Mother Mary I

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Mary found Lisa sitting in the booth by the corner of the Applebee’s that they were told to meet up at. She had been kind enough to order Mary’s food for her. An oriental chicken salad and a frosty smoothie, to her dismay.

She sat down across from Lisa. “I thought I told you I didn’t want anything fattening,” she said. Knowing Mary, Lisa was prepared for her attitude, had grown accustomed to it.

“Well, this is Applebee’s, hun,” she replied. “You can’t expect perfection when it comes to looking casual. Then again, what would you know about that?” Lisa eyed her friend’s clothing. Most people who would come to a small food-chain like Applebee’s wouldn’t dress up. Then again, Mary was not like most people—-which made sense, considering her family moved from New York to Michigan. “For scenery and peacefulness, or some hippie horseshit like that,” Mary said.

Since Mary’s arrival in Michigan, she had been inducted into the popular crowd of teenagers instantly. She figured that most small cities like Michigan didn’t often get a chance to meet people from somewhere as prestigious as New York. It would’ve been the equivalent of any regular old somebody coming across Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt.

And she flaunted it as much as she could. Going into college, she was nothing to scoff at. Red hair waved and flowed down to her well-toned shoulders. Her eyes looked as though emeralds were trapped inside them and that, like the sun, they could burn out yours if you stared at them for too long. She always wore clothing that was spick and span and avoided every possibility to get even the tiniest stain on them—-often costing her grades and her sociability. Her wardrobe consisted of pastel colors—-namely blues and reds—-and thin little pencil skirts, along with stockings and heels. A future fashion model or even a possible designer, she thought, should never be caught wearing less than her best.

Though she took no special pride in them, the parts of her body meant to attract the opposite sex were certainly well-developed. Even in her high school years, she was fairly well-developed, considering the girls at that age. By now, a pair of round—-natural, she liked to add—-F cup breasts rested on her chest. One could look down at the shadow underneath her curvy rear and be just as pleased with looking at her from the front. Around some gentlemen, she took advantage of her assets on occasion and unbuttoned the top two buttons on her cute little blouses just to watch a man’s willpower weaken.

She had never allowed a single man to touch her, however. Why would she? Popularity came with the price that if you slept with a man—-especially at this age—-you could be considered as worthy as a slut. Besides, she enjoyed the power it gave her. Doing so made her feel like that biblical ‘forbidden apple’, and she’d keep things that way for as long as it pleased her.

“So,” Lisa said, “are you gonna talk about the plan and why you need me to be a part of it? Or are you going to think about somebody narrating your life’s story and talk about how great you are?”

Mary sneered at Lisa. She didn’t enjoy her new friend’s—-she used the term ‘friend’ loosely—-snark and apathetic nature. But she wanted the job done tonight and it was getting closer and closer to dusk through the windows. Besides, following social etiquette would prove to this pale little hipster who was the bigger woman.

“I need money soon and, quite frankly, I don’t have any. In about three months, there will be an opportunity for me to follow my dreams and leave this town. A fashion group is looking for some new designers and I know that they’ll need me.”

“Okay,” Lisa said, seeming bored as all hell.

“Well, mom and dad won’t back me up on this. They have the money, but they tell me that I’m not getting anything!” Mary waited for Lisa to act shocked.

Lisa was trying, and did a fairly decent job, of stifling back a snarky comment. Smirking, on the other hand, was a harder thing to stifle. Mary sneered again.

“They say it’s because of bad grades or I’ve been flirting with boys or some other parental crap like that. One, grades will have nothing to do with designing clothes in the future. Two, I haven’t even had a relationship with a boy in my entire life!”

Lisa just nodded like a bored psychiatrist.

“So…I need you to help me get money,” Mary finally said.

“Why me?”

“Well, you know technology and computers and all that! You’re good with hacking and secrecy and all that computer, technological shit, aren’t you?”

Lisa sat still for a second, silent. For a minute, she didn’t think that Mary would really go into stereotypes of this kind. Then again, she realized that this was Mary and all shock evaporated.

“Well, for future reference, not every person who is… an ‘enthusiast’ of technology is secretly a spy. But count yourself really lucky that my mother owns a company that makes security cameras and my father works for the government.”

Mary smiled. Anadolu Yakası Escort Things were looking up for her. Then she thought for a moment. “Wait, what does your father do?”

