Mom’s Laptop, Part 10


I opened the front door before Tony could knock.“How’d you…?” he started to ask.“Shhhhh,” I whispered, a finger to my lips. “Come with me.”Tony, Jen’s husband, and I had had sex before, twice if you included a hand job on the Fourth of July at their swimming pool. We both expected this to be time number three. I should probably add that Jen was OK with it, long story already written. I led him upstairs by the hand.“What…?” he began.I held a finger to my lips again. We got to my bedroom and I pushed open the door, which was already ajar. Toby, my sixteen-year old son, sat in front of my laptop, clicking with the mouse. I could just make out his hard cock, but he was obviously naked.“Hey, mom,” Toby said, then blushed crimson when he saw Tony. Even his neck blushed. His cock fell a couple inches.“Hey, Toby,” I said. “And you know Tony, right? Katie’s dad?” Katie had been Tony’s girlfriend until just recently.“Uh, yeah, hi,” he mumbled. He was used to masturbating in front of me… not in front of another guy.I’d glanced at Tony when we entered and had been a little surprised at his reaction. I hadn’t any idea what to expect, but I got a quick wide smile and eyes that appeared more open than usual. Even his mouth opened a little. He adjusted his cock in his shorts.“Hey, Toby,” Tony said brightly. “Guess it’s a bad time for us?”“Well, uh,” he said.“Nonsense,” I answered, even though I hadn’t been asked. “Toby was just masturbating, isn’t that right?”“Well, uh,” he replied.My laptop screen told at least part of the story. On it, we saw a video of a guy fucking a well-endowed woman in the ass. This had been Toby’s thing to watch for going on a month now. I couldn’t really understand it, what could be simpler? Still, it was hard to know what would turn somebody on, what they’d want to masturbate to. I’d tell you my fantasies, but then I couldn’t post this.“Just şişli escort ignore us,” I said. “Masturbate away!”Toby looked back at the screen, down at his cock, and just sat there.“Well, anyway, come here, Tony,” I said, although he was right next to me. I kissed him on the mouth. I put my arms around him and felt his go around me. Our mouths opened and tongues flittered. My hands reached down for his ass and pulled him against me. His cock was hard. How long had it been hard?We walked to my bed and I stripped off my clothes. In the time it took me to do that, Tony got his shirt off. I unbuckled his shorts and pulled them down. He did the rest. Toby hadn’t moved, hadn’t touched the laptop, hadn’t touched his cock.“Should we be doing this in front of him?” Tony whispered, still standing. He had become the whisperer here.“Well,” I said it an almost normal voice, “he did watch you fuck Katie. You saw him fuck me, if you were looking. You probably saw him fuck your wife. So, yes, I don’t think there’s a lot that he hasn’t seen.”We’d become close to Jen’s family during these COVID stay-at-home times, all starting with Katie and Toby being together. In fact, we saw just about no one else.“When you put it that way,” he said, half-whispering.I sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over, taking his cock into my mouth. This was somewhat uncomfortable, for me at least, so I knelt on the floor. His dick touched the back of my throat. I sucked him and, at the same time, stroked his shaft. We were turned so that Toby could easily see everything.Toby’s cock had become hard again. No surprise there, like I said, he was sixteen and wouldn’t be seventeen for almost four months. He began to masturbate.I continued to suck Tony’s dick, not quickly, just easing my head back and forth at a gentle pace. With a free hand, I motioned Toby to come over to where we were.He did şişli escort bayan just that, masturbating inches from my face on the other side of my head. I reached out and pulled him toward me, and I stopped sucking Tony’s cock for a second and put my lips around Toby’s dick. I alternately sucked one, then the other. The difference between them was substantial. Tony’s cock was a little bigger and quite a bit thicker. Toby had far less hair than Tony. They were both circumcised. Tony’s balls seemed bigger and they certainly fell farther.I stopped sucking them and began to give him both handjobs, a little easier for me to do with my right hand for Tony than my left for Toby. Then I began to suck them again. As I jerked them off, right in front of my face, their cocks would occasionally touch. This began as an accident, as they both seemed to want to be in my mouth at the same time, but I began to do it on purpose, bringing both dicks to my mouth at once.At first, the ends just touched as I moved my head from one to the other. I opened wide and pulled both cocks into my mouth. This strikes me as a porn move as, now that I’ve tried it, it’s almost impossible. I got both dicks in my mouth, and my tongue teased them, but they were just too big a mouthful. I returned to sucking one at a time, but allowing the cocks to touch, first head to head, then shaft to shaft. I glanced at both of them and they were just watching me. Nice.Suddenly, Toby came. Tony’s cock was in my mouth and Toby spurted cum on my face and on Tony’s dick. I quickly put him in my mouth to take most of his cum. This left Tony to stroke himself which he did exactly twice before cumming. I finished sucking Toby and started on Tony, but he’d already shot two loads onto my face and Toby’s cock. Toby finished by masturbating the last few drops and I sucked Tony dry.“Holy shit,” Toby mecidiyeköy escort said.“Please don’t swear,” I said.“Well, what Toby said,” Tony added.The two of them fell into my bed while I went to the bathroom to clean my face. I looked at myself in the mirror first, though. Cum was dripping down my face. I licked some dribbling toward my mouth. I had astonished myself with what I’d done. I smiled.I climbed into bed between them.“How we doin’, boys?” I asked.“Great,” Tony answered. “You were great.”“Mmmmmmmm,” Toby said.“Now, how about me?” I asked.Toby kissed me on the lips, snaked out a tongue, and we began French kissing. I’d been hesitant, four months ago, to kiss my son deeply, but now I loved it. Our tongues danced, mostly mine in his mouth, and the kissing warmed my heart. Also, impure thoughts flooded my brain. My hand reached for his cock, but found it soft.Tony headed lower, his lips on my nipple. Tony’s hand reached down and felt my cunt, which was already good and wet after two blow jobs. He inserted two fingers, curled them a little, and fucked me with them using a come-here movement. He licked my nipple and switched breasts.I felt Toby’s hand on one breast, Tony’s mouth on the other. Toby’s fingers pinched my nipple hard enough that it hurt a little, but Tony’s tongue brushed my nipple lightly, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. The fingers on Tony’s other hand had started to twist inside my cunt and to push harder and deeper.Toby stopped kissing me. He turned upside down, his soft cock where his head had been, and I felt a tongue on my clit. It was a little much at first, but quickly started to send delightful sensations up my spine. I began to kiss Tony… we used our tongues, but not as urgently as I did with Toby. Tony was for me way more about the sex than any love.Tony inserted a third finger and was fucking me slowly for a minute, then fast and deep for a minute. Toby’s tongue had pretty much found my clit and I was getting close to cumming. I kissed Tony a little harder, felt him squeeze my boob. And I felt his cock, which was along my hip, begin to harden.

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