Morning Coffee


We live out in the country. The Kansas countryside. Neighbors are widespread, and we’re not within easy walking distance. Kansas isn’t so flat as people think. We have rolling hills that will hide our neighbors from view. But we do know each other out here. And we tend to be fairly good friends. Especially with family members living close by. We’ll often visit when not busy.For instance, I have a little ritual concerning my sister down the gravel road from me. I will, once a week, leave for work early enough so that I can stop to have morning coffee with her as I am going into the city for work. We’re only about forty-five minutes from downtown. So it’s no burden to take some time along the way. To get caught up. To learn how she’s doing.My wife, Isabel, will still be in bed. She sleeps in because of escort beylikdüzü her back pain. We have separate rooms because it’s more comfortable for her that way. She does need a large bed to herself. And she’s often up late into the night trying to get some sleep. Cynthia next door is a good friend and sister. My wife loves her.Today I called to let Cynthia know I was early and I’d see her in a few. She told me the coffee was ready. I put on my suit coat and left in my Range Rover. It’s a good vehicle for these gravel roads we live on. It was only a couple of minutes, actually, down to her ranch house. I parked out in the drive. Her cone flowers and peonies were blooming along the stone walkway to her front door.”Hello, Brad. How’ve you been dear one?””You know me, escort akbatı Cynthia. I’m always good. What a pretty dress. That green goes well with your hair.””Thank you sweet man. Anyway, the coffee’s hot. I tried a new blend. I hope you like it. We have some scones this morning. I know you want one, don’t you?”We had passed through into her kitchen. It was large, and had a breakfast nook there. I saw the pot and cups, along with lots of scones, some other pastries, and several tubs of jams and butter. Nice.”I will, yes, I’ll have a scone. I don’t think I’ve had one since we were in Scotland last time. Don’t fuss. I can serve myself. Sit down with me.””Ben’s out on his ATV. I think he’s checking some stock. But he’s always off early, you know. He’ll call me when he’s heading escort beylikdüzü back.””He works hard. How’re you dear? You look radiant. But you know that.””You’re such a flatterer. I feel great. I do. All my tests are negative. It’s going to be fine.””I knew it would be. We could’t lose you. It would be unthinkable. Our little prairie jewel, losing her sparkle? Unthinkable.””Please sir, you tease me. Don’t grin at me that way. You know what that does to me.””Yes, I believe I do know. I should, precious treasure.””Silly. You’re going to start something if you’re not careful.””I’m always careful to start only what I can finish, my little pearl.”I reached across and took her hand. It was warm and moist to the touch.”Brad, you know what you do with your sweet words. You know.””Certainly I know. Are you getting moist Cindy? I know you do, often, when I stop by.””You’re making me warm. I think I’m flushing now.””You are, and your legs are spreading apart. Why is that little sister? Are you blooming? Is it because something’s getting hot down under that dress?””Damn you big brother.

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