Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 19


The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further. The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction with the exception of Literotica. All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story, please rate it in the comments section.


Chapter 19

Alison locked the bathroom door behind her as reality crashed in on her world. Cum was running down her leg, her son’s cum she reminded herself, her son’s young, potent cum that was running from her unprotected womb.

She sat on the toilet and buried her face in her hands. God, what had she been thinking? It was bad enough she’d let Bobby have sex with her yesterday. There was not much she could do to avoid that, with Cynthia and Pamela asking questions; but today, there was no excuse. And now, for all she knew, she could be carrying her son’s child; because she couldn’t restrain herself from jumping him like some cheap whore.

She pushed down with her pelvic floor, trying to force his sperm from her vagina, in a desperate bid to undo the damage. She could feel it running out of her still. No matter how much poured out, there seemed to be more.

“Mom, are you okay?” Bobby’s voice on the other side of the door pulled her out of her reverie.

“Yes.” she sniffed, “I’m just…I need a moment, that’s all…”

What was she going to do? What if she was pregnant? Then she was struck by an idea: maybe they had a pharmacy?! She could get a morning-after pill. She went to stand; but Bobby’s sperm was still running from her opening. God, how much did he… but she answered her own question, remembering all the times she’d nearly choked on the seemingly endless streams of cum he’d pumped into her mouth, when she’d given him oral sex.

“Bobby, can you hear me?”

“Yes Mom, what is it?”

“Can you go downstairs, and see if there’s a pharmacy in the shopping mall that sells morning-after pills?”

“Um, okay.”

Bobby was still hard from the memories of his mother riding his cock to orgasm after orgasm, her big tits swinging in his face; and had hoped he might get a little more action once she’d calmed down. But right now clearly wasn’t the time. He thought about getting dressed, but figured why bother? As he strode down the corridor, his cock swinging about, he looked forward to parading around for awhile. All his adolescent life, he’d had to worry about trying to hide his oversized erections, wearing baggy shorts and keeping his hands in his pockets. At last, he could just wander about, letting it swing free, and getting admiring looks from most of the girls he saw.

He wandered through the lobby and into the shopping area with a swagger. He knew he’d inherited his dad’s good looks and physique. His athletic prowess kept him in good shape; and it seemed he’d inherited his dad’s big dick too. So why not flaunt what you’ve got? He was disappointed there weren’t more people about. He saw a couple of the hotel employees from the clothed section, who gave him smiles while checking him out; but as he reached the shopping area, he noticed the shops were mostly closed and realised it was Sunday.

“Oh crap, does everything shut down here on a Sunday?” he wondered to himself, as he walked through the centre. When he reached the pharmacy, his question was answered, as he saw the lights were off; and a big CLOSED sign hung in the door.

Shit! He wandered up to the door in the hope there might be someone in the shop that could help; but it was empty. Then he noticed a sign.




He wasn’t sure what passed for an emergency here; but he guessed knocking up your mom wasn’t on the list. Still, it was worth a try; and in the absence of anywhere else that was open, he figured he had nothing to lose. He found the clinic fairly easily, and wandered in to the small waiting room. It seemed surreal: to be in such a normal looking environment with no clothes on and a semi-hard cock. He was the only one there, so he pushed the desk buzzer; and a few moments later, a pretty nurse walked through from the other room.

She had dark hair that was tied up, and a pair of black framed glasses which gave her a sexy secretarial look. She had a Mediterranean complexion; and her white uniform contrasted with her olive coloured skin. Bobby could see that even under her uniform she had a curvy figure, with what promised to be an impressive pair of boobs.

“Hi there… oh, so you finally made it. I was beginning to think I’d never see you!”

“Excuse me?”

“We met last week… Raquel, remember?” She lowered her glasses so he could see her face more clearly; and he remembered the sexy Hispanic girl he’d met on the first day.

“That’s right. I remember you said you were the nurse here.” As he cast his mind back, he remembered what a killer body she had, and in halkalı bdsm escort particular her tits. He also remembered her and her girlfriend admiring his cock and playing with him; and he felt himself hardening and reaching full arousal again, as her recalled the feeling of the two girls touching his cock and balls and commenting on his size.

