Mom’s Pantyhose Feet


Ever since I was eighteen, I have had this thing for pantyhose legs and feet.  From my teachers in school, the neighbors, my aunts… I just could not get enough.  The one person whose feet I obsessed over, however, was my very own mother.  Ever since I could remember, Mom would wear a skirt with pantyhose and heels to her job at one of the bank branches in town.  And every afternoon when she would return home, I would just stare at her feet fantasizing about what I would love to do with them.I spent many a night digging into the laundry basket looking for one of her used pairs to masturbate with as I drifted off to sleep.  I was fortunate to have my own bedroom so my other siblings never knew what I was up to.Today I am forty-two, married with kids, escort beylikdüzü but my fetish for hose and feet has not waned in the least.  My mother, who is now sixty-eight, still looks amazing in nylons and heels.  Sure, her hair is now gray and she has put on a few pounds, but my god she still looks incredible in pantyhose!Every year my parents host a New Years Eve party and this year was no different.  There were about thirty people there including me and my wife Lisa.  Mom looked amazing in her white silk blouse, short black skirt cut just above the knees, and off black color pantyhose with reinforced toes.  She also wore a pair of four-inch high black leather pumps which happen to be my favorite ones.  She also wore matching escort akbatı pearl earrings and necklace to compliment her outfit.  Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time checking her out.The party broke up around one in the morning and my wife and I headed home.  It was there that I realized I had left my cell phone at my parent’s house.  I told Lisa I was going to go back to get my phone.  Lisa said she was wiped out and was heading to bed and told me she would see me when I returned.So off I went back to my parent’s house, which was only about ten minutes away.  When I pulled into the drive I noticed the lights were off.  I figured I could slip in and out and not wake my folks up knowing they too were probably tired as hell.  As escort beylikdüzü I entered the house I could hear the TV on from the family room and figured someone was still up.  So I walked in and saw Mom resting on the love seat with her back against the arm… her shoes off, sipping on what was probably her seventh glass of champagne, enjoying a cigarette.”Mom?””Oh my God Danny, you startled me!” she said with a laugh.”I’m sorry Mom, I came back to grab my phone.  I left it on the table.””You kids and those damn phones,” she said with a laugh.Mom then moved her feet so I could sit down next to her on the love seat.  I could not believe my luck in that Mom had not changed, AND, she had her heels off too!  The way Mom had her feet pulled up and bent at the knees allowed me a nice view up her skirt.  I could see her entire hosed legs.  Needless to say, my cock was growing hard.  We chatted for a bit and then Mom asked if she could stretch her legs out, which I happily replied that she could.

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