Mom’s Oral Body Massage Pt. 04


She was absolutely gorgeous. It did not matter that this goddess before me was my daughter or that this was the little girl I once carried on my shoulders and taught to ride a bike and swim. I calmly swallowed a fuck pill and drank in her beauty from head to foot.

She was deeply tanned except for her tits. They were probably an A cup but the aureoles were so dark they were almost black. Her nipples were like two cherries. Her legs were perfect and long. She did not have one drop of fat anywhere on her hard body.

Her pussy was completely bare without one hint of hair. She had a small butterfly tattooed to the right of her shaven pussy. It was stunning and eye catching. Needless to say I had never seen it before.

She smiled, “It doesn’t look like you need that pill.”

I replied, “It’s for later. I don’t want to ruin your fantasy or disappoint you.”

She took my hands and pulled herself to a standing position. She stood on her tip toes and placed both arms completely around my neck and kissed me. It was the longest and most romantic kiss I ever experienced.

Her lips were soft and buttery. We sucked and caressed each other’s lips and tongues. I kissed her neck. She was doing the same to me. I started to shake when she softly bit and put her tongue in my ear.

She was pressing her body to mine and the nipples of her small tits were burning through me like two lasers. The feel of her hips and groin pressing into me was excruciating. My cock was screaming.

When we finally broke the kiss she whispered, “I love you Daddy. You will never disappoint me. Why don’t you take a closer look at my butter-fly.”

I allowed her to lower herself back to the bed. I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed with me kneeling on the floor between her legs. I’m old school and always preferred a big hairy cunt. But the sight of this shaven pussy staring me in the face was glorious . It was begging to be kissed, caressed and sucked.

I am a cunt lapper first and foremost. I truly love to suck pussy and I would rather suck a cunt than fuck. I believe if I had to, I could make a living sucking pussy and would love every minute of it. My mouth was watering. My eyes were riveted on the treasure mere inches from my lips.

I brushed my cheeks against it and rubbed my nose against it and smelled its sweet aroma I gently kissed her tattoo and with the flat of my tongue licked it. She shivered and then I started to lick her wonderful pussy from top to bottom. It was intoxicating.

Janie was moaning, “I dreamed and waited for this since I was 11 years old Daddy.”

The thought that I not only sucked my mother’s pussy and I was now sucking my daughter’s pussy drove me wild. The lips of her cunt were tight unlike Mom’s. I licked it the entire length with my tongue flat. I licked her ass and put her entire pussy in my mouth. I tried to suck her complete cunt into my mouth. The suction and the pressure applied to her pussy had her groaning with pleasure and she was shaking her head side to side.

Finally I penetrated the outer lips and relished the feel of them in my mouth. I ran my tongue beneath the outer lips with delight. Her inner lips were begging to be invaded by my tongue. I slowly parted the inner lips with the point of my tongue as I wanted to relish every second of my mouth on this canlı bahis pussy for the first time.

Damn the inner lips were tender and were so soft and I almost wanted to bite and swallow them as they surrendered to my mouth. Her pussy was on fire and her juice was so thick it was the consistency of syrup. It was luscious. I was shocked at the thickness of her fluid. It was marvelous. I have never tasted anything so sweet and sticky.

Her clit was aroused and engorged and was released by its hood. But I teased her by fucking her with my tongue. I occasionally and lightly and very briefly grazed her clit with the tip of my tongue.

She was begging and crying and saying over and over, “Daddy…Daddy…Daddy…Daddy…”

When neither one of us could stand it any longer, I hungrily went to work on her sweet clit very slowly and then increased my darting tongue faster and faster. Her orgasm came violently and she wrapped her legs around my head and almost strangled me. I stood up with her body convulsing and legs still holding me in a scissor grip.

I freed myself and climbed on the bed. I pulled her to the 69 position and she said, “Don’t you want to fuck me Daddy? My clit is too sensitive to be sucked again so soon. I’m too sensitive now.”