“And here I am. Looks like you are glad to see me after all,” she commented with a wry smile, as she regarded his cock reaching full erection and bobbing with his pulse. “Why don’t you come through?”

She turned and led the way to the office, allowing Bobby to admire her ass as it swayed in her tight uniform. She sat at the desk and turned to him, a faint smile playing over her lips, as he sat opposite, acutely aware of his hard-on standing up against his stomach.

“Well, what can I do for you?”

“Um, well, I, that is, we, had a… erm… accident this morning.”


“Um, me and my…partner.”

Her smile was replaced by a slight frown of concern.

“What sort of accident? Was anyone hurt?”?

“No, nothing like that. She’s fine. We both are. We were, um… having…err, sex… and err..”

Shit, this was hard work! Jeez-us, telling some girl about what he’d been doing with his mom just before seemed easier when he’d been walking down here. He looked at Raquel, who was regarding him impassively, waiting for him to get to the point.

“Well, she…that is, I…well…neither of us are on…um, birth control…and I didn’t…that is, I was supposed to…you know, finish…outside… but I didn’t.”

“You mean you ejaculated inside your partner?”


“And she’s not on birth control?”

“Yeah, I mean no.”

“So you’re worried she might become pregnant?”


Chuckling, “Didn’t either of you think to bring anything with you?”

“Um, well, no…”

“I mean, most people come down here with one thing on their minds, and it’s not sight- seeing.”

“Uh, well…it’s our first time…um, here I mean, and I guess we just forgot.” He shrugged, knowing it was a lame excuse, but unable to think of anything better. He was finding himself more interested in Raquel. Something about sitting naked with a fully dressed nurse, while his hard dick bobbed about seemed so wrong, but so hot.

“Hmmm. Well, you need to go to the pharmacy for that; but they don’t open ’till tomorrow morning.” She paused, regarding him as she thought, letting her eyes drift down to his hard-on that was fully erect again.

“I do have some in my bag. I suppose I could let you have a couple ’till tomorrow. I shouldn’t do it; but I guess you don’t have many other options.”

“That’d be so cool!”

“Hmm, OK. Well don’t tell anyone I let you have them. Otherwise it’ll be me, not your partner, that gets in trouble.”


She bent over to look in her bag; and he admired her shapely ass and curvy legs. The white stockings and the tightness of the outfit were definitely not what he was used to seeing nurses dressed in; but he guessed the uniform code here was rather more relaxed.

She handed him a card with a couple of pills in it.

“These are all I have with me. You can get some more tomorrow at the pharmacy.”


There was a silence for a couple of moments while she regarded him.

“So is there anything else I can help you with?” purposefully lowering her gaze to his dick. She was standing closer; and he could see her uniform was unbuttoned at the top, allowing him a look at her cleavage. Her boobs seemed to be bulging out of her bra. His cock jumped at the sight, remembering how they’d looked when he’d seen her naked, wondering what it would feel like to have his cock between them. His cock jumped again.

“Considering you said you just ejaculated inside your partner, you seem awfully excited.”

“Um… well, I, err, usually stay hard afterwards.”

“You do? So you can go straight-away?”

It was now as if she was talking to his cock. She focused her gaze on it; and he felt his dick swell further and throb.

“Uh, yeah.”

“So how many times can you…”

“Uh, usually it takes 3 or 4 times before I go soft.”

“3 or 4?! Wow! I might have to put THAT to the test. That is, when you get around to being tested.”

She looked him in the eye. Fuck, she was hot! He felt guilty about flirting with her like this; but then he figured he’d gotten the medicine his mom wanted, and it would be rude to just leave.

“Would you like to be tested?” she asked with a very suggestive smile, not making it clear if it was the blood test or his cock she was planning on testing, or both.

“Um, that depends where you want to stick the needle.”

She smiled, “Don’t worry. It goes in your arm. That is, if there’s any blood left in the rest of your body.” She grinned, looking at his cock.


She got the needle and drew a small sample, putting it onto a plastic testing device and waiting halkalı elit escort for a few moments. Bobby felt strangely nervous, although he knew he was always careful. All the same, he felt a sense of relief when Raquel smiled at him.

“Negative. Congratulations, here’s your wristband.”

She handed him the band; but instead of giving it to him to hold, she dropped it onto his cock, where it hung round the base.

