Mom’s Camping Trip


“OK,” Mom announced, “we’ll set up camp here.” The meadow was carpeted with grass and gave a good view of the sky overhead, but the trees were dense all around it; unless you knew the winding trail to get there, you’d never get through the underbrush around it. We put our packs down. I started to take the tent out, then stopped as I noticed the odd smile on Mom’s face. “Um…” I hesitated, then continued, “um… Mom, is this the second part of the bet?”

“Funny you should ask”, she said, and began to undo her shorts.


I should have never taken the bet. Don’t even ask what was involved; it was a sucker bet from the beginning, and if I hadn’t been so excited by the possibility of what I would win–my own car–I would probably have figured out what she was up to. But I lost, and lost hard, and now I’d have to pay the price. And the worst part was, I didn’t know what I’d have to do; the only thing that my mom would say was that it wouldn’t involve public humiliation.

My mom definitely wasn’t your average mother. She had a statuesque figure and curly blonde hair, and she could have had her choice of sex partners, but she said that she’d done almost all the things that she’d ever wanted to do in bed. You might think that that’s something pretty unusual for a mother to tell her son, but that was my mom. She was a professional psychotherapist and had always been very frank about sex. Most guys that I know get the sex talk from their dads (mine divorced Mom when I was young and I rarely see him) and it’s usually a very awkward talk, describing the basic facts of sex that the son already knows; my mom said that I probably knew all of that stuff already and that the important thing to remember was to stick to mutual masturbation with casual partners if I didn’t know their sexual history, at least until I was comfortable having intercourse wearing a condom. I was pretty astonished at that, but gradually I loosened up and would confide all sorts of stuff to her. It seemed that nothing was too bizarre for her; she wouldn’t say what her patients told her, but she let me know that nothing that I would come up with would beat what she heard nearly every day.

I thought that what I had seen and done while I was away at college would be the thing that would freak her out, so I held off telling her about it, until she got it out of me one evening when we were sitting in the living room talking. “Please tell me, John; I can tell that it’s really bothering you.” She put her hand over mine and looked into my eyes. “I promise that I won’t think any of the worse of you. I know that you’re a good man and that you didn’t do anything to harm anyone.”

I shifted in my seat, still hesitant to talk about it, but Mom persisted and finally I gave in and told her what had happened earlier in the fall semester. I had gotten a girlfriend, Laura, who was a funny and creative woman who was also a good lover. She was obviously experienced at sex, but was evasive when I asked her about past boyfriends. I didn’t press too hard because the sex was so great that I didn’t want to spoil a good thing. Then, one weekend, her parents came to campus to visit. Usually, when parents come to visit their kids, they stay at a local motel, take their kid out to eat several times, take a brief tour of the campus and dorm, and in general make sure that their kid is OK and getting enough sleep. Laura’s parents, on the other hand, were staying on campus, in her room–her roommate had an off-campus boyfriend and had even given Laura her key so that we could have as much privacy as we wanted, and I slept with her every weekend and even some school nights. I couldn’t believe that they were going to sleep in one of those little dorm beds, but Laura said that they’d insisted. Of course, that meant that we weren’t going to have sex that weekend, but I thought that I could tough it out and maybe make up for it on Sunday night after the parents had left. After I met her parents–he was a big man and a little burly, but not really fat, and she was slightly chubby and a bit shorter than Laura, who was slim–I went out late Friday night while Laura was with her parents and didn’t think about it.

Saturday night, I had come back from a movie and found Laura at my room. She kissed me and tugged my hand. “Come on, let’s go to my room.”

I hesitated. “But your parents–“

She touched her finger to my lips, shushing me. “Don’t worry about them. Come on, I need you inside me tonight.”

She led me to her room and let me in; the room was completely dark. She had a bead curtain that separated the front part of the room from the part where the beds were. She started undressing and motioned to me to do the same; usually we just took our clothes off and tossed them on the other bed. She shushed me again and for some reason I thought that her roommate had come back and that her parents were gone. I got a little excited at the thought of fucking while her roommate, who wasn’t too bad looking herself, was snoozing a few feet away–if she woke up, would she watch us and maybe finger herself? But when Laura pulled me through the curtain and toward the bed, both of us stark naked, I got the shock of my life–there were obviously two canlı bahis people in the bed, and her parents’ suitcases were standing near the desk. If I’d had even a little of my senses about me, I probably would have ran back to the closet, grabbed my clothes, and gotten out of there, but I was frozen. Laura tugged me toward the bed and I let her lead me to it and got under the covers.

