More Problems for Philip


The slave walked barefoot down the quiet, shadowy corridor in the evening cool, on his way to call – and service – on a guest of the house. He was sent frequently on such errands, for not only was he finely featured, with soft curls, girlish skin, and large grey eyes, but he was skilled in his work; which was to provide maximum pleasure and satisfaction, through all available means, to his master’s guests. Along with other attractive members of the household, male and female, he served regularly at table; observing interest in one or other of the servants, who wore only the scantiest of clothing, the steward would direct them to attend that guest’s sleeping chamber. There was seldom any question whether the slave would strive to the utmost to please the guest.

Philip was already an adept fellationist; he would knock on the door, naked, stand obediently for inspection, front and back, then unbidden slip into the guest’s bed, go beneath the covers and take his stiffening member into his mouth. Licking the shaft from bottom to top, flicking the underside of the head with his tongue, sliding his mouth down it to take the full length into his mouth and throat, then slowly moving up its length, he quickly found his partner to be hard as rock. The latter might lay back and allow Phillip to service him to completion; or he might take a more active role and fuck Philip’s mouth hard and deep, excited by the slave’s silky hair and large beautiful eyes gazing up as he strove to stretch his lips around the rigid shaft and take every inch of the cock in. Sometimes the guest might choose to come in Philip’s Tipobet mouth; at other times he would motion the slave to turn onto his elbows and knees and receive him in the rear.

Yet despite his lovemaking skills, Philip was uneasy as he recalled a previous encounter. The guest – a tall, darker man from the southern provinces – had received Philip’s most skilled oral attentions without becoming more than semi-hard. Despite the use of all his experience and skill, including taking each of the man’s testicles into his mouth to suck gently, and licking the man’s anus, the guest’s cock failed to stiffen fully. After some time the guest motioned to Philip to stand. He took a long strip of supple leather from a drawer and bound Philip’s wrists together tightly, looping the end around his neck so that his hands were restrained halfway up his back. From the same drawer he took a leather ball gag which he pressed into Philip’s suddenly quivering mouth and fastened at the nape of his neck. Knotting his fingers in the slave’s silky hair, he gripped the lad between his long strong legs and bent him over his lap.

Philip’s bound hands could not reach down, while his small soft buttocks were upturned making a a most enticing presentation. the fingers in his hair kept Philip firmly bent over, and the guest’s powerful legs immobilized him as if in a vise; but left one of the guest’s hands free. This he used to take a flat, oval wooden paddle pierced with holes from the same drawer. He gently caressed the slave’s cringing buttocks with the flat; then raised it high and brought Tipobet Giriş it down with a whistle on the soft flesh below, where it cracked loudly and left a bright pink mark. Philip’s breath rushed out past the gag in a gasp of pain. The first stroke was immediately followed by another, and another. Philip howled through the gag. The sensation was agonizing at first and built to ever increasing heights. He felt as though he was being branded on his cheeks, and then branded on the site of the first burn. He bucked and squirmed, inarticulately begging for just a moment’s respite; but the remorseless punishment continued , covering every inch of his buttocks, moving to his smooth thighs, then returning to the already blazing parts. He was held helpless by the strong fingers knotted in his hair, and the crushing pressure of the legs holding him. Again and again the strokes fell; he had not believed such pain could exist.. There was nothing he could do to protect his vulnerable soft parts, which burned with a fury. The pain was unbearable and unending; he pleaded and sobbed through the gag, throwing himself from side to side but unable to free himself or protect the exposed skin. His muffled screams rose to hysteria; the remorseless strokes continued, and he finally came to a subdued, steady sobbing, broken in will even of the urge to struggle.

Though the strokes continued, cracking painfully on the inflamed surface, Philip had lost all resistance. Finally he was released and the gag was removed; he fell to his knees in front of his tormentor and offered to take him into Tipobet Güncel Giriş his trembling mouth, observing incidentally that the phallus before him was now indeed hard as rock. Instead Philip was directed onto his hands and knees; he reached obediently behind to spread his cheeks, which burned where he touched them. His tormentor guided his shaft to the soft entrance; then forcefully thrust his entire length into the slave’s ass, which relaxed and resisted this rape not at all. Philip’s tears continued to flow and he added small gasps and moans as his master began to fuck him deeply. The man looked with pleasure at the tight ring formed by the sphincter around his cock; then thrust deeper still. Philip convulsed, and flexed his asshole to aqueeze pleasurably the invading member. He would do anything to prevent a resumption of the beating. His captor paused in his thrusts; then slid out of the slave’s ass. Grasping his hair again, he pulled Philip’s face in front of his pulsing, wettened cock. Philip immediately took it in his mouth and licked it clean, humbly swallowing the lubrication that coated it without hesitation. Then he was repositioned on all fours and the ram replaced in his behind, to be fucked long and hard until – after what seemed an eternity – the flood gates finally opened and a scalding fountain bathed his quivering depths.

These disturbing memories passed through his mind as he padded silently to the closed, inlaid door. Knocking softly, he entered – and saw a wooden horse with several objects laying on it: a short whip, a wooden ball gag, and some leather strips. A voice from behind startled him.

“Ah, my friend from before. I remember you well; and what was required to prepare you properly for me. Now go to the horse, and take position. This time my host has provided some excellent equipment for our hours together.”

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