I told her, “Of course I want to fuck my baby girl. But I want your beautiful ass and pussy and those beautiful legs spread out inches from my face. Your pussy is delicious. I do not want to waste one drop of this syrup. It would be a shame to put my prick in this honey hole until I quench my thirst.

I put my finger in her hole and took it out. Her scrumptious cunt nectar looked like a string of spaghetti stretching from her pussy to my finger. I sucked it up and continued to finger fuck her and lick my fingers covered with her mouth watering fluid. I knew at that instant I would never suck another pussy like hers.

She put my prick in her mouth but I didn’t let myself come. When I knew I could not stand it any longer I had her mount me cowgirl style and impaled her pussy on my raging cock. I wanted to look at her face and body as we fucked. I did not last long. I shot a super load of cum.

It was by far the shortest and sweetest fuck I ever had. I came in tremendous spurts over and over. I held her with my cock still inside her pussy. I kissed her until my cock hardened which was almost immediately. I fucked her again. I was praying I would have that elusive erection that lasted more than four hours. It wasn’t to be.

I was near exhaustion when I finally said, “I have to rest Janie. What did Nana say when you showed her the video? “

Janie was still fondling by limp cock and related the following story:

Janie was getting so aroused each time she watched the video that she visited Mom the day before she was leaving for her vacation. She confronted her with the blunt fact that she thought I was fucking her.

Mom naturally was shocked and denied it until Janie showed her the video. Mom cried and said it was true. She said she knew how wrong it was but she couldn’t help herself. “Please don’t hate or blame your father.”

She begged Janie not to do anything to hurt me. Janie told Mom she wasn’t upset by what she saw but she was jealous. She told mom both of you have made me so horny I can’t control myself. kaçak iddaa Mom sat in disbelief. Janie told her she often daydreamed and fantasized about Nana nursing her.

Janie said, “No one will ever know about you and Daddy if you help fulfill this fantasy.”

Mom asked her if she was a lesbian. Janie told her she was bi-sexual. Mom was frightened and told her she would let her do whatever she wanted if she promised not to hurt me and would not show the video to anyone else. Janie told her that was the last thing in the world she would do. She said the video was only for the three of us.

Mom reluctantly took off her tee shirt. Jane said she undid Mom’s bra and almost fainted when she saw and felt her tits. Her nipples were so long and hard. She said, “OHHH….Nana they are beautiful.””

Nana held her like a baby as she nursed her. Nan was very stiff when she began nursing her. But eventually she got into the mood. She was gently brushing Janie’s hair as Jane devoured one nipple then the other. Mom started to coo and said repeatedly, “Be a good little baby. That’s it. Suck Nan’s nipples just like that. Nana needs to nurse you sweetheart. You’re Nan’s little girl.”

Janie put her hand down Nan’s pants. She did not object or try to stop her. When she felt her hairy pussy Nan raised her ass and helped her pull her pants off. She suckled her tits like a baby and gently massaged Mom’s hairy cunt. She started to finger fuck her and Nana got so hot she cried out, “Oh Janie! Oh Janie! Pleeeease don’t stop. Fuck what’s wrong with me. Please honey, make Nana feel good.”

Nana was getting hotter and hotter until she was almost incoherent. Janie then went down on her before she came and sucked her pussy to finish her off with her tongue.

Nana said, “Oh my God! Oh fuck! You’re just like your father.”

Janie said she was so hot from feeling, finger fucking and finally sucking Nana’s pussy; she mounted Nana’s leg and came by rubbing her pussy on Nan’s leg. When both of them recovered Jane knew Mom was embarrassed but she also knew she would be game for whatever we both wanted.

Mom said, “You and your father have turned me into a first class whore at 72 years old. Now I’m a lesbian too.”

Janie said, “Nana you’re not a lesbian. Why do you say that?

