Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 09


Peggy woke up with Billy’s arm under her. Her right arm was draped over Billy, and her head was resting on his chest. She had drooled a big pool onto his left nipple area. She looked up at her beautiful sleeping boy. She had fallen asleep in his arms, and it felt right. It felt like it’s where she belonged. But still part of her was fighting what was happening between her and her son. Society says it’s wrong, but if two people feel that love, why should anyone try to stop it, or say that it shouldn’t happen. Peggy needed to talk about it to someone. Thankfully she and her friends were all going jogging the next day, on Saturday. Peggy got up, showered, and then went next door to hang out with Marion, her next door neighbor. When Peggy came back Billy was hanging out with his friend Luke, who was her best friend Sandra’s son. This was perfect since it insured nothing was going to happen tonight. Peggy needed advice before she let anything further happen between her and her son. She said hello to the boys and hurried upstairs. She could swear she heard Luke say,

“Dude, your mom is so fucking hot!”

It made her blush. She went to her room and was fast asleep.

Peggy got up the next morning at 6:30. She was meeting the girls at a trail 10 miles away. They were going to do the 8 mile trail hike, so it was going to be tough. She went into her dresser to get her clothes. The first thing she looked for was a pair of panties that would be comfortable on her hike. She looked around for a minute and then she spotted a pair she had bought a year ago. When she had brought it home, and tried it on, she realized it wouldn’t work for her at all. Peggy works out regularly, and she has an amazing body. Big natural boobs, long black hair, gorgeous green eyes, and a thin waist.

The one thing she could never get to go down, no matter how much she worked out, her ass stayed big and round. It wasn’t fat, just a nice, juicy, bubble butt. She was never able to go out without men staring at it. Having her big butt though made panty buying difficult. The pair Peggy was staring at in her dresser would essentially turn into a g-sting when she put it on, because it would roll up and wedge in her pussy and in her asshole. They were so uncomfortable, she only wore them if she was behind on laundry and was in a hurry. Uncomfortable or not though, Peggy had a plan for tonight, and she quickly put them on.

Peggy got to the trail at 8:45. She was late, so when she parked she saw her four friends waiting. They were fun friends, but they were also very supportive of each other. She felt so lucky to have them.

Sandra worked with Peggy at the accounting office. She is 46 with dark brown hair with a little grey in it, and brown eyes. Her breasts are even bigger than Peggy’s, and she gets a lot of looks from the male clients. She is really hot, especially for 45. Sandra’s son Luke is Billy’s best friend out of the group that hangs out together. Her husband’s name is Hank. He is a bit of a gruff guy, and Peggy always thought Sandra deserved better.

Katie was a nurse at Billy’s high school. She was 42, with strawberry blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and an incredibly athletic, tight body. She has a six pack that was no joke. She has a very young daughter, and a son named Charles that goes to school with Billy. Her husband Peter is away on business a lot, so Katie is mostly raising the kids alone, and had been for years.

Leana was a former client at Peggy’s accounting office. She had come in with her husband Roberto to get their taxes done, and she and Peggy had struck up a conversation and hit it off. She was quickly invited into the circle of friends. She is a beautiful half German, half Native-American stunningly gorgeous girl. You would not be able to tell she is 47. Her husband Roberto is a really nice guy, but apparently a total dud in the sack. They have two girls in grade school, and her son Joaquin is in his 2nd year at state college. He visits home more than most college kids.

Finally there is Martina. She is a 24 year old waitress at an Italian restaurant in town, and one girls night out recently she waited on us and we thought she was a great girl, and that she would fit in good with us even with the age difference. She is a super cute Colombian girl, with small, but incredibly perky tits, a really tight little ass, and legs to die for. She has a boyfriend named Jorge, who is a total loser.

Peggy jumped out of her car, and waved to the ladies.

“Sorry I’m late. I was tied up.”

“Did Billy tie you up?” Sandra said with a big smile.

Noticing the odd comment, Martina asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Sandra giggled, “Maybe you’ll find out on our run. Let’s get going. We have 8 miles to do.”

The ladies all began their jog along the trail. It was a very wooded trek at first, then opened up over the hills. It was one big loop back to the beginning. The trail allowed for two people to jog abreast. Sandra and Peggy took the lead, followed Escort bayan by Katie and Leana. Bringing up the rear was Martina. The ladies didn’t say a word as they got their pace going. After a few minutes, Peggy finally broke the silence.

