Muslim Widow – Daughter Dee Lez


Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with another post of my middle-aged Muslim widowed aunt, Sheen where she and her daughter and my older cousin, Dee rekindled their taboo, bisexual lesbian relationship and we had two days of memorable threesome at Mahabaleshwar.

A Little Background First…

About Me –

I’m Ali, a rich Muslim kid from India. I’m fair-skinned, tall – standing over 5′ 10″ – with sharp, angular features and long, straight black hair that I usually wear long. I have a slim, but well-toned physique as I’ve played soccer since I was little. You need to know only three things about me – I love bikes, booty and books – and not necessarily in that order. I am a proud stoner and rarely drink alcohol. I’ve had the luck to sleep with numerous women and girls till date, including a couple of aunts, cousins and my sisters.

About My Family –

I can’t reveal the name of me hometown but I can tell you that it is one of the largest cities in central India. I have a huge, extended family, made of the individual families of my father and his seven brothers. We are quite rich and live in a huge, lush green two-acre property on the northern outskirts of my hometown. It is an immense walled compound with a tall, black sheet-metal gate. There are three 3-storied buildings built around the property with large, luxurious apartments for every family on every floor.

Although we are well off, we come from an ultra-conservative sect of Muslims and follow our religious tenets strictly. Though we are close-knit despite being a huge family, intermingling with strangers of the opposite sex is strictly prohibited. The women in my family always wear a Hijab to cover their heads and faces and put on an Abaya to hide their tall, fair bodies whenever stepping out of home.

Such restrictions ended up having unexpected consequences and some of my female family members started discrete, taboo sexual relationships with me, the second oldest boy in our house. One of the most outstanding sexual partners from my family is Aunty Sheen, the constantly horny and extremely shameless middle-aged widow of my eldest uncle. Sheen Aunty hadn’t even waited for a couple of weeks after her husband passed away to seduce me and has been fulfilling her enormous sexual appetite that she had had to suppress for over 15 years.

About Aunty Sheen –

Aunty Sheen is unlike the other women in my family because she is short, dark and plump. Sheen aunty has dark, wavy medium-sized hair which she usually wears in a loose bun. She has a round, brown face with big eyes, small nose but thin, severe lips. Aunty Sheen’s dark brown, and almost hairless, smooth skin shines like dark chocolate when she exposes it. Sheen aunty stands well below 5′ 6″, but has huge, curvy assets. Aunty has a voluptuous chest with huge, soft and round 44F-cup brown breasts that are crowned by large, black areolas and thick, long ultra-sensitive nipples. She has a soft, motherly belly with a deep, dark navel and clean-shaven, smooth crotch. Aunty Sheen has a significantly slim waist which broadens out to huge, curvy hips. Aunty Sheen’s best asset is her immense 50-inch, round ass that juts out from her back like a pair of big, brown bubbles. I simple love the way Aunty Sheen’s lovely, large butt cheeks swing and jiggle when she walks. Her prominent pair of buttocks gives way to thick, soft thighs, with large, shapely calves and a pair of small feet.


Widow Mother is Devoted to Daughter

(7 AM – 9 AM Saturday, 18th August, 2007)

This incident happened a month after Aunty Sheen had caught Dee and me fucking in Dee’s room and convinced her daughter to have their first lesbian experience. The Muslim mother-daughter duo had discovered their lust for the female flesh and had become discrete bisexual lovers. Dee had moved to Pune to pursue her Bachelors in Interior Designing from INIFD a couple of months ago. After experiencing the lust-filled satisfaction from their prohibited relationship, Aunty Sheen and Dee seemed to miss each other more than ever.

I remember it was Independence Day and I was upstairs with Aunty Sheen and she was sucking my cock when she mentioned how much she missed her daughter. Dee, too had mentioned missing her mother, but for physical reasons, when we often talked on the phone. I had no college on the weekend so I agreed. Aunty Sheen never had trouble convincing my parents to let me “accompany” her as they felt that I should always help my “poor, windowed aunt”. Thankfully, no one had a clue about Aunty Sheen and my sexual relationship and this gave us an easy way to travel to a resort nearby or go on long trips and spend the time trying new and weird sexual experiments. My folks readily agreed to let me take my aunt to meet her daughter in Pune. Aunty Sheen, of course, had other plans.

Aunty Sheen’s plan was to treat me and Dee to two days of stay at a luxury spa in Mahabaleshwar, an extremely popular hill resort a topkapı escort couple of hours drive south from Pune.

