Moonlight Walk


Standing on the white sand of the beach her bare toes buried in the thick softness, she watched the tide coming in. The moon was rising on the eastern horizon, the glowing orb coating everything in a pearlescent light. It reflected off the water, soft rays of moonlight dappling her bare skin covering her in a camouflage of shadows. She sat down; drawing her knees up to her chest she closed her eyes, listening to the sound of the waves as they broke on the shoreline. Her long black hair fell down her back, gleaming even darker in the moonlight. Tilting her head to the side she untied the knot in her white halter top, letting it fall down and then lifting it off over her head. Soon her blue wrap around skirt had followed her top to the sand and she was standing again, Venus newly born from the waves. She walked down towards the water, toying with it along the edge of the beach and then walked in deeper. She let the waves crash against her body, the warm water caressing her body like a lover. She walked into the next wave, letting it crash over her head, emerging dripping. She wiped her hair out of her eyes and walked out farther, all that was visible now was her head, and against the black backdrop of the night sky it was barely visible at all.

He walked along the beach, sandals dangling from his long fingers. His eyes, accustomed to nighttime strolls on the beach, easily picked out where to step. He walked further back along the edge beach, a dark silhouette against the rocks. He absorbed the moonlight, a shadow in the night. The pieces of driftwood that littered the beach gleamed eerily, their shapes morphed into chimerical beasts that lived only on this night. To him the whole night seemed slightly fantastic, like something out of a fairy tale. Turning he looked offshore, his eyes wandering the familiar vista. Then he saw her.

She rose from the water, a goddess from the sea, the water clinging to her body like diamonds. The moonlight made her luminous, and his eyes wandered her lush body. She was full figured, her breasts large and slightly pendulous. Her stomach was rounded, and her legs were well shaped, but even at a distance he could tell they were thick. She sat on the sand, her legs stretched out in front of her. She leaned back and stared up at the night sky, one leg bent and the other tucked under at the ankle. Her breasts fell to either side, looking like plump melons, and she absently stroked a finger over a nipple. A cool breeze blew across the sand and he crept closer, staying hidden in the shadows along the rocks. Lost in her contemplation of the stars there was no chance she would ever know he was there. He was slightly above her on the beach, and off to the side, in an almost perfect position to watch her. His eyes wandered hungrily over her naked beauty, admiring her voluptuous figure. Her fingers pinched a nipple, rolling it, stretching it, teasing it, and at the same time she teased herself, she teased him. Her gaze traveled down her lush form and she slipped her other hand down between her thighs. At first he couldn’t see, although he knew what she was doing, but then her knee fell to the side and she was opened for him. Her fingers parted the lips of her pussy and her middle finger lazily circled her clit. She had switched nipples on the top and was now teasing the other one.

His cock was throbbing in his shorts, hard and anxious. Reaching down he unbuttoned them and began stroking himself, his hand sliding up and down his cock, unconsciously matching bedava bahis the rhythm that the mystery woman had set for herself. He watched her as her breathing quickened and her skin began to flush. Her fingers were alternating between rubbing her enlarged clit and fucking her apparently tight pussy. He noticed that she never used more then two fingers, and even two fingers seemed to be a slight stretch for her. He was momentarily caught off guard when she turned and picked something up from beside her. He took advantage of the momentary pause to improve his viewing position and when she turned back, he smiled widely. It was a curved dildo. He couldn’t make out exactly what it looked like, but the light caught it well enough he knew it was glass.

