Mother-in-law Lust Ch. 04

Big Tits

The 2 girls were in the sixty nine position nuzzling each other’s pussy, the blonde one had her tongue deep inside her partner and the camera zoomed in as she held the other girl’s labial lips wide open and tongued her clit. The cunt she was licking was glistening wet and as her tongue continued to flick at her lover’s clitoris a squirt of cum shot out covering her face with love juice.
“Oh…… that is lovely,” Georgie said as she squirmed on the sofa beside me.
She had a dressing gown on but it was wide open and her large breasts hung down on her chest and her left hand was stuffed inside her lacy black panties.
I was half watching her and half watching the TV screen as the lesbian dvd rolled on, centring on the dark haired girl now who was tonguing the arse of her blonde lover. My mother in law was slowly building herself up to orgasm whilst watching the TV, rubbing her cunt with her left hand and alternating between fondling her own breast with her right and giving me a slow wank.
“Mmmmm, she’s got her tongue right up her bum, that’s what I need, a nice bit of lubrication so you can get your cock up.”
“I bet you’d like her to do the lubricating wouldn’t you Georgie, feel her young tongue up your arse.”
Georgie writhed on the sofa a bit more,
“Oh you naughty boy, would you like to watch her lick Mum’s arse?”
“You bet and your sweet cunt and watch you eat her pussy too,” I said continuing the fantasy talk.

It had been a few weeks since we had come back from our holiday together in Majorca and whilst we’d had sex again since then, today Georgie wanted something new. Last time she had talked about anal sex and I had promised we would try, but had to make the necessary purchases first, which meant getting some lubricating gel, and a slim vibrator to make things easier for her. Whilst getting those things off the internet, I had purchased a couple of porn dvd’s as well, the one we were watching this time and another one with young guys fucking older women. With her husband Ken out playing golf, I had a good few hours to make her dreams, and mine, come true.
I had suggested watching the dvd first, to get us both well up for it and Georgie was loving watching the lesbians perform.

“I’ve never licked pussy before darling, but I’d do it if you wanted me to,” she continued, very aroused at the thought.
“Oh yes Georgie, look at her lovely wet cunt, imagine beylikdüzü ucuz escort running your tongue up and down her pussy lips and licking her wet clitty.”
The dark haired girl was lapping away at her lover’s cunt now and the cameraman was behind her, alternating between shots of her arse which was raised and then panning in past her cunt and through her legs to the blonde girls cunt.
Georgie instinctively stuck out her tongue to simulate a licking motion and her hand moved faster between her legs and she mauled at her tit with her right hand.
“Oh yeeeeeessssss…” Georgie moaned, “I’d love to lick her dry baby, Mummy wants to please her boy by licking his girl dry.”

My cock was oozing pre-cum with watching my mother in law and listening to her dirty talk.
“Can my girl lick Mum’s cunt as well and suck her tit’s?” I asked.
“Mmmmmmm, please, please anything, please,” Georgie begged.
The fantasy was turning very horny and my mind drifted back to Majorca where for a second my mother in law had fondled her daughter’s bare nipple whilst my wife, Liz, slept.
I gulped and turned the screw,
“Oh yes Georgie, let Liz lick your sweet wet cunt.”
Georgie continued to masturbate furiously, but said
“You dirty sod, not Liz babe, not now, give me another babe to think about.”
I felt a bit silly for a moment and cursed myself for mentioning my wife, but realised Georgie was too far down the line to be angry and didn’t want to stop.
“Okay imagine, young Mandy, Hilda’s girl, licking you, think about her hot young breath on your pussy, feel her tongue on your clitty.”

Hilda is my neighbour and she has 2 children, Mandy is her youngest and was just 19 when Georgie and I played out this fantasy.
“Oh yes, you horny sod, I like it, let young Mandy suck me and you can watch.”
Mandy is a tall blonde girl, small tits but a nice firm body and as she has reached adulthood I have enjoyed many a masturbating session thinking about her. Now I had a mental picture of her naked in front of me, having sex with my 64 year old mother in law.
“Mandy wants to suck Georgie’s big tits,” I said, “lift them up for her.”
Georgie squeezed her left breast pretending to mold it into another woman’s mouth.
“Oh God this is making me cum,” she moaned, “it is so naughty and horny.”

Her hand was moving in and out of her own beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort cunt now and there was the unmistakable noise of it getting wetter and wetter as she came whilst sitting on her sofa.