I huddled against her, terrified. I couldn’t imagine her parents’ reaction if they woke up and saw me fucking their daughter in the same room as them. She’d done some crazy stuff before–we’d fucked in the library on our second date, and she sucked me off in a porn theater while dirty old men watched and beat off–but this was beyond belief. I lay there, my front against her back and both of us on our right side, facing her parents, and I wondered how long I’d have to wait before she got tired of the game and let me go back to my room, when her parents stirred. They were laying on there left sides, facing us–her dad behind her mom, sort of a mirror image of Laura and I–and her dad put his arm around her mom. I thought that they weren’t really awake and was starting to relax when I saw his arm move under the sheets, and although there were no lights in the room and the drapes were drawn, there was enough light from outside coming through the drapes to see with night vision, and I realized that his hand was cupping her breast and that he was stroking her. Laura took my own left arm and put my left hand on one of her breasts; the nipple was completely hard.

If the thought of them seeing me having sex with Laura or even being caught naked in the same bed as her was terrifying, the thought of them catching us having sex while we watched them have sex was beyond terror–I almost felt like I was floating above the whole scene, watching it all. Then I had a thought: what sort of parents have sex with their grown daughter in the same room? If they don’t mind having her as an audience, they probably wouldn’t mind an additional spectator. What would they do if they knew I was there? Complain to the resident assitant, “We were fucking away when we realized that our daughter had her boyfriend in teh room and it wasn’t just her watching”? I relaxed and decided to watch this exhibitionistic pair go at it for as long as I would get away with it. I stroked Laura’s nipple and she responded by rocking her ass back at me; I began to grow erect.

Her dad moved his hand down to her mom’s crotch, and I followed suit with Laura. Then her mom, still covered with the sheet, moved her leg up and back so that it was curled around her husband’s leg in back of her, and after some further arm movement beneath the sheet, they both started moving their hips; they were fucking right in front of us! My astonishment continued as Laura mirrored her mom and, grasping my cock, guided it to the mouth of her vagina and rotated her hips back at me so that my cock slid into her cunt. However, as before, my surprise quickly melted into bliss as Laura’s tight, slick pussy moved up and down my shaft. I could hear her parents start to moan over Laura’s heavy breathing.

Then her parents stopped their movement, and again my heart leapt as I thought that they had finally noticed what Laura and I were doing, but instead her mom seemed to withdraw from her dad, turned around, and sat up in the bed; the sheet fell from her, and I could see her naked body, even in the half-light. Her breasts were large and sagged a little, and her nipples looked enormous.She straddled her husband’s cock, reached behind her, and put the cock back inside herself. She leaned forward so that he could fondle her breasts and suckle her nipples, and I could see his cock going in and out of her. Then Laura did the same; it was pretty obvious that her parents had to have noticed what we were doing in the other bed. I let Laura mount me and start riding my cock vigorously. We were both looking at her parents, and after a little while it was obvious that they were watching us, too. Never in my life had I imagined that I would sleep with a woman who liked to fuck in the same room as her parents.

After a few minutes, as I was well on the way to orgasm, Laura’s mother suddenly stopped, got off of her husband, and got out of bed. A moment later, Laura did the same. They approached each other, embraced, and kissed deeply, with open mouths. Laura reached between her mother’s legs, and her mother did the same to Laura. I could feel my mouth fall open as the mother and daughter finger-fucked and French-kissed in the middle of the room. I looked over at her dad, lying in the bed with his erect cock still pointing at the ceiling, and I could swear that he winked at me.

