Mtn. Pines Resort Pt. 04


On this morning, Janice was a bit slower than Doug to awaken. It was she who peeled her eyes open to find him staring at her. She purred and stroked his cheek.

“How you feeling,” Doug asked?

“Mmmm…I’m fine,” Janice cooed, “How are you?”

While Doug was trying to discern if she was hungover, he knew she was asking a much deeper question. “I’m good.”

“Yeah,” Janice asked through a dry throat?

“Yeah,” Doug responded with a warm smile and quick nod.

He started toward her but Janice slipped out from under him and stood from the bed. Doug rolled onto his back and groaned. “Are we ever going to have sex again?”

Janice chuckled and crawled atop him. She planted her palms beside his shoulders and ground her bare pussy against the sheet covering his already hard cock. She stared lustily into his eyes and then kissed him deep. She pulled back ever so slightly so that her lips brushed his, “Oh yes baby. We’re going to have sex again. And when we do…Mmmmmm…” She bit his lip and slid off the bed.

Once again, just like the day before, Doug watched Janice stroll away to the bathroom and soon heard the sounds of her shower running. And just like before, when she eventually emerged and began to dress, she chose no underwear for herself. She stuffed herself into an all-too form-fitting pair of yoga pants and a loose t-shirt, sans bra as well. She pulled her hair back into a quick ponytail. Doug loved that look on her. She reached into their suitcase and fished out a pair of small red plaid panties with black lace about the legs and waist and a tiny little white bow at the front. She tossed them to Doug, “We wouldn’t want to disappoint Melissa now would we?” Janice grinned with a wink and then Doug heard the door close.

Doug pulled the panties off his stomach and stared up at the ceiling. For all that had happened to him, as humiliated and embarrassed and physically hurt and emotionally challenged as he’d been he had to admit he felt good. His head tilted and he gazed out the big windows onto the beautiful grounds being bathed in early morning light. How could he be mad? When he was honest with himself he’d loved it and he revealed in the way he felt. A strange sense of insecurity but freedom filled him and he could not begin to deny that he adored the way Janice had taken control of him. He could not begin to deny that he was insanely excited by her new-found liberation.

As he showered, Doug realized his genitals were getting a touch stubbly. So he sat down and gave himself another shave. He genuinely enjoyed the activity. He felt somehow connected to himself in a way he couldn’t describe.

Doug sipped coffee in his new panties as he awaited Bradley’s arrival. He was a bit later today but eventually the knock came and they strolled down the hallway. They arrived at the same door as yesterday and Doug felt a bit of reassurance at the familiarity. But it was short lived. As Bradley swung open the door and Doug stepped inside he immediately noticed all the other men. They stood in a line, naked. The women were there too, but now he would be in the company of their mates as well.

“Best of luck Doug,” Bradley encouraged behind him.

Doug’s mouth was dry and he turned to Bradley only to find the door closing.

“Yay! Panty Boy is here,” Melissa yelled out!

Doug’s eyes were on the naked men. Harold, the old man from the hallway and Harriet’s husband was there as was the hulk of a man Keisha called Baby Hugo. Then there was a man Doug put in his forties. Except for his beer belly, he was a thin man with a small dick, a crewcut and a goatee. He guessed him to be Carrie’s husband. The young one, wisp thin, with his naturally red hair, pale skin and remarkably large penis must have been with Melissa. Lastly was a decidedly well-groomed gentleman with more gray than black in his tight-cropped beard. He too had an impressive penis. He had the look of a businessman perhaps. He must have belonged to Debra. Doug noted there was no man for Theresa.

“Show me! Show me!” Melissa demanded. “Come here and let me see!”

Obviously, Janice had informed Melissa of Doug’s new garment. He caught his wife’s eyes and she smiled back at him, he took some slight comfort in that. Doug took another look at the nude men. Then he took a deep breath, removed his robe and started across the room. Melissa squealed in excitement. “Oh Janice, those are darling!” Melissa exclaimed with a clap of her hands.

As Doug passed Harriet, she reached out and patted his ass. Doug came before Melissa and she rubbed her hands all over his crotch. He couldn’t help but acknowledge that it felt good. Her head swiveled around and looked over the back of the couch at her well-hung fiancé, “Mmmm…I do love playing a strong panty boy,” she teased the man as he watched her caressing another man’s panty-clad cock.

