Mother is a Cheating Fuckdoll Ep. 06


My Dad, Michael, had been away on business for a whole week and my Mum, Linda, had probably experienced the most sexual time of her life in his absence. You would know by reading the last three episodes I reported here.

I had been lucky to witness her achievements with clients, swingers, boy racers… and all this in various places such as a porn cinema, a dogging spot or a restaurant to name a few. Mum was even made to act as a street hooker. It had been wild…very wild and, to be honest, I had lost count of the number of dicks she had milked.

That’s a fact, my conservative mother had been through some kind of mid-life crisis. I still don’t know if it had resulted from boredom with her family or professional life. Maybe was it due to hormones? Maybe was it her glamorous body crying for naughty use?

Dad was aware of her recent behaviour, knew and approved the fact that I had been involved but Mum did not know that. The situation had got complicated: I was playing with Mum, Dad knew everything, Mum was asking me to keep it silent fearing her husband would find out… Where would it stop?

Some days I felt I was in a dominant position towards my Mum, making her play with me or participating to her sexual adventures. Some days, on the contrary, I felt I was begging for admission into her initiated circle. Call it a lack of continuity, a lack of experience or simply a lack of balls… but that’s what it was. I was left very confused about where all this would end.

But back to the latest events. Dad was flying today from Seattle and I was on a mission to pick him up at London Heathrow airport. I figured he would ask me a thousand questions about his wife’s pornographic week. Mum, in all her wisdom, had preferred not to travel with me. Taking advantage of a few hours with nobody around her, she had been desperate to erase all traces of her sexual activity before Dad’s return. There was always a risk that a semen-stained dress would still be in the wash basket, or a pair of thigh high boots on display after a fresh use.

If only she had known that I had informed her husband about everything!! When I left her, I could see she was tired from her previous night (and the rest of the week). In any case a couple of hours on her own would allow her to wash or tidy up whatever was necessary and apply lots of make-up to conceal her tiredness.

I felt myself a bit knackered after this busy week. It was quite the opposite for Dad. Despite the long flight, he looked as fresh and healthy as one could be. Maybe the business class in which he had travelled was showing its worth. After the greetings at Heathrow arrivals, he suggested that we went for coffee before going home. I quickly figured out why.

He thanked me again for my reports during the week and confirmed that they had been great entertainment after long working days. Pictures had done the rest to stimulate his imagination. Obviously, he must have thought about it during the long flight and he bombarded me with questions about how Mum had behaved, who she had fucked and where. Realising that our coffee break had actually lasted one hour and fifteen minutes, we decided to shoot off and make our way home.

Mum had been very active and, as expected, everything was pristine in the house when we arrived. Her very well made up looks showed no sign of intense sexual activity having taken place. She was all smile, welcoming Dad with all her heart, saying that she had missed him so much. How cringe that was! There I was with a mother lying through her teeth and with a father who certainly was the king of hypocrites.

Me? I was probably not better after all, as I was playing the go-between.

Nothing else exceptional happened during the rest of the day. I reckon that Dad fucked Mum’s brains out for most of Saturday evening while I was out, and her tiredness showed even more the following morning.

I did not make any comments to her as I figured she would need some space. A lot had happened while Dad was away and I was myself lost in my thoughts. Could anything be back to normal? It had not been the case for a one-off where she would have been wild. She had taken part to orgies with multiple partners… well actually dozens of strangers… in the most adventurous circumstances.

After a jogging Sunday in the morning, I got back around midday, in time for lunch. I was dressing up in my bedroom after a long shower when I heard the bell ring. Dad opened the front door without paying further attention, thinking it might just be a delivery.

But suddenly, a female voice got very loud to the point of screaming. Dad tried to calm the unexpected visitor but the shouting continued. I ventured outside my bedroom and pricked up my ears.

“Where is she… that fucking bitch, where is she?” the woman was yelling. “I am sure you are a proud husband… you must be so very proud of her!” she added.

“Please Madam, calm down, it does not make sense, you must be confused!” asyabahis yeni giriş Dad replied.

