November 1984

My alibi is a work event for this trip to LA. Actually, I fly in on Friday afternoon at Jack’s request. I have flown to LA to see Jack on occasion. Sometimes the firm pays but mostly Jack does. Surprisingly, I have never been to where he actually lives. The implications of this never really occur to me.

I lied to Tom, my roommate and boyfriend about the reason for the trip. I guess this is technically cheating, though we’re not married or even engaged. The fact that I lie to him however, suggests “cheating”. I love Tom. He is a good lover and a loyal, non-overbearing boyfriend. But if I told Tom about seeing Jack we’d break up. My heart and Tom’s would be broken. I don’t want to end our relationship. I need him and his love.

Why then am I cheating?

It must be the thrill of the illicit, the pleasure in debauchery, and the adrenaline rush of eroticism. It is a thrill as long as it is hidden and I can get away with it. But maybe there is added element of excitement because I can get caught. I like having several lovers and I like sex, in all its variations and I don’t feel as bad as I probably should.

Jack is my partner in these licentious proceedings. It is Jack’s intense attention to me for the last 2 years that keeps it going. Is it truly morally necessary to give up on one relationship to delight in another? Is it unfair that Jack knows of Tom but not inversely? Does Jack have this quandary?

My flight arrives in the afternoon. He picks me up in a black Jaguar convertible. We drive up the 405 and onto Wilshire Boulevard to Beverly Hills. He takes me to a little shop along Rodeo. There we see the perfect little camisole, black, shear, and lace patterned. Jack joins me in the fitting room as I try on several items. He watches intently as things come off and things go on. He reaches to touch my naked butt but I swat his hand away and feign indignation. He suggests I wear the camisole out on our little trip around LA as it goes perfect with my short tight gray skirt and heels. I think it is too revealing. After the fitting though, my current bra & panties join the camisole in the cute pink bag the boutique gives out.

We continue through Beverly Hills as the sun begins to set. The top is down and I’m a bit chilly but it only serves to make my nipples poke at my white blouse, which I unbutton to below my breasts. We cruise Sunset and gawk at all the strange people. I am flattered by all the attention from those looking into the Jag from higher profile vehicles. We pass Whiskey-a-Go-Go and The Comedy Store. We continue on Sunset to Highland Ave.

There Jack stops for gas and this becomes one of those strange and exciting moments that usually come around only with the “first-time”. He reaches into the glove compartment as I lean in a bit. His arm brushes my breasts. Now, Jack has been to second base many times but for some reason this accidental touch is electric. It is as if I am 13 and a boy is feeling me up for the first time. I don’t understand why, but it just is, electric. I am instantly and greatly aroused and wishing I hadn’t taken my panties off. Jack notices and without checking our surroundings separates my blouse, kisses and sucks on my breast. It sends a zap through me. I squeeze his head into me and let out a squeak. Just as suddenly he is out the door. I remain composed as he fills up but I am now immensely horny. I wish I could bottle this for later.

It is even cooler now so I wrap myself in a sweater but enjoy the breeze as we continue on Highland Avenue. Jack needs the headlights as we start on Mulholland drive. We stop at the Hollywood Bowl Overlook and see the spectacular view of the lights of LA. The overlook is crowded. It is gorgeous, but not very intimate. We kiss and cuddle on the edge of the overlook. Jack wants to continue down the road.

We find a more sparsely populated stop called Dead Man’s Overlook. We park as far as possible on the west end. No cars beyond us. It is totally dark, now around 8 pm. He turns off the car and leans to kiss and cop a feel. Not the same electric charge this time but pleasant none the less.

Jack gets out and offers a helping hand to me. We are illuminated only by the waxing gibbous moon high in the sky. Really though, no one can see us nor can we see anyone. Even an occasional passing car’s headlight misses us next to the Jag.

Jack gathers me in his arms and pulls me tight against him and lifts me. I see the lights of far-off-somewhere over his shoulder. He sets me on the hood of the car. I can feel the warmth of the engine on my bum. I spread my legs to let him in close. He unbuttons the last button on my blouse and opens it to the cool night. He clutches the back of my head gathering all the frenzied black hair and gives me a long, deep French kiss. I give it back.