She giggled as Doug’s balls began to slip out of the side of the panties. Her fingers played with him and Doug knew he was leaking. Again. Melissa leaned in close Tipobet and drew a deep breath. “Yep. Cum!” She declared. “Does boy just get too excited in his panties?” Melissa’s teased. She tickled his balls and again smelled him. Try as he might, Doug felt his cock begin to swell. “Oh my, he’s getting hard in his panties.” Melissa cocked her head and sank her teeth into his thigh. Doug groaned in pleasure and pain. She spun him around, “Bend over panty boy,” she ordered. Doug dutifully turned about and put his hands on his knees and felt Melissa’s finger rub up and down between his cheeks. “Boy pussy…” She murmured. She pushed the fabric into Doug’s ass and cupped his balls.

She continued to massage his asshole. She slid her other hand from his balls up onto his now hard cock. “Ooooo…Panty Boy is hard,” Melissa exclaimed. Doug’s cock popped past the lacey band at the top of the panties and his eyes fluttered. “He likes his boy pussy to be touched. Don’t you Panty Boy?”

Her fingers, young and supple, felt so good on his dick as she softly stroked it. The tip of her finger pressed hard against his nether hole, rubbing, pushing. But despite the pleasure, despite the fact that it was visibly obvious to everyone in the room that he was excited, Doug didn’t want to answer her. He didn’t want to admit it in front of the other men, perhaps didn’t want to admit it to himself.

“Don’t you Panty Boy,” Melissa persisted? “You like me to touch your boy pussy. Say it.”

“I…” Doug choked off his response.

Melissa buried her sharp finger nail into the underside of his swollen cockhead, just where the puffy glands merged together. That incredibly sensitive spot that all men loved to have rubbed was now being used against him in a most tortuous way. She began to wiggle her finger and Doug whimpered. His cock was pinned against his belly as Melissa pushed harder. “Say it Panty Boy.”

“Y…Yes. Yes I like it.” Doug finally admitted through gritted teeth.

Melissa ever so slightly eased off some of the pressure she was applying to his member. “What do you like Panty Boy,” Melissa insisted?

“I like you to touch me there,” Doug responded, “I like you to touch my boy pussy.”

Melissa yanked her finger away and squealed in delight at her triumph. She spanked Doug’s ass, “Damn right you do. Naughty old man in his panties!” Melissa looked around at the other ladies who were all smiling, “I think his dick got harder when I was hurting it!” She shoved at his ass, “Alright Panty Boy, you can go.”

Doug straightened and his raging cock stood high above his panty line. The women pointed at it and mocked him. He hated it. He loved it.

Janice winked at her husband, “Douglas, you naughty boy. You just told all those men you have a boy pussy and you like to have it played with.” She let her words sink in. “And to think, you haven’t even introduced yourself yet.” Janice stood and grabbed his hard cock, “Come on now,” she yanked his shaft and began to walk. Doug grunted and hurriedly followed. Janice led him to the line of men and in front of the old man.

“Dear this is Harold. You know, shaking hands just seems far too impersonal,” Janice hesitated for a moment, “I know…you can shake their cocks honey.” Janice looked back at the other ladies and stuck her tongue out playfully. Melissa snorted in delight. “Now, don’t be rude Douglas. That would upset me a great deal.”

Doug’s hand slowly reached out and his fingers lightly wrapped around Harold’s shriveled old penis. He gave it a quick shake and jerked his hand back. Harold gave him that same warm smile he had in the hallway.

Janice moved him to the next one. “This is Eddy.” Doug’s finger and thumb gave his shrunken small penis a shake. “Carrie says he’s quite the accomplished cum eater. Do you want to ask him for any pointers honey?” Doug’s chin dropped to his chest and he quickly wiggled his head side to side.

Janice brought him before Nicky, “And this beautiful cock belongs to Melissa. You can use two hands to shake this one Douglas.”

Doug’s eyes widened at the sight of the skinny man’s enormous dick. Even limp it was as long as Doug’s was hard and it was fat. Doug reached out and was taken by the weight of it in his hand.

“It’s heavy isn’t it dear,” Janice asked? Doug’s eyes grew even wider when he realized Janice had already felt it. Had she fucked him? Doug was angry, embarrassed, and turned on. “Douglas, you’re still holding him honey.” Doug looked down at his fingers wrapped around the huge member and his hand yanked back. Janice giggled.

Next was the older professional looking man. While not as large as Nicky he was quite well endowed all the same. His cock hung low and thick with a large, chiseled head. Doug shook it. “This is Gregory. He belongs to Debra and is quite disciplined. You could certainly stand to learn some lessons from him.”

Doug realized that at least in some way she’d played with him as well. Had she fucked all of them while he was alone in their room? Tipobet Giriş Even the old man? He could barely believe it was his wife, the mother of his child, who was standing next to him. Where had that somewhat shy and reserved woman gone?

