Moving Day for Regina Pt. 01

Double Penetration

The Exit Inspection

Finally! Moving day was here. For 18 months, Regina and her family of 5 kids and a husband, have been crammed into a 3 bedroom apartment. For the last week, they have been packing. Boxing everything up.

The family got up early, 5AM, to finish packing. The movers arrived at 8 and quickly emptied all the boxes into the moving truck. Even leaving behind the furniture in the furnished apartment, the truck was quickly filled.

Regina got more than a few extra long stares from the movers, 4 college boys making a few extra bucks on weekends. In spite of 5 kids, and the effects that has on a late-40s woman’s body, Regina still carried herself quite well. Her face was immaculate, with a sexy smile and only a few flecks of gray in her still naturally colored dark hair. Her huge breasts always stood out (pun-intended), defying gravity and the years of suckling. And although the hourglass figure she once enjoyed in her younger days had disappeared, her sexy curves, sexier ass and even sexier attitude made her quite the looker.

A few of the movers had even stared a bit too long and walked into a wall or two, which didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by Regina, although today wasn’t the day for that.

By 9:30, everything was packed. Quicker than anticipated, since the superintendent inspection and key turnover was scheduled for noon. Regina told her husband to take the kids and the movers to their new home, while she waited at the apartment for the building super to arrive.

A few minutes after the family was gone, Regina grabbed her cell phone and called the super, Tom, to see if the appointment could be moved up. He said he was working with his son, Jake, this morning, as a apprentice, so he’d have to come along, but he could swing by in about 30 minutes.

Regina busied herself with some last minute cleaning of a few spots on the wall and in the kitchen. Generally, the apartment was in better condition now than when they took it, so she knew there would be nothing to complain about with the inspection.

Tom and Regina have had a lot of dealings in the past, since most of the maintenance requests were done during the day when she was home, either alone or with the kids. Tom was friendly enough, but Regina always sensed that he was coming onto her a bit and she preferred when at least one of the kids was around when he showed up. This day, she was alone.

At about 10:15, Tom arrived. He had the key, so he let himself in, along with Jake, although Regina thought it would have been nice if he had knocked, since it was still her apartment, and after a quick greeting, she told him so, but he simply ignored the comment.

He was holding a clipboard with some sort of a checklist on it and immediately began walking around the apartment.

“Hmmm.” “Uh-oh.” “Gonna have to fix that.” were the comments Regina heard over and over as he walked from room to room. She started to get more and more frustrated as he apparently found item after item that was going to require fixing.

After touring the whole apartment, he returned to the main room and said, “well, from the looks of it, we have about $1175 in repair costs here, which means most of your $1300 security deposit will have to be forfeited in order to cover those costs.”

“What!?!?!” Regina exclaimed. “That can’t be. What are the items?”

“Well, chipped paint, holes in the wall, scratched floors, stained countertop, the list goes on and on.”

“You can’t be serious! My husband is going to flip about this! We were counting on that money to pay for the furniture we bought for the new place.”

“Well, sorry to hear that ma’am,” Tom answered, very matter-of-factly.

“Is there anything I could do? Fix some of it? Something else?”

“Well, I wasn’t gonna do this, but there could be an arrangement to be made, if you’d like.”

Desperately looking for any kind of lifeline, Regina chimed in, “Anything. I’ll do anything.”

“I like the sound of that,” Tom said, smiling at his 19-year old son Jake. Jake was about 3 inches taller than his dad, but weighed about the same. Jake had an athletic build, whereas Tom had the classic handyman’s belly. Both had solid looks, really.

“Let’s start with you getting on your knees and giving my boy Jake here a good escort kartal sloppy blow job.” Tom said.

“Wait…what?!?” Regina said. “What are you talking about, Tom?”

“I’m talking about taking you up on your offer to do anything. You do as I say and little by little this $1175 repair cost will disappear.”

Regina’s mind was racing. She knew that her family could not afford to lose this money. And she knew, from his tone, that Tom was dead serious about holding her to all those repairs. How bad could this be, right? Give a blow job to a strapping young man and erase a $1175 debt.

“Ok,” Regina said, “I’ll do it.”

Jake walked over, dropping his jeans to the floor, exposing his still flaccid cock. She knelt in front of him, grabbing it in her hands. Even limp, it was already bigger than her husbands. She was starting to become scared. She licked it a few times, lightly as she fondled it.

“Not like that, bitch!” Tom yelled from behind. “Take it all and suck him properly or I will find some more things to charge you for!”

Regina took his soft member into her mouth. It filled her completely and quickly started to grow both larger and harder as her tongue swirled around the tip. She had never had anything so fat or long in her mouth before and the taste of his precum ignited a fire between her own legs as she felt her juices start flowing.

Jake was now fully erect and his nine inch cock was only going about half-way into her mouth. Tom said, “Jake, grab that bitch’s head and force your cock down her throat. She wants it!”