Lisa took a few minutes. “Don’t ask and we’ll get along fine.”

Mary understood well enough.

“So, do we have a plan to get some money? I’d like to make some as soon as possible.”

Lisa smiled. “Well, let’s not go down the illegal route and steal anything just yet, shall we?”

Mary sighed. “I don’t care either way. I need the money and I would like it soon.”

“Well,” Lisa said, “there is something you could do. It’s perfectly legal and will get your money’s worth in about three months. Perfect timing, eh?”

Mary groaned. “Fine, what?”

“I have a job babysitting over weekends for a guy in my neighborhood. He needs to leave from Friday evening until Sunday night. The pay is pretty good. About a hundred dollars each week.”

Without a second thought, Mary grew a wide grin and said, “Done! I’ll take it.”

“You sure? The kids will take time to warm up to you. That and there’s the new baby–“

“Lisa, I don’t care. It can’t be too hard to take care of little kids. Turn on the TV, make them food, put them to bed, take them to school. It’ll be simple.”

Lisa smiled in what seemed like agreement. “Okay,” she said. “You’ve got the job. I’ll tell Mr. Davis tomorrow that you’ll be my replacement.”

Mary was ecstatic. “Thank you so much! You’re not as bitchy as you seem!” she said, finishing her meal—-leaving out the chicken bits; didn’t want to ruin her figure, after all.

Lisa smiled. “This is going to a beautiful weekend,” she thought.


It was Friday at exactly 2 PM. Mary followed the directions right to Mr. Davis’ house. She knocked on the door, introduced herself to Mr. Davis, all of the regular things somebody would do in this situation. Mr. Davis seemed wary of Mary’s personality. With Lisa, he knew that there would be no fooling around and that she would be responsible enough to take care of the situation. Mary dressed provocatively tonight. Red blouse to match with her hair, clinging to her chest firmly, black pencil skirt and leather boots.

There was also something about Mary’s more…bubbly personality that just didn’t click right with Mr. Davis. But Mary seemed intelligent enough—-at least smarter than the average ditz—-and somebody really needed to take care of the kids tonight.

Mr. Davis gave all of the instructions. Pick the kids up from Spring Rose Elementary at four, take them home, fix up dinner, in bed no later than nine o’clock, wake up around seven, lunch around noon, and fill up the time with at least one trip to somewhere on Saturday. Mary listened to all of this and promised to take care of them like they were her own siblings.

Lisa watched Mary through the cameras set up around the Davis building and giggled softly at the thought. Lisa knew that Mary was an only child who couldn’t possibly comprehend the prospect of having an older or younger sibling. Lisa, on the other hand, had an older sibling, so she knew how much Jimmy and Ellen were going to love tormenting her.

Mary was told that the baby would be sound asleep upstairs and was told to feed her around morning, noon and 6 PM. Rock him to sleep if she had to and all that.

Just before he left, Mr. Davis turned and gave Mary a recent picture of Jimmy and Ellen. Jimmy had turned ten and had a mop of dark brown hair that turned into a mullet in the back and wore glasses. Ellen had curly blonde hair and was seven, about to turn eight in December.

“Miss Kessler,” he said, “I don’t mean to sound rude or creepy or anything like that. But I do want you to know that Jimmy is just hitting puberty and is…well, getting interested in girls. I don’t want anything happening that might…get him into certain stages of puberty prematurely.”

Mary understood what he was getting at and shuddered. “Mr. Davis, I can promise you I would never do something like that. You’re right, it is creepy in so many ways! I wouldn’t even think of doing that.”

With that, they shook hands and left.

It was 3:45 PM. Mary had to pick up the brats soon. So she went up to the guest room. It was small and simple. A bed with purple sheets, a bedside table, a bookcase and a closet for the clothes. Mary unpacked. She brought two undershirts for sleeping in, two blouses, two skirts, a pair of red boots, two bras, a pair of panties, and a black thong. Toothbrush and toothpaste and other beauty products were, of course, necessary.

Lisa was intrigued to look at everything Mary had packed in. She had to admit to herself, Mary was a very attractive girl.

3:55 came and Mary left off. She walked by foot, since nothing in town seemed more than, at most, an hour away. Spring Rose was about a mile away. Five minutes exactly, apparently, as Mary came just in time as the school bell rang. A swarm of kids left the front Kadıköy Escort entrance, some running past Mary’s legs. She held the photo out looking for the Davis kids.