“Oops. I seem to have dropped it.”

She reached down and ran her fingertips over his hard-on, delicately caressing the swollen meat, before retrieving his band and giving it to him.

“So…is there anything else I can help you with.”

She was leaning over him now, her boobs spilling out of her top. Her face was inches away, and he leant up and kissed her plump lips, feeling her tongue slide into his mouth as her lips opened. As they kissed, he reached up and squeezed her boobs through her uniform. While not as big as his mom’s, they overflowed his hands.

She pushed him away gently before saying “Let me just put the sign up. I’m due for a lunch break now anyway.”

She went out to the front office and put out a “CLOSED FOR LUNCH” sign on the counter, before returning to Bobby.

“Now, where were we?”

Bobby answered her question by pulling the top of her uniform open, exposing her big tits that jiggled in her lacy bra, then pulling them out of their cups so he could squeeze them together. They were even bigger than he remembered, each one spilling out of his hands. The nipples were dark brown and longer than his mother’s. He took them in his mouth, sucking and squeezing her nipples hungrily.

“Oooh, wow Bobby. I guess you like big tits then?”

His only answer was “MMMMmmmmmffffff!” as he continued to feast on them.

She reached down to stroke his cock, while allowing him to gorge himself on her tits for a few more minutes, before gently pushing him away. “

I’ve only got 20 minutes for lunch; and I think it’s time you gave me something to eat.”

She knelt in front of him, continuing to stroke his rock-hard erection.

“Looks like I’ve got a big lunch today!” she giggled, before leaning forward to lick round his cock head while looking up at him. She still had her glasses on; and the combination of her prim glasses, her boobs hanging out of her uniform, and her tongue snaking around his cock-head looked amazing.

She continued to lick around the head and shaft for a few moments, before opening her lips and taking his cock-head into her warm, wet mouth. She let out an audible “Mmmmmmmm!” as she engulfed his cock, taking several inches of the shaft, until he could feel himself against her throat, before she slid her lips up his cock again. She continued hungrily slurping on his dick for a few minutes, until she removed it from her mouth and continued to jerk him off, while lifting his cock out of the way so she could lick and suck his heavy balls.

She was definitely a real artist when it came to cock sucking. Not the delicate subtle teasing he was used to from Alison, this girl sucked cock like her life depended on it. She had his dick back in her mouth again and was hungrily devouring it, letting the head push her cheek out while looking up at him. She went back to sucking on it before releasing it with a wet ‘Pop!’ and admiring it.

“God, I love this cock! If I had longer I’d love to fuck you.”

“Well you could fuck it with those big tits of yours.”

She giggled and sat back, cupping her boobs, juggling the big jellies with her hands and smiling up at him.

“Come and get them!”

He pushed his cock down and slipped it between the wobbly jugs, feeling her warm soft tits envelop him. He was used to the almost bottomless canyon his mother’s tits offered him; and it felt odd to have several inches of his cock emerge from between her tits with every thrust. But as she met his thrusts with massages from her tits, he could feel his cum begin to rise.

Her pretty face, with her glasses and nurse’s hat, and his big cock thrusting out from between her big jugs, was an image he wouldn’t forget in a while.

“Fuck, that feels good!”

“Not too good I hope, I want to suck this big cock some more.”

“OK, I’m getting close though.”

“Mmmmm, good, I’m looking forward to a big mouthful of cum!”

She gave him a smile as he continued to slide his cock between her soft wobbly tits, before releasing it so she could lick the tip, before drawing him deep in her mouth. He felt her throat around his cock head before he felt himself going even deeper. He looked down in disbelief as she took almost his whole cock down her throat.

“Fuck! No one’s managed that much before!”

She withdrew her mouth from his dick so she could answer.

“I’ve never sucked one this big before.” She caught sight of the clock on the wall. “Shit, we’d better hurry. I’ve got some patients booked soon. She jerked his cock as she said it, her boobs wobbling and his balls bouncing halkalı escort with her strokes; and he knew he wasn’t far off.

“Almost there.”