“I’m glad we are all getting to hang out today. As most of you know, things have been changing a lot at home lately, and they are moving a lot faster than I might be able to handle. I’m also questioning a lot, so i wanted to get your advice.”

Sandra spoke up right away. “You know we are always here for each other Peg, and we promised to always be open, and not judgemental, so spill the beans will ya?!”

All the ladies laughed as they continued their run.

Peggy’s heart was beating fast, and not just because of the running. “Fuck it” she thought.

“OK. So you all know that recently my relationship with my son Billy has turned sexual.”

A shocked Martina jumped in. “Wait, wait, wait. What the fuck did you say?”

Peggy turned her head enough while continuing to run, to look back at Martina to make sure she heard her.

“I’m sorry Martina, I totally forgot you weren’t at dinner with us when I told the girls about my son Billy and I becoming sexual with each other.”

Martina couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you ladies just fucking with me? You don’t actually mean you are having sex with your son, are you Peggy?!”

Before Peggy could answer Sandra jumped in. “Peggy’s son Billy has a foot fetish and he loves smelly feet. And since Peggy has the worst smelling feet on the planet, it turned Billy on so he came in her shoe. She spied on him doing it, but instead of getting angry or disgusted, it turned her on so much she ate his cum out of her flat. Then she gave her son a foot job, a hand job, and she let him eat her pussy. That about sum it up Peggy?”

Peggy gave Sandra an angry look.

Sandra stuck her tongue out at her. “Sorry Peggy but it would have taken you way to long to spit all that out and we only have 7 miles to go.”

Peggy smirked at her. “Do you want to hear what else happened that you don’t know, or do you want to tell that story too?”

Sandra turned and looked at Peggy with eyes wide. “Did you do it! Did you finally do it!

Have you joined the club yet?!”

Peggy rolled her eyes. “No I haven’t joined MWFYG?”

Sandra, in her best sardonic voice, replied, “Excuse me Peggy, the club’s official name is


Martina was a little out of breath, as she was not used to jogging on trails. While trying to catch her breath she asked, “What club is this? What do the letters stand for?”

Almost with pride in her voice, since she came up with the name, Katie answered Matina’s query, “It stands for, Mother’s Who Fuck Their Sons.”

“STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!” Martina yelled out. “Everybody stop for one damn minute.

All the ladies stopped jogging and turned around while still running in place.

Martina looked a bit confused. “OK, let me understand this. You ladies have have a club called Women Who Fuck Their Sons, and all of you are saying you have sex with your own flesh and blood. You actually fuck your own sons?!”

Sandra, Katie, and Leana all looked at each other, and then back to Martina. Sandra was the first to speak up, “I started fucking my son a year ago, days after he turned 18. It started one night when my husband hank and I got in a fight. He started to get rough with me and my son Luke jumped in and pushed his father on his ass. He told him that if he ever tried to hurt me again, he would beat his ass into the ground. My husband just grumbled and left the house to go to a bar I presume, since he came home piss ass drunk. I was so grateful that my son wanted to protect me so much, but it also turned me on. He was willing to fight his father, who was much bigger than him, to protect me. He had taken my hand and kissed it, and then my cheek. He told me everything was going to be alright. I planted a huge kiss on his lips and soon we were Frenching. It was so fucking hot.”

Still unbelieving of what she was hearing, Martina’s mouth remained wide open. Sandra continued.

“I was getting wet making out with my own son, and my hornyness went through the roof. I dropped to my knees and unzipped my boy’s pants and started sucking his cock. I loved every second of it, and did it until he came in my mouth. It wasn’t much cum but it was enough I could savor the taste. After that we were off to the races. Any chance we have to fuck, we take it. We used to wait until Hank was out of the house, but Luke doesn’t have that patience any more. He is all over me, every chance he gets. And now his starts groping me when his father is in the very next room. Just last month, while hank was mowing the lawn, Luke came up from behind me in my room and pulled my sweats down and immediately started trying to fuck my pussy doggy-style. I was going to stop him at first, but having that young, hard cock in me was Bayan escort too good to resist. I pulled the curtain aside a little so I could keep an eye on Hank, just in case he was going to come inside and we wouldn’t notice. Luke grabbed my hips and fucked me as hard as he could. It was so hot that my own son couldn’t help himself, and was willing to risk getting caught. He fucked me until I came twice, and then shot his incestuous load in my pussy. My clueless husband kept putzing around the yard while his young and hung stud son fucked me better than he ever had, or could.”

