Mutual Masturbation with a Couple


Mutual Masturbation with a CoupleSeveral years ago I was sent out to Arizona to attend an extensive (five week!) training session by my employer. The work week was not particularly long and the training was not difficult, so I found myself with abundant time for sightseeing, surfing the Internet, working out, and generally goofing off.Out of pure boredom one evening I began searching through some of the local social and dating sites on line. I’m married, but have an understanding with my wife that we each can look around but no long-term relationships or complications can ensue. As far as complications we’re talking pregnancy, etc. Anyway, during the course of the evening I came across an interesting posting. It read, to the best that I recall, “Seeking young stud to join mature couple. This is a voyeur/exhibitionist opportunity with the possibility of more. Initially looking for mutual masturbation. No touching unless she approves. Prefer young smooth college student. Tell us about yourself. Pictures (G-rated OK) preferred. Single line responses will be ignored.” Well considering that I was about 40 years old at the time, with about as hairy a chest as you’ll find, I figured my chances were pretty slim. Then again, nothing ventured nothing gained.I sent my response in. I was painfully honest. I told them my age. I described myself (6’-1”, 185 lbs, salt & pepper hair, hairy chest, educated, articulate, 7” down below, etc. I also said that I was only in town for a few weeks and not looking for a long-term relationship. Just watching is good. Touching is fine as well. And if things go further, understand that I’m skilled at oral and can provide that service for hours if desired. I provided a nice clothed picture of me hiking in the forest. I sent my note and expected no response.Surprisingly, the following morning I found that I had received a response. The husband answered saying that I was “interesting” to them. His wife found me handsome and they thought that the fact that I was just a visitor to their area was good, as they were having second thoughts about the whole thing and did not want their neighbors to know what was going on (or something along those lines). He asked if there was a possibility that I could spring for a hotel room (nothing fancy) on a Friday or Saturday night. He also sent a picture of the two. It was a G-rated pic of them sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant. They looked like an average couple, probably a little younger than me. She appeared to be a little on the tall side, and full figured (not fat). It looked like she might have sandy blonde hair (probably dyed) and he had short hair and mustache.I responded with compliments on both of their pictures and replied that Saturday would work out fine. I further stressed that they set the boundaries and I would be respectful of all limits.On Saturday I found an inexpensive but clean motel in a downtown neighborhood. It had Internet (so I could send them a response with the details), and had two queen size beds and a large TV. Right on schedule at about 9:00 pm they showed up and we began introductions.Bob and Pam (not sure of the names and I would not want to give the real names anyway) were both in their mid-30’s. Bob recently got out of the Air force and was from Oklahoma. fethiye escort He was about 6’ tall and thin with longer hair and a bushier mustache than he had in the picture. He brought a six pack of beer which was welcome. Pam was almost as tall as Bob, with almost platinum blonde dyed hair. Even through her thick sweater I could see that she had good sized tits. She was shapely with wide hips and a thin waist. I have never been in this kind of situation and I really did not know how to proceed. Bob seemed shy and self-conscious too. I thought a safe way to go was to profusely thank them for coming and to compliment Pam on her looks. That seemed to be the thing to do! I did not want to be too direct and perceived as crude, so I mentioned her beautiful hair color and her pretty face with high cheek bones. I made a point of looking at her chest and hoped both would notice.Bob sensed where my interest lay and mentioned that Pam was a natural 34D with very firm tits. (I sort of doubted that since my wife is a 38D and is noticeably bigger than Pam, but OK.) I said that I would love to see them, as they truly looked beautiful underneath the sweater. Bob said, “Show him your stuff dear”, and the sweater was pulled off. Then the thin tan colored bra. She really did have a pretty body. Her nipples were actually very dark and I guessed that she probably was a brunette beneath the dye. Her breasts barely moved from the position that the bra held them in. Nice. Very firm looking. Bob reached out and grabbed her right breast (they were sitting on the bed and I was sitting on a chair in front of them). He massaged the breast and pinched the nipple between his fingers causing it to stand up hard. He asked if I wanted to have a feel and of course I agreed. I was a little surprised that they were so open to touching so soon, but I eagerly yet gently massaged her left breast and could see her smiling and enjoying my touch. Pam said that she liked my touch. She also liked running her hands through my hair and down the side of my face. She told me that I was much better looking than she thought from the e-mails. Bob asked if we both wanted to get more comfortable. Without further prodding, I took off my t-shirt and pulled off my jeans. I hesitated a little to remove the briefs and expose my semi-hard cock. I wanted to make sure that I was not going too fast for their comfort. I wasn’t, we were on the same sheet of music. I removed the bikini briefs I was wearing to expose myself completely. I’m 7” fully erect, but nearly as large when limp. My circumcised cock is very thick. I have large hanging balls that I keep shaved. The whole area is neatly trimmed, but being