She resumed sucking his cock, slurping on him and playing with his balls. He could feel his cum rising, and groaned as he felt his dick convulse, spurting the first load of cum into her mouth. She took the first couple of loads without a problem; but as he continued spewing cum into her mouth, found herself struggling to contain it. She could feel the cum backing up in her mouth, and gulped it down as some escaped and dribbled down her chin. Eventually his pumping subsided; and she withdrew her mouth to swallow his load.

“Shit, if that’s what your second load is like, I dread to think how much you shot into your girlfriend.”

“Um, you missed a little.”

She looked down at the cum that was dribbling onto her boobs from her chin; and hastily grabbed a paper towel to clean herself off, before pushing her boobs back into her bra and buttoning up her uniform. The sight of her trying to resume a professional demeanour in her nurse’s uniform, after just swallowing his cum, was so hot he found his erection was still stubbornly persisting.

“Looks like you weren’t exaggerating!” she said regarding his hard cock. “You’d better take that back to your girlfriend to help you with. Don’t forget your medication. Here, clean yourself up first, though!” She smiled as she handed him a towel to clean his cock off, before opening the door for him.

He made his way out of the clinic and noticed the time as he left. Shit, his mom would be wondering where he’d gotten to. He felt guilty he’d left her on her own, worrying, while he’d been getting his rocks off. Still, he reflected, he’d got the medication for her; and if having his cock sucked by a sexy nurse was the price he had to pay, then he guessed he had to live with that.

His cock stayed semi-hard at the memory of Raquel’s hungry blowjob. His mom’s, by contrast, were subtle and teasing; and she never took anywhere near his whole cock. But she knew him so well; she could play his dick like a concert pianist, keeping him on the brink for hours if she wanted. He wondered if one of her epic blowjobs might be in the cards later on, and felt his cock harden at the prospect. Lately, his staying power was impressing even him. He’d always been horny; and had often beaten off in the morning and 2 or 3 times in the evening. But lately his libido was through the roof; and he felt like he could go all day and still be ready for more.

He arrived back at the hotel room and found his mom wearing a robe, nervously pacing the balcony.

“Hey Mom… erm sorry, Alison!!”

She looked round at the sound of his voice and ran towards him. He couldn’t help but notice her huge boobs wobbling and bouncing under her robe, noticing they were so much bigger than Raquel’s.

“What took you so long? I was getting worried.”

“Sorry, the pharmacy was closed. So I had to go to the nurse at the clinic; and she was, err, a little busy.” He mentally crossed his fingers at the omission of how he’d got the medication, but figured his mom would not appreciate that at the moment.

“Here, I got you a couple of tablets. You can get more at the pharmacy tomorrow.”

“I won’t be needing more! This was a mistake that should never have happened!”

She took the pills and headed to the bathroom to get a glass of water. Bobby watched her, sighing to himself, “God, not another guilt trip.”

This was starting to get old. They’d fucked and sucked each other so many times now, how could she still have a hang-up about it? He knew better than to push things right now; so he called down and ordered them a champagne breakfast. It was getting so that having wine in the morning seemed the normal thing, he reflected. But still, this was their holiday and they were in the honeymoon suite.

He heard the shower running and considered joining his mom for some action; but she didn’t seem too receptive. So he decided to leave her some space, and sat on the balcony enjoying the morning sun. His hard-on had subsided a little; and he noticed some lipstick traces around the head. He recalled guiltily they were Raquel’s and wiped them off, remembering the feeling of her lips ’round his cock, and the sight of his cum dribbling down her chin onto her tits. His cock grew hard as he recalled the sensation; and he continued stroking it as he remembered his mom fucking him, cumming again and again on his cock as her big tits slapped together, bouncing in his face. Now that she was on the pill, there would be no reason he couldn’t shoot his load inside her, unless she decided she had some kind of objection to it.

He could go all day just cumming inside her again and again and again. He’d worn a couple of his old girlfriends out this way in the past. He even remembered one of them freaking out when her pussy started foaming with all the cum he’d shot in her that was getting churned up.

“Enjoying yourself young man?”

His mom’s voice snapped him out if his reverie; and he realised he’d been absent-mindedly stroking his cock on the balcony as his mom had walked out to join him. She was drying her hair; and he was disappointed to see she’d replaced her robe, although it wasn’t fully done up. He could her pale belly and the side of her boob where it hung open.

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