Mr. Joe Whuzzit Ch. 12


Finally, all of the Answers

This story has nothing to do with our dress-up surprise games, or much of anything else concerning us. It does show how fate, and luck, can play a big part in making fantasy dreams come true. So read and enjoy, or just skip to something else in our many adventures.

Back during a night out with Joe Whuzzit and my date, Daisy Mae, Joe told us his story. Rather than put this after the story ‘Dress-up Half Surprise’, I figured it would be best to tell about all our dress-up experiences and surprises first.

Also the complete story wasn’t told until the red dress date with Margie. Having concerns about how true Joe’s story was, we began asking around. This is a compilation of everything we learned.

Mr. Joe Whuzzit began his tale of why those other old rich men loved being seen in public with girls as young as granddaughters. Also he revealed how his own lust for young female companions ended up with him owning several Strip Clubs. Without even asking, we were told the rest of Joe’s story!

I’ll just stick the part about why old dudes prefer young sexy girls over older women right here. Most of you already know. It makes them feel young and important!

Their own wife has probably died, divorced, is too lazy to leave the house, or she looks too ugly and out of shape. Also their wives never would dress that way no matter what they looked like. (Yes, like all of my stories, this story is politically correct)


Now on with Joe’s story.

It became clear why Joe loved having Dollie as his companion. Simply put, Dollie was the wife Joe once had. Well, a duplicate of her. Joe and I were much alike. Except Joe was born wealthy. Joe loved his young wife, Margie, dressing sexy and pleasing him by flaunting and flashing anytime he asked.

Joe’s pretty young bride was happy to please her man by going to night clubs, Country Clubs, and trips abroad with Joe. Margie was always dressing wild and acting wild. Then children, getting fat, and lazy happened. Something that often happens to beautiful young girls.

Of course, with kids, Margie stayed home more. Joe had business associates, partners, clients, and others to entertain and show off for. He continued his visits to the upscale night Clubs, a few Country Clubs, and many trips to other Countries for business and pleasure.

Joe felt lonely and left out without his wife bedava bahis by his side. Joe missed the attention he got when people stared and fussed over Margie. Joe began noticing some of his friends, and other old coots, having young, semi-clad, pretty girls with them at these affairs. Questioning some, he was told they were nurses, therapists, nieces, relatives, and even clients.

Another thing Joe noticed, some of the old guys had much younger wives, after their’s passed away, or left them. Joe still had a wife. He needed a sexy escort or secretary. Well, Joe lived in a world beyond the streets. He had no idea where to find a pretty young female who would dress sexy and do the things his wife used to do… those things these young ladies were doing in public with the old men.

Joe asked around. An escort service was recommended by most of his old friends. Joe had his private secretary check into this. Joe Whuzzit soon had a list of escorts. Joe expected those escort ladies to expose themselves in the high classed wining and dining places he was used to attending with Margie. He also expected them to let other old farts fondle them in those public places, like the girls with some of those other Club members.

After several bad experiences with hot looking escorts, Joe was told he needed a prostitute, more than an escort. Again, Joe had no idea where to look for a prostitute. This time he wasn’t about to ask his secretary to look in the Yellow Pages!

Joe started asking younger guys at his favorite Country Clubs. He was taken to several whore houses. Again, mixed reactions. Most responses were, fuck my girls here, or maybe take them to a hotel. But my girls don’t fool around in public places!

Joe hired a prostitute a time or two. He even got a few different gals to attend his parties and classy eateries at times. But, eventually they told him he was a kinky old pervert and if he wasn’t looking for a piece of tail, stop coming back!

More than one Madame, and several different hookers, told Joe what he needed was a stripper. They told Joe to start hitting the bars and strip joints. Again, the search was on. Joe found some small bars by riding around and by asking men at the restaurants and other places he hung out. No Strip clubs!

Joe again began asking younger men at the Country Clubs and bars. Someone took him out into the country to one of those rundown casino siteleri tittie bars. At this time, there were no signs saying what the place was. It wasn’t even legal to have a strip club in the county then. Yet, there were half dozen very young girls, each working their naked asses off on stage most nights that Joe returned.