“Confused? Are you kidding me? Your wife is a whore and on top of that she’s stealing my husband. Look, look, look… See these pictures? I have printed them from my husband’s computer, Rob. Yes Rob, you know… he works at the same branch as your wife. They’re having an affair. Look, look… a selfie where they are dining together, another at the entrance of a swinging club, one in his car where she’s dressed like a hooker…”

The pitch of her voice was so high that I thought she would have a heart attack. Needless to say that Mum was nowhere to be seen. The argument went on:

“I have also found all her emails… there are billions of them addressed to my husband and they discuss how to arrange sex meetings. Your wife is so sick!”

Even if Dad was fully aware of all that, from Mum’s perspective, he was not supposed to know the whole story and had to react as an outraged cuckolded husband.

“I can’t believe it… How on earth…” he was stuttering.

“Is she here?” Rob’s wife asked. Dad pretended that Mum was out for the day but that did not calm the cheated woman. “Well, tell her to stop her sick games right now and she’d better forget about Rob or I will have her… oh, and by the way, I can tell you that everyone at the branch will know and their boss in particular. He’ll be impressed when he knows that they are fucking their way around to swinging clubs when they should be working!”

Without adding anything else and not leaving time for Dad to reply or ask for anything, I heard the infuriated woman walk away and leave the driveway. I came down the stairs but Dad saw me and signalled me to return to my bedroom. How would he play this with Mum now that she had been caught and things were turning sour? How would she react?

I felt so uneasy about the situation even if I was sure that Dad would not be genuinely upset. It was more a matter of “how do we play the game now?”. Dad confronted Mum a couple of minutes after, asking for explanations. Voices were raised but not as frantically as with Rob’s wife, Mum was begging and crying. Dad was asking her repeatedly: “Why, can you explain why?”… then, “What did I do wrong, aren’t you happy with me?”

It went on for an hour or so, time after which Mum went to her bedroom sobbing and left the house with her car. Dad joined me a few minutes later and looked very embarrassed and confused.

“Wow Josh, I wasn’t expecting that. A lot of trouble we’re facing, aren’t we?”

“Dad, I heard Mum leave, is she going to be OK?”

“Yes, don’t worry I have actually asked her to calm down and get us a bottle of wine. She’s been denying everything but she’s just realised this is pointless, especially after her colleague’s wife little show. I promised to stay calm and thoughtful if she explained everything. I think she needs Dutch courage.”

“Guys, you need a clean sheet” I said. “Explaining her frolics is one thing, but the fact that she had sex with me, do you think she’ll go that far?”

“Probably not Josh but we will have to tackle this too. I will show some understanding about the fact that you may have blackmailed her, that as a young man, you were very attracted to her and that you seized an opportunity. However, I will not mention the fact that I was aware and we were accomplices. Keep your mouth shut Josh and everything will be under control.”

“And then what, back to normal like before, as if nothing had happened?”

“Of course not, but now I will be firmly in control of her. I will expect her to please, especially as she’s probably thinking a divorce or something nasty is on its way.”

I got impressed by the fact that Dad was managing to keep his emotions low and was acting strategically. I was relieved when I saw, half an hour later, Mum coming back with a few drinks in a bag. A few more cries, apologies and soon after a few “ooohs and aaahs” reached me in the bedroom, signalling that Dad was vengefully shagging her on the kitchen table.

Just after this, corks were heard flying around, and bubbly was poured in a far cheerier atmosphere. As expected, Dad would have accepted her apologies, Mum would have felt relieved that her family would not be destroyed… and with the help of alcohol, they would plan for their new relationship and how they would face Rob’s wife.

That’s when I heard them shout my name from downstairs. I braced myself and imagined I would have to face an awkward moment. Little did I know that it would be even more awkward when Dad said:

“Josh, sorry… eehhh… well things happened and I am sure you overheard our conversation.”

“Yes, Dad…I’m glad to see you both seem OK…” I replied.

Mum had difficulties to stare at us and you could see she had been crying and felt shaking.