I pull his belt then undo it. Rather aggressively I reach into his slacks and straighten his cock. I unbutton and unzip his pants. They begin to fall konyaaltı escort but Jack takes a wide stance to keep them up. I lightly fondle his meaty cock. His mouth is next to my ear and lets out an “mmmm.” We’re so close my hand is awkwardly twisted. Jack’s hand moves to my pussy and vigorously massages me.

I feel all the sensations which lead up to an orgasm, but really I don’t want to climax here. I cannot do so quietly. It is impossible for me to hold it in. It would be embarrassing, even if I haven’t a clue who is out there with us. Jack pulls one of my knees up high. His cold belt buckle is caught between my thigh and hip. My bare bottom is now on the hood of the car and my legs over the right quarter panel. I am starting to shake as I hold my breath to keep from giving away my condition. Jack unbelievably has a condom in his hand. I tell him to forgo it. I need him in me now. He wisely disregards my impatience and applies the protection. I am soaked in anticipation and in slimy female fluid. He leans into me as I roll back on the hood and I feel the cold penetration, then the rush of pleasure from his infiltrating endowment.

I still don’t want to cum so I just relax and feel the warmth of the car and the fullness of his out sized penis in me and the breeze on my exposed nipples. Jack chugs like a lurching steam engine, then peaks. He is apparently not embarrassed by his own throaty wail. He goes into paralysis for a moment and with on hand on my chest bends to one side. I can feel him pulsate in me and quiver outside me. He gives one last thrust then vacates.

With both hands on the hood he leans over me and breaths heavily with his legs still in a wide stance.

I guess he really wants me to climax. His own pleasure finished, Jack without much pause, plants his face on my pussy and tongue on my clit. He licks, flicks, and sticks my vulnerable nodule. No sooner than I control my own pleasure he fights to overwhelm and is about to be successful. I hold his head and bite my lip and nearly roll off the hood, but I don’t cum.

“Sorry, Jack. Stop. I don’t want to cum here,” I whisper.

He relents lets me relax on the hood and slow my breathing as he restores his pants and discards, environmentally correctly, the condom.

It is all rather surprising to me. Despite their feral and raunchy nature, I find these activities romantic. Yes, romantic. Jack’s focus on me and my body is intense and rewarding. His concentration fulfills me. His climax is a testament to my sensuality. It is a boost to my ego.

This affair may not last into the ages; the passion of Henry VIII comes to mind, but for these last few years a well-placed, high-ranking courtier of the firm is devoting his ardor on me. I have an illusion of control even though what draws me to him is Jack’s confidence and competence. No “what do you want to do?” He just takes me and he knows I’ll enjoy. He is engaging and not condescending or disrespectful. He tells me I’m beautiful but doesn’t gush like a patron at a strip show.

On the ride to the hotel we talk of office politics and how Ronald Reagan is about to clobber Walter Mondale for a second term. We dance in our seats to Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean, my current favorite. Jack and I both really like Bruce Springsteen. I wish he’d taken me to the Born in the USA tour concert which had been in Los Angeles the week before. I’m sure he went but I don’t know with whom and know better than to ask.

We stay in a hotel penthouse near the firm’s event at the Beverly Wilshire. Apparently he lives not 30 miles away. Jack is usually my “weekday” boyfriend but this event gives us an opportunity for some weekend time.

The room is gorgeous. A huge living room with a balcony overlooking the pool 13 floors below (this hotel has a marked 13th floor!). The tub seconds as a Jacuzzi and the bedroom is enormous with its own balcony. We change for a late dinner. We have reservations in the mezzanine restaurant. There it is dark so I wear the camisole. It seems to help keep the attention of the wait staff. We delight in the coq au vin and drink Morgon Beaujolais to compliment the burgundy.

Back in the room Jack strips me to nothing but my heels. He keeps his clothes on. He has me lie on the bed on my back. My legs hang over the bed on either side of the corner. This spreads my knees apart and my pumps drop off. He lies next to me and insists I raise my arms (as if I were standing) over my head. With the back of his hand he runs his fingers from my elbow along my underarm, my ribs, my hip, and down my thigh to my knee. I squirm but try to relax and take it. On the way back up my body his fingers travel up my quads to the crease between my leg and my pussy. He tugs on a few strands of my black and straight pubic hair and gives me a smile. From there he encircles my belly button and brushes my nipple. He traces the line of my neck and puts his palm on the side of my face.

Jack evaluates, “Your skin kültür escort is so beautiful. It is soft, smooth and mocha. Your body would be different if you’d been pregnant. You can tell you’ve never had a baby. You’re beautiful.”

