Moving Day Ch. 01


I’m just your average guy. Well, not quite average; I’m a little taller, and a little stronger than average. I’ve got brown hair, brown eyes, no scars, no facial hair, no tattoos, and no major scars. I’m one of those guys who look just like everybody else; you couldn’t pick me out of a police line up if you were paid. The only real thing I have going for me is an overactive sex drive and a 9-inch dick.

That being the case, I decided to move out of the Midwest. There was nothing for me there except a dead end job and a handful of friends. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in a year and I hadn’t gotten laid in months. I decided maybe a change of scenery would help out, and I decided to move up North. I packed three suitcases full of clothes, a couple of boxes worth of belongings, gave the rest to the Salvation Army store and hit the road.

It seems that I decided to move at the worst time, too. The air conditioner shit out on my car, it was humid as hell and the temperatures were hitting the high 90’s. It was a miserable drive for a while, and then I saw her. There must have been 1000 fantasies about hitchhikers that passed through my head at that second, and each one ended in me being arrested. Maybe 20 years ago shit like what I was thinking happened, but now even the hitchhikers had rights and lawyers.

I decided to slow down anyway. It was too damned hot to be out here on a day like this. It wasn’t much better in the car, but at least I had some water to drink and some shade. That, and if I picked her up, she wouldn’t end up on the news, killed by some psycho fuck.

I slowed down and started pulling over and she picked up her pack and started walking toward me. I got a real good look at her then. She was a little taller than average, probably 5’8″ or so, pretty toned and athletic looking, and she had a good tan. She had red hair, but it was tied back and I couldn’t see how long it was. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was tied at her mid-riff and she was wearing denim shorts. Her long, tanned legs ended in small, tan feet that were covered only by sandals. As I got closer, I unlocked the door for her and stopped. She opened the door and leaned in to speak.

“I’m trying to get up to the North East, can you give me a ride, buddy?” she asked. Her voice sounded like silk. She had a tone in her voice that made it sound like she had a hell of singing voice, and it was one of those voices that you just wished every phone sex operator and psychic phone friend had. I got a good look at her face while she was speaking, and it completed the rest of the package. She had a few freckles splashed across her face; her red hair had some golden highlights in it from the sun and a little brown mixed in here and there. Her blue eyes sparkled under some of the most perfect, sleek crimson eyebrows I’ve ever seen. Her small nose led down to full pink lips. There wasn’t a drop of make up on her face, but she didn’t need any; it just would have taken away from the natural beauty before my eyes.

“Sure, hop on in,” I said. Her eyes lit up and a smile exploded across her face.

“Really? God, thanks!” she said and bounced into the front seat. Her weathered green cloth pack came in with her and landed at her feet. The door shut and we were on our way.

“My name’s Chrysta, by the way,” she said and then spelled it for me. “I really can’t thank you enough for stopping. There hasn’t been anyone stop for me for 3 days in a row now.”

“No problem. My name’s Jim, by the way,” I said, putting the same intonation in my voice that she had. “I can’t believe that no one’s stopped for a girl as good looking as you,” I added. She blushed. I couldn’t believe it; she actually blushed. Picking up a girl with innocence like this was a rare treat, no matter what my mind was still thinking about doing with her.

“Thanks,” she said, the blush leaving her skin. “There was a couple that picked me up a few days ago, but they dropped me off after only a few miles. The lady was driving and her husband kept staring at me. She pulled over to the road and apologized while she kicked me to the curb and started yelling at her husband as she drove off.”

“Oh that poor bastard,” I said. “I hope it was worth it for him.”

“Well, what do you think about it? Am I worth your wife yelling at you for picking me up?” she asked innocently, batting those eyelids at me and smiling. My dick instantly started to harden.

“No wife,” I said, holding up my left hand and wiggling my fingers.

“No girlfriend then?” she asked, turning in her seat a little to look at me as I drove. I shook my head. She leaned around and put her elbow on the dash, enjoying sitting down after being alone on the road for the past 3 days.

“You’re kidding, no one’s with a guy like you?” she asked with the same innocent voice.

“Not for a while now,” I said. I’m sure I was blushing.

“Hmmm,” she sounded, smiling, and flopped back into the seat. She put her seat belt on and stole a sideways glance at me, still sancak escort smiling that curious smile.