Doubtlessly, I was extremely thrilled by the trip as I put on my clothes early that rainy Saturday morning. I wore black, fitting half-sleeve shirt with a black sleeveless tee underneath and had a pair of blue jeans below. My black windcheater was draped around my shoulders and I grabbed my medium-sized backpack. I said bye to my folks in the kitchen and walked out to meet Aunty Sheen in the huge parking lot of our home.

It was raining quite heavily outside. I stopped under the awning at the entrance of our building and pulled on the hood of my windcheater over my head. I peered out into the rain and could hardly see anything. So, I pulled out my cell phone and dialed my aunt’s number. She picked up on the second ring and told me she was waiting in the cab right outside the main gate. I ended the call and ran through the small puddles and slipped out of the small, pedestrian gate on the side as our old security guard saluted me. I smiled and waved at him before quickly getting into the taxi.

Aunty Sheen had on the usual black, loose Abaya with a dark windcheater over it. Although her outfit was loose it still clung to her large, round chest and her enormous, curvy hips and buttocks. I could see the proud mounds on her voluptuous chest and the way her outer clothing clung to her wide, round hips and showed off her cute, cola-bottle figure as I ran through the hard rain and reached the parking lot.

“Hello, Ali.” Aunty Sheen greeted, her excited grin hidden behind her dark Hijab.

“Hello, aunty.” I replied, shaking the hood off and smiling in turn.

“Let’s go.” She turned and said to the driver.

The taxi made its way slowly through the wet, dark early morning streets towards the airport. The driver had to drive slowly through the deluge as heavy winds whipped thick, large drops on the windshield. It took us nearly half hour but we managed to reach the airport south of our town just in time for our hour-long flight. After paying the driver, I helped carry my aunt’s light, medium-sized designer bag to the check-in and we boarded almost immediately.

The plane was nearly full, as the trains were full during the long weekend. Aunty Sheen and I immediately took our seats near the front of the Kingfisher Airlines flight. Aunty Sheen and I had our moist windcheaters draped around our arms and our luggage stored overhead. We chatted in excitedly about the coming trip and Aunty Sheen shared several extremely exciting ideas that had come to her mind.

It was exactly 7 AM and our flight took off on time. Despite the heavy rains, there was not much wind near the airport so the flight took off normally. However, ten minutes into the flight, the plane suddenly lurched.

“Oh!” Aunty Sheen suddenly cried out softly in shock and grabbed my arm.

“Shh…” I tried to pacify my aunt, “It’s just turbulence, aunty.” I smiled and tried to reassure her.

Suddenly, the plane gave another lurch before we hit turbulence. The entire plane was vibrating and we could hear the cracks of thunder booming out of the tiny windows. It wasn’t too bad, as far as turbulences go, but my middle-aged aunt was still extremely nervous. I helped her tie her seatbelt on when the sign lit up and caressed her soft, round belly comfortingly.

Thankfully, the turbulence lessened in the next fifteen minutes but the plane still vibrated noticeably as we cleared the stormy weather over central Maharashtra. A few minutes over an hour later, the plane landed safely at Pune airport. Aunty Sheen hurried out of the window as soon as the doors were opened. I followed her with our bags and we cleared the counters within a few minutes. Aunty Sheen and I quickly walked to the washrooms in the waiting lounge. I went into one of the stalls inside and pulled off my jeans, changed into a pair of black cargo shorts from the bag, kept the jeans in the bag and strolled out, feeling more comfortable.

While waiting for my aunt, I pulled out my phone and called Dee. She replied with an excited kiss as soon as she picked up my call and proceeded to tell me that she was on her way down from her apartment at Kalyani Nagar and would reach the close-by airport in the next ten minutes or so. I told her I could hardly wait to see her and ended the call with excitement. My cock gently stirred in my pants when I started to recall the last time I had fucked my sexy, horny older cousin. However, my reverie was broken by my aunt.

“Come on son. I really need a smoke!” Aunty Sheen suddenly appeared at my side and said.

“Mm…” I mumbled in excitement when I first laid eyes on her, “I need a smoke now, too.” I said and winked.

