Movie Night


“I’ll admit it, I’m in a bit of a dry spell,” I said as I shot the basketball.

Airball. Of course.

John laughed at me and caught the ball before it hit the ground. “Just get online, man. It can’t be that hard.” He passes it back to me.

“Easy for you to say! You’ve got Lisa, she seems great and you don’t have to win somebody over from scratch. I’m in a new town, I only know some guys from work and you. Never really been the guy that can swipe a couple times on Tinder and get laid that night.” I shot again and it bounced off the rim.

John rebounded and dribbled the ball back to the 3-point line. “Yeah I feel you, Lisa is awesome and I’m pretty damn lucky to not be single nowadays. You’ll figure it out though, she might be able to hook you up with a friend.”

“Are all her friends as cool as she is? I mean, she has some fucking HOT friends on her instagram, if they can hang like she can then I might beg her to put in a good word.” I had only been roommates with John for about a month, but every time I hung out with him and his girlfriend Lisa I had a great time. She’s got that “one of the guys” type of attitude when she’s with his friends and she’s a lot of fun to be around. Oh and she’s fucking gorgeous, so that helps.

“Oh they can hang. They’re all hot as fuck and they all know it,” John says. He starts smiling and reaches for his phone. “Come here, check this out.”

He shows me the screen and my eyes get wide. I see Lisa with 2 girls I recognize from her instagram, posing like a basic white girl instagram post. Side by side, arms around each others hips with Lisa in the middle, and all 3 of them are fully naked.

“Holy shit, man what the fuck?!” I exclaimed, still staring at his phone.

“Yep, tell me about it. They’re all freaks.”

Good god, I found Lisa gorgeous since the day I met her but I couldn’t have imagined a better body than her actual one. She’s a beautiful brunette, fit frame with full C-cup tits that perk up just perfectly, turning up at the nipples. Trimmed pussy and perfectly tan skin. Her friends have the same body type, same skin color, same trimmed pussies, one blonde and the other brunette, one shorter and one taller.

“Jesus man, you don’t care that I’m looking at your naked girlfriend right now?”

He shrugged. “Honestly, she wants me to show my friends shit like that. She loves it.”

Goddamn, I guess I made the right move when I found John as a roommate online. I looked for a second longer before he put the phone away. The image still burned in my head though, and I had to steal the ball from John just to get my mind off it.


We finished up and drove home. “Want to watch Wolf of Wall Street tonight?” John asked.

“Hell yeah, I fuckin’ love that movie. I’ll take a shower and then we can start.”

I went and took a shower, still thinking about Lisa and her friends. When I got out of the shower, I put some basketball shorts and a t-shirt on and walked out to the kitchen. John was at the counter pouring his protein into a cup and making some popcorn, and Lisa was sitting at the kitchen table on her phone, scrolling Instagram.

She looked up with a cute smile. “Oh hey! Hope you don’t mind that I came, my girlfriends bailed on me.”

She looked incredible, like she was all dolled up ready to hit the bars. Leather boots on, low cut sleeveless shirt showing off all of her cleavage, and no bra as usual.

“That sucks, ready to be lame with us and watch the ultimate dude movie?” I said, trying to be as casual as I could be, and trying not to picture her without that slutty outfit on.

She perked up. “I cannot wait! I LOVE this movie!” She pulled her bag up from under the table and said “I brought my comfy clothes, we have a little bit of weed, I am ready to RELAX.”

She went into John’s bedroom for a few minutes as John and I went over to get the movie started.

After we sat down with the popcorn, she came out dressed in her “comfy” clothes. She took none of her makeup off, and she was wearing extremely short pajama bottoms that stopped right above the bottom of her butt cheeks. She was also wearing a loose white tanktop that left very little to the imagination. Her perfect tits were swaying with every step she took porno indir towards us on the couch, and her dark nipples were poking right through the thin fabric.

I tried not to make eye contact but out of the corner of my eye I could tell she had a confident smirk on her face. John must have been right, I bet she loved teasing his friends. She sat in between the two of us and started reaching into the popcorn bowl that John had and ate.

“Let’s fuckin gooo, Leo!” she said as I let out a cheer and John turned on the movie.

Nobody who has ever seen Wolf of Wall Street can resist howling every time Margot Robbie comes on screen. It hasn’t ever happened since the movie came out, she’s way too hot for anybody to handle. At least one of us lets out a gasp or a grunt or an “OH MY GOD” every time she comes into frame.

The legendary scene finally arrives, where Leo is waiting in her apartment as she gets ready. She opens the door to her bedroom, revealing her fully naked body, welcoming Leo to come fuck her.

“FUCK,” John and I said in unison, as Lisa said, “Jesus CHRIST look at that bod!”

I laughed and said, “I literally feel 11 years old watching this movie, still getting boners from just looking at boobs on TV.”

