Mrs. Parker’s Massage, Part II

Angel Emily

Two weeks had passed since Margaret’s first massage with Matthew.  She had mixed feelings about the experience.  While she loved the experience and Matthew’s body, she felt guilty about becoming so physically intimate. Margaret was also more than a little insecure about her body.  Granted she was a former high school homecoming queen, but that was decades ago.  At forty-six, she managed to stay in shape by running half-marathons, and her breasts had successfully fought the effects of gravity.  She watched her diet and regularly got a bikini wax to keep everything neat and trim for her husband.  Still, being naked with a twenty-six year old young man gave her pause. Her first massage with Matthew certainly made her feel young again, and she was anxiously hoping for another session with this handsome man.Early on Saturday, Matthew showed up at her house looking for her stepson Stephen. “Oh, good morning Matthew!” Margaret said.“Hi Mrs. Parker, is Stephen here?” he asked.“Yes, he’s up in his room,” Margaret said.  “But first I want to tell you something.  That massage.  I, uh I enjoyed it, of course, but…”“Mrs. Parker, I thought you knew I was training for my erotic massage class.  I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but it’s really quite common.  You’d be surprised how many people ask for it,” he tried to reassure her.“Really?” she asked.  “They’re really common?  Among married people even?”“Especially among married people.  It’s something that everyone benefits from,” he said.  “Look, why don’t you come next week and let me give you another massage.  I need to practice some advanced techniques.”“Fine,” she said.  “I’m happy to help you.  Honestly, I really did enjoy the massage.  And you,” she gushed.“I really enjoyed giving you a massage, Mrs. Parker.  You have a great body.  Can I tell you a secret?” he asked.“Of course, anything,” she said.“When you did hall Akbatı escort bayan duty outside the locker room at school, uh… and when you looked in the locker room, I uh… really liked showing you my naked body.  That’s why I kind of just stood there letting you get a good look,” he admitted.  “In my mind I thought that if you got to see me naked, then maybe I would get to see you naked.  I know it sounds goofy, but it was my dream to see you naked some day.”“I thought you and Stephen were pretty comfortable being naked in front of me and anyone else walking past the locker room.  Well now we’re both having our dreams come true,” she laughed.“Great, I’ll see you next Saturday at 10:00 a.m..  I’m going to hang out with Stephen now,” he said, as he went upstairs to Stephen’s bedroom.Saturday came and Margaret appeared at Matthew’s apartment right on time.“I am so glad you are here today Mrs. Parker.  I’ve got some new techniques to practice that I think you will love,” he said.  “Go ahead and get undressed and lay face down on the table.  You can put this towel over your butt,” he said.Being the good girl that she always was, she did as Matthew directed.Matthew knocked on the door and asked, “Are you ready Mrs. Parker?”“Yes, I’m ready if you are,” she joked.Margaret turned around and saw Matthew enter the room.  She was shocked to see that he was completely nude.“Today’s session is going to be a little different,” he advised.  “This is going to heighten your senses, and I want you to just relax and let me guide you through the experience.”“Uh… but you’re nude,” she said.“That’s the first sense.  The visual is intended to heighten your sense of sight,” he said matter-of-factly.“Well Okay, it’s working,” she joked.“Next I’m going to place this peppermint-scented cloth over your head to awaken your sense of smell.  Aromatherapy Escort Aksaray has been very effective for relaxation,” he said.  “Please keep this cloth over your head, even when you turn over.  We’re going to shut off your sense of sight in order to heighten the senses of smell, taste and touch.”Margaret understood and allowed the cloth to be placed over her head.  Matthew immediately removed the towel from her ass leaving her completely naked, except for the peppermint cloth. He stood at her head, forcing his penis against her covered head as he made long sweeping stretches from her neck down to her ass.  He gently pinched the bottom of her ass with each stroke.Whether it was the peppermint or the feel of Matthew’s hands on her ass or his cock flopping by her head, Margaret started to feel a deeper sense of relaxation than she had felt in a long time.  There must have been something to this technique.“You’re doing great, Mrs. Parker,” he calmly said.  She breathed deeply, almost falling asleep as Matthew moved to her side.  She felt Matthew place his penis in her left hand as he worked her leg.  This time she knew what to do as she closed her hand around his penis.  Her thumb swirled the precum leaking from Matthew’s growing penis.Margaret gasped as a second pair of hands suddenly appeared and began massaging her other leg.  Once she realized that she was getting a four handed massage, she relaxed a little.In tandem, the two massage therapists massaged each leg starting from her ankles and working their way up, slowing down to careful, deliberate motions as they reached her thighs and brushed her pussy.Margaret took deep, relaxing breaths as she gave in to the men working her body.  They reached deeper and massaged the outside of her pussy as she felt four hands alternately rubbing her.  She felt two hands on opposite sides gently Ankara escort pulling her lips apart.  She felt fingers entering her from both sides.  She continued to breathe, making quiet whimpering sounds.Margaret kept her eyes closed as her face rested in the face cradle.  She felt her new massage therapist move to her head as Matthew moved to her feet gently massaging each foot.  The new massage therapist had gifted hands as he rubbed her shoulders standing at the head of the table.The two men rotated clockwise to continue massaging Margaret’s sides.  Matthew placed his cock in her left hand and she lovingly stroked him.Remaining silent, the unknown therapist placed his soft penis in Margaret’s right hand.  She felt his soft, silky foreskin.  She hesitated and left her hand open unsure of what to do.  The therapist guided her fingers closed and placed his strong hand over hers.   His loving touch reassured her that everything was fine.The two men continued massaging her thighs and reached deeper with every stroke.  Margaret relaxed and squeezed both cocks tightly.  The men looked at each other and smiled.Margaret relaxed more and spread her legs further.  The men reached deeply to gently rub each side of her pussy.  She was in ecstasy as she felt two sets of strong young hands tickling her pussy.  Margaret released the penises and grabbed their testicles.  She loved the feeling of having two sets of young, virile balls in her hands as they played with her.  She was so wet that their fingers easily entered her and swished around.“Margaret, it’s time to turn over slowly, but I want you to keep your eyes closed as I replace the peppermint cloth with a fresh, new peppermint cloth to cover your face,” Matthew said.  The cloth was thin enough to let Margaret see the male profiles at her sides, but still heavy enough to prevent her from discerning any details.The two men helped her turn over, never revealing the identity of the second therapist.They stood at her side without her knowing which man was at which side.  It didn’t matter.  She reached out and around to feel their asses.  They stretched to massage her breasts and to occasionally pinch her nipples.

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