“Turn over,” I said.
Georgie turned round kneeling on the sofa. I lifted her dressing gown, which she was wearing for precaution instead someone knocked on the door, and pulled her black knickers down. There before me was Georgie’s lovely big arse and as I pulled her cheeks apart I was rewarded with the sight of her slightly hairy, puckered arse hole.
Behind me on the TV, the blonde girl and the dark-haired one were groaning loudly as they brought each other off to orgasm, but my mind was now clearly focussed on Georgie’s arse.
Her arse hole was shining with the wetness that had run from her cunt and between her legs and I dived in to lick her, pressing my tongue against her rectum. As I continued to lick her and push my tongue into her, Georgie was moaning and groaning with sheer passion.
“Oh sweet Jesus, that is amazing, yesssss darling, yes, lick me baby, yes lick my arse.”
I worked my hands round to her cunt and continued to finger fuck her whilst getting a mouthful of arse and every now and then I would bring some of her wetness round to her arse to lubricate it a bit more.
After doing this for a bit , I slowly pushed my forefinger into her tight little arse hole and was pleased to feel it go in very easy.
“Oh God yes,” my mother in law moaned as she felt my finger inside her.
“You dirty sod, Johnny boy, finger Mamma’s arse darling.”
I alternated between fingering her and licking her for a good 5 minutes and was rewarded with another squirt of juice as I did so, from her pussy.
I leaned forward and whispered in her ear,
“Does my horny mother in law want a cock in there?”
“Yes please, I want it so badly babe.”

I leaned over and reached for the bluey-green gel and smeared some on 2 fingers, which I then inserted into Georgie’s bum.
“Oh that is cold,” she said,” but so nice.”
I repeated the procedure a couple of times and then lifted the slim vibrator up and pushed it against her. It went in easily and Georgie’s groans got louder as I just moved it in and out and then I switched it on and it started to buzz inside her.
“Nooooooooooooooo,” she moaned and her whole beyoğlu escort body tensed as more cum drained from her aging body.

I pulled the vibrator out and positioned myself behind Georgie.
With my right hand I slowly guided my cock to her arse hole and exerted a little bit of pressure as it’s head halted at her entrance. With the pressure, my cock literally popped into her and I felt that wonderful sensation of her rectum closing around me as I started to fuck her up the arse.
“Oh John, yes, that is lovely, go deeper babe, deeper, fuck Mum’s arse really hard.”
Wave after wave of lust swept over me, and I moved backwards and forewords, slowly at first, but faster, as the tension in my balls grew.
The juice from her cunt and the gel did the job and I was able to move freely, fucking her much easier than I ever had her daughter.
I moaned and groaned myself as I pounded at her as hard as I could, virtually the whole of my cock disappearing up her arse now.
“Cum you horny sod, cum,” she moaned and like a dutiful son in law I did as I was told, and filled Georgie’s arse with my spunk.

I popped out as easily as I popped in and little globules of my spunk mixed with the gel followed after me, dribbling from Georgie’s arse hole.
She collapsed on her front on the sofa and lay there for a while, whilst her body drained of some of the liquid I had put into her.
Eventually she turned over and pulled me into her arms and we lay kissing and cuddling for a while.
“That was simply wonderful,” she said, “Mind you I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a day or two.”
“Pity we can’t be together all the time, then,” I said, “because I could keep you in bed and just come and use you when I wanted.”
She giggled and squeezed me tight, “Mmm you’d like that wouldn’t you, just use me like some whore.”
“Too right, my little slut, just come and fuck you or wank over you whenever I wanted.”
“Bring Mandy too?” she asked raising her eyebrows.
“That would be nice Georgie, bring her round, just so I could watch her suck your tits and lick your fanny.”
Georgie turned to the TV which had continued to roll on whilst we fucked, now 2 older ladies, in their forties, were seducing some young lesbian virgin who was acting shocked at their behaviour as each of them mauled her tits.
“See lezzie stuff is not just for youngsters,” I said.
“Oh I know,” she replied, “the fantasy and thought is nice, but we’ll have to wait and see whether I’m prepared to do it for real, but I’m happy with fantasising for now”

“Well next time I’ve got a different dvd for you, with some group sex on, we can watch that and then pretend you are getting more than 1 cock Georgie,” I said.
“Now that does sound good, can’t wait” she replied.

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