Mom’s Deep Love Ch. 03


Stacey woke naked lying between her mother and her son. They too were still naked from the previous night’s happenings. Sean, her son, lay cradled on her shoulder against her breast. She had her arm around his shoulders. Her mom, Tabitha, lay with her leg over Stacey’s and her head on her other shoulder. No one moved. She thought of how wonderful this all was. She felt ecstatic about how her life had changed in the span of one weekend. Though she had been sexually involved with her mother for most of her adult life, she had only now began having sex with her son. And last night she had experienced a heavenly union with all three coming together in this very bed. It was sort of a déjà vu. It was as if at 36 her life was beginning to become complete. She was a successful attorney, quite well off, daughter of a wealthy ranchess and mother to two beautiful and loving children. Her life was near bliss. If only her father could be here to enjoy all this. She had loved him so much. She thought back at how often they had made love. Briefly, she thought of the night that he helped her conceive her daughter Sabrina.

She remembered how her mother had helped her learn all about sex along with her dad and how they had both been so gentle, loving and understanding in their lessons. She had watched them have sex often and had marveled at the way they loved each other in this way. Her mother had taught her how to masturbate and had helped her discover what it was like to have an orgasm. She remembered how she felt masturbating as she watched them fuck each other from the comfy chair in their room. That same chair now sat in her room. She looked at it remembering last night as Sean had sat wide eyed in that same chair as she passionately kissed her mother.

She smelled her mother’s hair and could not resist kissing her head. Looking at her son she smiled kissing him on the forehead. Neither stirred. Her hand rested on her belly. With all these feelings, she could not resist. She inched her hand ever so slowly down below her navel. Moving so as not to disturb their slumber, she crossed the small patch of hair above her bald mound atop her slit. She eased her fingers to her clit. It reacted immediately to her touch. Gently she toyed with it coaxing it from behind its hood. Using the slightest pressure, she squeezed the little bud. It felt so good. Slowly she slid a finger to her vagina and opening it she coated the finger with as much of her juices as she could, then moved back to her clit. She was slow and easy both to keep from waking her two lovers and to make it last. Her fingers moved in small circles as she continued to pleasure herself. She did not have to fantasize. Her mind was full of wonderful feelings that seemed to travel to her fingers as she felt the dawn of her morning orgasm. As the inner sunrise continued she arched her hips ever so slightly. It was nothing compared to the earth-shattering orgasms she’d had in the past two days with her son and mother, but it was very pleasant. She came quietly almost as if she were her own lover in a romantic interlude making soft tender love to herself. Basking in the glow of her self driven passion, she released the slightest of moan.

“Save anything for me sweetie?” asked her mom in the most tender voice.

“My love is for you to share always.” She replied turning to meet her mother’s lips. They kissed softly. Tabitha placed her hand lovingly on her daughter’s breast and gently massaged it rubbing her thumb over her nipple. Stacey moved her hand from her own crotch to her mother’s pussy. It was wet.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked

“Long enough to see how quiet you could come.” Replied her mom as she kissed her. This time her tongue slipped inside her little girl’s mouth.

“MMMMmmm,” moaned Stacey. She palmed her hand over her mom’s cunt wetting her fingers in her slit. She began to softly rub her clit as she had done her own.

Tabitha let out a soft moan that mimicked her daughter’s. They kissed more passionately. Tabitha plied the flesh of her daughter’s breast with more zest. She knew her daughter liked that and it felt so good in her hand. It wasn’t long before Stacey had her mom on the brink of her first orgasm of the day. For the sake of not disturbing their precious Sean, they were quiet and minimized their movements. Tabitha came as quietly as had her daughter. But unlike Stacey she did not waste any time basking in the afterglow. She moved quietly and smoothly beside her daughter kissing her way down her body.

