Mom’s New Roommate


The following is inspired by Mom’s Roommate by klrxo. I have ideas for future instalments, some of which are also inspired by klrxo’s original story.


Jayne knew something was wrong when Simon went straight to his room when he got home. She went and knocked on his door.

“Is there anything wrong sweetie?” she asked softly. “How was photography club? I’m sure next week will be better if there was a problem today.”

The door opened and Simon went and sat on his bed.

“I won’t be going next week,” he said. He was almost in tears.

“Oh my poor boy, what’s wrong?” Jayne asked as she sat next to him on his bed.

“Nothing. I just can’t do the assignment so there’s no point in going, that’s all.”

“Oh, well why can’t you do the assignment? Maybe there’s something I can do to help?”

“We’ve been photographing people the last few weeks and this week we need to photograph someone in swimwear. Most of the other guys on the course will just get their wives or girlfriends or friends to pose for them but I don’t have any female friends.”

“Oh dear,” said Jayne. She’d bought the DSLR for her son for his nineteenth birthday almost a month ago and was happy to see how much he enjoyed using it and going to the photography club. “Well, I could pose for you if you like,” said Jayne, putting her arm around her son’s shoulders.

“Mom, you don’t even wear a swimsuit on the beach – well, not uncovered, anyway – how could you pose for me in just a swimsuit for photos that I’ll show to a whole group of people at next week’s lesson?”

“If it’s for you, I’ll manage,” she said resolutely. Jayne had always acted modest in front of her son, averse to any kind of showing her body, but that’s only because she didn’t want to show him how much she enjoyed showing her body, especially to men.

“I tell you what,” Jayne continued, “tomorrow morning, before we go to visit your father, I’ll pose for you in a swimsuit in the back garden. That way we shouldn’t be overlooked by the neighbours at that time of day.”

“Okay, thanks mom!” Simon was beaming now. He really loved his photography course and was really glad he would be able to continue doing it.

The next morning, Simon was woken by a tapping on his door.

“Morning sweetie,” his mom half whispered through the door, “hurry up and get ready, we don’t have long before we need to go to visit your father.”

“Okay, I’m getting up,” Simon called back through the door as he threw his duvet off his body.

In his en-suite shower, he was just starting to deal with his morning wood when he heard his mother calling.

“Come one dear, we don’t have all morning you know!”

“Okay, coming,” he called from the shower as he turned it off and got out to dry himself, wishing that he really were cumming.

He quickly dressed and grabbed his photography kit and rushed to the kitchen. It’s a good thing he kept his photography kit in a padded bag because he dropped it as soon as he saw his mother. She was bending over, looking for something in the fridge, wearing nothing but a one-piece bathing suit with very high French-cut hips. As she stood and turned to face Simon, he saw the suit showed a lot of cleavage too. He just stood there, his mouth flapping.

Jayne loved the reaction she had caused her strapping son – his eyes like saucers, focused on her generous bust, his mouth flapping open and closed, and also the pronounced tenting in his crotch. She was enjoying her new exhibitionism already and decided to see how far she could go in teasing her son.

She slowly knelt in front of Simon, her head level with his straining hard-on, and picked up his photographic kit.

“Here you go, butterfingers,” she said, smiling up to him, holding the kit for him, knowing that her position was giving him the best view down her cleavage.

Eventually, Simon came back to reality and took the photography bag from his mother and he finally broke his focus from her rack and looked into her eyes. He half expected anger or frustration at his openly staring down her cleavage but he saw amusement and understanding and love.

“Hope you like my swimsuit. I only have two and the other one isn’t really appropriate for this,” said Jayne as she led the way out to the back garden.

Simon held the camera bag in front of his bulging crotch as they went outside but eventually he had to put it down and leave his tent uncovered. He was expecting a look of betrayed anger from his mother when she saw he was excited but she didn’t give any sign of noticing. Instead, she was posing for him, in profile to the camera, her head turned to give him a pouty model expression, her chest puffed out.

Then she posed straight on, her hands on her curvy round hips, the high cut of the leg holes making them look even wider. Her erect nipples poked prominently into the dark blue material.

Pose after pose and Simon felt like he was going to explode in his pants.