Nana replied, “I loved the way you kissed and caressed me sweetheart. It was sooo beautiful. Please don’t tell your father I enjoyed it so much. He might get mad. It was fabulous.”

Janie told her she was going to try to get the three of us in bed together. Mom said she didn’t think I would agree to that.

When Mom called me the following night I told her, “Janie and I can’t wait for you to come home.”

After a very long pause that seemed like an eternity she stammered, “I guess she told you what she did to me? I can’t help myself. I am counting the hours. “

Janie and I continued to full fill Jan’s fantasy. We both now began fantasizing and planning fucking Mom together. We agreed on our approach and couldn’t wait for Sunday afternoon.

Mom came home but my sister and her kids came in and stayed for a short time. This spoiled the big entrance Mom was expecting as she came through the door. I know she was disappointed but that would not last long.

After about 15 minutes, Mom showed kaçak bahis the family out and locked the front door and she watched them drive away. She drew a deep breath and slowly turned around. Janie had the fuck pillow and we were nude.

I had my arm around Janie’s shoulder and was feeling one of her small tits. Janie had her hand around my cock and clutched the blue pillow with the other.

The only thing she said was, “Ohhh…. Peter! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.”

We both went to her and caressed her and fondled her breasts. We took turns kissing her deeply. She held her arms out as we removed her dress. She was beautiful, tanned and was absolutely glowing. She did not have underwear on.

I took one of her nipples out of my mouth long enough to say, “I promised you the fucking of your life right at the front door.”

She said, “72 and this is all I think about. Fuck am I ready.”

Our hands and tongues were attacking her tits and lips. Her legs were buckling and we laid her on the carpet. We had the fuck pillow ready. We were on each side of her and she was defenseless.

Her arms were pinned. We licked, kissed and softly bit her neck, lips, tits, even her arm pits. Both of us took turns feeling and softly rubbing her pussy but were careful not to enter it. She was stretching her neck and head from one to the other returning our kisses. Her groin was grinding against our hands and begging to be invaded.

“Please don’t torture me. Please…some one please…..God please don’t torture me. Please suck my pussy.” as her ass could not stay on the pillow. She opened up her legs as wide as she could.

Janie dove right in between her legs before I could. I was pissed for a moment. I played with Mom’s tits and stroked my prick while watching my daughter suck her grandmother’s pussy. It was obvious how much they both were enjoying it. My blood was beginning to boil.

I stuffed my prick in mom’s mouth and she was trying to suck it but the pleasure she was receiving from Janie’s mouth made it difficult for her. I was afraid she would unconsciously bite my prick so I took it out of her mouth.

I sucked her tits and was trying to swallow her long nipples. When I removed my mouth from them I rubbed them across my lips and cheeks and tongue.

When she came she was enveloped in orgasmic pleasure. I never saw anyone cum so hard . The look on her face was fantastic. I pulled Janie to the sofa and sucked her cunt. Mom watched in wonderment and I knew she was getting very excited. Her face was next to mine.

Janie smiled at Mom and asked, “Wouldn’t you like to taste my pussy Nana?”

Mom looked like she was going to rape her and said, “I want to suck your pretty little pussy after your father. I never sucked a pussy but I’m going to suck your bald little cunt come hell or high water. We’re three generations of fucking perverts and I love it.”

I stopped and motioned for Mom to start sucking Janie’s beautiful pussy. She pushed me aside and greedily started eating her first pussy. From the sound and looks of Janie it was clear Nana didn’t need any lessons or instructions.

I mounted Mom like an animal and drove my prick into her pussy from behind. I was in a violent uncontrollable fuck. Over the sounds of Mom slurping and licking Janie’s pussy and my cock and balls slapping against her ass, I heard Janie gasp, “Ohhhh…. Nana this is beautiful. Where did you learn to suck pussy like this?”

She removed her face for a moment and said, “This is how your father does me. It must run in the fucking family.”

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