Standing at the front patiently were Jimmy and Ellen. They certainly didn’t look as cheerful as they did in the picture, but Mary supposed that nobody really looked like that compared to their picture counterpart.

She smiled at the two. “Hey! You’re Jimmy and Ellen, right?”

They nodded.

“Well, you may have heard that Lisa isn’t going to be here. So, for the time being, I’m going to be your sitter.”

“We know,” they said in unison. Mary took notice that Jimmy’s eyes were fixated on her cleavage. She would’ve told him not too, but realized that this would make things awkward, not just for him, but for everybody else there as well.

“So, all I ask is that you treat me with the same respect that you would treat Lisa with, and we’ll be all fine and good. Got it?”

“Okay,” they said in unison.

The two were surprisingly calm and well-behaved on the way back. Both walked by Mary’s sides and both minded their own business. Jimmy tried to be as sly as possible looking at Mary’s rear and her breasts, but Mary caught him a couple of times.

And then they had to walk through the park on the way home. Kids were playing with their parents, laughing and shouting. It got on Mary’s nerves, but she ignored it for the most part.

They had gotten halfway through the park when Ellen said, “Ready?” to Jimmy. Before Mary could ask, both of them pushed her into the grass. Getting up, she felt a squish against her breasts and a stench hit her nose. She looked down to see that her red blouse was smeared in fresh dog muck, still soft and steaming! One of their hands—-she assumed it was Jimmy’s—-grabbed the pocket of her ass and got out the house keys.

Jimmy and Ellen laughed uproariously and ran off towards home, knowing that Mary would hunt them down and kill them after that. Mary gritted her teeth and ran after the two.

The kids, she found, were surprisingly fast for their age. They had more energy and, though Mary didn’t realize it, her thigh-high boots were slowing her down, trying to make sure they weren’t ruined. Mary tried to hide the stain on her once spotless shirt, blushing from the humiliation.

They were in the neighborhood then. She was going to catch those kids and kill them before they got to the house.

This was what she thought before she stepped into another fresh, gooey pile, ruining the bottom and the front of her boots. She roared in frustration and disgust, hopping part of the way on her good boot.

But she was too late. The Davis children made it back to the fucking house before she could and locked the front door. She pulled and rattled at the knob, ordering for the two to let her in. She looked through the windows. They had all been locked as well. In one of them, Jimmy and Ellen both laughed and made faces at her before drawing the curtains.

“Open up!” she shouted.

She knew they wouldn’t, though. Mary cursed under her breath and tried to think of all the ways she could get in.

Lisa, meanwhile, sat at her chair, grabbing a snack before the show that was about to unfold before her. She watched as Jimmy and Ellen started to set up the fun games they had in mind for Mary.

Lisa was going to enjoy herself tonight.

Mary went around the back, making sure nobody would see her blouse. There was a fence blocking her way, though, and the front portion of it was as tall as her. The gate was locked. There was one way this was going to work, she thought.

She got herself some running difference. She made a mad dash for the gate and leapt over it. She had gotten enough air that she didn’t fall back, but not enough that it didn’t tear her skirt at the sides. She didn’t have time to react to this with shock because she was too focused on what was laid out for her.

Before she could even try to get back, she landed face first into a thick pile of mud. Jimmy and Ellen had left the water running along the backyard and turned much of the dirt into thick, squishy, squelching mud. She landed her entire front into the mire and some even seeped down her blouse and into her skirt. Some of it even touched her panties and into her bra! Her once shining skin was being smeared and caressed by oozing dirt! Her once perfect red hair was now stained with wet dirt. She had even had her mouth open in shock when landing in the mud, so she tasted a filthy lump of earth in her mouth.

She growled in disgust and horror again. Her pussy…tingled when it was touched by the mud. It started to pulsate slowly and moisten. “No!,” she thought. “This is disgusting, demeaning, and it feels just fucking bad!”

She hoisted herself up, the mud making a squishing, kissing sound, spat out a mouthful of muck, and headed for the back door.

“You little turds!” she shouted at the door. “Open the door right now!” İstanbul Escort She banged her fists against the door, trying to censor herself with all the things she was thinking about saying to them.

She waited a good five minutes for the kids, occasionally banging and shouting at the wood of the door.