John and Lisa cracked up at that comment, and then Lisa said, “oh my God, really?!”

Still grinning and trying to be funny, I said “Eh, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sporting like a half chub right now.”

John laughed again, but Lisa just kept smiling at me. I got nervous, hoping I didn’t just cross a line. There I was, sitting next to my roommate’s smoking hot half-naked girlfriend whose nude image was still burned into my retinas, and I’m talking about my erection while a naked Margot Robbie is on screen. I know they’re cool and all, but I figured I should pull back a little bit after those comments. And worst of all, I wasn’t lying… I was sporting a half a chub in my basketball shorts, and keeping the conversation sexual probably wasn’t a good strategy for cooling off.

As though she was reading my mind and just wanted to fuck with me, Lisa said, “Honestly, for some weird reason I love it when I know a guy I’m around is hard.”

Oh boy. I had to think twice and make sure I just heard that correctly. I just let out a little nervous giggle, and John let out a little laugh and said, “you weirdo.”

Lisa got animated and explained, “Like, I know what a totally different headspace a guy gets in when his dick gets hard. If I know somebody around me has a boner, I’m immediately fascinated! Like, what is that even like? I’m watching him experience this super private thing that I’ll never fully get. And you’ve just got this fucking…dick…and it’s just growing and getting hard… like right there,” she said as she pointed at my crotch. “I love it.”

Now I’m sitting there and my heart rate is back to where it was when we were playing basketball. Not only was this hottie talking about how much she loves hard dicks, but she’s specifically bringing up this slutty passion of hers referring to MY dick…which was slowly getting harder and harder… and she knew it.

I was silent for another couple seconds too long because I had no idea how to respond, and I was just hoping John would chime in or something would happen in the movie to grab our attention. But instead, Lisa turned right to me and said something different.

“Can I suck it?”

My eyes were like grapefruits in my head. Did she really just say that? Was that a joke? Do I laugh? I looked over at both of them and John was looking at her too. She looked completely sincere.

“Really?” John asked her, way less confused than I thought he would be.

“Come on, it’s not that big of a deal,” Lisa said flippantly.

John looked at her for another second and shrugged. “Whatever, have fun.” He ate some popcorn and turned back to the movie.

Lisa looked back at me, this time with a bit of a smirk and she raised her eyebrows waiting for a response.

“Uh, yeah?” I said, partially waiting for her to point and laugh right in my face.

“Cool!” she said excitedly.

My heart started pounding as she got off the couch and stood in front of me. She looked at me with a nice, friendly smile that looked rokettube oddly platonic. I looked back at her with what must have been the dumbest look I’ve ever had, eyes wide and mouth slightly open.

She got on her knees and put her hand over the bulge in my pants. John is still eating popcorn and Leo is on screen behind her fucking someone in his office with Jonah Hill.

She grabbed the outline of my cock and made eye contact with me with a big smile. The room was dark but I could see the gleam from her piercing eyes and I was petrified. She pulled at my waistband and I lifted my butt up so she could pull my pants down.

“Ah, this is the best part!” she said as she grabbed the base my half-hard cock. “That moment where it’s growing and getting thick but hasn’t fully stood up yet. Where it’ll jiggle and fold and bend if I play with it,” she said, laughing as she swung my cock around by the base like a lasso.

That doesn’t last long because her warm hands on my cock made it stiffen up really quickly. “There we go,” she says as her laughs subside. I can’t help but think that my physical relationship with Lisa has just escalated from the occasional hug to her playing with my bare cock in front of John.

She decided to push that relationship further by wasting no time putting her mouth around my cock. She started sucking it at a quick tempo, sending chills up my spine to the back of my head and I could feel my neck getting hot. I glanced over at John, who was half watching the movie and half peaking at her slide her lips up and down my shaft. He looked totally ambivalent about the whole thing.

She started stroking my cock with her hands following her lips with each bob of her head, and her other hand was lightly squeezing my balls with the perfect amount of pressure. She went down deep until she had nearly all of it in her throat and shook her head when I hit her limit. She let out a small grunt before pulling her face off my dick, leaving behind thick strings of spit that she used to jerk me harder.

She laid my dick in her palm and started licking up and down my shaft from the base to the tip.

“This vein is so big!” she said as she flickered her tongue around my vein traveling up the length of my cock.

“Oh whoops,” she said as she got up off her knees, as though she forgot something. She took her tanktop off and tossed it on the ground, revealing those beautiful tits he had been watching all night and imagining ever since they left the gym. She stood there for just a moment while I got to soak in the image, and then she got right back down on her knees and put me back in her mouth.

She moved her mouth down to my balls and started swirling her tongue around my scrotum. She moved her hand around the head of my cock and started rotating her fingers around it. She caught me staring at her tits swinging by my knees and she smiled.