Stacey knowingly spread her legs for her mother as she crawled slowly across her soft tender thigh kissing it lovingly as she went. She worked her way up to the gap between her legs. She loved that gap. It was always there, visible in her slacks; such a nice place for her hand or her face to go. Stacey had almost three full inches spanning the space between where her legs met. It was so precious to her mom, that little space. Now as she kissed the crease where her ataköy anal yapan escort soft bald mound met her leg she remembered just how unique and special was her daughter’s pussy. She stayed there licking and kissing her right mound. It was so soft so smooth. It felt like silk on her lips. Tabitha knew that her daughter’s mound was sensitive. The absence of large outer lips was offset by her tender mound. Stacey had a unique cunt. She had a full mound and a sweet slit with inner lips. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Her mother loved her daughter’s sweet pussy and she was showing her now. She kissed her way across the slit between and nibbled on the other mound.

Stacey let out a soft moan. Her mom definitely knew her way around a pussy and she knew her daughter’s pussy best. She had spent so much time there teaching her how to pleasure herself, showing her how pussy was meant to be kissed and licked, and giving her orgasm after orgasm. Now she was employing all the talents she had taught her daughter about the fine art of cunnilingus. She placed her tongue at the middle of that sweet slit that opened to her daughter’s quim. Stiffening her tongue, she opened the crack right where she knew her clit would be. She touched it with just the tip of her tongue and began making small circles on the tip of the little bud. As it began to protrude from it’s hood, her circles widened to cover the newly exposed parts.

Once again Stacey moaned. Her back arched slightly. Sean opened his eyes at this movement. He was greeted with the view of his mother’s breast. As he looked upon her face he could see that she was nearing an orgasm. His lips moved to her nipple and he took it between them. Stacey looked at her son just as she began to come.

Sensing the movement and her daughters orgasm, Tabitha looked over Stacey’s belly to see her grandson sucking his mother’s nipple deep into his mouth. Now all bets were off. She had wanted a quiet slow orgasm for her daughter but that was now out of the question. She took Stacey’s clit between her teeth and put just enough pressure on it to finish her daughter off. Stacey wailed as the orgasm flooded over her she pulled her mother’s head to her pussy with her right hand and her son’s mouth to her nipple with her left. She began to buck and roll back and forth with the second orgasm of the day.

Sean was rock hard now and needed to be in on this. As his mother’s orgasm played out he reached for his grandmother and pulled her to him. Together they rolled with him on top. In a flash his cock was in her soaking wet pussy. He began to pound his nan without mercy fucking her with all he had. She loved it! “Fuck me Sean… Fuck me hard… YES BABY FUCK YOUR NAN AS HARD AS YOU CAN BABY… That’s it give it to me honey. Give it to me hard just like you did to your mom the second day that you fucked her. FUUUUUCK MEEEE!!” She screamed as she began to come.

Stacey rolled to the side and watched as her son fucked her mother with the wildness that he had fucked her just yesterday morning. She loved the sight she took in. Her precious boy was fucking like a machine and her mom was loving every stroke of it. She watched as Sean scooped up his nan’s legs and put them over his shoulders. Tabitha was wild with ecstasy she was twisting her head side to side and arching her back trying to get her grand son’s cock as far into her as she possibly could. Sean began to tense and Stacey could tell that her baby was about to have his own orgasm. He began pumping in shorter and faster strokes.

“Oh my God, Nan, I’m coming. I’m coming inside you honey. Oh God Nan, I love you!!” Then Sean looked at his mom. “I love her mom, I love her too, just like I love you. It’s so good. It’s like being inside you mom.” He thrust hard three times shooting his seed deep in his grand mother’s pussy. As she continued to scream with orgasmic bliss. Sean looked back at his nan as she began to wind down from her orgasm. He thrust her a few more times hard then stopped. He slid her legs gently off his shoulders and leaned down and kissed her. His kiss was gentle and loving. Tabitha wrapped her arms around her grand son’s neck and pulled him to her harder. She kissed him deeply. As the kiss broke she began kissing him on his face and neck in almost a loving grand motherish way.

Stacey snickered at the scene before her. “Wow, you two look like a grand ma and grand baby who just fucked.” She moved nearer to them as they cuddled together. “I love you both so much.” she said. “And right now I wanna eat you both up.” She rolled next to them and joined in their embrace. She rubbed her pussy against her mother’s outstretched leg as she began to fondle her tits. “I need to thank you for eating my pussy in a way that only you could.” She said kissing Tabitha deeply thrusting her tongue into her mouth.