Lisa sat in her chair, watching every camera on Mary’s sweet, filthy body. Her massive, jiggling tits just stained with dirt and filth. The tear up the side of her leg showed a bit of ass, also messy and in need of cleaning. Lisa stripped down to make sure she’d enjoy watching what would happen to Mary.

“Let the games begin,” she said to herself.

The door finally clicked open. “Okay! Come in, Miss Messy!” Ellen retorted, giggling and chortling all the way.

“You wretched little brat!” Mary yelled opening the door with force.

A bucket fell from the top of the door and slammed right onto Mary’s head. Inside was thick, sticky treacle that oozed on every inch of her head and poured down her cleavage and down her spine, making her shiver. It neared the crack of her ass and stuck there. Likewise, the syrup began to accumulate between her large breasts. The bucket was stuck on the top of her head. She couldn’t curse the two little monsters out either. The syrup had gotten in her mouth and stuck there, sealing her lips partially like a soft glue. But God forbid that she eat or swallow ANY of it. She was keeping her figure!

The kids giggled at her muffled roaring. Mary managed to pull of the runny syrup bucket and cleared her eyes of the gunk.

“You little shits!,” she shouted out. She didn’t care about the language anymore. They had ruined her dress. “I will murder you both!”

She wouldn’t have to worry about that for long, though. Her blouse had been caught in the door when Jimmy had closed it. With one swift move, the blouse was nothing but a sticky, filthy red rag lying on the floor, the only thing covering Mary’s chest being her black laced bra. She shrieked and covered herself up with her arms.

Jimmy picked up the remains of Mary’s sticky shirt from the floor and ran through downstairs with it, like a flag of victory, Mary right behind him. It didn’t last long, though, because Jimmy slammed the door to his room and locked it, laughing and giggling inside all the while. Mary yanked and pulled at the doorknob, her hands slipping off from the syrup. She growled like a child.

“Fine!” she shouted. She walked to the keys and picked up the house key, then permanently locked Jimmy in his room with it. “You’re staying in your room for the rest of the day!”

Jimmy’s laughter seemed to indicate that he didn’t care either way. He’d had his fun.

She let her arm down from her bra in relief. That still left Ellen upstairs, though, planning God only knew what.

Before she went upstairs, she pulled her boots off. They’d been caked with mud and syrup that had dripped down like rain. She could still feel the squish between her toes. Her stockings were still coated with muck, but at least she wouldn’t be leaving a bigger mess on the floor of the house now.

There were no surprise attacks on Mary upstairs. Ellen’s laughter was heard coming from the baby’s room. “Shit,” Mary thought. “I must’ve woken up the baby.” Having Ellen laughing in there wouldn’t make things much better?

All sounded quiet in there, though, aside from Ellen’s giggles. “Ellen,” Mary said. “Is everything okay in there?” She may as well make sure.

“Yes,” she said, feigning cuteness. Mary realized that she could’ve checked a little further by opening the door. But she decided “Fuck it.” The little hell-spawn in there was more than likely to have another trick up her sleeves for Mary.

“Good,” she said, locking her in the room as well. “You’re staying in there to think about what you’ve done, Ellen!”

Ellen seemed to compromise for now. Mary breathed a sigh of relief, looking down at her dress. Only now did it begin to hit her that she was absolutely filthy with mud and syrup and she let out a groan of ‘ewww’. She would have to clean up the floor, change her clothes, and wash up. Not necessarily in that order. In fact, Mary instantly decided to do that in the exact opposite order.

She grabbed a towel from the bathroom—-thankful that there were no pranks or trappings in there—-and went downstairs to put her dirty clothes, or what was left of them, in the washer and dryer. She brought the towel down to wrap around her naked body. She wasn’t risking any chances of letting anybody see her like this.

She turned on the shower and was glad to see that there were no signs of a prank in there.

While in there, she thought and she thought. Taking care of the kids, admittedly, would’ve been harder than she initially thought. Mary had to ask herself how Lisa handled this the first time around, if at all. Lisa seemed pretty mellow for the most part, so Mary had to guess that may have been a factor of it.

But the more she thought of those two little shits that she’d have to deal with, the more her face grew rosy red. She knew that she was going to, at the very least, scold them and make sure they would listen to her. If not, she didn’t even want to imagine what would happen on Saturday.

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