My mature Muslim aunty looked casual but somehow slutty in her short, blue dress. I first noticed her pink lipstick and eyeliner but my eyes fell lower soon. Her fitting, sky-blue summer dress was türbanlı escort held up by thin straps on her smooth, bare brown shoulders and showed her soft, thick arms. It had a low neckline which revealed enough of her deep, dark cleavage. The fabric of the dress was synthetic and clung to her huge, round bra-less tits and I could clearly see her thick, long nipples trying to poke holes in her dress. The dress stuck to her softly rounded belly and stretched taut at her sides thanks to her enormous, wide hips. Her outfit stopped only a couple of inches above her knees and I looked down to see her thick, soft thighs and shapely, brown calves which ended in blue sneakers. As she smiled softly and turned to walk ahead I got a clear view of her huge, round booty cheeks as they swayed and struggled under her tight dress.

Needless to say, my excitement doubled instantly and I immediately felt my cock twitch in my tight pants. I took a few deep breaths and eventually the threat of an erection in the airport passed. I enjoyed the view of my dark, plump aunt’s swinging huge, round buttocks till we reached the entry/exit gate across the huge parking lot of the airport. The weather was cloudy, with only a light drizzle falling and we hurried to the other side of the road.

It was 8:30 AM on my iPhone when we stepped out of the huge entry gate of Pune airport and helped my aunt to cross the large street. Aunty Sheen had started smoking the same day we fucked for the first time and I was tasked to provide her with cartons of Classic Regular to smoke at her home as she now lived completely alone because Dee had moved to Pune. Obviously, we couldn’t carry cigarettes in the flight so I quickly bought a pack and a lighter. I ordered two small glasses of tea from the roadside stall and helped my aunt light a cigarette boldly.

As usual, Aunty Sheen completely ignored the stares that her curvy, plump body got from strangers in the street because no one could recognize either of us. Aunty Sheen sat on one of the numerous plastic stools placed under an awning to one side of the stall. I stacked our bags on a stool between us and took a seat on the other. I watched my mature Muslim aunt smile with satisfaction as she breathed out the smoke. The tea arrived and I watched the old man trying hard not to look down my aunt’s deep, dark cleavage.

Aunty Sheen, ever the slut, leaned forward to give him a clearer view and thanked him with an innocent smile after she grabbed her glass. The old man hurried back to the stall and joined the group of men who were now turned and staring at my aunt openly. I knew they were admiring her big, brown breasts that threatened to spill out of her deep, tight neckline and were enjoying the way her huge, round ass cheeks were squished and spread wide on the small, flimsy stool seat. I was sure they liked the way my mature, plump aunt crossed and uncrossed her thick, bare legs while taking sips of tea with drags on her cigarette casually beside the main road.

As soon as we finished our smoke, Dee arrived in her cab and rushed across the large street carefully towards us. My cock woke up once again and stirred softly as soon as Dee came into view.

Dee looked definitely hot in her small, denim shorts. She had on a dark windcheater, just like us, and had on a pair of white sneakers with her tight, shapely brown legs completely exposed.

“Hello, mom!” Dee greeted her mother with excitement and hugged her tight, “Mmuah!” She kissed Aunty Sheen almost on the mouth and hugged her tighter.

I watched their big, round breasts crush the other’s till Dee eventually leaned back and looked at me.

“Hey, bro…” She said softly but excitedly before jumping into my arms.

“Whoa! Mph!” I cried out in surprise when she jumped but my cry was muffled the very next moment by Dee’s soft, luscious lips.

My hands grabbed her lovely, round firm ass cheeks and held her soft body close to mine.

“Mmuah!” She kissed audibly and looked deep in my eyes as I put her down, “I’m so excited!” She said before grabbing my hand.

“Do you want tea, sweetheart?” Aunty Sheen asked Dee with a loving smile.

“No, thanks mum. I can’t wait to leave though.” She said and grinned before mother and daughter broke into a fit of stifled laughter.

“Okay, wait.” Aunty Sheen said before walking towards the line of cabs waiting along the road opposite the airport.

Dee had her arm around mine and stood close to me, pressing her firm, round boob against me as we watched her mother’s sexy, curvy form walk away. Definitely, we both had the same thoughts – How sexy is Aunty Sheen!

Aunty Sheen soon signaled to us and I grabbed her bag before walking to the white Suzuki Swift Desire she had hired for the couple of hours drive to Mahabaleshwar. The driver helped put our two backpacks and a bag in the trunk and we quickly took our seats, relieved to be out of the cold drizzle. Aunty Sheen sat tüyap escort in the spacious rear seat, right behind the driver, with Dee seated in the middle and I sat on the left.

