Mum’s Still Got It Ch. 02


I arrived at the Church at ten to eleven, same time as Sal. When I saw her, she looked gorgeous and oozed sex. We greeted each other with a lingering cuddle, then went into the Church which, apart from mum and the choir, was quiet. The organist was checking the organ and when mum caught sight of me; she gave me gave a big smile which it thrilled me. I smiled back. The choir was standing to the right of the altar, facing the congregation with several microphones in position. Mum looked fantastic. She also looked happy.

The church filled up a couple of minutes before the service began. Sal whispered, “That’s the asshole two seats in front on the left.”

I looked over. He didn’t impress me with what I saw; I saw an older man with obvious hair colouring, about five foot seven or eight. The first thing I thought was that Mum couldn’t wear the heels she loved. Otherwise, he’d look insignificant beside her. I wondered if he had a monster cock, as there was nothing appealing about him. The choir stood up for the opening hymn. Mum had an expressionless look on her face as she pushed her massive tits out. She smiled. I smiled back as I felt my cock stiffen.

The service continued. The eye contact between mum and me was intense but subtle. This continued until the sermon when Sal, who was sitting on my left, leaned into me allowing her massive right tit to push against my left arm, (it felt so good) and whispered, “Jack, in this church, your mum only has eyes for one person and that’s you. Her eyes sparkle when she looks at you and I don’t think she’s looked at Tom once. This could be risky. Mmnn, the muscles in your arm feel so tight and firm.”

The sermon was so boring, I whispered back, “What’s risky about it? I don’t see any future with mum and Tom and I’d do anything to stop that.”

Thankfully, everyone’s thoughts were everywhere, especially during the sermon. “Sal, how can it be risky? I only want to help my mum.” Sal put her mouth very close to my ear, I could feel the warmth of her breath, “Your mum wants fucked and she wants you to fuck her, that’s so obvious. Can you handle the incest aspect of having sex with your mum?”

I realised then that I wanted sex with mum, no I’ll change that. I wanted to make love to mum, I whispered back, “Sal, it would be consensual. There is no problem with it. I don’t want to fuck her. I want to make love to her.”

Sal whispered back, “She’s so lucky. This could work out for both of you. Rush nothing. Take her for lunch and flirt with her. I’m sure she’ll respond. Thank fuck that sermon is finishing.”

As the sermon finished, the choir stood and sang. Mum was wearing three-inch heels and I couldn’t help thinking about her long legs underneath her skirt. Mum was stealing glances with me as the service continued. She had never winked, but she was maintaining eye contact. When the choir was finished and seated, mum slowly applied lip balm to her lips sexually, with her tongue coming out of her mouth, showing an inch of tongue, then pulling it back into her mouth.

The last prayers were said, the choir sang as the priest left the altar. Sal leaned over and whispered, “I’ll leave now. You stay until your mum leaves, then walk with her. I’ll be outside watching Tom; he has no chance with your mother. I will watch him and message you what he does. Good luck Jack, I’ll be in touch. I hope it works out for you.”

The church wasn’t that busy; it emptied quickly. As mum walked down the aisle, she smiled at me. I was sure she pushed her tits out as she smiled. Mum was doing her model’s walk. She looked fantastic. I gave her a hug and whispered, “You looked great mum, I’ve booked a table for two at the hotel. I walked here, we can drive home, then walk to the hotel. That will allow us to have wine with the meal?”

As mum fumbled for her car keys she said, “We haven’t been out for so long. I’m glad you booked the hotel. I love their Sunday Roast. You drive the car home and I’ll run in and freshen up. Jack, you were the best-looking man in the Church, you have filled out beautifully. Open the car door for me and be a gentleman.”

I smiled as I opened the passenger door. Mum got into the seat gracefully. However, her skirt slid up her thighs at least five inches, displaying the tops of her self-supporting stockings and her beautiful thighs. They looked incredible. As I got into the driver’s seat, I said, “Mum, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen your thighs. They’re still gorgeous.”

“I’m still swimming every day and my body benefits from that. We should get into a routine of swimming, especially when you leave university. OK, let me run to my room and freshen up. Wait for me in the lounge, darling.”

I went into the kitchen and checked the fridge. Amongst the white wine, there were two bottles of Champagne. I was thinking we’d have some after lunch. Mum came into the lounge a couple of minutes later. She had changed, still wearing a jacket, blouse and skirt, but this one was more risqué.