Posing for her son at the bottom of the garden and seeing the effect her avcılar üniversiteli escort body was having on him was giving Jayne a warm feeling deep in her stomach and a damp feeling between her legs but it really got exciting when she noticed Mr Porter next door in his rear bedroom window, looking down at her too, enjoying the sights.

After a while, she became worried that her dampness would show through the material of her swimsuit.

“What time is it Simon?” she asked.

“Uh, we have an hour and a half before we need to be there,” he said, looking at his watch.

Then Jayne got a wicked look on her face.

“How ’bout I show you that other suit after all? It would have to be just between the two of us though, no showing the pictures to your class.”

“Sure!” said Simon, almost shouting in his excitement to see whatever was more inappropriate than this fantastic outfit, “I have more than enough photos already.”

“Great. I won’t be a sec,” she said, jogging into the house, her enormous bust seeming to bounce in slow motion.

When she was out of sight, Simon reviewed some of the photos he’d taken of her. She looked so happy – the first time he’d seen her properly happy in weeks; not since his father had had his accident and they had learned that he may never walk again. They were grateful that he had survived at least but their lives would never be the same again.

Just as Simon was about to go inside to see if he could find something to cover up his bulge, he turned back towards the house and saw his mother coming back out into the garden. At first he thought she was totally naked but then he saw the small triangles of white fabric covering her nipples and pussy. Three small triangles held in place by thin string. He had never seen anything so revealing or sexy in person before. Her amazing 34FF tits jiggled against their flimsy confines as she stepped through the French door into the garden. Simon wondered how much movement those strings would be able to cope with before her assets would become totally exposed.

No wonder she didn’t want him to show photos of her in this outfit to his photography class. That’s when he remembered he was holding a camera – a tool he could use to immortalise the incredible sight before him. He brought the camera up and started taking photos using the rapid fire mechanism, taking photo after photo, all in extreme high definition, which he could examine in great detail later, in the privacy of his bedroom.

“What do you think?” asked Jayne. “Not too revealing I hope?”

“Uh, no!” said Simon and he realised he had almost shouted. He was frantic not to give her any excuse to go and cover up. “Uh, I mean, no, it’s not too revealing at all. You look fantastic.”

“Really? You don’t think I’m too old for this kind of thing then?” asked Jayne, feigning an expression of concern.

“No, of course not!” said Simon, wholeheartedly, as he continued to snap away.

“Good,” said Jayne, smiling sweetly. “It’s good to have the opinion of a young man – I wouldn’t want to think I was inappropriate.”

“Not at all. You look amazing,” said Simon from behind the camera.

Jayne passed him, going back to the end of the garden, and Simon saw her from behind for the first time in her new outfit and he gasped when he saw the delicate string from around her waist meet a similar string from between her legs, running between her glorious arse cheeks, left entirely bare to his gaze. He had expected another triangle of fabric at least to cover her bum but it was a true t-back thong. He took some more rapid fire photos before she reached the end of the garden and turned to start posing.

“But I still think we should keep these photos between us, sweetie, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with you showing your friends at your photography club,” said Jayne, her faux-concern returning to her face.

“Don’t worry, mum, I won’t show these to anyone. Not unless you tell me you want me to,” said Simon, entirely consumed with taking as many photos as possible.

He zoomed in on the triangles covering his mother’s nipples and wondered if he could see them through the thin material. He could tell they were erect again from the small shadows they cast on the white material but wasn’t sure if he could see the detail of her areola or if he were just wishful thinking.

Jayne smiled as she started posing for her son and Mr Porter, who was still standing at his window, looking down into their garden without trying to hide his motives at all.

Simon decided he couldn’t see the detail of her nipples but he could see their shape through the material of her incredible bikini. And that’s when he noticed how shiny her skin was – almost as if she had put on some baby oil or something before she came out to the garden. Her skin glistened incredibly in the morning sun. Simon gulped involuntarily.

Jayne pouted her lips provocatively as she noticed Mr Porter had actually opened his trousers and was pulling avrupa yakası escort out his hard cock to rub as he watched her. She shivered despite the warmth. She watched him stroking his cock out the corner of her eyes as she made sure she always kept direct eye contact with her son and his camera to ensure he didn’t suspect her audience was bigger than he thought. She opened her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue across her glistening red pouty lips.