The two women broke apart, and went back to bed–but Laura went to her dad’s bed, and Laura’s mom came to mine. I was still in disbelief and thought that maybe they’d realize their mistake, but Laura’s mom crouched over the bed and took my cock in her hand, then wrapped her lips around the head, and Laura did the same with her dad’s cock. Her mom was a skillful cocksucker, working her tongue slowly around my cockhead while her hand moved up and down the shaft, and it suddenly occurred to me kaçak iddaa that she was sucking her daughter’s cunt juice off my cock, just as Laura was tasting her own mother’s secretions on her father’s cock. The women then mounted again, and Laura’s mom slid my cock into her cunt, and now I was the one who got to suckle on her gumdrop-sized nipples while she rocked above me. I looked at Laura gripping her father’s shoulders while she rode his cock in ecstasy. A few minutes later, Laura’s mom dismounted and, nudging me aside, lay on the bed and spread her big thighs wide. I moved on top of her and sank my cock into her glistening slit; Laura grunted as her father did the same to her in the other bed, and she wrapped her legs around her hips as he pounded into her and I rode his wife. We finished our mirror-sex with doggy-style, and you couild hear her dad’s and my hips slapping against our partner’s asses–I was louder because I had more ass to slap against–and the women threw their hips back at us and came loudly, just before her dad and I gripped their hips and shot our respective loads deep into their cunts.

Without saying a word, we curled up with our partners, and I fell asleep with my wet cock against Laura’s mom’s big ass. I woke up a couple of hours later, feeling a slight chill against my wet crotch, and saw Laura and her mom on the rug between the beds, with her mom on her back and Laura crouched above her mother, her pussy pressed against her mother’s mouth and her face buried between her mother’s thighs. They licked each other to an orgasm as her father and I watched and stroked our hard cocks, and then Laura came back to bed with me and her mom crawled into bed with her dad. She spread her legs and her husband moved between them and started performing cunnilingus on her; it excited me so much to think that he was tasting the traces of my own semen in his wife’s cunt that I got hard again and fucked Laura from behind, knowing also that her father’s cum was partially lubricating my own cock.

We were surprisingly casual with each other as we got out of bed the next morning and got dressed in front of each other, but I went back to my room still not quite accepting the reality of what I’d done with Laura and her parents the night before. The next time I was with Laura, though, she stroked my cock and asked me if her cunt felt better than her mother’s, and wondered if maybe she’d get to suck my cock while her dad took her from behind, or maybe take her dad in her pussy while I fucked her ass. We had sex several times more, and she did indeed let me butt-fuck her, which she informed me was a “virgin hole” that not even Daddy had been in. I was starting to wonder if I might spend some time with her family that summer, and have some more wild partner-swapping with her parents, but at the end of the spring she said that it really wouldn’t work out because her brother would be home from his school and, well, I’d be sort of a fifth wheel. I got a goodbye fuck and I have to admit that it was pretty hot thinking of her with her dad and her brother, getting cock from both ends, but I was still a little blue.

So, I asked my mother, who had been silent throughout the whole tale, I wasn’t sure whether I was down because I was feeling a bit of shame over having participated in a family’s incest, or because it was so beyond anything I had even imagined myself doing before that “ordinary” sex seemed kind of bland to me now.

She was silent for a while longer, then told me that, first of all, she didn’t blame me for being seduced by such a highly sexual family; whatever dysfunctional dynamics were in place in Laura’s family, that was their responsibility to resolve, not mine, unless I married her and thus entered the family system. (I shook my head vigorously; marrying Laura hadn’t even occurred to me.) Second, I should consider taking up with someone else the following fall, since I was obviously overwhelmed by the weirdness of their shared sex life. Third, I couldn’t assume that they didn’t have other sex partners, and that I should get myself tested for STDs. (I had, courtesy of the student health service.) And, fourth, she was glad that I still felt close enough to her to be able to confide in me. She stood up and spread her arms, and I hugged her. I stayed in her arms for what seemed like a longer-than-normal time, and I soon became conscious of her large breasts pressing against my chest, and pulled away. That night, I heard my mother masturbating. She was usually pretty quiet, whether with a partner or alone, and wasn’t exactly screaming this time, but there was no mistaking the low, rhythmic moans that she was making, nor the low hum which I knew was probably a vibrator. I wondered if my mother was fantasizing about the sexual adventure that I had laid out explicitly for her, and eventually masturbated myself, feeling a little guilty but nonetheless very excited, thinking of her lying in her bed, legs spread wide, holding her vibrator against her clit and fucking herself with the other hand while she thought of her son taking part in his girlfriend’s incest.