Joe tossed money to the girls as if it were scraps of paper. The pay wasn’t much, mostly just tips from the small roudy crowds on weekends. Several young desperate strippers began taking turns dating Joe. This thing was working out well.

Being young, being poor, being amateur strippers, they’d gladly wear anything Joe suggested. Also they didn’t mind sharing their little tits and skinny asses with Joe’s old friends for the tips those old geezers were handing out. After all, the most those old guys did was rub and squeeze!

This went on for several years at the fancy clubs Joe belonged to. Joe’s wife, Margie, was aware of it. But she was relieved because Joe stopped begging her to attend those affairs with him.

The story gets a little confusing and blurry about here. Much of what you just read… and the following, came from various sources. But most was repeated in different places. I remembered the facts and made notes, but not in the exact order they happened.

Joe’s wife passed away. Joe spent months not leaving his office. He worked, ate, and slept there. Rumor was he only left to go to other Countries on business. When he did finally start attending parties again at those upscale night Clubs, he went alone. Joe heard rumors that the Strip club had closed so decided to see for himself.

Even before this, the County had raided and shut it down several times. It was Joe and his lawyers who bailed out the girls and paid the owner’s fines in the past. Joe Whuzzit knew people in high places, people who turned their heads. Still, County officials had to make it look good when they received enough complaints.

Joe got in touch with the owner-manager of the Club. The guy was through being harassed and fined. As far as he was concerned, the tittie bar was closed for good. Seeing a way out, the owner made Joe an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Still, there was a small catch. The owner of this small tittie bar also owned another, even more run down, maybe ten miles up the road. It wasn’t a Strip club. It was just a hang-out bar bahis siteleri for local rednecks. It was known for being a hot spot for fights with outsiders.

Joe didn’t even drive by to look that joint over. His plan was to have it torn down. Joe Whuzzit bought both bars after some wheelin and dealin of his own with County officials! Like I’ve written, money talks. Joe, his money, attorneys, County Bigwigs, and deals involving loose women, soon got Joe special permits for licenses for two Bar Room-Dance Halls.

Joe basically had the exteriors gutted and repaired, but left them rustic looking. Inside, both building were redone like other Strip Clubs Joe’s builders had checked out. Sounds like that was a rough job!

Business was good. Joe had an endless supply of party gals (strippers) who would follow him anywhere– and do anything for the good pay Joe was known for. Joe bought several more Clubs just for fun. Seems he had a monopoly on Strip Clubs– I mean Dance Halls in the County!

Along came Dollie and I with our silly ‘Dress-up Surprise’ game offer. We had no idea Joe’s wife and Dollie looked so much alike. Joe always wished his wife, Margie, would have been the wild acting and slutty dressing woman Dollie was. Margie wore what Joe asked her, but needed coaxed.

Taking us up on our offer, Joe instantly fantasized Dollie becoming his wife. There was one problem… ME! But even that was to Joe’s liking. Joe was amazed how Dollie and I enjoyed our games, and me letting her play them for fun.

His original plans were to convince us to let Dollie go alone with him to those Clubs. But being amazed how I sat back and just let the games happen, he made me part of the games. Some say shit happens. Yes, and sometimes honey happens too!

We used to think back. What if Dollie dumped my ass and married Joe? Instead of living in the boonies in a double-wide mobile home, we could both be looking out the upper floor windows of a condo on the beach. Just dreamin here. After all, Joe died and left his kids a fortune. We figured Dollie would have gotten part of the fortune. She swears she would have taken me back!

But, enough fantasizing. We could never part. We are far richer than Dollie would have been in far away Countries and that condo on the ocean.

Remember, this is a true story. We could care less who disbelieves. Yes, some parts may have happened slightly different. Words and exact times may have been different.

You and I never know what tomorrow will bring. Follow your dreams and your fantasies. Many will be dead ends. But if you don’t go down the road of life, you’ll never know what’s around the next corner.

The end?

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