After a few more poses, Jane couldn’t stop herself turning her head to watch Mr Porter as he slapped his hand against the window and screwed up his eyes in an expression of exquisite release. Jayne hoped he hadn’t made too much of a mess. Simon followed her gaze but thankfully Mr Porter made a swift exit from his rear bedroom to clean himself up and there was nothing there for him to see.

When Simon looked back to his mother, Jayne slowly squatted, parted her creamy, shapely thighs, displaying the small triangle of thin fabric spread tantalisingly across her pussy. She pouted her lips, looking intently into the lens, knowing exactly where her son’s attention would be.

Simon continued taking rapid photos, his mouth hanging open, unbelieving, until his camera showed an error message on the small LCD screen.

“Oh no!” Simon screamed in despair.

“What’s up honey?” asked Jayne, concerned for her son.

“My SD card is full. Hang on, I have another one inside somewhere. I’ll be right back.”

Simon started running into the house but Jayne stood up and called for him to stop.

“Calm down sweetie, time is moving on – we need to leave to see your father soon and you should really get something for breakfast. I’ll go and change.”

Simon was inconsolable. Had he ruined his chance to see his sexy mother in these incredible outfits and record the sight for future … use?

“Come on, kiddo,” said Jayne, ruffling his hair as she made her way inside, “we can always do this again some time if you want to practice your photography some more. Although, I’m not sure there was much artistry to just keeping your finger held on the button and hoping for a good outcome,” she winked at him and Simon went from despair to elation – she would wear her skimpy bikini for him again!

Simon wolfed down a small bowl of cereal as his mother insisted he have something to eat while she got changed. Then he rushed to his room, plugged his SD card into his laptop, and started looking through the hundreds of images he had taken, slowly rubbing his cock through his trousers. He looked at the clock on his computer and decided he had time to get some relief before they needed to leave to see his father. He had been revving all morning but hadn’t had an opportunity to relieve his frustrations until now. He chose one of the last photos he had taken, where he could see the thin material stretched taut across his sexy mother’s cunt lips as she squatted in front of him, and he lay down on his bed, undoing his trousers and pushing them down to his ankles, when his mother knocked on his bedroom door.

“Come on, slowcoach, we better go now if we want to get there on time with all those roadworks in the centre,” Jayne called through the door. She didn’t really think they needed to leave so early but she didn’t want Simon to lose his hair trigger so early in the day. She was enjoying teasing him – keeping him hovering around climax without letting him have it.

Simon groaned to himself and got up from his bed, pulling up his trousers. His hard-on was painful under the seatbelt in the car five minutes later.

They arrived at the hospital twenty minutes early but thankfully the nurses let them onto the ward before visiting hours officially began.

“Hey dad, how’s it going?” Simon sat in the chair next to his father’s bed.

“Rob, how are you,” said Jayne as she leaned over and kissed her husband tenderly.

“Better for seeing you both,” said Rob as he took in the vision of his lovely voluptuous wife perching on the side of his bed. “They say I’ll be able to get out of here tomorrow.”

“Wow, that’s great!” said Jayne, excited to have her husband back again.

“My insurance company will be providing a hospital bed and a wheelchair. I’ve been practicing with the chair and it’s really coming along. I’ll need to come in twice a week for physical therapy but I’ll be home!”

“That’s great dad!” said Simon.

“It really is,” said Jayne, “but where’s the bed going to go?”

“Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t think it will fit up the stairs. Maybe we could convert a part of the garage into a bedroom?”

“By tomorrow?”

“You could have my room dad,” said Simon, eager to help. “I could move into mum’s office or sleep in the living room, until more permanent arrangements can be made.”

“Thanks kiddo but I don’t think your mother would like you taking over her office or sprawling all over the living room.”

“Why don’t you take our room Simon,” said Jayne. “I would like to bağdat caddesi escort sleep in the same room as your father anyway.”

“In that small downstairs room?” asked Rob rhetorically, “we can’t both fit in there unless one of us sleeps on the floor and I’m not having you do that for me. Simon’s bed will have to go into storage; it won’t fit in his room with the hospital bed.”

