Mutual masturbation: Part Four “Frotting&quot


Mutual masturbation: Part Four “Frotting&quotI had to go home the next morning to go to my cousin Katies birthday party, but we decided I should spend the night at his house again. I told him I would be back later that night. It was around 9:00pm when I got back to his house and his mother had already left for work. Instead of wasting time playing video games or watching TV we went straight to his room. He reached under his bed and pulled out a huge stack of dirty magazines. They covered a wide varieties of porn, straight, gay,lesbian,group and Asian. We sat down on the floor across from one another and dug in.After a couple of magazines my dick was hard and it was aching to get out. I stood up and said I was going to take my clothes off. I pulled my shirt over my head and looked down to see him staring at my crotch. He leaned towards me and asked if he could take my shorts off for me. I smiled and told him he could. He slid my shorts down to the floor and I stepped out of them and kicked them off to the side of the room. As he was reaching back up to remove my underwear he gave my cock a few quick strokes. Finally his fingers took hold of my underwear, pulled the elastic band forward and slowly canlı bahis removed them. My cock sprung out and almost hit him in the face, we each gave a quick laugh at the site of that, but it also gave me an idea. I told him it was his turn, so we switched positions as he removed his shirt a tossed it into the corner of the room. Reaching up to his waist, I grabbed hold of his shorts, unbuttoned them and pulled them down to his feet. As my hands were heading back up to remove his briefs my eyes were drawn to the outline of his cock. I took hold and slowly removed underwear and watched as his cock flopped out. I quickly moved my head closer and let it rub up against my face. We both had a smiles on our faces. Taking a hold of his rock hard cock I started slowly stroking his shaft positioning the tip of his cock less then an inch from my mouth. I looked up at him and asked “Can I?”He responded with “Yes”I slowly opened my mouth and let his dick slide in. I was nervous and excited at the same time, I knew our sessions were leading to this and I was ready to know what it felt like to have someone else’s cock in my mouth. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I just tried whatever came to mind. bahis siteleri I moved it in and out gradually moving a bit faster. It felt so warm. I stopped moving it and then started using my tongue to lick his head. I worked my tongue back and forth, up and down and in circles as I played with his balls with my hand. I could tell by his heavy breathing he was enjoying it very much. He finally stopped me after a few minutes telling me he didn’t want to cum yet.As I stood up he told me it was my turn and kneeled down in front of me. Not wasting any time he firmly took hold of my cock and put it in his mouth. My body gave a bit of a shutter as it entered. He did a lot of the same things that I had done and a few new things. At one point he took my dick out of his mouth and started sucking on my balls. The feeling was amazing. How I didn’t blow my load all over his face at that point I’m not exactly sure. I remember putting my hands on his head and gently pushing his head tighter against my body. I myself was very close to cumming, so I told him he better stop for a minute. He stood up I front of me, so I took his cock in my hand and started rubbing it against mine. My dick was still covered güvenilir bahis in his saliva but his was dry, so I let some spit out of my mouth onto him. He quickly followed suit and both were now well lubed. We did this for a few more minutes occasionally stopping to prevent ourselves from cumming to soon.Finally we couldn’t take it anymore, we were aching to shoot our loads. He suggested that we cum on each other and at this point I was up for just about anything. We started stroking ourselves and pointing our cocks at each others. He began to breathe very loud and moved in closer. I’m going to cum! He said And at that, he did. Spurt after spurt of hot thick white cum oozed out of his head directly onto my cock. It was so warm and slick between my hand and dick. I rubbed it up and down my shaft, over the head of my penise and even on my scrotum. It only took me a few more seconds before I was shooting my hot load all over him. The first few spurts hit him on his stomach with the rest covering the top of his cock. I watched my cum ran down his stomach into his pubic hair with the rest start dripping off his cock. As I finished climaxing we started rubbing our cum covered cocks together as they slowly became flaccid. He reached under his bed and grabbed our favorite towel so we could wipe off.We ended up taking a shower together to get cleaned up afterwards and then managed to jerk off again later that night.

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