As Girne Escort I took mum in my arms, I could smell her perfume. When I smelt it, I said, “Thanks mum, I love this perfume, that was so thoughtful of you putting it on for me.”

Mum pulled me closer to her and said, “Thoughtful. What a lovely way of saying you like something. I’ll wear it for you every day.”

“Thanks mum, I’d like that. Thoughtful, caring and helpful are all words that I like. They can make a big difference. We’d better go. I’ve only had a coffee for breakfast. I love how you are dressed, mum; have you been shopping?”

“I needed to update my wardrobe. I’ve been a hermit for too long.” Mum said, then asked, “I saw Sal sitting beside you at church. How did that happen?”

Mum’s question surprised me. I didn’t want to involve Jean directly. I replied, “I’ve known Sal for years with the fashion show. I’ve also done some work on her Internet connection. Her marriage wasn’t good. I told her you were thinking of dating Tom. She said that Tom wasn’t for you. I also told her that Tom would be in church for the service. It was Sal that suggested we sit together as Tom would see us and that would scare him off, as Sal knew so much about him.”

Mum smiled and said, “That was very thoughtful of both Sal and you Jack, I won’t be dating Tom, I saw him in church and realised he wasn’t the one for me. I may have been a little stupid there, as he was the first man to show any interest in me in years. I’m hungry too. Let’s eat.”

We arrived at the hotel, the owner and manager were standing in the foyer and both shook our hands. We had been regular customers when dad was alive and we had held his funeral lunch in the hotel. The warm welcome we received impressed me, especially when two glasses of Champagne were brought to the table with the owner’s compliments.

We both went for Roast Beef. The Champagne was excellent; it was their house, Champagne; we stuck with it. I was thinking of how I could get mum talking about dad’s WhatsApp messages as I thought that may be the way to find out more about her but it didn’t happen. The lunch was excellent, mum and I both enjoyed it. Mum joked and said, “Jack, would you like me to pay for this?”

I laughed and said, “It’s ok mum, as if you didn’t know, I have a little money and you’re my date today.”

The restaurant was emptying. It had been a long time since I’d seen mum so relaxed. I was so happy I’d contacted Jean and Sal last night and relieved that mum wouldn’t be dating Tom. When they brought the bill, mum said, “Book a table for next weekend. We’ll do this again. I’ve enjoyed every minute.”

I booked the table; we walked home, and I thought, I’ve held mum, she’s pulled me close as we held each other. I had wanted to kiss her but didn’t, as I was scared in case she rejected me. How could I move this to the next level? I wanted it, but did mum? This was the problem I had. As we walked home, mum changed everything when she asked, “Did Sal say why Tom wasn’t for me?”

When mum asked this, I wondered how I should reply as this could be the turning point I needed. I took a deep breath and said, “Mum, can we talk as two adults as this conversation will not be the faint-hearted?”

“Jack, of course, please treat me as an adult. I will always treat you as an adult, but please be honest with me.”

We were now in the house’s driveway. I put my hand on mum’s waist and said, “Tom, for years, has been on the lookout for vulnerable submissive women. He has several that he visits. I am talking about women who love to be dominated. Tom begins with spanking them, as they suck his cock, but Tom needs more. He’s not interested in these women’s needs or desires. He needs them to get himself off. Without these women, he can’t cum. He introduces a riding crop, then the submissive women is subject to actual pain, and that’s the only way Tom can get off. Sal soon realised this was not what she wanted. Tom relies on everything being consensual, which ensures he gets away with it.”

We had reached the front door of the house. As I opened the door, mum said, “This is scary, that’s a lot to grasp Jack. I need a drink. I’d also like to change out of this suit as it feels so comfortable. At your graduation, I would love to wear it. The lounge is where I will meet you. You dress casually too, as I want this Tom business out of the way.”

“Maybe better mum that we talk about it, there’s chilled Champagne in the fridge, we can stick with that.”

I was excited that mum had asked about Tom. I had been honest with her and her reaction and facial expressions told me she was taking this seriously. I got out of my blazer and flannels; I put on a T-shirt and tracksuit bottom, I then got the Champagne, put it in a cooler on a tray with two glasses and went to the lounge.

I was sitting on the sofa when mum came into the lounge. She had put on more perfume as I smelt her first. It surprised Magosa Escort me how she was dressed. She too was wearing a T-shirt but with no bra. As she walked in, her massive tits wobbled beautifully. She was wearing Calvin Klein yoga shorts, which showed her Camel’s Toe to perfection. Her sex slit was impressive, with thick cunt flaps. Mum smiled and said, “You look so athletic, Jack, pop the cork in the Champagne. I need a drink.”

