Morning Routine


She didn’t really rely on him, Lydia reminded herself as she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. She just liked to know he could take of her, that he wanted to take care of her. It was comforting to know that she had some influence on his decisions. Like now, when he started his daily routine, usually uninterrupted. Today, Lydia nuzzled into his neck, lazily kissing along the tight muscles, until she reached his ear. She didn’t often get a chance to initiate contact like this; he was far too tall for her to reach so high up. She took advantage of this opportunity and teasingly bit his earlobe, tugging on it gently while wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Do you always have to work out so early in the day, Baby?” She whispered into his ear, her hands sliding down his chest as she returned attention to kissing his neck. He shifted slightly, but didn’t respond immediately. He might be considering the implications of her question, or just considering his answer. After a few more moments, though, Lydia grew uncomfortable, wondering if her interference had upset him. She quit her kisses, and rest her head on his shoulder. It was possible he enjoyed the hours he spent in solitude, and expected her to sleep in as usual. But she was going back to school in a month and she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before they were forced apart, to different universities across the state. She bit her lip and loosened her grip on his shoulders, prepared to fake sleep until he left, but he shifted slightly, leaning back into her.

“What else is there to do before work?” There was no hint of mischievousness in his voice, and if Lydia couldn’t feel his heartbeat through the thin material of her shirt, there would be nothing to betray his excitement. She pulled herself closer to his back, pressing her ample breasts against his muscular shoulders, and slowly traced the area over his collar bone with her index finger. He was going to make her ask for it, make her say it. No strong suggestion or action would persuade him to stay unless she openly admitted to wanting his body. The game could go both ways, both waiting for the other to finally break.

A deep sigh further pressed her chest to his back, and one arm removed only to be wrapped around his stomach, her hand briefly brushing over the trail of hair leading downwards before meeting the other over his chest. “Oh, I was just thinking that maybe we could do something together.” She rubbed her lips against his back, barely brushing the skin, from his shoulder to his ear, kissing the bottom of his ear lobe softly before resting her chin on his shoulder. “Maybe I could make you breakfast?” Another pause, as she wriggled closer to him, making him feel her against his back. “You know I love to do things for you.”

He shuddered slightly, but his voice betrayed no emotion beyond slight interest one would expect from a conversation centered on breakfast. “I would love breakfast, but I don’t run well on a full stomach.” He turned his head slightly, keeping his lips just out of reach of hers and smiled. “You could always come with me, if you wanted to spend more time with me.” He suggested, nearly as quiet as Lydia had been. Still, his voice shook in his chest, causing Lydia to wriggle even closer without realizing it. She wanted to get hot and sweaty with him, but exercise wasn’t on her mind.

She traced the muscles on his stomach gently, feeling his breath catch as she dipped lower. She traveled up again before speaking. There was no point in teasing if he didn’t hear what she had to say. She pressed her lips to his shoulder, and then glanced up to notice that he was still watching her. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…” she whispered; keeping eye contact as her hand brushed down over his thigh, back to his stomach without nearing the oh-so-sensitive area at the apex of his legs. She brushed her lips up his neck, right beside his ear, just close enough so that the words formed by her lips would barely caress his ear. “…I don’t think you want me as muscular as you.”

He closed his eyes for a moment, and Lydia thought kartal escort bayan she had won finally. But he opened them again and smiled at her. “Running won’t make you muscular, silly girl.” He placed his hand on one of her legs currently resting on his own, still wrapped around him loosely, and ran his hand up the lean muscle. “It burns off fat… It would make you even leaner” He kept running his hand up her leg, supposedly unaware of his actions. Lydia rested her head on his shoulder and fought through the sensation, he heat from his hand running up her leg, so achingly close but refusing to go further. He was good at this game. Her mind was sharply called back to the task at hand when he began to move, as if to go about his day as normal.

“I don’t think you have enough fat on you to risk burning any more off.” She grinned slyly, running her hands over him as if to illustrate her point. From his shoulders to his chest, trailing down over his tight stomach, his waist. “No, no. You had better stay in bed with me.” She abruptly stopped and removed her hands, falling back on the bed, her legs still wrapped possessively around him. If it were any other man, she would have given them more than enough reason to stay. But no, any other man wouldn’t have realized how much it turned her on to be denied, to have to spell it out. If he had given in too quickly now that the game had begun, it wouldn’t feel as if she had won a prize. She stared up at his back, waiting to see if her suggestion had been enough for him. She saw him turn around to face her, placing his knees on the bed, forcing her legs up, spreading them further apart as he all but fell over her.

