Mom’s Laptop, Part 5


I sat in front of my laptop. Katie stood right behind me and bent down to see the screen. I brought up Bongacams.“This is what Toby was looking at,” I said. Toby is my sixteen-year-old son.“Wow,” Katie answered, peering at the screenful of cams, all women older than she. We clicked “couples” and “guys” and got what you’d expect, including a few cams with actual sex or masturbation. “I knew he watched porn, like anybody, but not what he looked at. Let’s try Chaturbate.”It was hard to believe: that Katie was allowed in our house in these COVID Stay At Home days and that she was here with me. She, too, was sixteen, and she was usually with Toby. But he was mowing the lawn – we couldn’t afford the gardener right now – so she and I were on our own. I’ll explain how all this happened later. First…Chaturbate was much the same as Bonga only more cams shown and not just women shown on the page. We clicked through the tabs and stuck with couples. I scrolled the cursor from one cam to the next and finally Katie said, “Try that one.”When Katie spoke, it was softly and just an inch from my ear. Her breath was warm and I got a hint of cinnamon.The cam came up and showed a lesbian couple, topless. Small boobs. One older and one younger, both very cute. I felt a little uncomfortable looking at them with Katie.“I watched some Chaturbate with my mom,” Katie breathed into my ear. She touched my shoulder, then stroked it lightly. I shivered.I stammered, “What… did you watch?”“We only watched a little,” she said, lightly rubbing the center of my back just above the back of my bra.I turned my head toward her. Her lips were an inch from mine. Her green eyes were wide and her lips parted just a little. Katie moved her head in quickly and kissed me… şişli escort bayan just a peck, really. She pecked me again. I really liked the taste of her lips, the light touch. Her lips tasted young and very soft.“Let’s move to the bed,” I said.She took my hand and led the way. We lay on the bed, fully dressed, both in shorts and blouses, although our feet were bare. Both our heads were on the same pillow, face to face. We talked softly, we were so close together.“We shouldn’t do this,” I said. My lips grazed hers.“I know,” Katie said. “Right?”She kissed me again and this time her lips didn’t pull back, but pushed in closer. They parted and her tongue touched my lips, pushed in between them, and we were French kissing. My mouth opened wide and Katie’s tongue probed, tasting my tongue, thrusting deep into my mouth. Katie got on top and continued to kiss me while I undid the buttons on my blouse.I undid Katie’s blouse, too, but we mostly continued to kiss. Slurpy kisses, tongue touching tongue, mouths wide open… it felt exhilarating. We managed to get our blouses and bras off and Katie kissed me on the ear, on the neck, always coming back to kiss my lips. I felt her unbutton my shorts and slip and hand inside. Her fingers touched my pussy and one finger slipped easily inside… I was so wet. Our boobs pressed together. My hips moved slightly, back and forth, and a second finger entered my cunt.“Oh, Katie, that feels so good,” I said. Kissed her. “So nice.”I lifted my hips and she pulled off my shorts and panties. She took a few seconds and got her own off, too… we were both naked. Katie finally stopped kissing me and her head slid to my breast, licking a nipple. She didn’t lick it long, though, and her tongue was soon şişli escort bayan on my clit. Her fingers, which had stopped moving inside me briefly, were once again doing their thing to my cunt.Katie was way better at eating my cunt than Toby. She licked around my clit and flicked her tongue against it. She sucked it. She was driving me crazy.But Katie… hard to believe she was only sixteen years old… had more in mind. She pulled herself up my body, dragging her nipples along my skin, and began kissing me again. Her legs were between mine and her thighs pushed mine open. She rubbed her clit against mine and while it wasn’t like fucking, exactly, it was similar. Sort of.My legs were pulled back and Katie did something like a push-up over me.  We rubbed each other for a bit and Katie paused, but I didn’t. I continued to push my clit against her, basically I wanted to fuck her… it felt so good. Her fingers began rubbing my clit (and maybe hers, too), pressing it directly, it was so hot… and I came. I came for what seemed like a long while, then after just the shortest pause, I came again.Katie jumped, sort of, to straddle my right leg, her right leg up against my clit, and began rubbing it into me. It didn’t take more than a couple minutes of this before I came a third time. And I had to stop. My clit was a little sore and I was exhausted.“Did your mother teach you all that?” I asked somewhat breathlessly.“Well, some of it I learned from her. We’ve only… we’ve only been together a couple times,” Katie answered. “Just since the coronavirus thing.”“Oh,” I said.“Yeah.”I thought about it. “You mostly learned it masturbating?”Katie just blushed and didn’t say anything. She rubbed one of my nipples.I had seen Katie having mecidiyeköy escort sex with Toby just a couple days ago. Before that, I knew who she was, of course, but not much about her. Now… I guess I still knew just about nothing about her other than her body. Her body, by the way, was pretty good… decent curves for someone so young, nice legs… and a lovely face framed by blonde hair that wasn’t that short even before she spent a couple months at home without getting it cut. I’ll tell you more later.“Let me give you a massage,” I said. My breathing was back to normal.“That’s OK.”“No, really, I owe you. Actually, orgasmically speaking, I owe you three.”We switched places, a naked Katie straddled by a naked Lauren. I put my weight on my knees, not on her. Our cunts were just about touching. I stroked the sides of her face with my fingers.She closed her eyes and sighed. I let my fingers stream down her face, her neck… grasped both nipples and squeezed gently. Rubbed her boobs. I slid down the bed and kissed her tummy and her cunt. Her hips jerked up in the air and settled back down. Licked her clit… for several minutes. She was very, very wet. Turned her over, got between her legs, licked her cunt and her asshole. Her asshole seemed almost virginal. Licked it, thrust the tip of my tongue in… saw Katie rubbing her cunt… continued to lick her asshole, she was fingering her clit like crazy… and she came pretty hard. I stopped when she fell flat on the bed.We lay next to each other and held hands.“You could maybe turn me into a lesbian, Katie,” I said.“I doubt it,” she said. “Certainly not me.” She blushed. “Well, you know.”“Yeah, I totally saw you sucking Toby’s cock.” I thought back, just a few days. Just when I thought that sex in a COVID world couldn’t get any stranger, I walked past my son’s room and there was Katie, his dick in her mouth. I hadn’t even known for sure he had sex with anyone besides me, and I totally hadn’t known he saw anyone other than me in this house.

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