“And lastly, this is Hugo,” Janice’s hand stroked one of the man’s massive arms. “I believe you two have already met. Well, sort of. He’s a Bulgarian body builder that Keisha found in her travels and brought home with her.” Doug gave the big man’s penis a quick shake.

“There, now isn’t it nice meeting new people honey,” Janice smiled coyly at him? Doug didn’t answer and she pinched his cock in her nails.

“Uh hum…Yes. Yes ma’am it’s nice,” Doug replied sheepishly.

Janice again gave his genitals a tug and Doug followed back in front of all the women.

She pushed his panties down, pulled them off his feet and tossed them aside. “Get down on your knees Douglas,” she instructed.

Doug hesitantly sank down. His heart began to race with the fear of what might happen to him. Melissa bounded over and set about buckling a broad leather cuff to his ankle. Janice put her finger under his chin and lifted his eyes to meet hers. She stepped forward and pulled Doug’s face into her Lycra-covered pussy. Doug could smell her sweet sex and feel her folds through the thin fabric. Janice rubbed up and down on his face while Melissa worked. She stepped back and Doug watched her hand slip into her pants and rub herself. Janice pulled her hand out and rubbed her finger under Doug’s nose. He took a deep breath and drank in her scent.

“Mmmmm…Is that what you want baby,” Janice teased?

“Yes ma’am,” Doug quickly answered.

“It made my pussy tingle watching you touch those other boy’s dicks,” she pushed her finger into his lips and Doug readily sucked at it.

Doug quickly realized his wrists were bound to his ankles. He yanked but it was hopeless. He felt Melissa’s thin fingers reach between his legs, grip his testicles and pull them backward. He felt her tie the cord around them. Melissa stood up holding the other end of his tether. She popped her hand and Doug’s stretched balls bounced. He grunted more from fear than pain and Melissa giggled.

“Honey you know how Melissa likes to call you Panty Boy,” Janice asked as she softly rubbed his cheek and looked into his eyes.

Doug nodded.

“Well, by the time we’re done, I think you’ll have lots of new nicknames.” Janice pinched his cheeks and smiled devilishly at the fear in his eyes. “Let’s start with…hum…I don’t know…how’s about Cum Eater?”

Doug frantically shook his head, “No baby, please. Please don’t,” he pleaded. But all it accomplished was pleasing Janice more. He looked around at the other women. They stared back at him and sipped at their drinks and generally appeared quite relaxed and entertained by his torment. Keisha was snuggled beside Carrie and gently caressing the other woman’s legs.

Janice pointed at the muscle man, “You come over here,” she commanded. The big man walked to her and she positioned him right in front of her kneeling, bound husband. His head was down and he was breathing rapidly. “Look at me Douglas.”

Doug slowly raised his head. Hugo’s limp penis was just inches from his face. She was going to make him suck cock! His stomach knotted and his eyes welled up. But then he saw Janice squeeze a generous amount of clear lubricant in her palm and rub her hands together. She slathered the lube all over the big man’s cock and balls and he began to swell at her pleasing touch. Janice stood behind the big man and purred as she stroked his cock to life. She looked around him and into her husband’s eyes while she played with him. Doug listened to the sloppy sound of his own wife stroking another man’s cock literally in front of his face.

“Keisha says Hugo here hasn’t had an orgasm in three weeks baby,” Janice informed him while she stroked faster and harder. She cupped his balls in her palm, “His balls are hot and so swollen with cum. I can feel it all in there. So much cum,” Janice smiled and worked the tip of Hugo’s cock. He grunted in pleasure. “Don’t hold back Hugo. I’m not going to tease you or ruin it for you. I want you to cum hard and enjoy it.”

With that well-earned fear stricken from his mind Hugo relaxed and found himself quickly propelling to orgasm. Janice sensed it as well and stroked him faster and played with his balls. “He’s getting close baby,” Janice advised her husband and stroked Hugo’s cock furiously

Doug dipped his head but Melissa yanked the cord and he gasped in pain. Her fingers wrapped into his hair and jerked his head up. Hugo was grunting and groaning and his leg muscles tightened.

“Stick out your tongue baby. Here it comes. He’s gonna cum,” Janice was truly enjoying herself.

Doug closed his eyes and poked the tip of his tongue out. But Melissa pinched his cheeks into his teeth and pulled at his testicles until he opened his mouth just as the first explosion hit Tipobet Güncel Giriş him the face. It splattered against his forehead and Doug jerked. Hugo groaned loudly as another, even thicker and more powerful shot splashed across Doug’s entire face and into his mouth. He swallowed reflexively and felt the warm goo ooze down his throat. Over and over the big man came on him. Cum covered his eyes and dripped off his chin.