Finally facing her, on top of her, it was his turn to tease. She had gotten off lightly before. Nuzzling her neck and running his hands over her waist, thumbs pressing softly into the flesh, he examined her body, his own hovering only slightly above hers. “Maybe I could stay in bed… but could you risk it?” His hands left her waist, lightly grazing over her breasts before trailing down to her hips, one hand venturing so far as her thighs. “You seem to be tight and toned.” Lydia closed her eyes, hearing the smile in his voice. It was the best kind of torture, to know one of them would have to give in for either of them to get somewhere. To create reasons to touch each other, as if they were still flirting and uncertain of the other’s intentions.

She couldn’t help but press her hips up into him as his lips brushed her neck and his hands continued their exploration, reaching up under the thin t-shirt she wore to bed, stopping short of her breasts. “Do you need…” she caught herself and took a few deep breaths, realizing how hurried and desperate she sounded. “Do you need further proof? I’d hate for someone as strict as you to plan my work out regime.” She wanted him to lift the gray t-shirt over her head, reveal the small, pink nipples reaching up to his chest, but his hands remained teasingly at her sides, playing with the worn fabric tauntingly. He lifted his head from her shoulder, both a blessing and a punishment.

He looked at the portion of her stomach that he had revealed, his hair brushing her chest softly as he looked down, his eyes lingering on the aqua lace stretched over her hips. “Hmmm. No, I guess you could stay in bed too,” he seemed to admit reluctantly, looking back to her face and smiling, one hand brushing the skin of her stomach softly as it made its way to her hip, a finger playfully hooking under the lace, so far away from where she intended. “But now I’m far too awake to even think about sleeping.” Lydia could think of a thousand ways to spend the few hours before he had to head off to work. She shifted under him slightly, as if to move that playful finger closer to where it belonged. He caught on too quickly to her scheme and moved his hand, punishing her for trying to trick him.

With her legs wrapped around him, he could probably feel the wetness through her panties, just as she could feel the hardness pressing into her hip. Lydia was growing impatient, partially wishing he would escort maltepe just give in, let her win this one. She pulled his face closer to hers, ready to retrieve a kiss from him, ready to finally give in. She didn’t expect him to turn his head, landing her kiss on his cheek. Her eyes shot open, greeted with a mischievous grin from her partner. “What do you think we could do, if I can’t sleep?” He raised his eyebrows, not even feigning innocence now. He was going to make her say it, suggest it. They both knew she would, from the beginning. She held his head facing hers, and stared at him intensely.

“Well…” she bit her lip, playing like she had the first time they had met, uncertain and excited. “Well, we could stay in bed and…” she trailed off and glanced away from him, keeping the game going as long as possible. She gingerly took her hands from his face and gingerly placed them over the elastic of his boxers. She looked back up at him, and leaned forward, her lips once more brushing his ear. “We could fuck until you had to get ready for work. And then, we could fuck in the shower, too.” She scarcely had time to let her head rest on the bed before his lips crashed into hers. His hands reached up her shirt, taking a nipple between his fingers. Lydia began to push down his boxers, but he quickly grabbed her hands and held them above her head.

He bit her bottom lip, pulling away before looking her in the eyes. “Not yet, not until I say you can.” Lydia nodded meekly at him, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. He released her hands, but she kept them above her head. His hands brushed over her body, stopping at the hemline of her T-shirt. He pushed it up slowly, savoring each inch of flesh revealed. He pressed his mouth to her stomach, a trail of kisses following the shirt up. His hand continued up, pulling the too-large shirt up over her head and leaving it on her arms. His mouth, however, lingered on her breasts. He kissed one nipple, his hand massaging the other breast. He swirled his tongue around the areola, softly biting the nipple before repeating the same on the other side. Lydia couldn’t help but arch her back into him, pressing her hips into his stomach. His free hand strayed downwards, lingering on her thigh, his thumb making lazy circles that got closer and closer to her already wet pussy. He kept making lazy circles as he looked up at her. “Lydia.” He held himself over her, effectively holding her down with a hand on her hip. “Lydia, what do you want most of all right now?”