As I poured the Champagne, I controlled myself and didn’t say, push your big melons out now, mum. I took a serious approach and said, “Mum, how did you hook up with Tom?”

Mum took her Champagne. We clicked our glasses and said cheers. Mum said, “The choir was wonderful for me Jack, my life comprised working and looking after you after dad died. The choir got me out, it got me meeting and talking to people. I looked forward to every choir meeting I went to. About a year ago, I met a woman called Carol. Though older than me, she was a widow like me. She told me about this Christian Website she was on and had met a guy, they hit it off. Soon, they were seeing each other and enjoying life. Carol moved in with him. They both didn’t want to marry; they are so happy together.”

“I put a profile on the site. Carol helped me with this. I didn’t put any pictures just that I was a widow, worked and was looking for a man to get to know and enjoy life with again. On Carol’s suggestion, I also added that I was open-minded, which I am. I got a reply from Tom. He was a lot older than me, which was not a problem for me. He told me he was in a loveless marriage and financially he couldn’t get out of it.”

“I did the initial contact on the website, then Tom suggested we email or WhatsApp each other. We got into a routine, every morning, a good morning message. Every night, a good night message. I soon looked forward to these messages. It was my only contact with a man. Tom sent me pictures of himself and asked for pictures of me. He wasn’t rushing. He was being nice and polite every day. I wondered if he maybe was too old for sex. Jack, does it surprise you I was interested in sex?”

I thought for a while, then said, “Mum, you are a normal, attractive woman. I understand you have needs and desires. How long did this go on for?”

“Three months, we exchanged face pictures. He sent me some selfies of him standing in the bathroom, then asked me for a tit picture. I sent him one of my covered breasts, though I pushed them out for the picture. He told me he loved big tits. He was so flattering and respective. Four weeks ago, one evening I got my first dirty one. Jack, this gets dirty now. Are you comfortable with that?”

“Of course, mum, I can handle it. Can I ask how dirty it got?”

“Darling, very but I want to tell you about it then you’ll understand me better. The other thing I want you to appreciate is your dad, and I had an exciting and varied sex life. It did not scare us to try new things that would give us more fun in bed. What I’ll tell you is intimate and personal. As I tell you how things developed with Tom, you’ll understand how things were with dad and I.”

“Mum, thanks for trusting me. It will be our secret.”

“The message was short and direct. He asked, ‘Do you suck cock?’ I replied, ‘I love to suck and swallow.’ He replied, ‘Do you like being a naughty girl?’ I replied, ‘I love my face and tits squirted on with fresh cum. After I make you cum, would you like me to lick your cock clean?’

I interrupted mum then and said as I looked directly, “I love to suck a clit and swallow. I think we both like to give pleasure.”

“Long time since I had that. I loved it a lot. I’m definitely a giver. I love to give pleasure in every way I can. His next message read, ‘You can be naughty. When you’re very naughty, do you enjoy a nice spanking? I can assure you I am very good at it and will give you lots of pain and pleasure.’

“Jack, this is the important bit now. I enjoy being spanked, I replied to Tom telling him I loved a nice spanking, and I also had a spatula which I loved to be used on my big hard clitoris as I sucked cock. Tom got very excited when I wrote this. He started sending me dick pictures then. They didn’t excite me at all. Tom was then desperate for a meeting. The first time I saw him was at the church service. I only looked at him once, the rest of the time I was looking at you. I’ve tried to be honest with you. Now you know your mum is a pretty complex woman. Have you any thoughts on where you want to go from here?”

I sat there not knowing what to say, trying to hide the massive bulge of my stiff cock that was growing in my tracksuit bottoms. I cuddled Mum. She was pulling me closer to her. My right hand cupped her massive left tit. It felt incredible. Her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. Our mouths were inches apart. I whispered, “Mum, I love big tits too and yours are gorgeous. Can I kiss mummy now?”

As our tongues Kıbrıs Escort intertwined in our mouths, mum said, “Of course we can, but keep playing with mum’s tits as you are making her pussy so wet.”

“I like that mum, let me take your T-shirt off then I can play with those gorgeous big girls you have got?”

“Of course you can, darling, or should we go to bed? We can get naked there and mummy will spread her legs wide for you? Darling, I need cock. Let me be more specific. I need your cock and I need it now. We can do all the naughty things later.”