How did Tom know? By this time, Regina did want it. She felt Jake’s hands behind her head and he pulled her to herself. The tip of his hard cock hit the back of her throat and stopped right there at first. He pulled back and slammed it in again. And again. Still only going about 6 inches in.

He adjusted his stance a bit lower, and Regina had to crane her neck a bit, and the next thrust, the tip of his cock went straight into her gullet, all 9 inches. He pulled back immediately, smiling at his dad as Regina gagged just a little.

With barely a second or two to rest, Jake slammed into her mouth again, this time wrapping his arms around the back of her head and hugging her as his cock lodged deep into her throat. Her eyes teared, her nose ran and her hands flailed ineffectively against Jake’s washboard abdomen as he held her there for about 30 seconds, loving the sensation of her gag reflex around his huge pole.

At last, he let her go and she gasped and coughed, but without missing a beat, kept licking and sucking his huge penis. Every fluid possible to be made by a human face was suddenly covering his cock and Regina was tasting all of it. She rubbed it all around his cock and his balls and dove in for another round, Jake again hugging her head to keep her in place.

Time after time, she impaled her face on his member, each time the hunger in her eyes grew. She wanted all of his young sperm and she wanted it now. She began pumping his cock and devouring the tip with her lips and tongue and soon, the boy who had never had a blow job of this magnitude, could not resist any longer.

One last time, he hugged her head to himself, forcing his cock deep down her throat, and his cock exploded in a stream of hot cum that was halfway to her stomach before she could even feel it.

He pulled out after about 5 spurts of cum, and she eagerly licked and sucked the remainder of his cum, enjoying the flavor. After a moment to clean the young man up, she looked up at Tom, and said, “Does this make us even?”

“Even? Ha! Shit, Regina, we’re just getting started. Now take off that blouse and show us those huge tits.”

“Wait. I thought you said…” Regina said, interrupted by Jake this time.

“My Daddy said we were gonna START with my blowjob.” He said with a smile.

Tom reaffirmed, in a stronger tone of voice, “Now, lets see those titties real quick!”

Regina was conflicted. She was getting scared of what she got herself into, but also, her panties were, by this time, completely soaked through and she was as turned on as she had ever been in her life.

She slowly stood up and pulled her blouse over her head, wiping her face off a bit with it as it lifted over her head. She maltepe escort stood with her huge tits still cradled nicely in her bra. This was a moving day, so it was not a sexy, lacy bra. This was a bra meant to hold up and support her mammoth mammaries, and it did just that.

The two men stared at her cleavage, and she noticed that Jake’s cock, that had already softened, was starting to stiffen up again. Her husband would take hours, if not a day, to recover that quickly, and Regina couldn’t resist wrapping her fist around it again and helping it along.

“Get that bra off!” Tom commanded, and Regina stopped what she was doing with Jake’s member and reached around back to unhook the triple clasps one at a time. Once done, her bra almost ejected itself from her chest as her huge tits fell free. Tom’s hand immediately reached out to grasp one, squeezing it like he was wringing out a sponge, sending a shiver of both pain and pleasure through Regina’s body.

“Follow me,” Tom said, after letting go of her tit and leaving a full-glove handprint in red on her chest. He walked down the hallway to the bedroom. There were no sheets on the bed at this point, but none of them cared.

Tom took his shirt off, and Jake had left all of his clothing on the floor in the other room. Regina walked in, her tits bouncing beautifully, and Tom said, “Turn around and let me see your back door as you take those pants off.”

Regina was completely under Tom’s control, but by this time, it no longer had anything to do with the security deposit money. She wanted to be used by this man and his son in every possible way. She turned and slowly bent over, legs spread just a little, and slid her pants and panties to the floor. She was about to step out of the right leg, and “SLAP!” her butt was hit hard with Tom’s hand, leaving yet another full glove hand print in it’s place.

Regina reacted to the pain with a yelp and jumped across the room. “You pull away from me one more time, you whore, and I will double the money you and your husband owe us. You got that?” He asked, exceedingly forcefully. The words stung almost as much as the slap, and equally, they both got her almost as excited.

“Yes sir,” Regina responded, returning to her prior spot and bending over again. Tom stood close behind her and began to grind his still-clothed crotch against her ass, grabbing her hips. Jake sat on the bed, his cock in his fist, but not pumping hard.

Regina’s pussy was soaked and she could feel her juices running down the insides of both legs by this time. Tom’s hand moved between her legs and his fingers wasted no time or motion getting between her lips. Four fingers immediately jammed into her pussy as Regina stifled a scream by grabbing her soaking wet panties and putting them in her own mouth.

His fingers pried her open and he rammed them in and out about 6 times before backing off and standing up straight. “Take my pants off, slut!” He barked.

Regina turned around, kneeling in front of him, and undid his belt. The pants came down easily and Regina learned that Tom liked to go “command.” His cock was already rock hard. Not quite as long as Jakes, but every bit as thick.