She was writhing below him, desperately trying to press her hips to his as he held her down. She moaned in frustration before responding. “I want you to fuck me, Ben.” He responded quickly, the hands on her hips quickly pulling off the lacy panties she had worn to bed for this very reason. Now they were quickly forgotten, discarded and tossed aside. Lydia struggled to pull the t-shirt off her arms where Ben had left it, eager to remove the boxers separating them. Ben quickly discarded his own underwear, too impatient to wait for assistance. He took a moment to run a finger over her lips, brushing over her clit, causing Lydia to whimper. The sound seemed to push him over the edge, and in a second he has pushed his cock deep inside of her. He closed his eyes for a second, savoring the feel of her tight pussy eagerly gripping his dick before he began to slam into her.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Lydia gasped, her hands gripping the sheets tightly as she wrapped her legs around his waist, driving her lover deeper. It wasn’t long before she was on the edge of her first orgasm. She grabbed at Ben desperately, her manicured nails leaving red lines across his back as he rested his head on her shoulder and bit her. The rough bite seemed to trigger her orgasm and she moaned, her pussy gripping Ben’s cock as he continued to plunge it into her. Her hands rested on his back now as she tried to catch her breath. Ben ignored her pause, and ground his hips into hers, grabbing and handful of hair from the nap of her neck and pulling slightly. Lydia cried out in surprise rather than pain, pendik escort her hips finally grinding back up against Ben’s. Her previous cries of expletives was now reduced to whimpers and moans as Ben let go of the hair wrapped around his fist to hold onto her hips as he drove himself deeper and deeper inside of her. Without warning, Ben pulled out and flipped Lydia over, pulling up her hips so her round ass was in the air, her pussy exposed. He walked away for a moment, retrieving something from his dresser, while Lydia squirmed in anticipation.

Ben smacked her on the ass, leaving a red handprint, a less-than-playful warning to keep still. He grabbed her hands and pulled them between her knees, leaving her breasts and shoulders pressed against the sheets. In a moment she felt the cool metal of handcuffs click into place, allowing Ben more control. She bit her lip, trying to predict Ben’s next move. Would he spank her? Just fuck her? Leave her here? She shuddered with delight and fear. Ben knew what drove her wild, and he used it against her. She started to turn to look at him, but was rewarded with another painful smack across the cheeks. She felt his hands suddenly on her back, softly caressing, then squeezing her ass before moving down to her thighs. One hand drifted back up to her shoulder while the other stayed on her hip. More slowly than he had previously, Ben entered her, closing his eyes as he savored the feeling of her wet pussy gliding and gripping his cock. But still, he teased, refusing Lydia. He knew where her G-spot was, and was intentionally only going in just deep enough to miss it. He controlled her movements with his hand on her hip, preventing her from rocking back into his cock. He kept going slowly, though he was ready to speed up and cum across her back. She would have to ask for it.

“Lydia.” He gasped, still moving slowly in and out of her, “Tell me how much you want to come for me.” He held her hip steady, knowing her first reaction was always to show him how badly she wanted him. She moaned softly as Ben pressed in a little deeper, a little faster, the teasing almost encouragement. He wanted to hear her beg for it.

“Ben, please, please let me come for you. Oh god, I want to show you how much I love what you do to me. Oh god,” She moaned as the tip of his cock pressed against her g-spot, still moving too slow for either of them to get off on it, but enough to bring her to the edge of climax. “Ohhh, Bennn. Ben, Ben, I want to come on your cock. Oh, please, please let me come for you. Plleaas ohhh gooodd.” She was quickly incapable of speaking as Ben rammed into her, fast and hard, bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm before slowing down once more, leaving Lydia shaking.

“Now, Baby. I want to tell me how much you want me to come all across your pretty little ass.” He rubbed her ass affectionately before spanking her, and resisted the urge to begin fucking her right then. She was provoking him, purposefully squeezing his cock with both her pussy and ass, his grip on her hip doing nothing to prevent the very slight rocking. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation she was creating all on her own.

“Oh, I need you to come for me Benny. I need you to pound me with your long, hard cock until you reward me with your cum. Spray it all over my ass, Ben. Oh fuck me, Ben.” She paused to wriggle on his dick more, and it was his turn to bite his lip. She could be hard to tease when she got like this. “Fuck me, Ben. Lets both come. Make me your dirty girl Ben. Ohh.” Finally Ben took the plunge and began to hammer into her, unable to hold back any longer. He slammed into her, his skin smacking against hers as she groaned and rocked back into him, aided by the hands now on her hips, driving her ass back into him. As she approached climax, her moans quickly turned to profanities as the orgasm rocked through her body. Her pussy tightened, causing Ben to join her in her climax, barely pulling out in time to spray his semen across her ass and back, some landing in her tousled hair.

He pushed her over playfully and collapsed next to her, both their breathing ragged, both covered in a light sheen of sweat. He glanced at Lydia, who had her eyes closed, probably trying to memorize every detail for later. He pulled her into him and kissed the top of her head. “Well, so much for skipping my workout this morning.”

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