Sean rolled off his grandmother his now limp cock slipping out of her cunt. As her son rolled off of her mother, ataköy bdsm escort Stacey took his place. She climbed atop her mother in the same way her son had mounted her. Without breaking her kiss, she began to grind her pussy against her mother. She knew how fast she would loose that ‘post-coital’ sensitivity and was aware just how to get her kitty purring again. She tweaked her mother’s nipple lightly then cupped her breast lovingly. She continued to snake her tongue in and out of her mouth. She ground her mound to her mom’s gently searching for her clit with her own. There it was. She was rewarded with a moan around her tongue as she hit the spot. Gently she moved her leg over her mom’s as she maintained contact with her hot spot. Tabitha groaned now grabbing her daughter’s ass and pulling her to her. They both rocked together rubbing their pussies against each other. Stacey looked at her mom as she began to show signs of the coming orgasm. Tabitha looked back at her daughter. “Oh, baby. It feels so good. Fuck your momma. Rub that sweet pussy on me darlin’. You know how momma likes it. Make me come again baby.”

Stacey loved when her mom talked to her like this. She had intended for this to be a payback for the sweet orgasm her mom had given her earlier but she soon realized that it was going to be much more. She too felt the beginnings of the tide of another orgasm herself. This only drove her to fuck her mom harder. She shoved her knee under her mom raising her ass off of the bed and grabbing her leg so that their pussies rubbed even more together in a scissors manner.

Sean watched in awe as his mom and nan fucked each other in this way. He had never seen such a thing. It was so hot. He wanted to join them but he wanted to just watch as well. He could feel his cock getting hard again. He reached down and began to stroke it and squeeze it as his rod came to life once more. It wasn’t long before he was pumping away with his fist as he watched the two beauties next to him fuck each other wildly. His mom’s gorgeous titties bounced up and down as she pumped his nan’s cunt with hers. Watching this sexy sight, he was ready to come in no time yet again. He lurched and shot a strand of his come sideways hitting his mother and grandmother ‘s legs as they fucked.

Both women felt the hot cum hit them. They looked at Sean next to them pumping his cock with his fist and continuing to shoot a stream of cum. That was all it took. Tabitha was the first to scream as she came once again. Then the sexiness of it all broke Stacey as well and she too began a bone-shaking orgasm. All three had come again within such a short time and together as well. Stacey rode her mom’s cunt for all it was worth smashing their lips and clits together. Then they all collapsed onto each other in a series of kisses and hugs. It was bliss.

“Well, my babies, daylight is burning and I’ve got to be heading back to the ranch today. There’s lots to do before we celebrate the holidays.” Said Tabitha as she rolled out of the bed. “I’m going to shower and freshen up a bit. If I went home like I smell so much like this sex, all the dogs would start humping me. See you two downstairs. She said as she slipped out of the bedroom.

The two in bed watched as Tabitha walked to the door. Stacey looked lovingly at her son. She kissed him, then she too hopped up from their love bed. Sean watched as she headed for the shower. What an ass she had! He had an urge to follow her but wasn’t sure his body could take another fucking session. He thought the better of it and made his way to his own room where he showered and got dressed.

Tabitha had breakfast waiting on them as they walked into the kitchen. She was made up, dressed and ready for the road. She wore her customary tight jeans and sweater,. Both highlighted her voluptuous curves. Sean looked at his grandmother with a completely new appreciation for her beauty. He switched his gaze to his mother and she too took on a whole new look in his eyes. Nothing had been lost. He still respected and appreciated all that these two meant to him and who they were. Now, he just felt so much more. He was so grateful to have been allowed to become sexual with these gorgeous women. He was a lucky man indeed. “Mom, Nan, I want to say that I really appreciate what we have become. I love you both and still feel the deepest of family love and respect. But, you have both become so much more to me. I feel such a connection with you two and appreciate how much you have both meant to each other as well.” With that he walked over and hugged and kissed his mother then his nan sweetly minus the passion of a lover but loaded with admiration for his family. He knew that there would be much more passion and sex in the days and years to come. He was so happy.