“Well Josh, hopefully we are OK. Let’s cut the crap and let’s be frank and honest here…”

I asyabahis giriş am not sure honest was the appropriate word as he knew from the start what his wife had done and how he had let everything happen.

“Your Mum has had… what I would call… a mid-life crisis. She needed to re-discover herself sexually, and obviously I have not been proactive enough lately. I know everything and I know you have also used her for your pleasure and to a certain extent, you have blackmailed her into it.”

I was speechless. Mum had told him that I had been involved.

“Your Mum had been planning an orgy with her colleagues… you saw what happened at the real estate convention, you joined the fun… and afterwards, you planned a few adventures… and depraved ones I must say: dogging, swinging club, public buildings, porn cinema…”

“Dad, I…I…I…”

“Shut up Josh, please… obviously Linda needed sex beyond my imagination and with multiple partners to live her fantasies. Having been such a whore and a slut, a normal husband would immediately request a divorce. But I love your Mum and she has confirmed tonight that she was not interested in affairs, she is still very committed to me and this household. Again, her behaviour was disgraceful but I have to admit that I failed to offer her what she needed and neglected her urges. And given I now know that I have a filthy slut at home, well… I believe… that I should also get my part of the fun”.

Mum was so embarrassed but managed to say:

“True but I bear the entire responsibility. Josh, it’s hardly a secret as we have been intimate lately but the reason of all that…”

Dad interrupted her: “The reason of all that is simple. You are an extremely beautiful lady, you love sex, you probably had many compliments from men at your place of work or elsewhere… you resisted many attempts to have fun… until someone opened the cage and suggested an orgy at the convention. You thought it would be a one-off but Josh found out…”

“I behaved like a total slut and everything went beyond control, sorry…” she added.

“What about now, what do we do?” I enquired.

“That’s the question Josh” Dad replied. “Linda?”

“I want to preserve this household like in the good old times but… I don’t know, a pandora box has been opened and I have had those fantasies… and really loved the sex lately. It must be my body or my perverted mind, I don’t know. I appreciate this is shameful but I would do anything to live more of that, at least for a while, if anything could remain the same with you two.”

The conversation sounded surreal.

“Well Linda” said Dad, “you did what you did and I know your true colours now. As long as this story stays within these walls, we’re fine. I don’t want the whole neighbourhood to be aware that you shagged half of London and your son. From now on, I and only I will take care of your urges. Your sexual shenanigans will be organised with my consent and according to my wishes. I am afraid that is the price to pay if you don’t want to be exposed or face a scandal. And you Josh, you will act as I tell you to! Understood?”

Quite frankly, I was not in the mood to pursue these games between Mum and Dad. After all, they could agree what they wanted, I did not care any longer as this story became to be quite complicated. Well, to be honest, I would enjoy fun in the future, if there was any… but I would not worry about it. I retreated to my room and let my parents negotiate, deal, plan and more. Eventually days passed, pretty uneventful and I went back to my studies. Unfortunately this apparent peacefulness did not last very long. Rob’s wife, the hysterical woman who had find out her husband’s shenanigans with Mum, literally the kitchen sink at both and beyond.

First she alerted the branch manager where Rob and Mum worked, going into details about what she had discovered and pointing out the reputational consequences of the two employees’ actions on the business. Needless to say that Mum’s boss was not amused and summoned her and Rob to his office. The evidence was damning (emails, pictures…), and due to the fact that other employees had been embarked on various orgies during working hours or the convention, it seemed inevitable that sanctions would happen.

Worryingly and soon after, Rob’s wife escalated her vicious attacks. She sent anonymous letters to all our neighbours, describing how Mum was a loose woman offering her body to many men willing to take it. She also suggested that my Dad was a dirty, perverted City husband who agreed to his wife’s sexual antics despite the disrepute brought to the whole house.

We only found out the above after one of our old neighbours came to our door, very embarrassed, holding the anonymous letter he had received. Apart from the slanderous prose, he was allegedly concerned that we might have fallen into the hands of fraudsters or blackmailers. However I believe that my parents asyabahis güvenilirmi made a story up about a dodgy client of Mum who had been harassing her… hoping the word would spread and keep their reputation intact.