In the 80’s, anyway, I am exotic.

He kisses me and rests his hand on my breast for a moment. I am fully soused as he reaches for my pussy. Jack puts the appropriately named, mount of Venus of his right hand on my clit. Then furiously he shakes his hand side-to-side. It stuns me in its immediate intensity. I know I’m going to cum but I intentionally try to calm and loosen every muscle so as to let it flow over me. However, as it hits, no muscle in me remains relaxed. Everything explodes. My pussy, my voice, my brain just erupt. Jack keeps shaking his hand until I push it away. The intensity is too intense. This technique I will teach every lover hence! I roll over onto Jack still in his clothes and hold him tight. My hips involuntarily grind while the storm between fades.

Moments pass. I relax, but want him. I sit up on Jack and unbutton his shirt. I have to scooch down a bit. I unfasten everything that keeps his pants on. Jack nudges me over and stands to remove all his clothes. He is a fine specimen. His body is hard, his cock is hard. His hair is nearly blond on his head but his face is smooth but stern looking. He is a businessman but he is uncharacteristically imaginative in more ways than one.

He twirls his pointer finger to indicate he wants me to roll over on my front on the bed. I comply and stretch out my limbs. Jack kneels onto the bed and pulls my head up slightly by my hair and kisses my cheek. Once again with the back of his hand he caresses my spine down to the crack in my butt. His finger pauses on my ass. I don’t like this much so he continues down my leg to the popliteal fossa (back of the leg behind the knee). I’m tingling and wet. I push Jack over on his back. I kneel next to him and pull up his rigid cock to the perpendicular of his body. I roll his penis between my hands like I’m starting a fire with a large stick, which I am. Now it’s Jack’s turn to squirm. He grabs a breast at the length of his reach and gives it a squeeze.

It is Jack’s rule that I cannot suck on him. I guess he wants to be an oral sex virgin until he gets married or he just doesn’t like it. I comply.

“Whoa! Sit on me, now!” he pleads.

He points at the condom on the nightstand. I use my teeth to break the seal and remove the lubed rubber. I roll it on, unwinding it completely. Then I straddle him while I point his cock in the right direction. It pierces my vagina and slides in its full length. What a joyous feeling when love and passion meet like this (at this moment I do love him!). How can I describe what most women who have made love, have felt when coupled with a wanted cock? It is universal but indescribable. Like eating when really hungry? No. Like a hot shower on cold winter’s morning? No. Savoring chocolate maybe? How to describe it? I will seek poetry covering the subject.

Jack clutches one boob and a cheek while pumping. I close my eyes and just feel the lust take me. In short order Jack pumping stops as his penis convulses. The knowledge of his orgasm and the presence of his cock push me to another crescendo. I continue to ride till I and he are through the pleasure. I lie on his chest and straighten out while holding him in me. As his orgasm passes we relax and just lay breathing heavily but exactly opposite. His erection however does not subside. I swivel my pelvis side-to-side just to keep things slippery while just enjoying him in me.

Finally we disengage and sleep. Early in the morning we make love again in the traditional way but with a withering orgasm, and then we get up for our Saturday adventures. We breakfast in the hotel. We shop again on Rodeo and purchase an evening dress. In the afternoon I leave by myself to visit some uncles and cousins who live in the area.

I return to the hotel around 7pm or so. Jack and I shower together (suds only no intercourse) and dress for the company dinner event at the Beverly Wilshire. We join with friends and colleagues of Jack’s. We eat and drink and listen to a corporate lecture on the quarterly successes. Jack furtively slides his hand between my legs. Once again I find myself regretting I hadn’t worn panties. I like to go without though. It makes me feel like a renegade. On the outside my new gown is stylish but conservative.

After the a little dancing one fellow with a trophy girlfriend invites us over to his place and we accept. There we sit in a grand living room on a right-angle couch. We partake of his cocaine, Falanghina and biscotti. It is like a Roman salon as we recline and talk of politics, world events and philosophy. I thought Jack was angling for a foursome or at least a twosome between the trophy and me but it never develops. She however, dresses for the occasion in an over sized muscle shirt worn like markantalya escort a dress with only a thong underneath. Yes, I notice. She is a blond with a perfect body and amazing sideboob. If Jack and his friend were to suggest it, I would go for it, just to see the whole ensemble. However, we depart, not too far into the evening and return to the privacy of the penthouse.

