mom’s sissy


mom’s sissyYou know those words that just have so much impact on you they just shut you up and keep you thinking for the rest of the day? There have been other instances in my life that have done this to me, all of them done by my mother. The first time when I was a c***d she asked me if I had tried on her pantyhose in the bathroom. This was true because after I had my fun with them I placed them in the hamper. That was one of the very first times I had ever worn female clothing. Naturally being a little k** I didn’t know how to react to the situation so I got angry and basically over reacted saying things like “why would I ever do such a thing?! Are you nuts?” Looking back on my overreaction she obviously knew.A few years later the second time was the moment she found my stash of clothes I took from my cousins. She said she was going to clean my room so I decided that a better hiding place was in the attic in a shoe box. Unfortunately she ended up cleaning out the attic. When I went into the bathroom later that night I found a bottle of clear nail polish on the counter, and a camisole in the hamper that looked very familiar. Then it clicked for me and I got that feeling. I had two pairs of panties in that stash I was not able to find. They were quite stained and that thought of her finding them like that just made me sick. She never said anything about it though. I was able to return the two items back to my cousins through one of the overnight bags my cousin left at our house one weekend.The third time was a few years later. I decided that I wanted to finally tell someone besides random people online that I was a crossdresser. So I ended up telling my cousin. She is two years older than me and has a sister whose bag was able to help me smuggle the two items I stole back to their rightful owner. I send her a Facebook message explaining to her what I was and she was totally okay it. She didn’t even care much really. bahis siteleri Then one day a few days before vacation and a few days after I told my cousin my mom told me that I should not have told my cousin what I told her and that it was my burden to bare and that she and I would talk about things after the holidays were over. She never did talk to me about it.A few years passed without the feeling. By then I had come out to my mom and told her everything she already knew. And that leads us to one and a half years later my back ridged, my eyes opened wide, and my mouth unable to form the right words. The interesting thing was it only took two little words this time, just two.”Don’t you need some new underwear?” She asked me. These are not the “two little words,” you’ll read them soon enough. “How much do you have left on your gift cards you got for Christmas?””Not enough to buy anything. I only have like, twelve dollars on my American eagle card.””Then I’ll help you out with my PayPal. Go look at some boxers,” she stood behind my computer chair as she waited.”I don’t like wearing boxers anymore,” she questioned me about it. “I like girls’ underwear better.” It’s nice being able to talk openly like this to my mom. It was uncomfortable at first but I have gotten used to it by now. But the next words she said were extremely uncomfortable.”Alright then go pick out some panties and call me when you’re done, sissy girl.” I do not have to explain to you why I freaked out and why my head was a whirl wind of oh my God! Some people may not freak out about this but to me to word sissy has to do with more of the sexual side of crossdressing and that world is a world I do not want my mom to know about. So I picked out a set of panties, gave her my gift card and she help me pay for them and went back to reading her friends story in the other room. Her online friend is a writer and she helps him edit some of his stories.As canlı bahis soon as I got back onto my computer I logged into Steam and clicked on CD_Skystorm in my friends list and freaked out at her explaining what just happened. Well that’s a lie, seeing as my friend Laura lives in Australia I had to wait for her to log in first. By the time she said “Good day mate” in the chat I got distracted and almost didn’t say anything about what happened. We were both confused by what happened but figured that my mom didn’t mean anything by it.A few days went by without anything particularly interesting happening. My panties had arrived in the mail but besides that nothing. Then laundry day happened. My mom came home with the laundry bin and told me to sort through it and find my clothes. I did as she said put my clothes in my room. Then I realized that my boxers were missing. I knew I put them in the bin that morning so I asked her about it and she said:”I threw out the old ones and donated the newer ones.” I asked her why. “Because you told me that you no longer like wearing them and since the panties we ordered just arrived you should have enough. By the way how do those fit?””The ones from American Eagle fit fine, but the three from Aeropostale that I ordered a while ago are too small.””So you only have five pairs that fit? The ones that just came and the two I bought for you.” I nodded. “Well then let’s go get you some new panties.” For some reason she always overused the word panties when talking to me.I mostly shop online when I want to buy feminine clothing so that day was really nerve racking for me. It was during the middle of the day so most people were either in school or at work. This is a plus for being home schooled. We arrived at the mall a few minutes later. My anxiety was quite high as we parked the car. Whenever we have to return clothing item that don’t fit me, my mom always takes the lead and güvenilir bahis I just trail behind looking like I’m bored with the whole situation. I figured she’d just pick out a few panties for me while I shop over in the Men’s section. This was not how it happened. As I followed my mom through the mall I noticed that she didn’t stop at any of the normal clothing stores I shop at. Then I saw the poster models and the mannequins in the window and knew where she was taking me. I have never stepped foot in a Victoria’s Secret before. I always figured once I was older I’d order online.I had no choice but to seem as bored as I could but that was a little difficult when my mom told me to pick out as many as I wanted. In situations like these I just point and say “that one’s cool” and “I like that one.” It reminded me of the time when I went shopping for my first woman’s outfit. I picked out five pairs of panties and each one had a matching bra to go with it. Here’s the list of what we bought:•All white with lace•All black with lace•Pink with neon green trim•White with pink trim•Light blue with white trimThe light blue with white trim reminded me of an underwear design I had for one of my old stories. My mom had also ordered a few more panties online. Each bag held three panties but they were all different styles. I got light purple, light blue, and white thongs, pink, red, and white hip huggers, and black, white, and grey boy shorts. Those all arrived a few days later. She also bought me matching bras for each of the different colors but how she was able to the perfect shade for all of them is a mystery to me.The next few days were uneventful. At that time I was not really expecting much else to happen now that I had my new collection of underwear, but all of that changed once the packages arrived. It was a Wednesday when I heard the UPS truck back into my drive way. He unloaded three medium sized boxes and signed them over to my mom. I didn’t really think much of them for the rest of the day because my mom hadn’t called me down stairs or told me about them. But little did I know that Wednesday was going to be the start of my new life.

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