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Women all over the world watch what “It” girl and fashion model Jodie Adams is wearing. She always looks beautiful, sexy, desirable in the latest, most exquisite dresses and footwear straight from the designer.But suddenly more interest is being focused on what Jodie isn’t wearing. She generally doesn’t wear tights, which isn’t unusual, women going bare-legged has been more and more fashionable since the nineties. Jodie is one though that keeps her long legs shaved and displayed even through the colder winter months. But her desire to keep more flesh bare didn’t stop with her legs and on many occasions, Jodie is also seen going commando in flesh revealing dresses. High side slits and sheer material are also reasons for her leaving home without her panties on.Jodie could blame the designers, who hated seeing panty lines, but secretly she just likes not wearing underwear and loves these provocative, alluring outfits that get people’s imagination racing. It is also comfortable being free down there, plus there are some good health advantages too.Jodie openly admits she very rarely wears underwear at all. The combination of nothing on her legs and nothing between them is so sexy. What guy doesn’t like hearing about a beautiful lady who doesn’t wear underwear? Jodie had become a sex symbol and infamous for her underwear-free antics.With her arse firm and her pussy shaved she just adds fuel to the flames as she goes out in more risqué, shorter outfits. With the flesh of her legs leading up to her bare pussy, there is a risk she could expose her sex, but that is part of the excitement.As women across the world watch Jodie bravely take the knicker-less route, they decide to do it too. Combined with a hot summer, it soon had become a trend with women on both sides of the Atlantic forgoing their knickers. Sales of underwear drop sixty per cent.The sexy, slender blonde couldn’t turn back now, she had to keep her legs bare, her pussy shaved, and her panties off.Enter Krista Silver, CEO of Silver Power, a company producing ladies grooming products including the Power 22 ladies’ razor. Krista knows that sex sells and gets Jodie Adams as the central figure of her marketing campaign for her razor. The Power 22 glides effortlessly over a lady’s armpits, legs, vulva, leaving skin smooth and soft. Jodie Adams is selling the razor, selling herself, and selling sex. The sales and success then led to the next generation Power 33 electric razor.The flight to Los Angeles from London is long and tiresome. Jodie sits next to Ulysses, her right-hand man, pondering the new Power 33 she is heading to LA to promote.At forty-one, Ulysses is sixteen years older than his female boss. He is well-built with grey hair. Enjoying the comforts of first-class, Ulysses quickly falls asleep while Jodie watches a film.“Can I get you anything?” Carol, an air hostess, says in her polite English accent.“No, I am fine, thank you,” Jodie answers.“Jasmine and elvankent escort bayan I aren’t wearing any knickers,” Carol whispers, pointing to her dark-haired, brown-eyed colleague.“Oh, really,” Jodie replies.“We just love the way you go without, Miss Adams.”Ulysses wakes up half hearing the conversation. He glances over to the attractive Jasmine, who winks back at him. Both ladies are in standard blue airline suits, with bare legs and heels.“What about you, sir? Do you need anything?” Jasmine asks.“I’m good,” Ulysses answers.“Well, let me know if you change your mind.”About thirty minutes later, Ulysses makes his way to the toilet.“You know you said if I needed anything,” he says to Jasmine as he walks past.Ulysses goes into the small toilet. Jasmine quickly follows him in. They immediately kiss, Ulysses can’t help staring into her brown eyes, which slowly close as they kiss again. He lifts her skirt up, Carol was right, no underwear. Jasmine’s pussy looks sweet and inviting. Ulysses’ cock is hard, and he wastes no time in getting it out. Their bodies naturally connect in the small space as she spreads, and he falls between her legs. Ulysses starts rubbing Jasmine’s pussy, wetting her up for the main event. He slides his cock inside her waiting snatch. She moans as he lightly thrusts into her wet canal. The plane’s motion and the communal orgasm take them to a heady height as they both cum. They pant hot and breathless in their confines. As he pulls out, a dollop of cum drops out of Jasmine’s pussy and splatters on the floor.Jodie nods disapprovingly as Ulysses sits back down next to her. She knows she can’t really say anything after all the stuff he has witnessed her get up to.Ulysses is content having joined the Mile High Club, another tick on the bucket list.Jodie and Ulysses check into their hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Annemarie on reception is commando, courteous and polite. She hasn’t worn underwear for the last month.“A Mrs Cardi is in the bar waiting for you, Miss Adams,” Annemarie says.“Ok, thank you, I will be twenty minutes, please can you let her know,” Jodie replies.Tired from the travelling and sex, Ulysses goes to his room. Jodie, still wide awake, is happy to get changed and meet Khloe Cardi, her agent and good friend.Khloe is calmly sitting at the bar waiting for Jodie to arrive.  She is in her early thirties and has an air of wisdom about her, which Jodie often needed to ground her. Khloe’s lightly curled, long ginger hair flows down her back. She is in a cream dress, her freckled legs crossed with a pair of black and cream sandals dangling in mid-air.Jodie walks in wearing a white dress and beige high heel sandals, her red toes looking perfect. Her long blonde hair flowing. You wouldn’t think she had just got off a plane.The pair catch up and order some red wine. Khloe knew Jodie wouldn’t be tied yet and up for a drink.“Hello, you are, Escort emek Jodie Adams?” a voice cries out.