And then she made the bet, and I took the bait, and now I was in the car with her driving kaçak bahis I didn’t know where, feeling nervous as hell because I was undertaking the first of three tasks to settle the bet and I had no idea what was involved. We parked in front of a small storefront that had a simple sign in front saying “Nails and More.” We went in and checked in with the receptionist, who motioned us toward the back of the store; we went through the door there and into a smaller room, which had what looked like a couple of recliner chairs. The short woman inside looked to be Hispanic and about in her mid-fifties. She embraced my mother and then looked at me. “This is your son?” she inquired.

“Yes, and he’s going to get the treatment, too.” I immediately felt a chill of apprehension; was the woman going to do a manicure? Paint my nails? My mom had said no public humiliation… The woman took my hand and looked me up and down, and looked directly at my crotch, then up at me with a speculative look on her face. I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts with sandals, but right then I felt like I was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. She smiled at me and motioned me to a stool in front of one of the reclining chairs. I sat down and the woman pulled up another stool and sat down next to me, directly in front of the reclining chair. Then my mother took her sandals off, reached up under her sun dress, and pulled her white cotton panties down and off. She moved over to the chair, and suddenly I realized what the chair was for, and started to stand up.

The short woman grabbed my forearm. “It’s OK, it’s OK, it’s no big deal. You’re just going to see the place where you came from.” She grinned again and my mother smiled as well, as if I were nervous about asking this woman out for a date or something. Slowly, I sat back down on the stool. I had to admit, this wasn’t really public humiliation, although I wouldn’t want to run into this woman in the grocery store, knowing that she had been there while my mother exposed herself to me. My mother sat down on the edge of the recliner while the woman raised two gynecologist-type stirrups. Mom raised her skirt a little, leaned back into the chair, and put her feet into the stirrups.

I tried not to stare, at least too obviously, but it was right in front of me and it was obvious that my mother would not be satisfied until I looked. My mother’s cunt hair was blonde, a slightly darker shade than the hair on her head, and covered her large mound and even went onto her thighs a little. With her legs wide apart, her labia spread apart a little, and I could see the glistening pink of her inner tissues. I casually glanced at her cunt, then looked at my mother’s face; she was looking back into my eyes with a little half-smile on her face. I blushed furiously and looked away. The beautician picked up a pair of electric clippers and started to trim my mother’s pubic hair; my mother shifted a little in her seat and I thought that once or twice she was trying to move her clit against the clipper’s vibrating body. The beautician stretched my mother’s labia this way and that, and I thought that a few times she did indeed rest the clipper very near my mother’s clit. When she was done trimming, my mother’s labia seemed to be a little swollen and spread further apart, the inner labia a little moister.

The beautician shut the clippers off and set them down, then moved over to a microwave nearby; my mother looked at me again with that little half-smile, as if we were both listening to a salesperson’s spiel for something that we didn’t really need rather than her showing her wet cunt to me. The beautician brought a container and a brush over to the chair and started to brush melted wax over my mother’s pussy. My mother let out a tiny gasp, but didn’t react otherwise. I stopped pretending not to stare as the beautician covered my mother’s entire mound and the very tops of her inner thighs with the glistening wax; I could still see her lubricated vulva right in the middle. The beautician pressed strips of cloth into the melted wax, and I knew what was coming next. She looked at my mother, said “Ready?”, my mother nodded and gripped the arms of the chair, and the beautician started ripping the strips away with smooth, confident movements.

My mother bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut, the knuckles of her hands going white as they gripped the chair, but she didn’t make a sound. The beautician ripped the last strip of wax away, then gestured between my mother’s legs with a sort of “ta-da” flourish. My mother’s pubis was now completely bare of hair, and a bright pink, almost red. The beautician squirted some lotion into the palm of one hand, rubbed her hands together, and then started spreading the lotion onto my mother’s labia. She massaged both sides with a circular motion, and I could see her labia separate and got glimpses of the mouth of her vagina and her clit, which looked surprisingly erect despite the recent pain that Mom had suffered. She finished, then held up the bottle of lotion, looked at Mom, and raised her eyebrows. My mother nodded again, that little half-smile on her face, and glanced briefly in my direction. The beautician pumped out some more lotion, but instead of using both hands, she covered my mother’s cunt with one hand, the heel over Mom’s clit and her fingers covering the labia, and started a slow, circular massage. I was watching this woman, whom I had never seen before, masturbate my mother right in front of me.

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