Moving to a Retirement Community


Moving to a Retirement CommunityChapter 10I woke to the sound of the shower going the next morning. Apparently I needed the extra sleep. Looking at the clock on the bedside table I saw that I’d been out almost 12 hours. I got up and went into the bathroom, and found Rob sitting the chair I’d left in there yesterday. He was enjoying the water from all three showerheads, much like I would do sometimes.”Damn,” he said, once he realized I was in there with him. “I’ve got to get my bathroom fixed up like this one.””Those who try it tell me the same thing.” I reached to the far wall and removed the shower gel I kept on the shelf there and pulled my wash rag from the hook right beside it. After wetting the rag I poured some of the gel into it and began to wash up. I could see the rag Rob had used lying on the floor beside the chair. After lathering up a bit I washed up around my stomach, then my arms and then my legs and feet, ending with my crotch and ass. As usual the hot water against my skin invigorated me and before I knew it I could feel a stir in my loins as my cock was beginning to come alive once more.Rob noticed the movement and turned around just enough to grab my cock and pull me closer. He opened his mouth and once more totally engulfed my hard rod, not stopping until his nose was at the base. I felt him licking under my foreskin and probing into my piss hole, all the while slightly bobbing up and down on me at the same time. As soon as his humming started I knew it wouldn’t be long befor I gave him another hot load. But, just as I felt that familiar stiring in my loins, he stopped and pulled back.”Turn around and grab your ankles,” he told me.I knew what he was planning so I did as he asked and turned around and grabbed my ankles, thus exposing my ass and ass hole to his full view. He moved the chair around and pulled it closer then planted his mouth on my right ass cheek and sucked until I felt his tongue slathering around on my skin. He stayed in one spot for a minute and I knew that when he quit I’d have a huge bruise back there, but it didn’t bother me. No once but him would see it anyway. I tended to heal up quickly, so I knew it would be gone in less than a day, in plenty of time for my next encounter with the boys on Friday. There would be only a slight discoloration when Henry and LuAnn came by later tonight though and I could easily explain that as an old bruise.Then I felt him move closer to my ass hole and he planted his mouth right over my rosebud and began to lick and probe with his tongue, only pushing in a little ways though. I squeezed hard and tightened up back there, denying him too much entry. His tongue continued to probe and then he went lower and began to lick between my ass hole and the base of my balls. Once, when I tried to move a bit, he just asked me to stay still, and I did. I wanted to enjoy this moment for as long as it lasted. Rob was very talented with his mouth and tongue and was doing things to me that no one else had yet accomplished. It was truly amazing and I was loving every minute of it.”Hey there, Rob. I’m starting to cramp up and I need to stand up a while.”He grunted something but I had no idea what it was. I do know that he pulled my cock backwards and into his mouth once again, started humming once more, and before I knew it I was shooting another couple of hot loads into his mouth, which he eagerly swallowed.”I could do this all day, Mike,” he told me.”I could to,” I answered, “but I have plans for tonight so we’d better end this for now. I’ve still got a meal to prepare and a little cleaning to do around here before they get here.””Anyone I know?””Maybe.” I wasn’t going to tell him unless he guessed and then, even if he did figure it out, I might just keep it to myself anyway.We both finished our shower, with no extra hanky-panky this time, and retreated to the bedroom and retrieved our clothing and got dressed. No small talk this time. We got all our things on and then walked out to the living room, where I escorted him to the door.”We’ve got to do this again sometime,” he told me before he turned and walked down the walkway to the sidewalk, turned to the left and headed towards his house.”He does have a good looking ass!” I thought to myself as I watched him walk away. “Damn shame his cock is so small though!”* * * * * * * * * *I closed and locked the door, out celtabet giriş of habit more than anything else, and retreated to the kitchen, where I got out the broom and dust pan and began by sweeping the floor. Once that was done I got out the mop, filled the sink with hot water and some Pinesol, and mopped the floors. I wanted the house to be clean when my company got here.Once that was done I went to the pantry and started pulling out my ingredients, diced tomatoes, k**ney beans, mild Rotel, and tomato paste. Then I got out my deep cooking pan and the electric skillet. After placing the skillet on the counter and the pan on the stove top I went to the refrigerator and pulled out the ground round and the small package of Jimmy Dean sausage I’d thawed out over night, along with two bell peppers and a whole onion. After I put them in the sink I opened one of the cabinets and pulled out three packets of chili seasoning and I was then ready. I started by dicing up my peppers and onions and browned them in the skillet. First I browned the sausage, drained it and put it aside. Next I opened the hamburger and placed it in with the other ingredients and added my seasoning and browned it until all was done. In my pan I added the diced tomatoes, the Rotel, the tomato paste and k**ney beans and let them warm up. About 30 minutes later I added my concoction of suasage, ground beef, onions, and bell pepper, along with the chili seasoning and mixed them real good. I let it simmer on the stove for about an hour and then got out my