She slid it deep and began to fuck herself slowly. His hand wrapped a bit tighter around the shaft of his pulsating cock as he stroked himself, imagining that it was he inside of her. Just then she threw back her head, her long hair, which had been masking one of her beautiful breasts, fell back exposing all to his view. She licked two fingers, sucking them almost like she was imagining a hard dick in their place, and then they were on her clit. She fucked herself in a steady rhythm, but as she began to become more aroused, it quickened, and soon she was stroking herself with fervor. He was close to cumming as well. The precum dripping from the head of his cock was lubricating his strokes and he quickened with her. Unable to stop himself he let out a low moan. Stopping, she looked around, her eyes scanning her surroundings, and then deciding it was her imagination she continued her self-pleasuring. The closer she came the louder her moans became, and as he watched, her body bowed on the beach, her hips rising to meet the thrust of the simulated cock, her fingers twisting her nipples, and rubbing feverishly at her clit. With a last long throaty moan she settled on the beach, laying her toy to the side. Looking down, he grimaced; his shorts were stained with thick white cum, evidence of his voyeuristic excursion. Eventually the woman clothed herself, and tucked everything away and then, resuming his walk, he came upon her.

“Good evening,” he said, his voice low and sexy, “It’s a lovely night.”

“Yes it is,” her voice danced across his nerves, teasing him like the breeze teased the sand.

“I haven’t seen you here before, do you live near here?” he couldn’t contain his curiosity.

“I’m vacationing. This is a lovely island as are its people” she looked at him, her eyes meeting his with a flirtatious glint.

His eyes meant hers and recognizing her look he drew his fingers up her arm and touched her shoulder, he leaned in and whispered

“Ah but even the loveliness of a goddess could not compare to yours.”

She tilted her head to the side and looked at him, her eyes an indiscernible color in the early moonlight. She raised her hand and laid the back of it against the firm line of his jaw,

“You flatter me,” her lips raised to her fingers and pressed a teasing kiss against his smooth skin, “but I won’t complain.” She laughed then, lowly. Her voice husky with recent desire she said “It’s not everyday a woman sees a man with bravery to come to her after he’s already watched the show.” She looked at him then, her eyes meeting his, challenging him to deny her accusation.

A slow grin spread across his handsome face. He turned his head and kissed the inside of her wrist, casino siteleri his eyes warming under her gaze. He dragged his fingertips across her collarbone, touching her ever so lightly.

“It is not everyday that a man catches a woman nude on his beach either. I had to watch, if only to make sure you didn’t need any help.” It was his turn to challenge her, and when he saw her slow smile he knew he had chosen the right path.

“A woman could always use the help of a good man, even when it doesn’t look like it.” She let her fingertips roam over his mouth, gently pressing against his full bottom lip. She brought herself to her knees and followed suit with her tongue. At first she barely kissed him, her breath and the light touch of her lips a teasing advance. Soon she grew bolder, her tongue flicking out to touch his top lip before she pressed her mouth fully to his, her fingers pressed to his thigh. He felt himself begin to stir again, and he ran his fingers through her long hair, reveling in the feeling of the silky softness. He cupped the back of her head and pulled her down on top of him on the sand, his tongue now doing the exploring. He heard her gasp as his tongue slid into her mouth. She tasted of the sea and her mouth was a haven for his wandering tongue. Her fingers traced down the strong lines of his neck, wandering over his shoulder and down his arm to twine with his free hand.

She pulled back and looked at him, her hair mussed and her eyes slightly glazed. His fingers wandered to the tie on her halter and he pulled, the knot coming undone easily. He pressed her back into the sand, peeling her top down to admire at close range her voluptuous breasts. The nipples, two hard little buttons, begged for the attention of his tongue. Never one to resist begging he swirled his tongue around the left one, taking it deep into his mouth. She moaned softly and laid a hand on his head, holding him to her. He playfully nipped her nipple and then moved to the other one, flicking his tongue lightly over it in a teasing fashion. His hand wandered down to her legs, and he pushed her skirt upwards till it was bunched around her thighs. His mouth alternated between her nipples as his fingers found his way to the quivering flesh she had been stroking just moments before he’d arrived on the scene.