Tom fell back on the bed, laying with his feet dangling over the edge and his cock standing straight up in the air. Regina stood between his legs and bent over, her mouth drawn to his rigid pole. Her lips opened and his cock disappeared between them as Regina now got to enjoy the taste of the more seasoned of the two cocks in the room.

Tom grabbed the back of Regina’s head forcing her down on his hard cock. Meanwhile Jake moved around to stand behind Regina, now bent over the bed devouring his dad’s cock. Jake’s member was at full staff again, and he grabbed Regina’s hips as he positioned his cock between her lips. With one thrust, he rammed his nine inches into Regina’s dripping cunt and she had to pull off Tom’s cock and let out a scream.

“Yes, son. Fuck that pussy hard!” Tom said, as he grabbed Regina’s head and forced her back on his hard penis. Jake began thrusting his long, thick self into Regina’s fuckhole like a pile driver. His youthful energy gave him all the more strength as he pounded her. It felt like the two cocks, one in her mouth, and one in her pussy, were somehow trying to pendik escort bayan meet in the middle and at that moment, she almost believed they could.

Regina’s mouth was moving in rhythm with Jake’s hips, bringing Tom close to the edge, but he grabbed her head and pulled her off of him. He knew that, unlike his son, he was only going to have one load to give and he didn’t want to give it up just yet. He rolled out from beneath her, leaving her bent at the waist with his son’s cock embedded deep inside her.

He turned around and knelt on all fours in front of her and said, “clean my ass, bitch!” Even with the intoxicating power of Regina’s young pleasure tool ramming her, she hesitated for a moment and Tom reached around behind her and pulled her face to his ass.

She had to obey, at this point, so she nuzzled her face between Tom’s cheeks and stuck out her tongue. She began licking, all at once disgusted by and excited by the taste. She licked every bit of the outside of his ass while being fucked from behind by his son non-stop. Finally, she forced her tongue into his asshole, while reaching her hand around to start lightly jerking his cock. Tom moaned in ecstasy as she rimmed his ass and yanked on his cock.

After a few moments, Tom flopped forward on the bed, then turned over onto his back. “Come ride me!” He said. Regina stood up, almost regretfully having to pull away from Jake’s man-toy, and straddles Tom on the bed. She positioned her pussy above his cock, while her huge tits dangled over his face. She sat back and his thick member disappeared, this time between her other lips. He was thicker than his son, and she felt so full with him inside her.

She began twerking on his member, rocking back and forth as his hands reached up to grab both of her tits, again squeezing them with fully clenched fists. Regina was totally lost in her pleasure at this point. Her pussy spasmed in wave after wave of orgasm as Tom’s thick cock pounded her from beneath.

As the two of them continued to go at it, Jake got on the bed, standing above Regina. He settled her down from moving, with his father’s cock deep inside her, and spit on her asshole. He pushed his thumb into her ass in one motion and began to pry it open, sending shockwaves through Regina for yet another orgasm almost immediately.

Then he positioned his cock, the bigger of the two in the room, at her slightly gaping sphincter, and forced his way inside. 2 inches in, and back out. She seared with pain. 3 inches and out. 4 inches. 5 inches. She almost blacked out from feeling this massive pole inside her dunghole while her pussy is already full. 6 inches. 7 inches. Then in one last hard thrust, Jake was balls-deep in Regina’s ass and began thrusting in and out like a young stallion.

Tom, from underneath, began thrusting along with him, at first, when Tom went in, Jake pulled out as Regina stayed still. It was like the grown-up version of a see-saw that Regina liked very much. These two men filled her to overflowing and she enjoyed every moment of it. She stopped counting after her fourth or fifth orgasm, just enjoying the ride as these men used her for their pleasure.

Finally Jake was again ready to explode, and he pulled out. Already standing, he made his way around the bed to Regina’s face and after a few strokes, his cum streamed out all over her face. She tried to open her mouth and catch it all, but he just wanted to see her face covered in his youthful sperm. Even from his second load, she was covered in it, as she used her fingers to collect it and take it into her mouth, wasting as little as she could.

Tom was still pounding her pussy from below, drenched in all her juices from her multiple orgasms. It sounded like a kid splashing in a puddle as their bodies slammed together over and over. Tom stopped moving, grabbed her face, and said, “I am going to empty my whole load inside your pussy, and I don’t care what time of month it is for you, bitch. You are gonna take it.”

Regina nodded that she wanted nothing less, and Tom resumed his pounding of her pussy. After one last thrust, Tom pulled Regina’s hips to himself and his cock exploded inside her, coating every bit of the inside of her pussy with his hot sperm.

Both Tom and his son were spent at this point, each flopping on the bed, and Regina spent a few minutes orally cleaning their dicks for them. When she was done, she asked, “Well, Tom. Are we even now?”

Tom replied, “I’d say this apartment is in absolutely perfect condition, Regina.”

“I thought so!” Regina replied.

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