It was at this point in time that two thoughts rattled through my mind. The first involved her staring at me while I was driving, and she began by slowly stripping. First, she untied her shirt from her mid-riff and pulled it slowly over her head, throwing it in the back seat behind me, her white lace bra reveled underneath, hiding rapidly erecting pink nipples that were the same color as her lips. Then came the denim shorts, each button on the button fly unsnapping at a devastatingly slow pace. I could see her pulse quickening in her chest, my eyes watching her heart beat faster and faster. She reached up with her right hand and started mauling her breast sensuously, pinching the nipple and kneading the flesh under the bra at the same time. Her left hand opened her fly a little further, reveling a matching white lace thong and a thick, but very neatly trimmed strip of red fur showing through the lace. Her left hand then went into her shorts, and she began playing with her pussy, all the while staring into my eyes.

“See anything you like?” she cooed, closing her eyes and working her sex with her left hand at a faster pace, obviously moving at least two out of her juicy box. She moaned and her head rolled back a little, her tongue sticking out slightly between her lips.

The second thought involved her reaching into that green bag from at her feet and pulling a desert eagle from inside of it. She reached over, putting the gun under my chin, and then leaned over and started sucking on my ear.

“Thanks for the car,” she whispered seductively and leaned back. The gun moved to my temple and she pulled the trigger.

I snapped back to reality, the click of the hammer falling into place was still echoing in my ears. I realized two other things; someone was calling my name and my cock was harder now than it had been in a long time.

“Hey, Jim,” I heard again. My brain registered that it was the third time that perfect voice had spoken it.

“Yeah,” I said and looked over to her. She was still sitting in the seat, but leaning forward a little bit, her hand on my shoulder. She gave me a good push and gave a little laugh.

“No sleeping over there. I wanted a ride, not a coffin,” she said and laughed again. It was a perfect laugh to go with her perfect voice. It was almost cute; but not annoyingly cute like those girls who never grow up.

“Sorry,” I said. I know I blushed this time. “I’ve been on the road for–” I said, interrupting myself to look at the clock. It was 2 in the afternoon. “about 8 hours now,” I continued.

“Oh Jim, that’s way to long to be driving without stopping. Did you want me to drive?” she asked, a look of concern on her face and the sound of generosity on her voice. The sound of the hammer on that man-hammer of a gun clicked loud in my head like an echo as that second dream came back to me in a rush.

“No, that’s okay. I appreciate it though,” I said, smiling. I suppose part of me would have appreciated it, if that damn daydream hadn’t have happened. Right now, I was just scared and didn’t want to let her have the car. She might kick me to the curb, or worse yet, shoot me in the head.

I looked down the road and saw that the next good-sized town was only 12 miles away. “Hey, tell you what though. I’m gonna need to stop for the night somewhere. There’s no AC in here and I need a shower. You’ve been on the road for the last few days and you could probably use a hot shower and a nice bed to sleep in instead of under over-passes or whatever you’ve been doing,” I said. A smile broke out over her face as I talked, but then it turned into a pout.

“Oh Jim, I couldn’t ask you to get a hotel for me, I was only playing, anyway…” she said pouting.

“It’s no problem, Chrysta. Besides, you’re right. I think I’m done driving for the day,” I said, beaming back at her.

“Oh wow,” she said, crossing her arms and sitting happily back into her seat, almost snuggling in. “No one’s ever done anything like that for me before,” she added, looking at me with a huge smile plastered on her face. It looked like she even tried to stop smiling but couldn’t. “Thanks, Jim!” she added a second or two later and gave my arm a good hug. My elbow pressed into the valley between her breasts. I swear I did feel a lace bra keeping her tits in place and they felt pretty firm. It might have even been a front clasped bra…

“Now Jim, maybe I can do something nice for you,” she said. She reached back down with one hand and started massaging my cock through my jeans, which was hard almost instantly again. With the other she unsnapped her seat belt, pushed it off, and reached up to undo her bun. She shook out her long red hair and I noticed it had a little more curl to it than I would have thought. She kept messaging my cock through my jeans and brought it up to its full 9 inches and it strained sarıyer escort almost painfully down my leg. I adjusted in my seat and looked at her as much as possible, looking back to the road just to make sure I was still on it.

