Morale and the National Guard


(continued from Girlie Girl, Office Cunt, Part II)

Girlie Girl, Office Cunt — Morale and the National Guard

Jenny and Justine giggled and fairly skipped across the room to the table. The men were mesmerized with accessible titties and cunts and asses…and very, very friendly women.

I raised up into a sitting position, and put my big, luscious titties into a mustached face. “And what’s your name, Sweetie?”

“Uh…uh…Max. Name’s Max.” Max cleared his throat and his knees started bouncing against the table.

“This guy’s as nervous as a coon in a trap,” I thought.

“Here, Max. Suck my nipple…” and I moved my tittie to his lips.

His mouth opened and his tongue circled my large, hard nipple, then his lips began to suck. He reached around and held onto my ass.

The room erupted in absolutely insane whooping and applause from the rest of the men. Justine stood between two men on one end of the table, each with an arm around her waist, and Jenny was sitting on the lap of a big, burly guy with a red beard, stroking his face and wiggling her little ass all over his lap.

I put my hands on Max’s face and gently pulled him off my nipple. He tried to come back in for more, and I admonished him with a wave of my finger. “Later, Max. I promise!”

“Now, Gentlemen. Please stand and liberate your Johnsons.

The fella under Jenny’s ass shouted, “Do I gotta? I mean, right now? Jenny’s got me all worked up and hard!”

“And that’s what we want to see, Sweetie — your beautiful hard cock. Let him out!”

Jenny stood up from his lap, pulled him to his feet then dropped to the floor in front of him. She threw a smile over her shoulder to the rest of the men and winked at me. Very slowly, teasing him with her eyes, her smile, and her lovely little titties, Jenny unzipped his khakis, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled out his hard, dripping cock. güvenilir bahis Then, without saying a word, she stood up and bent over from the waist, raised her skirt up over her ass to expose herself to the crowd, and without a moment’s hesitation, slid her mouth onto his cock.

He held her head while she bobbed her mouth back and forth, up and down. There were hands on her ass from the men at the table, fingers in her panties, hands on her thighs. Certainly more men touching her, fingering her cunt, than she’d ever known.

Red beard hollered, “Oh, my God! I’m going to cum!”

And Jenny pulled her mouth off, shook all the hands away, turned around with her back to him, and said, bending over again from the waist, “Spray it on my butt cheeks! And rub it in!”

Thirty-five men gawked — hungry, hard, filled with lust. The youngest men in the group were jacking off, unashamed or embarrassed.

Red beard squirted cum all over Jenny’s ass and shouted, “Free at last!”

Even above all this noise, I heard another voice in the crowd. Someone was clearing his throat…loudly. I looked across the room at the doorway into the hallway, and there stood a young man in uniform, holding his cap. His eyebrows were raised in a questioning stare and he kept looking back over his shoulder.

I clapped my hands and asked everyone to quiet down. I slid off the table to walk over to the stranger, his mouth gaping open — and, as I sashayed across the room, all activity behind me came to a halt…except for the hands smearing cum on Jenny’s ass, that is.

“Hi, Sweetie,” I said, drawing my finger down his face and across his chin. “Anything I can do for you?”

He looked over his shoulder again then back at me, and cleared his throat once more like it was a nervous habit. “Uh, I don’t know if I’m at the right place or not, Miss. Clearly you’re having a…um…a celebration of some sort. I hate to türkçe bahis interrupt, but I was on my way to maneuvers when my truck hit an oil slick in the road and I’m in the ditch out front. My cell phone is dead and I would like to use your phone, if I may.”

Max bellowed from across the room, “Man in uniform, just like my son in Iraq! I say we help him out, Fellas, and turn these girls over to him, first. Anyone disagree with me?”

“Really,” he said, clearing his throat again. “I appreciate your generosity, but if I could just use the phone.”

Kenneth walked into the room behind him, with his arm around Marge’s waist. “Nonsense! Max, Greg…you men get the tow truck and haul this fella’s truck out of the ditch. Marge, please set him up with some grub, and…”

“Kenneth, the girls and I will keep him entertained in the meantime.” I smiled and batted my lashes in Kenneth’s direction, and reached out for the Sergeant’s hand.

Kenneth grinned from ear to ear. “Ah, Girlie Girl. Give him your very best!”

I looked at the sergeant and asked, “You shy, Sweetie? Hungry for what we have to serve? Surely you have time to … eat?”

I opened the buttons on my blouse and fully exposed my luscious titties. I looked over at Marge, Justine, and Jenny and cocked my head in his direction. The girls almost flew next to me and spread open their blouses for his benefit. He looked from one set of titties to the next, not sure where to start.

The men still in the room were cat-calling and woo-hooing, egging him on to choose one of us. The sergeant held up a finger, searched quickly for a chair, and sat down. He closed his eyes and held his face up, and we crowded around him to rub our titties in his face. His tongue was out, running across our nipples as he whipped his head back and forth. He had titties in his eyes, on his cheeks, his chin, and in his ears. His left hand was on my ass, his right güvenilir bahis siteleri hand on Marge’s.

Jenny dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly, freeing his hardened cock. She tapped me and said, “I want to watch you take care of him, Girlie Girl.”

“Oh! I’d be delighted to demonstrate, Jenny!

I looked up at Kenneth. “Camera, please? We should commemorate this moment of ‘Supporting Our Troops’. For the bulletin board? No face shots, except mine. Don’t need to incriminate anyone but me!”

“Ladies, keep your titties in his face, and please make room to let me sit on his lap”

They gave me just enough space to bend over with my ass to him, and I slid my hot, wet cunt slowly down his hard cock. He grasped my hips as I lowered myself onto him. I heard Kenneth’s camera click several times, and smiled my best and brightest smile. Kenneth’s lips graze my ass as he came in for a close up of my Precious cunt riding this big, hard cock.

I felt the an increased momentum of the sergeant’s hips riding my cunt, and his hot cum filled my insides.

“Ho-ly Shit!” he hollered. “Damn, Girlie Girl! You’ve turned me into an eight-second rider!

“Ladies, I LOVE your titties! Whew!”

Jenny, Justine, and Marge each bent down to kiss his mouth and wish him well on his journey. Jenny wiped his cock clean and zipped up his pants. Marge took his hand and walked him over to the lunch table.

He turned back toward me and asked, “Girlie Girl, may I have the pleasure of removing your panties, and may I keep them as a souvenir?”

I crooked my finger in his direction and spread my legs. He knelt down in front of me and slowly pulled my panties down around my ankles, licking my cunt and kissing the insides of my thighs. I held onto his head while I raised first one foot and then the other as he removed my black lace crotchless panties. He stood and placed them in his shirt pocket and kissed me on the mouth.

Kenneth was busy behind him, shooting photos, and the women turned their titties and attention to the rest of the crew.

Morale was definitely at an all-time high…and this was just the beginning!

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