crockpot, set it on the counter and plugged it in then transferred all the ingredients from the pan to the crockpot, turned it on medium, and let it simmer the rest of the day. By the time the Listers got here it would be ready for consumption.The next thing to do was clean up my mess, so I filled the sink with hot water once more and added my Dawn and started washing the utensils I’d used in preparing the meal. After that I dried everything and put it back where it belonged. I stood back and admired the cleaniness of the place. If there’s one thing I can’t possibly stand, it’s a dirty house. Call me fickle, but it’s the way I was raised and I’d done it all my adult life. No sense in stopping now. Besides, it was a habit that I didn’t want to break.I went to the couch and sat down, intending to read for a while and just relax but when I looked at the clock over the stove I realized the Listers would be here in another 30 minutes, so I jumped up, checked on the chili to make sure it was ok, and then went to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable, like a pair of shorts – no underware – and a loose-fitting, button-up short-sleeve shirt. Nothing elaborate, just sensible. By the time I was finished the time had gone by and there was a knocking at the door.I went over and unlocked it, opening it to see my guests standing there, waiting to be ushered inside.”Come on in,” I told them.Henry produced a 2 litre bottle of Cherry Dr. Pepper and I had to smile.”No wine?” I asked.”No. No wine,” he answered. “LuAnn and I discussed it and we thought we should bring something you liked and, since we didn’t know if you liked wine or not, we decided on this,” and he once more held up the plastic bottle. “I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this.” And everyone laughed at that one. But to me it was the perfect drink for what I’d planned to serve. I also had iced, sweet tea in case they wanted that for refreshment.”Supper is ready whenever you are,” I told them. “Would you like to eat now, or wait a bit?”They looked at each other and then back to me, “Why don’t we go ahead and eat now?” Henry said. “That way we can enjoy the meal first and the ‘activities’ afterward, once it’s all settled that is.””What is for dinner?” LuAnn asked.”I’ve decided to treat you to my home-made chili. It’s my own special recipe and I’ve had a lot of compliments on it over the years.””Sounds good,” she replied. “We both love chili, too. I can’t wait to try yours.”We went into the kitchen and they sat at the table while I retrieved the crockpot and set it in the middle of the table, where it was within easy reach of everyone. I went back to the cabinet and got a ladle for the chili and a box of crackers from the pantry. I sat down and asked, “Do you mind if I say a prayer?””Not at all,” Henry answered. “We’d be honored.”I celtabet yeni giriş closed my eyes, bowed my head, and started, “Lord, we thank you for such a wonderful day today. We thank you for good company and great friends, as well. We ask that you be with each of us, Lord, as we go about our lives from day to day and that You continually watch over us in all we do. Now, we ask that you bless this food to the nourishment of our badies and thank You for providing it for us. Amen.””Amen,” echoed LuAnn.”Not too many people say prayers these days,” LuAnn commented.”I know. I do though. Even when I eat out I say a short prayer. Never hurts.””If you’ll hand me your bowls I’ll fill them for you and we can get started.”Henry handed me LuAnn’s bowl first, which I filled, and then his own. I followed with mine and then passed around the crackers. We sat in silence as the chile was tasted and then I sat there, holding my breath, waiting for them to tell me their opinions of my meal.Henry took his first bite, followed by LuAnn, after seeing her husband nod towards her.The I waited.LuAnn took another bite, taking her time chewing it before swallowing. Henry did the same and then they looked at me and……..Smiled!”Mike,” he said, “this is the best damned chili I’ve ever eaten!””Me, too,” LuAnn stated.”Thank you,” I answered. “I’m glad you like it.””I don’t ‘like’ it, Mike. I love it!” LuAnn told me. “I’ve eaten a lot of chili but nothing compares to this meal. What’s in it?””Well, I don’t usually tell this to everyone who asks,” I laughed, “But I have a ‘secret’ ingredient that I use. And I don’t know of too many others who use it in theirs, so I guess that’s what sets mine apart from all the rest.””What is it?” Henry asked, his curiosity getting the better of him. “I won’t tell anyone. I promise,” and he crossed his heart and held up his right hand like he was swearing to tell the truth.”You really want to know?””Yes,” spoke up LuAnn.”I use sausage,” I told them. I didn’t make a big deal of it, though. I just told them flat out, and waited to see what their reactions would be.”I’d have never thought of that,” LuAnn told me. “What make you decide to put that in there?””I like the taste of sausage and I thought the spices would end up giving it a little more flavor, along with the spices I use when I brown my hamburger.””Well, it definitely works,” Henry told me.We sat there and damn near ate half of the chili that night. We chatted and had a good time. It was the perfect start to a perfect evening and I was sincerely hoping it would definitely get better, once we’d let our meal settle for a while that is. Didn’t want anyone getting sick during our ‘activities’ later.