She untied her shirt with her free hand and pulled it up over her head, releasing my dick to do so, but stretching out as much as possible. Anybody coming at us on the highway got a good look at her lace-clad tits as she did so. I got a good look at her chest too, those nipples poking through that lace like they were trying to cut their way free. I noticed she had a tan line from a swimsuit, but none from her shirt, and there was a splashing of freckles across the top of her chest, but none down her tanned, toned belly. As soon as that shirt came off, it went to her feet. Then she unsnapped that front clasp slowly and very slowly peeled her bra off her firm little tits and proudly uncovered her nipples, which actually were the same color pink as her lips.

“Why don’t’ you play with them, Jim?” she asked, shaking them a little. I awkwardly moved my hand around and started cupping and caressing each of her breasts in turn, thumbing her nipples and giving them little pinches. It was clear to both of us though, that I needed a better angle.

“Oh, Jimmy, what’s wrong. Angle not good for you?” she asked. I shook my head, but kept playing with her tits. “Well, let me see what we can do about that,” she said and started undoing my fly. In a matter of seconds it was open and she had my cock fished out of my pants and she was sucking on it. She turned in the seat so her head was facing my belly and her back was to the dash. I reached down and started playing with her tits a little more comfortably. She started moaning her approval around my cock. My hand moved from her tits to her belly. She sucked her guts in as far as they would go and I started unsnapping that button fly.

I was wrong about her lace panties before. She wasn’t wearing any. She just had a little teardrop shaped bush of the same color red as her eyebrows. I moved past her furry little mound and between her wet lips with my fingertips, finding her clit already wet and sticking out. She moaned harder and started sucking harder and faster on my knob as I started rolling my fingertip around her little button. It was hard to make out what she was moaning with my dick stuck down her throat, but her nose was in my pubic hair and her abs and back were twitching uncontrollably. I almost thought she’d throw herself off the seat. I laughed a little in spite of wanting to cum so hard. I was just about ready to shoot my load down her throat when I heard her speak.

“And just what are you laughing at over there?” came her curious, perfect voice. I looked down and saw nothing but my hard-on snaking down my right thigh, tucked well inside of my still zipped and buttoned pants.

“Just a joke,” I lied.

“A good one?” she asked, her eyes sparkling. My mind rapidly reasoned out that she liked good jokes and quickly thought of one I’d heard recently.

“Well, a guy walks into a bar with a paper bag. He sets the bag real softly on the table, slowly turns it over on its side, and says to the bartender, ‘hey Mac, I bet I have something in this bag that you’ve never seen before.’ The bartender’s curious and says ‘I don’t know, buddy, I’ve seen quite a bit, but I’ll take your bet, and if you win, you can drink all you want for free this afternoon.’ The man nods, takes a little piano out of the bag, a little bench, and out walks this little man! He sits down and starts playing that piano better than anyone the bartender had ever heard,” I said and kept telling the joke with the leprechaun in the park granting wishes. As I’m telling it though, I decided to screw up the punch line a little, see if I could trap her.

“….yeah, no shit, Mac. You really think I asked for an 11-inch pianist?” I finished. She laughed a little.

“Yeah, I’d heard that joke before, but I thought it was 10-inch pianist,” she said, still laughing.

“I was always told it was 9 inches, actually, but I guess it changes length from time to time,” I said, keeping a straight face. Chrysta, to her merit I guess, laughed. It sounded a little forced and she gave a quick look down to my crotch and saw my still hard, but not fully erect dick sticking up along my leg a little. Her eyes got big and her eyebrows rose for a second as she sat back in her seat and got her composure. By that time, between my daydream and the joke, we were to the exit and I pulled off the road.

I wasn’t looking to impress her too much; I could have gotten us a room anywhere with the money I had with me. But, we just needed a place to stay. I did have some ulterior motives going for me here, so I decided something with a hot tub in the room and a swimming pool outside, preferably with a privacy fence. She didn’t close herself off after the joke and actually I kept seeing her stealing sefaköy escort little glimpses at my crotch as we drove into town. I wanted to see how far I had to push her and how far she would just go by herself.