The Champagne bottle was empty. Mum took her T-shirt off. Her massive tits looked so good, her butt wiggled beautifully as she walked to her bedroom. I took my T-shirt off and left it beside mums on the lounge carpet. My cock was so hard. Mum was arousing me and she was arousing me so easily. I had the feeling that I wanted to take time with mum, but she was so horny, she just needed fucked.

I took mum in my arms at the side of her bed. We tongue kissed lovingly for several minutes and I fondled mum’s massive tits as we kissed. She loved it when I squeezed her hard nipples. My kissing and touching was arousing mum. I then put my two hands inside the waistband of her Calvin Klein pants. With a very slick motion, they were now at mum’s ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. I said, “Mum, lie on top of the bed. I’ll get naked too.”

I pulled my tracksuit bottoms off. My stiff cock looked impressive, although mum didn’t see it, as she was positioning herself on top of the bed. We were both now naked. I lay mum on the bed; we kissed again. Mum’s sex slit looked gorgeous in her Calvin Klein pants but out in the raw, it was stunningly beautiful, smooth and swollen. Mum’s thick cunt flaps looked so inviting. As we kissed, I slipped my hand between mum’s thighs. Mum was trying to suck the tongue out of my mouth as she spread her legs wide for me.

We were both kissing with so much passion, mum gasped as I slid two long thick fingers inside her soaked pussy. Mum tightened her strong cunt muscles around my fingers. It felt incredible. I then got myself into a position that would allow us to 69. As I spread mum’s cunt flaps open, out popped a huge hooded clit. As mum pushed her pussy against my mouth, I teased it with my tongue. I continued to tease mum’s clit with my tongue, but in between times I was nibbling the insides of her gorgeous cunt flaps as I slid two fingers in and out of her wet cunt. I wasn’t rushing. I wanted to give her wonderful oral. I could feel mum’s hands fondling my stiff cock, she wasn’t rushing either, as she caressed my balls she said, “Jack, your cock is fantastic, just looking at it makes me wet, he’s so thick and long. Your balls feel so heavy. Do you have a lot of lovely spunk you can shoot inside, mummy? This feels so good. I love how you’re sucking my clit. Mummy is going to suck your big stiff cock now. Enjoy darling.”

For the next fifteen minutes, we engaged in intensive oral. It was amazing. Mum and I were both givers, we were both giving our best. As I sucked mum’s clit, I was finger fucking her with three fingers. Mum had adjusted her hips and was taking my fingers deep. Then out of nowhere my mouth was flooded with mum’s cum. There was so much I had to swallow some. Mum’s pussy was slamming against my mouth as she cried out, “I’m cumming.”

It took mum a minute to compose herself. I was relentless and kept sucking on her big, hard clit. Mum was no longer sucking my balls sensually. My mouth was full of mum’s cum. I came off her clit; we were looking at each other in the eyes. I stuck my tongue out. Mum saw the huge blob of fresh cum on my tongue and pulled me close to her so we could cum kiss.

For the next ten minutes that’s what we did, mum’s tongue busily transferring her cum from my mouth to hers. Mum’s eyes were sparkling as she did this. It all felt so loving. Mum then laid me on the bed and squatted over me, gripping my cock at the base. She ran the bulbous head of my cock up and down her gorgeous, wet and long sex slit. It felt so good.

I loved how mum’s massive tits were wobbling as she stroked her cunt with the head of my cock. Mum then placed the head of my cock in the middle of her sex slit and as she pushed down, mum said, “This feels so good Jack, I’ll go easy until I get used to this big boy, my pussy has never felt so stretched in my life, it’s a lovely feeling, let me get a nice rhythm going for you. You can play with my tits as I ride you.”

Mum soon had an incredible rhythm going. Mum was very good and a gripper, knowing exactly when to grip. She was arching her back, taking me deeper and said, “Jack, this is fantastic. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix. I can’t wait to feel you spurt against my cervix. Darling, how’s it for you? Can mummy do anything to make it better for you?”

I was loving what mum was doing. Everything felt so good. Mum’s tempo was excellent. I loved it when her cunt flaps were tight around the base of my cock. I then started fingering mum’s clit. She loved that and started riding me faster and harder. Mum had been on top of me for over twenty minutes now. As my fingers got more intimate with her clit, she moved up a gear. I was close and so was she.

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