Mother in Law


My name is John and I have been into spanking for as long as I can remember. My wife Hilary and I occasionally engage in spankings that eventually lead into sex. Sometimes spankings were administered as punishment but majority were for sexual play. Hilary grew up with two other beautiful sisters who both were very attractive as well. All 3 get their good looks from their mother Sarah. On many occasions I have fantasized about one day Sarah finding out that I spank her daughter from time to time and then I finally work up the courage to ask her to spank me when Hilary was not around. Sarah is 5’0 tall, slim, blonde hair, decent sized breasts, and very well shaped toned butt. Me and Sarah get along great. She is a very loving, caring person with a great personality. I had thought about this scenario for years and never found the right opportunity until a few months ago.

It was a very humid day in the middle of July. My wife Hilary is a nurse at a local hospital and was working a 12 hour shift.

I had known that Sarah was going to be stacking wood at her house that day so I told her I would come help while Hilary was at work anyways. It wasn’t until the drive over that my fantasy had re-appeared in my mind. This was it. This was finally the opportunity to work up the courage and talk to Sarah about me and her daughter spanking and other things I had on my mind. I arrived after about a short 10 minute drive to Sarah’s house and pulled in the driveway to see she had already gotten a head start on staking the wood. I immediately started to get a little aroused at the sight of her in short neon green under armor shorts and her white skin tight tank top on. I get out and and we exchange hellos and I start helping right away and engaging in small talk throughout the time. After about 3 hours, we finally had finished.

“Do you want to come inside and grab some water?” Sarah said to me

“Yes I do” I replied.

I followed her inside and sat down at the table. Sarah grab us a couple of waters and joined me at the table sitting across from me. We began talking some more about life and how things have been going, Hilary, work, etc. Meanwhile my thoughts are racing through head. Should I talk to her about spanking? Should I not? This is most likely the best opportunity I will ever have. So why not….

Butterflies began to take over my stomach. And then I let it out.

“Sarah can I ask you something?”

“Sure honey what’s up?”

I then explained, “Well this is very embarrassing but I need to to talk about some feelings I’ve been having and to be Kıbrıs Escort honest your the only one I feel comfortable in talking to about this with.”

“You can talk to me about anything she said.”

“You have to promise me though you won’t tell anyone. Not even Hilary.”

“Ok I promise”

I took a deep breath and explained.

“I have always been into spanking for as long as I can remember. I have always been a little shy and embarrassed about it and Hilary is the only person that even knows about this fetish. It was just until about a year ago that I came forward to Hilary about it.”

“What does Hilary think about it? Does she let you spank her?”

I can’t believe my mother in law just asked me if I spank her daughter! I can immediately feel my face on fire from embarrassment.

“She does” I said. I am always the one to be giving the spankings but for awhile I have fantasized about me being the one to be spanked.

“Have you talked to Hilary about that?”

“A few times I have softly snuck in the idea in a conversation but to no avail. I don’t think Hilary is really into being the “top” I said.

“It’s a little disappointing.”

I continued on.

“Sarah I want to ask you something. And I’m asking this because I love you very much, and I trust you and I have always felt 100% comfortable around you and I know that I could always talk to you about anything.”

“That’s right honey you can always talk to me about anything no matter what.”

My stomach feels like it’s about to burst. The anticipation has reached its peak and I barley choke out the question.

“How would you feel about giving me a spanking?”

Sarah sat there. Her eyes got a little wider. The look of shock on her face. She was not expecting that question at all. And In that instance I wish I could have taken it back but it was too late. After a few seconds she replied.

“Well I was never the disciplinarian when the girls were growing up. Their father always handled that until he passed.

I have never even spanked before so I don’t think I could give you what you are looking for.”

“I’m sorry” I said. “I shouldn’t have brought this up to you and do this to our relationship. It’s just a desired feeling I’ve had for so long and I know that Hilary won’t do it. But I guess I will just have to maintain what we got now and be happy with that.”

I could tell Sarah heard the disappointment in my voice and look on my face.

“I can tell that this is something that you truly have wanted and I feel bad Lefkoşa Escort that Hilary won’t do this for you considering how much you do for her and how much you care for her on a day to day basis. I guess I could try to fulfill your void but I can’t promise it’s what your imagining.”