His fingers traced the path up to her budded clit, where he rubbed teasingly before slipping two fingers deep into her hungry pussy. He adjusted his hand, leaving his thumb resting on her clit as he fucked her with his fingers, his mouth still at work on her nipples. She writhed beneath him on the sand, her gasps and moans permeating the night air. He had no worries though, for this was his own private beach. He pulled her forward and kissed her thoroughly, his tongue once more delving into the secret recesses of her mouth and then he pulled back briefly, to slide her halter over her head. He buried his face in her neck and smelled the sweet smell of the sea in her hair. Nibbling and kissing his way, he traveled down her body, arousing every inch of skin along the way. His fingers teased her inner thighs and then went to work on the knot of her skirt. He untied it and opened the skirt, laying her body completely bare to him. He gazed down at her shaved pussy and without a word buried his head between her thighs. His tongue quickly found her clit and as he licked her she moaned loudly, her head tossing from side to side.He pulled back and smiled down at her devilishly. bahis siteleri

“Where did you put it?”

She looked up at him and blushed, her hand reaching into the bag next to her discarded top and handing him a pink velour pouch. He reached inside the pouch and took out the dildo. He could see now that one end of it had swirls, and one had bumps. He trailed it between her breasts and down over her stomach, and paused to rub it against her clit. She arched against him, her hips rising to press closer to the teasing pressure. He buried it in her pussy and went back to tonguing her. The swirling, flicking motion of his tongue matched the motion of his skilled fucking. Soon she was moaning uncontrollably as one after another he rode her to the brink. The waves crashing on the shore mirrored the waves of pleasure crashing through her body. Satisfied he had seen to her pleasure, he stood up and quickly discarded his clothes.

She rose to her knee and ran her fingers gently down the length of his cock. She looked up at him and followed her fingers with the slide of her tongue. Swirling her tongue around the tip of his throbbing cock she began to suck him. He was so long and thick that he barely fit into her mouth, but she maintained a rhythm using her hand. Her tongue drew swirling lines around his member on each upstroke, flicking across the head on the way down. He buried his hand in her hair and stroked it softly. His caressing words floated down to her on the breeze.

“That’s it baby, yes…yes….ooo god suck it”

It was now his moans that filled the air and her nipples puckered harder as a cool breeze blew in from the sea. He pumped his hips, his dick sliding deeper into her throat. He heard her gag, but she kept going, her tongue amazing him with its dexterity. She tasted the drops of pre-cum on the head before he pushed her away. Pulling her up, he kissed her, pressing himself to her, his hands roving over every piece of available skin. He pushed her down on her skirt, coming quickly down to cover her.

He plunged into her, his thick dark cock sliding into her slick pink pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and arched against him, holding him tight inside her. They moved together seamlessly, as if they’d been lovers forever. His body instinctually giving her what she needed. He pulled back and lifted her legs to his shoulders before driving into her again. Slowly, so as not to hurt her, he fucked her, her eyes were closed and she was practically panting. The smooth controlled motions of his loving keeping her right at the edge. She moved restlessly beneath him, her whispered plea making him smile. He slid her legs down his arms, spreading her wide and holding them at elbow level. He drove into her, harder and faster, and she cried out, her pussy clenching tightly around him. The sudden clenching of her pulsating climax drew him over the edge and he moaned low in his throat as he thrust into her hard and came.

He didn’t move for a long moment, and neither did she. His face pressed into her shoulder. He pushed off her and looked down, her skin was flushed from their intense loving.

“Are you staying at a hotel?” he asked, his softly voiced question breaking the sensual silence.

“Yes, it’s about a mile back the other way.” She looked up at him, the moon now high enough he could see the green of her eyes.

“Check out early, stay with me.” He offered, his fingers roving over her body, his lips close to her ear.

“I shouldn’t, but I will.” She turned and kissed him, her lips meeting his sweetly.

They picked up their discarded clothing and slid into it and taking up her bag she looked at him. He took her hand and they walked together, up the beach, to his house on the hill.

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