I still have a bit of a cocaine buzz. We both strip completely, leaving our clothes in the main room and walk out to the balcony. I don’t see how anyone can see us but it doesn’t concern me much anyway. The breeze is cool along my naked body exposed to the world. Jack moves in behind me and his warm hands cup my breasts. I can feel him get hard. He readjusts himself so his cock follows the line in my back as we spoon standing.

He turns me around. My elbows lean on the glass wall around the balcony. Jack kneels keeping his hands on my breasts, then slowly draws them down to either side of my pudendum. There he closes his hands like a vice on my labia majora. My legs are wide apart allowing his elbows between them. It looks almost as if he’s praying. He slides his hands up and down similar to how I rolled his cock the night before. My labia are caught between and thus my clitoris is too. I became self-lubricated once Jack first cuddled with me on the balcony, so there is no irritation only smooth pleasure building quickly. I burst, the support in my legs weakens, but Jack and my elbows support me. The sensation is sensational. A pleasure shock impels a screech which alerts whoever wasn’t previously aware of our naked presence. A second wave hits soon after as Jack continues his fire starting. This wave is not as intense but truly worthy. I must now fuck.

“Take me, take me to bed! Now! I need you in me.”

He scoops me up and rushes to the bed. There he drops me and falls on me. We embrace and kiss passionately. I feel as if the bed is a cocoon. I want his cock and tell him so, but he first searches for another damn condom. Within moments he is sheathed and in me giving deep, slow penetrations. It is heavenly. I feel complete abandon as if on an endless freefall. With every thrust we exhale together and my pussy tingles with ecstasy. It is nearly unbearable, like being tickled. I grab his spectacularly firm buns. I feel him coming which excites me to orgasm and we climax together. Interlocked within each other we jerk a few times then are completely paralyzed. The climax holds me in its grip for a long time. It fades slowly. As the intensity descends to some threshold we both relax and collapse. Jack is on top of me and his lovely cock is still in me but we don’t move till all of a sudden I cannot get enough breath and push him off.

The doorbell rings.

“Oh, shit”, Jack says as almost a whisper.

“What?” I ask.

“I think its Nick and his girlfriend. I invited them over but I didn’t think they’d take me up on it.”

“To what end?” I query.

“Well, you know.”

I give him “the look” as he deals with the condom, then rushes to answer the door in his hastily applied bathrobe. Turns out it is only Nick, the colleague we visited earlier, and he has come-a-callin’. He explains his lady friend sent him alone, she was tuckered out. Should I believe it?

I do not dress. I unabashedly walk out naked to greet Nick. The look on his face is as a deer caught in the headlights but he gives me a hearty handshake. I’m enjoying this. He tries and fails to be cool.

I think men really enjoy a woman who pursues sex. I act wantonly and it turns men on. I understand that it could be a brief, singular encounter but no matter, I love it. With sex as in fishing I enjoy the casting and capture. Some you release, but occasionally you keep one on the hook. Like Jack!

I think it is obvious how things will play out. Jack and I get comfy on the couch, Nick on the guest chair across the coffee table, and we all snort a bit more of Nick’s cocaine. Jack is still in the bathrobe but it is open completely. I fondle his penis whilst we take turns on a line.

“Join us Nick, get naked,” I command.

Nick removes his button-down shirt. Whoa. I knew he was big but I had not realized he was a body builder. Not steroid-ripped, but ripped. I stand and walk across without instruction and help him out of his trousers.

“What are your rules about contact?” I ask.

Nick looks quizzical and responds, “Ah, unrestricted, I guess.”

I look back at Jack as he motions with his hand to go-ahead. I’m going to have fun. I step behind Nick. His shelf of a butt is right at my tummy. He is Mediterranean dark. Apparently though he has shaved his entire sculpted body. I wrap my arms around him and feel his belly, or lack thereof. It feels like a tortoise shell. His pecs are square and defined. I run my hands to his package. One hand to the hard shaft the other cradles his testicles. Nick’s cock is a bit thinner and maybe shorter than Jack but beautiful and needing my attention. Maybe, unlike Jack he doesn’t mind my mouth on his cock! As with Jack Nick is circumcised. If I hadn’t already made love to Jack I would have enjoyed Nick but my pussy has had enough penetration this evening.

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