Martina remained speechless. None of the other women jumped in.

Sandra scolded Leana and Katie, “You two fuck your sons too. Speak up!”

Katie raised her hand as if in class, “I’ll go. Well to be honest, I had first become sexually attracted to my son Charles, when he…” Katie stopped, clearly out of shame, but Sandra encouraged her to continue. “We are all friends here Katie. No judging. Go on.”

Katie kept her eyes down and started again. “I first became sexually attracted to my son Charles when I caught a glimpse of him nude. I was coming up the stairs, and he had just taken a shower, and forgot to bring a towel, which we kept in the hall way closet. He walked out of the bathroom totally naked. I saw his cute, hairless little ass walk across the hall, and his stiff 4 inch boy cock pointing straight up. Not big for 18, but such a pretty little cock. It made me instantly wet, and instantly ashamed. But from then on I fantasized about him almost every day. I often closed my eyes when my husband and I had sex, and pictured it was my son fucking me. But no matter how desperately I wanted to go into his room at night, while my husband slept, and pull his pjs down and suck his cock, and then ride it until he shot his boy cum in me, I never did. That is until one when I went to gather his laundry from his room and he had forgotten to close the browser on his computer, and it was open to an incest chatroom. His handle was on the bottom so i knew what screen name he was. In it he was talking about how much he wanted to fuck his mother, and what a goddess she was, and how he wished she would come home in her nurses outfit and fuck him. I couldn’t believe he felt this way, and I wondered how long he had. Needless to say I confronted him about it, wearing my nurses outfit, and when he tried to deny it I told him to shut up and show me all those things he told people he wanted to do to me, and he did, and he has since then. My husband is away on business a lot so we have a lot of time to fuck. Charles likes fucking me on my husband and I’s bed. OK go Leana cause Martina is looking at me weird.”

Leana was quite proud about fucking her son. “It’s simple. My husband is a short, schlubby, out of shape weak man, who has a tiny cock, and only wants to do missionary. My son is Captain of his college football team, is shredded from working out everyday, is fucking gorgeous like a model, has a huge fucking cock, and he knows how to use it. We have fucked in more places and positions than I can count. He eats my pussy any time I ask, and I can’t wait everyday for him to get home from school so I can milk his cock into my mouth. Any questions Martina?”

Finally Martina spoke, “I just…It sounds like all your sons wanted it and so did you. So i guess it’s OK. I don’t…I don’t have a son so I don’t know about any of that. Oh geez, I’m sorry it’s just…”

Sandra cut her off right there, “It’s OK Martina. We know its crazy for people when they first hear it. But to us it’s completely natural and beautiful. We are teaching our sons so much, and we get to be with young studs again.” Sandra smiled really big.

Katie turned to Peggy who had been silent this whole time. “So back to you Peggy. Have you joined the club yet? Have you let Billy fuck you yet?

Peggy was a little shy, about this but she knew she was with friends.

“No I’ve been scared to take that step which is what I wanted to talk to you all about. Ive done so many things with him, but sex is that final line and I’m not sure if I can cross it.”

“Of course you can. You’ve come this far, there’s no going back. And why would you want to with that fucking stud of a son you have!”

Peggy was caught off guard. “You think Billy is hot? You would want to fuck Billy?”

Sandra laughed. “Of course I want to fuck Billy. All of us want to fuck Billy.”

Peggy looked at Leana and Katie, “Really?! You two want to fuck my son too?!”

Leana spoke up first. “Of course we do. Your son is gorgeous, in shape, always so innocent looking, but also because of his gigantic cock.”

Peggy quickly came at Leana, clearly with jealousy in her voice. “How do you know how big his cock is?!”

Leana came right back at her, “Because every time we are at your house Peggy, and we are wearing bikinis by the pool, he comes out and pretends not to stare at us, but he can’t hide his huge bulge. Sometimes you can see Escort it hanging down below his khaki shorts pant leg. Face it, we are all waiting for a chance to jump on your little boy’s cock, so you better hurry up and fuck him before you come home and find one of us riding his monster cock.”