Mum tried to contact Rob but her calls were left unanswered. She’d hoped that he would have talked to his wife and found a way to put an end to this situation. A few days passed and the whole thing seemed to stop but Mum was alarmed that damage had been done, whether at work or in the neighbourhood. Funny enough, I noticed that more men ventured to go out for a stroll with their dogs, passing our house.

Dad was praying that nothing would be reported to his own office and thought of visiting Rob’s wife to threaten her to stop sending poison letters. But, as a man knowing much about law, he figured that he had no formal proof showing that she had sent the letters.

Given the untenable situation, Dad also thought that Mum should resign before being sacked and given negative recommendation. If she succeeded to convince her boss of an amicable solution, she would find a way to a new start in her professional career. Despite her anxiety, she agreed and met on the following Friday afternoon her boss, Mr Herzschinger.

The latter demanded a full explanation of what had happened, when, where, and who was involved. The meeting lasted nearly two hours and Mum admitted her sexual behaviour over the last few weeks and went through thorough details. The old man in front of her was initially angry, but the story of his employee’s adventures got him more interested by the minute and when he got up from his chair, she clearly noticed he had a huge erection.

“Linda…” he said, “I can’t believe for one minute you did all this. What on earth got through your mind? And you corrupted Rob, as well as a couple of your other colleagues! All that or most of it… while you were supposed to represent this company.”

He sighed, looked around, walked around his desk.

Mum argued that her business targets had been met and the branch had not lost any money because of her actions.

“Linda, it is not as simple as that” he fired back. “I can’t deny your sales skill are amazing, and I know you did a fab job with the emir and the Sicilian clients the other day. But what about the reputational risk? As you can imagine, you are the talk of this office and I dare not repeat what I have heard from the mouth of your female colleagues!”

He paused again then added: “Every boss in this country, would be really pissed off in my situation, fire you on the spot and kick your ass out. But I am not a harsh person and I do not want you to be blacklisted forever from this profession.”

“Thank you Mr Herzschinger, I can promise…” Mum replied.

“Hold your horses Linda… do not misunderstand me… I can’t keep you here. Rob will never return either as well as these idiots who went to that club with you. I am going to make a deal with you: you will tender your resignation and I will accept it. Yes, I will accept it, close my eyes on what happened. No stains on your CV and career and you can start somewhere else. But on one condition or maybe two…”

Mum saw the light and despite knowing she was about to lose her job, reckoned she had dodged a major bullet.

“Sure I understand and I would be very thankful…”

“Well, in that case Linda, you will make everything good by accepting to compensate me twice…”

With a slight grin, he stated: “Firstly, professionally. The emir, further to the deal you concluded recently (see episode 4), is throwing a lavish party to celebrate his acquisition. He’s desperate for you to participate. So… you will go and possibly display some of the talents you showed at the convention (see episode 1). Now that I know what you did there, I believe that a repeat would ensure further deals by the Emir with this branch.”

Before Mum had a chance to reply, he carried on: “Secondly, my kindness deserves a reward of the same nature. I have been thinking of a little fantasy with you as I seem to have been the only one not to have taken advantage of your charms yet. I will speak to you later and will let you know what I expect from you by telephone later this week. Stay home from now on, you are on garden leave.”

Mum knew he had always been a pompous arsehole but she was not going to argue. Her position at the branch would not be save and she could only hope to leave with damage limitation. An untarnished CV was the only thing she wanted. And he was just offering that.

A couple of days passed and Mum was informed by one of her loyal colleagues at work that Rob had been sacked by Herzschinger but with no condition or favour at all. Rob’s wife had put him under huge pressure and threatened to separate from him unless he would relocate to Yorkshire, the region she was from. His wife being the one with most of the couple’s wealth, Rob was left with no option. In the end, his little adventures with Mum had cost him dearly.

I guess that Dad secretly enjoyed this as the downfall of his rival opened him the way to control Mum in an exclusive fashion. Now that most of the truth had been spilled, she was ready to start with a blank sheet in all transparency.

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