They all just looked glum, thinking through the options for a minute.

“Tell you what,” said Rob finally, “why don’t you share with your mother Simon. That king sized bed is more than big enough for you both to have space – more space than you probably get now in that single bed of yours.”

Simon’s heart beat a mile a minute. Did his father just suggest he share not only a bedroom but a bed with his incredibly sexy mother – his wife? To share their marital bed while his father slept a storey below them? It was too much to imagine. Finally, he managed to say something, hoping he didn’t sound as eager as he felt.

“Uh, sure, I guess that would work. Mum, what do you think?”

“I can’t think of a better solution,” she smiled at him and gave him a wink when Rob wasn’t looking at her.

“Then it’s settled,” said Rob, smiling, “but it’s a lot to get organised in an afternoon – do you think the two of you can do it? I could ask a couple of buddies to come over and help out.”

“Oh, no,” said Simon, “I was going to go to the cinema with a couple friends this afternoon. I’ll call them and let them know I can’t make it.’

“Don’t be silly, sweetheart,” said Jayne soothingly, “you deserve some time having fun with your friends. Don’t worry, I’ll make a start and you can help out when you get back.”

“Sure you don’t want a couple of my buddies to pop over and help?” asked Rob.

“Don’t either of you worry – I’ll handle it,” said Jayne, smiling reassuringly.

Jayne and Simon stayed with Rob for about an hour, chatting about this and that and then Simon stayed in town and met his friends early as his mother went home to make a start on arrangements to get the hospital bed into their house the following day.

Simon hadn’t lied about what he and his friends would be up to – they were going to the cinema but not just any cinema. They went to a XXX adult cinema that had opened the week before.

After a morning of watching his incredibly sexy mother posing for him in amazingly skimpy outfits, all Simon wanted to do was whack off but instead he found he was watching guys with enormous cocks fucking women with big plastic tits on a big screen.

“Her tits aren’t as big as Simon’s mum’s,” his friends would joke about every actress they saw. He knew they were kidding around with him but they weren’t wrong – she really did have porn star tits and he had seen more of them that morning than he had ever imagine he would see. He felt an odd sense of pride that his friends liked his mother’s body – they may have been joking but there was more than a little truth to it.

By the time they left the smutty cinema, Simon’s cock was throbbing in his trousers. He thought all he needed was a strong wind and he would cum for an hour.

He said goodbye to his mates and took the bus back home. He may have been looking at hot porn stars naked on a 15ft screen for the last three hours but, as he walked down his street, all he could think of was a certain skimpy white bikini and an amazing, voluptuous model who he hoped would wear it for him again.

He couldn’t wait to get back to his laptop to inspect more of his pictures of his incredible mother posing sexily and scantily-clad for him. All his collection of porn didn’t compare to his own mother.

He stopped dead in his tracks, the feeling of a cold hand around his heart – he had a great deal of porn on his laptop but he also had a large collection of magazines and DVDs in an archive box under his bed. With his mother moving his things into her bedroom, she would probably find it eventually.

Then he was running – if she hadn’t found it yet, he had to get back before she did find it. Running with blue balls and a throbbing boner is painful but he didn’t have a choice – he had to get back home and hide his porn from his mother.

Minutes later, he burst through the front door. His mother wasn’t visible in the living room so he ran along the corridor to his room, which he found almost empty. Almost all his things were gone. All that seemingly remained was his bed. And his mother bending over it, trying to move it.

All thought of his hidden stash of porn under the bed went from his mind immediately as he took in the view of his mother bending over his bed towards him, her incredible cleavage barely concealed by a thin tank top. He could see all the way down her cleavage to her hot pink yoga shorts.

“There you are!” she said, looking up at him and smiling broadly. “Did you have a nice day with your friends?”

“Wah, um, yes, thanks, it was good,” he managed to stammer out eventually.

“Well, why don’t you help me move this thing to the garage and I’ll show you what I’ve done with our room,” she smiled, still bent over the bed.

Simon eventually forced his body to bend over on the other side and help move the mattress off the frame and lean it against the wall. Then they lifted the frame onto its side and maneuverered it into the hall and then through the door to the garage.

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