Peggy calmed down and responded with a smile. “I’m warning all of you. Billy is mine. His cock is mine. No one touches him or fucks him unless I say so.”

Sandra laughed loudly, “No promises! Now that you know we all think you should fuck him, was there anything else?”

Peggy was a little hesitant at first but then she finally spoke. “Billy as you all know loves smelling my feet, my pussy, and my ass.”

“That is so fucking sexy. You are so lucky Peggy. Anyways, continue.”

“As I was saying, he likes to smell me, especially when I haven’t showered and I’m sweaty.”

Martina gave a disgusted look.

“And he asked me if I would let him lick my ass when I haven’t showered, and I’m sweaty.” Peggy said, slightly embarrassed.

Sandra was the first to ask, “Does he want you to shit in his mouth or something?”

Peggy was quick to respond, “No, no, no. He just wants my asshole extra smelly, and I guess he thinks it will taste good? I don’t know! My question is, should I let him do it?”

“Without hesitation you should,” Leana said confidently. “If your boys tongue is as talented as you have been telling us, then why the fuck not. If he wants to lick your asshole clean, let him do it all day. If he likes the smell and the taste, then you have nothing to worry about.”

The other ladies agreed. Peggy smiled and pulled her down her running tights over her butt. “Do you see that?”

“You are wearing a pair of panties that’s just a flowery waist band. Why?” replied Katie.

“Oh it has the full panty, but its wedged in my pussy and asshole. They will be my present tonight for Billy before I let him dine on my asshole.”

Sandra piped in one more time. “That’s really hot. Not let’s finish our fucking run.”

7 miles later they did finish. They were all soaked with sweat. Peggy said goodbye to the group and headed home. She made her way up the stairs and saw her door was slightly open. She slowly walked in and saw Billy. He was rubbing his cock along one of her high heels.

“Hi there tiger.”

Billy jumped and turned around. “Oh hey mom I was just…”

“Billy please. We are way beyond pretending. I know everything remember?”

“Sorry mommy. I just got startled.”

“No problem baby. Mommy wants you to keep worshiping her shoes when she’s not around for you to worship. I see you left a little snail trail of precum on my heel. Leave it on there. Mommy will enjoy feeling it on her feet later when she puts them on. But for now Mommy has something else planned for you.”

Peggy walked over to her bed and took off her sneakers and climbed into her bed on all fours, with her knees on the edge of the bed, and her shins and feet were sticking out.

“Mommy wants you to come over here.”

Billy quickly obliged, and stood right behind her.

“Now mommy wants you to slowly pull her running tights back and down over her butt and down to the back of her knees, and leave them there. Can you do that for me?”

Billy’s heart was beating a mile-a-minute. He had no idea what he was going to be able to do with his mother, but whatever it was, he was into it. He did as he was told, and pulled off her tights, her beautiful, smooth, bubble butt was exposed. Billy’s cock was at full attention. How many times he had stared at his mother’s ass, and she never knew, and now she was happy to show it to him. just pulling down her tights Billy could already smell her ass and pussy. He loved the aroma, and couldn’t get enough. Peggy instructed him further.

“Now Billy, I want you to grab the waistband of my panties and start pulling them down to the back of my knees light you did with the tights.”

“But mom, i don’t see the rest of your panties.”

“You will baby, now pull them off.”

Billy began to pull his mother’s underwear down, and tightly bunched up fabric began to appear. Billy instantly could see her underwear had been wedged tight into her asshole and pussy. Billy stopped pulling midway down her ass cheeks, and put his nose up to it and began to breathe in.

“Baby boy, don’t worry about those now. I’m going to let you keep those in your room so you can smell them whenever you want. But right now you don’t need to smell those, because mommy wants you to eat her ass.”

Billy knew one day he was going to wake up from this perfect dream where he got to fulfill all his fantasies with his mother, but until then, he was going to enjoy it. But it wasn’t a dream, and Billy was checking another one off the list. He bent over and spread his mother’s fleshy ass-cheeks, exposing her tight, light brown, asshole. Billy had prepared for this moment in his dreams many times, so he was ready. He put his nose up to his mother’s asshole and breathed in deep 3 times.

“Fuck, your asshole smells so good mommy.”

“I knew you’d like the smell of my sweaty asshole. Now don’t stop at sniffing baby. Eat mommy’s ass.”

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