Dee had taken off her windcheater to reveal her short, fitting white spaghetti top straining to cover her large, young perky breasts and came down only to her brown, deep belly button. Her shorts were clearly strained by her huge, curvy hips and big, round bubble butt. Although the rear seat of the car is quite large and can comfortably seat three normal people, my aunt and her daughter have extraordinarily large buttocks and they filled the space comfortably. We had to sit extremely close to each other, with our bare legs and thighs touching one another. I settled in comfortably, and Dee pushed herself against me even harder, almost crushing her firm, round tit on my arm.

Aunty Sheen instructed the driver to stop at a big tobacco stall. The driver pointed one out ahead and I quickly stepped out to grab 10 more large packs of Classic Regular cigarette. As I mentioned earlier, we smoke and love to get stoned too, so Aunty Sheen had hidden the large 100 gram pack of weed in her underwear to pass the airport security. She had tucked it in her bag along with her Abaya and Hijab in the airport washroom.

As I stepped back with the packs in a plastic bag and a couple of disposable lighters, Aunty Sheen was chatting with the driver. I saw her pass 500 bucks to the driver, almost half of the fare amount, if he could let us smoke in the cab. The driver immediately agreed and pocketed the money before starting the car and driving south. Thankfully, the traffic within the city was not too heavy.

It was well past 9 AM when we joined the NH 48 and eventually started on our way to Mahabaleshwar. Aunty Sheen, Dee and I smoked and chatted excitedly. We made sure to talk in English so the driver couldn’t understand us discussing weird and wild fantasies we could try in the luxury spa and resort at the scenic hill resort. The windows were cracked open slightly so there was enough space for the smoke to trail out of the car but not allows the small raindrops to come within. The driver drove carefully in the rainy weather at a slow but steady pace.

I had draped my right arm casually on Dee’s smooth, bare brown shoulders and she had snuggled closer to me. She felt extremely comfortably stuck between my warm, firm body and her mother’s soft, plump one and I watched her casually drape her right leg over her mother’s thick, soft thighs.

I started to caress Dee’s soft, smooth shoulder absentmindedly, brushing my fingertips along her firm, round upper arm and listened to the two discussing the best ways to make me cum. In the meanwhile Aunty Sheen brushed her free hand against her daughter’s smooth, shapely bare leg – all the way from her sneaker-clad ankles to her thick, muscular calves and on to her round, soft but shapely thighs and then back all the way down.

Needless to say, my young, thick dick was aroused in no time. It was getting erect as I heard them talk so openly about pleasuring each other with their tongues and fingers. I quickly lit another cigarette, trying to squash my arousing dick with my hand. The other hand slipped down to her surprisingly slim waist and rested there for a moment. I rubbed her bare, soft midriff which her short, tight top failed to hide and soon moved my arm to her front and felt her soft, warm tummy. Soon enough, I couldn’t stop myself from sliding my hand under her short top and moving it slowly up to her voluptuous young chest.

“Bro…” Dee suddenly called softly when my hand stopped right below her perky, round tits, “Mm…” She moaned with a sigh as my hand gently cupped her large, taut breast and squeezed gently.

Aunty Sheen continued to talk as if nothing was going on and continued to fondle her daughter’s hungry cunt with her hands.

Dee immediately closed her eyes and tilted her head back to rest it on my shoulder. I watched as she slightly shifted to face her mother and spread her shapely, round legs. I watched as Aunty Sheen grinned, reached out with her free hand and gently cupped her daughter’s round crotch over her tight denim shorts. Dee’s breathing got faster instantly and I looked at her face to see a soft smile playing on her lush, full lips.

“Mh…” Dee moaned and bit her lip as Aunty Sheen gradually pressed her palm harder against her daughter’s covered cunt. “Yes…” She whispered approvingly next.

I looked in time to see aunty rubbing her fingers back and forth over Dee’s crotch. Aunty Sheen knew exactly where to press and where to rub over the shorts to tease and stimulate Dee’s cunt within. Dee was soon squirming and I continued to squeeze and press her big, firm tits alternately. I would cup and cuddle a tit but then squeeze and pull the other one. This alternate soft-hard fondling was a definite way to get Dee turned on quickly. I was not wrong because Dee’s breathing was faster now and I watched Aunty Sheen rub her daughter’s pussy to excitement expertly over the thick fabric of her denim shorts.

Once, Aunty Sheen paused to light two cigarettes before handing one to Dee. Aunty now teased Dee’s crotch and my fondling was softer as we denied her an orgasm jokingly.

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