* * * * * * * * * *After helping me clean up we ‘retired’ to the living room and sat and chatted some more. Henry noticed the book I’d been reading and told me he’d been meaning to read it, but hadn’t had a chance to just yet. “Still doing a lot of things around the house right now,” he told me. “LuAnn’s been keeping me busy and the company’s been coming over and, well one thing’s led to another, if you know what I mean,” and he winked at me, with a huge smile on his face.We all laughed at that one. I completely understood his meaning, as did his wife.Our conversation turned to what we all liked to read.”I’ve been following Cussler since his first best seller, which was “Raise the Titanic”,” I told them. “I have all his books and even a few of them have been autographed. “I also read Barry Eisler, a little Grisham, Ben Bova, and Steve Alten, to name a few. I love anything dealing with Star Trek and, when I have time and am in the mood, I also do some cross stitching.”That got a look from LuAnn.”You do cross stitch?” she asked.”Since I was 13,” I told her. “My grandmother taught me and it’s something that I’ve enjoyed since them. It’s come in handy, too. “”You don’t say,” said Henry.”Yes. I do say.” I anwered.”Five years ago I had to have carotid by-pass surgery. My carotid artery on the left side was 99% blocked and it was affecting my vision. I had nothing to do for six months of recovery. I couldn’t lift anything for that long and all I could do was sit, watch TV and do my cross stitch. Then, only 13 months later, I was sitting at my computer when I literally felt something snap in my head. I immediately knew that something was celtabet güvenilirmi wrong and I called an ambulance to take me to the emergency room.””What happened,” asked LuAnn.”The doctor ran some tests, an MRI for one thing, and discovered that an blood vessel in my brain had broken, an aneurysm. I was sent to another hospital where they had specialists who could do the surgery, and spent almost 10 hours in the operating room. As you can see, he got it all fixed and I’m still here to talk about it.””Wow,” Henry commented. “I’ve know a couple of people who either had it or had a family member have one, and none of them survived!””I know what you mean. The doctor refused to believe it when he first saw me. He said that usually when someone was admitted to the hospital with an aneurysm they were either in a c*** or almost dead. But two days after I got there I got sick as a dog and he had to do a spinal tap right there in my room. The fluid was full of blood and it was then that he truly realized that something was definitely wrong. Two days later he did the surgery and fixed it.””You’d never know it happened, would you?” Henry asked.”Not really. All I really have left is this huge scar,” and I leaned forward for them to see it, “that runs from the top of one ear over to the top of my head to the top of my other ear, to prove it.” I had to part my hair for them to see it though. I kept my hair in a medium style, just enough on top of my already balding head, to cover it. Not that it bothered me though. Hey, I’d managed to survive something that most people don’t, so in a way I was rather proud of that scar. I thought of it as a battle scar. Received from a battle that killed almost 98% of those who had one.”Well, you sure are blessed to still be here,” LuAnn told me. “I’m glad to know that you’re doing better and the world would be a lesser place if you weren’t in it.””Thank you, LuAnn. I’m glad I’m still here, too. All I have in this world anymore are the friends I’ve made over that last couple of years and I do believe moving here is going to greatly add to that friendship list. I’ve already met you and Henry and I’m thankful for that.” I say LuAnn blush slightly at that comment. “And don’t be bashful,” I told her, “It’s friends like the two of you that keep me going and give me the will to do things I’ve never done before, including getting together with you last week. That was definitely one of the highlights of moving here, and I’m beginning to be glad that I made that decision.””We’re happy, too,” Henry said. “We’ve met a lot of nice people here as well. The week before we met you we had an encounter with another couple, an Asian man and his white wife. What were their names, honey?””You’ll have to forgive my husband, Mike,” she told me. “His memory isn’t the best in the world when it comes to names.””True, honey, but you know that I never forget a face.””Yes, I know. They’re names are Kaneda and Susan Lee.” She turned to me and continued, “He’s from Japan and Susan’s from Delaware. They’re 72 and have been here for almost 3 years. We got together with them two weeks ago and I had a very good time getting to know Susan, and Henry will attest to that. He’s even got the pictures to prove it,” and she laughed and again blushed slightly as she told me.”Those are some really hot women there,” Henry said. “The two of them got in bed and got me turned on, but I’d promised to let my wife have her go first, so Yoshi and I sat there and enjoyed the spectacle before us. We did whip out our cocks though and jacked off as they did their thing with each other.””You mean you and Kaneda didn’t do anything with each other?” I asked.”Not that night, but the two of us met two days later and had one hell of a good time at their place. You remember, honey,” he said as he turned towards his wife. “That’s the day you and Susan went shopping.””Yes. I remember.””I’d love to meet them sometime,” I told them. “Perhaps we can all get together for a fivesome some time.””Don’t think I’ve ever done anything with so many people at the same time, so it would be interesting. I’ll see if I can set it up in the next couple of weeks and let you know.””Thank you.”I noticed LuAnn was getting a little figedity, and she reached up to the strap of her blouse and pulled it down her arm, exposing her small right breast and nipple. She reached across with her other hand and started pinching her nipple then and, as soon as Henry realized what was going on he suggested we move to the bedroom, which I was only too happy to acknowlege, my cock already standing at attention in my shorts and it was beginning to get a little uncomfortable.

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