Janice worked the big man for all he had, “So much cum baby.” Hugo twitched and grunted and Janice knew he was spent. She gripped his cock tight in her hand and milked out the very last drop of his cum. She shook his cock and it slowly dripped down onto Doug’s chin. She grabbed Doug’s and head pulled it forward. She rubbed Hugo’s shrinking shaft over his cum-covered face and then pulled the big man back and ordered him to return to the line.

“Oh baby your whole face is covered in cum,” Janice teased but had a sultry tone. “Lick your lips baby. Come on, you can do it.” She was watching him intently.

Doug’s tongue quickly flashed out and pulled the cum into his mouth. His face scrunched up as he swallowed.

“Oh now it isn’t that bad baby,” Janice scooped some cum off his cheek and pushed her fingers into his mouth. “You already drank down a huge shot.”

Doug feared he would cry as his wife fed him another man’s cum off his own face. Eventually Janice stopped and gently toweled Doug’s face off. She pulled his head to her chest and cooed into his ear.

“That’s my good boy,” Janice stroked his hair and reached down between his legs and lovingly fondled his semi-hard cock. “I’m so proud of you baby. You’re such a good boy. It wasn’t so bad was it?”

Doug couldn’t look at her. It wasn’t so bad? Which part Doug wondered to himself? The part where his wife jacked off another man in front of a room full of women while he was bound and forced to watch? Or the part where she forced that man to cum on his face and into his mouth? Or the part where afterwards everyone watched her made him eat more of it? Two days ago he was a successful, self-made business owner grilling burgers on the patio of his nice home. Now, here he was, bound up naked before a room full of strangers struggling to process that his own wife had forced him to eat another man’s cum! It wasn’t so bad?!

Doug still didn’t answer and Janice reached between his legs and played with his cock. It began to harden and she smiled slyly. She grabbed a bottle of water and instructed Doug to open his mouth. Janice poured some of the cool liquid between his lips and Doug swished it around and swallowed.

He looked around and found Keisha had unbuttoned Carrie’s shirt and her dark fingers were now playing over the woman’s ample, creamy-white cleavage. Doug couldn’t help but admire the contrast. Debra still looked unimpressed and Theresa had a pleased, albeit sinister smile.

Janice stood before him. She again pressed her crotch against Doug’s nose, “My pussy’s wet baby. You made me all wet. My good little Cum Eater.” She reached back and pulled Melissa to her and the two began kissing lustily with Doug pressed between them. He drank in the sweet scent of his wife’s pussy and could feel the dampness seeping through the fabric. Janice pulled Melissa out from behind Doug and the two stood before him kissing passionately. Janice pulled the young woman’s t-shirt off to reveal her youthful, firm breasts. She cupped them and licked them and sucked Melissa’s nipple into her mouth. Doug’s cock twitched between his legs.

Janice stopped and pulled Melissa into her and looked at Doug, “Do you think I should taste her baby?”

Doug nodded in enthusiastic support.

“Yeah? You want to watch me eat Melissa’s sweet pussy,” Janice was wanton and lusty.

“Oh yes baby. Yes I’d love that,” Doug encouraged!

Janice stepped seductively toward him and squatted down in front of his face. Her fingernail trailed over his cheek and lips, “Well, I think…” Janice reached between his legs and stroked his now hard cock, “I think I want you to get another nickname.” Doug’s eyes widened. “You want to watch me eat pussy? Well, I want to watch you suck cock!” Janice’s hand retreated and she stood up.

Doug panted and wagged his head, “No. Please no Janice!”

“Oh beg all you want dear but I know you want to. That man shot a load of cum straight into your throat and covered your whole face in it and you didn’t even gag. Hell, you barely resisted. I guess you squirmed enough to put on a show to pretend you didn’t like it. But you liked it. Besides, your little lie detector is telling me all I need to know,” Janice pointed at Doug’s erect dick bobbing between his legs.

Doug looked down and saw the thin stream of shiny precum dangling from the head of his dick. He silently cursed it.

“And since this is going to be your very first cock I’m going to make it special for you,” Janice pointed to Nicky and beckoned him over. Doug watched in horror as the skinny redhead walked toward him. His huge limp cock bounced about ominously. Melissa stepped back behind him and retrieved his ball leash. She tugged on it to remind Doug it was there. He grunted and watched Nicky’s heavy member draw ever closer until at last he was right in front of him.

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