Stacey eyes welled up with tears at her son’s words and she came back to him and hugged him tightly. Nan felt the emotion as well but was a little less overwhelmed than the two ataköy elit escort young ones. She spoke. “Well kids, this family love fest is only just getting started. I know we have a lot to share with each other. And, let’s not forget, we have one more to complete our little circle. Sabrina will be home tomorrow. That’s right Sean. We will both be waiting for you two at the ranch. I am sure she will be excited at the recent family developments. I know for a fact that she has wanted to share this one’s cock for a long time. She told me as much.”

At this revelation, Sean sat with his jaw agape and a forkful of food halfway to his mouth.

“Eat up grandson, you are going to need all the strength you can muster for this week.” Tabitha laughed.

Tabitha arrived home just before sunset and smiled as she pulled into the big garage. She was proud of the family she had raised and felt no misgivings or guilt about the turns they had all taken. Now it was time to make the circle complete and include her sweet little grand daughter to the mix. She was greeted at the door by her maid, Dania, who smiled at her mistress. “I am so glad you are home. We have all missed you so much.” She said as she gestured to the three dogs sitting patiently. Dania was a petite little thing standing only five foot one and weighing just over one hundred pounds. She had long brown hair that she wore in a bun during her daily duties but let it down at night, both figuratively and literally. She had met Tabitha when she visited her native country of Greece. Tabitha had become inspired by the young girl who had, on her own, worked her way through college having been orphaned at sixteen. She was a mere 21 when they had met last year and Tabitha had made up her mind that she would help this sweet young thing from the first day she met her. She had arranged to bring her to the U.S. on a work visa. She was now working on a way for the young lady to stay on permanently. Since her arrival at the Wyoming ranch, Dania and Tabitha had become even closer. They had gravitated to each other with a chemistry that was undeniable. They had become lovers. Dania was receptive to the needs of her mistress in every way. She had become enthralled with the women who was twice her age. But she never initiated sex with her. She left that to her mistress. She had felt strong feelings for Tabitha from the time that they had connected in Athens. She had visited her numerous times and neither had ever done anything sexual, until she moved in with Tabitha on the ranch. It had happened over a period of time that they simply had become closer and closer.

The first time they made love was after they had spent the day shopping for the young maid. Tabitha had treated her like royalty taking her to all the finest stores and buying her gifts that she could never have imagined. Dania was overwhelmed by Tabitha’s generosity. She had taken all of her new things to her quarters at the end of the ranch house and was busy removing the tags. She had forgotten one of the bags and her mistress had brought it to her room. When Tabitha entered the room the maid was sitting on her bed crying. Sensing that it was from being overwhelmed from it all she comforted the young maid. She knelt before her and told her that she deserved it and so much more. She stood and was about to leave when the young girl wrapped her arms around the lady and would not let her go. At first she just sobbed into her breasts as Tabitha held the young maid. Then she looked up at her and Tabitha returned the look. Tabitha kissed her for the first time then. They made love that evening and became very close. They were lovers but they also knew their places. Tabitha cared for the young maid and did not wish to take advantage of her. She showed great restraint and only partook of her sexual favors when she felt the girl wanted it; which was with some frequency.

Dania was particularly adept at giving great oral sex. She would spend the longest time working Tabitha up by teasing her pussy and licking her anus. She could give her the most delicious orgasms; though none compared to what she had experienced with her daughter and grandson the past weekend. Nor did the maid take the place of Stacey or Sabrina in her favor or in her heart. It was just a great variety. The relationship was a good one. Owing to her small stature and sparse pubic hair, Dania resembled a young teen and often took on that role as they had sex. Her tits were ample but just enough to fill a “B” cup. Her pussy had the sweet lips of a young girl and was incredibly tight. Tabitha could barely get two fingers in the girl. But the best thing about the young Greek girl was her ass. She had the most perfect ass that Tabitha had ever seen. It was firm and full and stuck out noticeably especially in the uniform that she wore about the house. She would often find herself the object of seduction while doing her daily chores. Though, truth be known, she did those in a very provocative manner when in the same part of the house as the mistress.

Tabitha was an expert at reading these signs in women and loved reading body language that often led to sex. She had introduced Dania to Sabrina and the two had hit it off in a most spectacular way. Being close to the same age they were the best of friends when Sabrina came home for visits.

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