“Go ahead,” she said as she grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. It was the perfect size, just big enough to not fit fully in my hand, and her nipples were erect and pressed against my palm. I squeezed her tits and twisted her nipples between my fingers and I could feel her face shudder against my cock.

“Oh God, my nipples are sensitive,” she said, giggling. I squeezed her nipples a little harder and she moaned with my balls in her mouth. Then suddenly John reached over and grabbed her other nipple from around my leg. She moaned so loudly right into my balls that I could feel her warm mouth vibrating, and my whole body shuddered.

“You’re welcome, man,” John said, making us all laugh.

Lisa got up again and pulled her pants off. Of course, she wasn’t wearing any panties. She stood there for a second so that I could admire her perfectly trimmed pussy, lips already glistening.

Now she has both of our full attention as we both stare at her pornstar body. She gives us a second or two longer to soak it in, and then she puts her knee on the outside of mine. She puts her other knee outside my other knee, straddling my body. My cock brushed against her pussy and I could feel her wetness against my skin. Without saying a word, she reached down and grabbed my dick, rubbed it against her clit a few times, and then sat down all the way onto it.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned seks filmi as I felt her warm, silky walls close around me. She smiled and started to wiggle her ass in my lap when I was all the way inside her. I looked up and down her amazing body as my cock throbbed inside of her, and I traced my gaze from her pussy to her eyes. When I looked at her face she gave me a devilish grin that drove me wild.

She put her hands on my shoulders and started slowly riding me, lifting her perfect ass up and dropping it back down along the shaft of my cock. I could feel her cheeks jiggle against my balls every time she descended and wished I had a better view of her ass. I grabbed and squeezed her soft, fat ass and she giggled while riding me harder.

She looked down at John while riding my cock and they made eye contact. He smiled at her and she leaned down and gave him a kiss while twerking her sexy ass on my cock. He gave her a spank and she bit her lip and turned back to me.

She looked down at me with a worried face. “Oh shit, can you see the movie?”

I forgot the movie was even on, I couldn’t have given less of a shit about whatever Leo was doing behind her. “Uhh, yeah you’re fine,” I said to get her focus back where it belonged.

“Ok good,” she said, as though it was a genuine concern of hers that she’d be blocking my view of the movie.

She bounced up and down a few more times and then lifted her knees off the couch. She stood up and turned around, showing me that perfect ass I had been wanting a better view of. She bent over, reached back between her legs for my cock, and guided herself down onto it while rubbing her clit with her other hand.

She started riding me facing the screen, and she turned around asked again if I could see alright. I was staring into her asshole as her cheeks parted every time she bounced on my dick, and I just said, “yep, still good.”

She bent over further and started twerking on my cock, keeping her legs still but flexing her butt cheeks so they started clapping. “I can never get this quite right,” she said while she kept trying to look like a rap video chick. I spanked her and said “no you’ve got it down pretty good.” She giggled and thanked me before getting back to riding me normally.

She kept watching the movie and sliding her pussy up and down my cock, sometimes playing with my balls and sometimes sitting in my lap because she was laughing too hard. She fell back into my chest laughing so hard at the infamous country club quaalude scene and her pussy clenched around my shaft with every belly laugh she let out.

As she got back up and started riding me again, I could feel my body tense up. “Uh, I think I’m getting close,” I said to her.

“Oh shit, I didn’t even think about that,” she said, still riding me. “Just tell me when you need to pull out.”

Hardly a minute later, my leg started quivering. “Oh shit,” I said. She giggled and hopped off of me, dropped to her knees and started jerkign me off. I began shooting cum into the air and the first rope hit her cheek before she aimed me down at her tits, smiling and laughing the whole time. John applauded her as she stroked every drop out of me and she squeezed my cock harder and harder to drain every bit of cum out of me and on to her swinging tits.

She gave one final squeeze up the length of my cock and used her thumb to wipe away the last drop that pushed its way out. “Whew, that was fun!” she said as she got up and leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the lips.

She walked over to the kitchen, and I could see her whole body sway and jiggle with each step, with a totally casual attitude and a complete confidence after having just left me sitting there, emptied and spent. She walked to the counter and grabbed a paper towel and she looked back at me, catching me staring at her in disbelief, my mouth stupidly agape.

She wiped off the bit of cum that hit her cheek and puts her finger in her mouth to taste it. “Hmm, not bad but you can do better than that, man!” she said playfully, with that same devilish smirk she drove me wild with earlier. She wiped off her face and tits with the paper towel and came back to the couch and sat naked next to John. He put his arm around her and she curled up into his side, while I laid there with my cock slumped over onto my thigh and still glistening.

“Love you, baby,” she said to John. “Love you too,” he replied.

We finished the rest of the movie, she walked back to John’s bedroom still naked, and I sat there in a daze until I passed out. What a fucking night.

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