of my wetness up, I pulled away from her. She looked disappointed to be made to stop, but she knew better than to continue arguing with me.

“Get up, princess. It’s time for us to go back home and get you cleaned up too,” I commanded, taking her hand in mine.

She stood up. Her jeans were soaked, no longer a light blue color. We headed back to the car, hand-in-hand. I knew that, if someone saw her, they’d mistakenly think that she had an accident. Wait until she finds out my fantasies about our future IKEA trip, I grinned to myself while leading her back to the car.

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