I decided that the Holiday Inn we passed would be good enough. They had good rooms and were fairly decently priced. I pulled in and her eyes got big. I almost shook my head.

“Oh Jim, we don’t have to stay any place this nice,” she said with that sincerity in her voice again.

“I know, I just like to be comfortable when I’m paying to use someone else’s towels for the night.”

We pulled in, and both walked into the reception area, enjoying the air conditioning. I stole a quick look before she crossed her arms over her breasts and I was well rewarded. She did have little nipples that sprang out in the cold. I got us our room. It was a suite on the 6th floor of the place. There was an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool, and we did get the Jacuzzi bath in the room. With the suite, we even had separate beds.

Chrysta started to go back out to the car and I stopped her.

“But I need to get my–” she started. I cut her off by pointing at a sign near the check in area that said, “Valet Parking and Bellhop included in Suite prices.”

“Ooh! I’ve never had one of those she said after reading the sign and walking with me to the elevator.

“Never had a valet park your car for you?” I asked. I pushed the button for the glass elevator to open. The door dinged and she pushed the button for the 6th floor. She got in and put her hands on the brass railing, leaning back. Her breasts were prominently displayed and now straining at the shirt, her nipples pointing out and slightly off to the sides.

“No silly,” she said as I got in and the doors close. “I’ve never had a bellhop,” she said, biting her lower lip a little, smiling, and her eyes sparkling all at the same time. She caught me a little off guard. I couldn’t tell if she had said it, or if I had imagined it. The elevator started moving and I looked back at her, she was still standing there, leaning her back against the cool glass, her lip still being bit slightly and that smile still on her face. She winked at me this time. I smiled sheepishly back at her and she walked toward me, pressing me against the thick glass doors. Her hands went to my waist and she pulled me against her body. Her hands circled my waist and went to my ass, which she gave a healthy squeeze and pulled the room key card out of my back pocket.

“Thanks,” she breathed into my ear and backed off; one hand holding the key card, and the other raking her nails down my chest playfully. She backed to the glass panel behind her and slid the key card down the front of her shorts so that only half an inch of it was sticking out and folded her arms under her tits, lifting them and pushing them out further.

I stepped towards her and she got an even more playful look in her eyes and gave me an innocent pout. I pressed myself up against her, putting one arm on each side of her, thudding heavily against the glass walls. I shook my head and took my left hand and put it on her thigh.

“No, no, no. I paid for the room, I get the key,” I said sternly and started running my hand up her thigh. It made a slow move from the outside of tight, toned thigh to her inner thigh. I made the trip up, my ring finger and pinky snaking across her sex. I could feel the heat pouring from her groin and it only encouraged me more. I slowed down there and watched her eyes melt as she looked into mine. I slowly flicked every button with my dragging fingers on the way up.

“Mine,” I said, still looking into her eyes. I kept moving my fingers to the top of her shorts and grabbed the card out of the front of them. She swallowed hard and her eyes were like liquid lust, turning even bluer as they started to glaze over. She nodded slowly and mouthed the word “yours.” The elevator dinged and the doors opened.

“What room are we in,” she asked with a little tremble in her perfect voice. I watched as she walked out of the elevator, her ass swaying with every step. She stood beside the elevator and waited for me to get out.

“614,” I said with a sigh and looked that the sign telling which way was the short way to the rooms. It was left. I noticed that she waited until I moved before moving herself and she was a step behind me know instead of beside me. I couldn’t help but give a quick chuckle. This was going to be fun. We got to the door and I unlocked it and pushed it open.

“Ladies first,” I said.

“Why thank you, Jim,” she said with a huge smile and nearly skipped into the room. I got into the room and shut the door behind us. The room was nice. It had a couch and a couple of chairs in it, a decent TV with a VCR and DVD player. There was a door along one of the walls that led into the other room, and then there was a sink area and bathroom, and then the bed. The space between the sink and bathroom served as a corridor to provide a little privacy from the bedroom. I kept walking through the room and saw that the bedroom in the adjoining suite and this one were actually the same room, but the Jacuzzi separated them, as well as a about a 5 and a half feet tall glass block wall. The ceiling between the two rooms was vaulted, and there were sliding glass doors that to a balcony outside.

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