I could instantly feel my penis go from soft to hard as a rock. Was this for real? Is my mother in law actually going to spank me?

“Thank you Sarah” I said as I stood up and walked over to give her a hug. She stood up to and we hugged for a minute.

“Where would you like to do this?” she asked.

“I suppose right here in the living room would fine” I replied.


Sarah walked into the living and I grabbed a chair from the table and met her in the room. In the living room was a stand up mirror against the wall. I placed the chair in front of the coffee table and in view of that mirror. The chair was positioned so as I was laying over her lap I could look straight up at myself and Sarah’s face. I could tell right away that Sarah truly never did spank her kids as she stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do.

“You can sit on the chair and I will lay over your lap,” I said.

I told her no matter how much I squirm or ask you to stop, please do not do so until after 5 minutes.

She agreed.

As Sarah sat down I started to unzip my shorts and take them off. Sarah looks over at me as I am grabbing the waistband of my boxers. That same look of shock that appeared on Sarah’s face earlier in the day had came back. She must have assumed that the spanking was going to happen over my shorts and was not expecting me to get naked. As I pull my boxers down and take them off my erection springs up and is in full view. As much as I want this I am very embarrassed at my mother in law now looking straight at my penis and wondering what thoughts are going through her head. I quickly lay over her lap, tucking my penis back as it pinned between me and her warm bare legs.

Just as soon as I get settled over her lap she said something to me that embarrassed me even more.

“Your butt kind of stinks honey from working today,” she said in a chuckled tone.

What! Did she seriously just say that! It was already embarrassing enough laying naked across my mother in laws lap about to be spanked and seeing my boner, now she is commenting on that!

I could feel that butt was sweaty. Again it was 90 degrees outside and we had been working for 3 hours non stop outside. She set her hand on my cheeks. She then asked if I Girne Escort was ready.

“Yes” I replied.

I could feel her hand raise up and come down on my cheek. It was relatively light. Her slaps to my butt were at a slow tempo and with that same lightness. Sarah was obviously hesitant on hard she and fast she was suppose to spank.

“You can go faster and harder, don’t be afraid. It’s what I want.”

Her hand came to rest on my butt. I could feel her pick it up again and it crashed down on my cheek with a lot more force than the previous spanks. This time it made me wince. Sarah began delivering these harder spanks at a much more faster pace, alternating cheeks and sometimes giving multiple smacks on the same cheek. She was getting more comfortable and was finding a groove. I think she was starting to enjoy it a little. Soon I could feel the stinging and burning. I couldn’t help to begin moving around a little bit. My wiggling got worse and I knew weren’t close to being done. The spanking continued. I began pleading with her.




But she just kept on spanking like I asked. I knew that probably tore her apart inside because she was such a nice person and felt bad I was in pain but she kept her word for me.

It was hot inside the house

I could feel my body drenching in sweat from the all the movements and stinging on my butt. Sarah was in the same vote. I had looked up into the mirror at one point and noticed her face showing signs of perspiration. At times I could feel sweat drip down onto my back from her face. I could feel it on her legs.

My penis was throbbing at the feeling of sliding around her sweat glistened smooth legs.

So much so that I felt a little pre-cum release onto her leg.

Suddenly I was in fear. Did she feel it? If she noticed what would she say? But those thoughts quickly left my mind as the spanking continued.

My butt was on fire and the stinging slaps from her had me at a breaking point. I did not expect this level pain to be inflicted from someone who was such a gentle person.

I was tearing up and could no longer control my movements sometimes trying to avoid a spank or two which only made it worse but her hand would find my thigh instead of my butt which hurt so much worse.

Finally what seemed like forever, the spanking had stopped. The 5 minutes must have been up. She placed her hand on my butt and began to softly rub it. She paused for a minute. I looked up into the mirror and just as I did she lifted her hand off my butt and brought it to her nose.

She was smelling her hand! Had she gotten turned on by having me naked across her lap and spanking me? Was it the feeling of my extremely hard erection against her thigh?

I was in total shock.

But what happened in the moments after shocked me even more…

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