“Yes, I am,” Jodie confirms turning round to see a brunette in her late twenties with a slate grey dress on. “I’m Bryony. I think you an inspiration being so open about not wearing underwear,” the woman exclaims. “I bet you aren’t wearing panties now, are you?” Bryony continues.“No, I am not,” Jodie confirms.Jared, the barman, pricks his ears up as he overhears the conversation.“My boyfriend likes me to go out without panties at the weekend. I am a bit worried about exposing myself and people seeing my pubes. How do you deal with it, Jodie?” Bryony asks.Jared pretends to do something with some glasses close to the women as he gets turned on by their conversation.“I don’t have any pubic hair,” Jodie exclaims as Jared almost drops some glassware.“You completely shave down there?” Bryony asks.“Yes, completely.”“I actually prefer to keep a small mound around my penis fly trap,” Khloe joins in.“Whatever you do Bryony, makes sure you use a Power 22 razor,” Jodie says as Bryony finishes her drink and heads towards the lift.“Always selling the dream, that’s why you are my favourite clients, Jodie,” Khloe says smiling.“I like to do my best for our products.”“I think we are turning that barman on,” Khloe whispers.The bar is now almost empty, so the ladies order a cocktail from Jared and go and sit on a sofa.“You are going without knickers all the time, Khloe?” Jodie says lightly stroking Khloe’s legs.“At first it was just on evenings out, but now especially as it’s the summer I don’t bother with panties in the office either. I do love my ginger pubes though.””I sometimes leave some trimmed hair down, but more often I shave it all off,” Jodie exclaims.”So, Jodie how do you find it if you’re with a guy and he knows you are bare down there!”“Guys often subtly find their way up my dress or skirt,” Jodie says.“Would you flash a guy?” Khloe asks.“Maybe!”Just then Jared walks over with the drinks. Khloe uncrosses her legs and smirks at Jodie. As Jared puts the drinks down, Jodie pushes Khloe’s dress up giving Jared a view of her ginger pussy. He looks intently between her legs without saying a word. As he walks back to the bar, the ladies giggle to themselves.After they finish their cocktails. Jodie invites Khloe up to her suite for a last nightcap. She asks Jared for a bottle of bourbon to be sent up as they make their way out of the bar.A knock at her door indicates the whiskey has arrived. Jodie welcomes Jared in. He sets down the bottle along with a couple of tumblers.He is medium height with dark brown hair, a mischievous smile and kind eyes.“Shall I pour, Miss Adams?”“Yes, please Jared.”“Will you join us?” Khloe asks.“I shouldn’t, I am on duty,” he says pouring some bourbon into a glass.“We have another glass. Go on, rules are made to be broken,” Jodie says.“Ok, just for a quick one. We aren’t eryaman escort very busy now.”Jared chucks some ice in the spare glass and pours himself a drink. Jodie and Khloe walk out on the balcony.“Please come and sit down,” Jodie says calling over to him.Jared walks over and settles down in the spare chair. From the balcony you can see across the city. Jodie likes sitting out here at night looking at the bright lights of LA, the city that never sleeps.Jared looks longingly at the ladies’ legs and heels.“You heard our conversation downstairs, didn’t you?” Jodie asks.“I know you both aren’t wearing panties. You like teasing us guys, don’t you?” he answers.“Yes, a little bit. But teasing is when something is out of reach. This is in your reach, if you want it to be,” Khloe says.Khloe slowly gets up and stands in front of Jared. She puts her leg up on his seat between his legs. Jared looks at Khloe’s white toes in her designer sandals, his eyes travel up her legs to her thighs as she once again displays her snatch for him. Jared looks in wonder at her pussy.He moves closer and slowly runs his hand over Khloe’s milky white thighs and then slowly over her ginger pubic hair. Khloe puts her fingers in the bourbon and wipes them over her snatch. Jared leans forward. He can smell the whiskey as his tongue makes contact with her cunt. He licks the spirit from her. His tongue finds its way between her pussy lips and glides over her clit.Jodie gets up and leans against the balcony watching her friend get pleasured.Having finished Khloe off Jared gets up and goes over to Jodie.“So, you want my little pussy now?” she asks.“Yes, is that OK?”“More than, OK,” Jodie confirms.Jared pushes up her dress, he looks down at her perfectly smooth, shaved snatch. He gets on his knees as Jodie spreads her legs. His soft wet tongue soon starts licking her. He stimulates her clit as he pushes inside her. She is soaking down there.Jodie turns around and pushes her butt out. Jared holds her ass and runs his hands over her cheeks. He pulls them apart and starts kissing her anus and then licking it. He keeps rimming then a few moments later he moves his tongue back to her pussy, he keeps going there until Jodie lets out a loud moan and orgasms.“How did I taste?”“Amazing, Miss Adams”Jared goes back to work leaving the ladies wet and horny. Jodie and Khloe continue playing around and eventually end up naked, entwined around each other in Jodie’s bed.Khloe leaves early in the morning to get changed and go into her office. Jodie relaxes after a long flight and eventful evening she is feels shattered. The jetlag was kicking in.Suddenly her laptop comes to life with a video call from Laura, her personnel assistant in London.“Morning, Laura, I have a bad connection, so I will have to keep my camera off,” Jodie says lying through her teeth. It was actually that she was still naked in bed.“No, worries. Everything ready for the product launch and award show?” Laura asks.“Yes, I think so. When are you arriving?”“I fly in tomorrow, Jodie.”“That dress I have for you will be the talk of the fashion world,” Laura continues.“I know, it looks so sexy, I can’t wait to wear it,” Jodie confirms excitedly.After the brief conversation, Laura signs off.

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