naturally hairy, I don’t shave completely. (Looks out of place.) I’m no body builder, but I am military fit and was doing a lot of running in those days.To be honest, Bob was unimpressive nude. He was very thin, as in ribs showing. His cock was about the size of mine, but much thinner. He was fully erect and it pointed straight up, while mine was still dangling. Pam had an excellent body and I was beginning to wonder if she wasn’t about five or ten years younger than she told me. She had a nice all over tan (he didn’t), which led me to believe that they had a private area at home for tanning. escort fethiye Her hips looked actually thinner and more shapely without the jeans she had been wearing. Her calves and thighs, while not muscular, were very shapely. Most of all, I focused on her pussy. This is always the center of attention of men. Hers was exceptional. She was smoothly shaved with not the least bit of stubble showing. Her “Venus mound” was smooth and soft looking and I couldn’t imagine her with pubes. When she adjusted her position on the bed to remove her socks I could see her inner lips and a prominent clit. It looked shiny and I thought she may be wet with anticipation already.Pam asked me to move a little closer and join them on the bed. Once there, she gently put her hand on my cock and gave it a little squeeze (I was not fully erect, but getting there fast). She rubbed her thumb across the head and gave a another gentle squeeze, expelling a small amount of fluid. She rubbed this onto my dick’s head and made me look more shiny there than I already was. At this point I was fully erect.Though I remember all the details of her playing with me, I was also playing with her tits at this time. (I was waiting for a signal of some kind that I could pay more attention and touch her pussy.) Bob was stroking himself slowly. I got the impression that he was already ready to come and I was hoping he wouldn’t just blow his load and then call it a night.Pam stretched out across the bed in order to reach over to Bob and play with him a little. That put her on her side with her pussy in front of me. I was kneeling on the bed facing her, and Bob was to my left. I thought that this was a good time to make my move, albeit slowly, so I reached out and stroked the outside of her thigh. I gradually extended my reach behind her to her sweet hard butt. As I was rubbing and caressing her skin in long strokes, I moved my hand from her ass across the side of her thigh and to the front of her thigh. She responded by half rolling onto her back and slightly spreading her legs. I took this as a signal to go ahead and give her pussy some attention.I rubbed my hand across the top of her pussy to check her reaction. She smiled. Without removing my hand from her body, I slid my hand along the inside of her thigh, still avoiding direct contact with her luscious pussy. She spread her legs farther. I moved back up and across her pussy to her other inner thigh, gently brushing her pussy lips. She purred and stopped playing with Bob, a content smile across her face. I rubbed back to her pussy and let my hand rest gently on her pussy. I stopped moving back and forth and instead pressed gently against the flesh, feeling the wet lips and the prominent clit as I pushed my fingers down. I brought my hand gently up and across her pussy and lingered on her clit for a moment, giving it a little circular touch. Her body and breathing signaled that she liked this VERY much.Bob was now leaning over Pam playing with both of her tits. His cock was on her face and she was able to lick the length of it from underneath. His erection actually complicated things from this angle as his cock was pointed straight up and his balls were on her face. He had to push his cock down to her for her to make oral contact with fethiye escort bayan the tip.Pam was enjoying all the attention. I played with her pussy in all ways I could, short of deep penetration with a finger. She was especially responsive to my touch on her clitoris and I could see her breathing was coming faster and faster. Soon she was rocking her hips as I increased the speed of my fingers on her clit. She was moaning softly. Suddenly she gasped deeply and her whole body shuddered. She gave out an “mmm, mmm, mmm” and then went limp with the final expression of her orgasm. She closed her legs together.We took a little break and drank a beer. Bob’s erection had completely subsided, but mine hadn’t. From the side I must have looked like a clock with the big hand pointing to 2:00 o’clock. I enjoy the feeling of my own erection and wasn’t in a great rush to come. I could tell that Pam enjoyed my cock and Bob seemed pre-occupied with it, starring frequently.After a short few minutes Pam lay back on the bed with her head on the pillow. She motioned me over and said she wanted to hold my big balls in the palm of her hand. Of course I was there in a heartbeat. She reached out and gently cupped me in her hand. She felt each ball separately and together and seemed to really enjoy them. At some point she noticed the pre-cum dripping of my dick and gave it a little rub, this time squeezing more out and using it as a lube to rub down the shaft of my cock. She had nice warm and soft hands and really seemed to enjoy what she was doing. She spoke softly telling me that the deep veins felt both soft and rough. I was rock hard by now and the head was almost purple. She continued to stroke and edge me closer. As I got closer to release she would reach down with one hand and gently pull my sac down to slow me down. She was awesome!While this was going on, Bob was stroking himself. He was fully erect and ready to go. He moved up to Pam’s face and she smiled back at him and said, “I’m ready for it.” At the same time she began to stroke me faster and faster. (I wasn’t as close to her face, but right over her left tit.) As if on cue, Bob came – hard. The cum seemed to drip off of his cock and onto her mouth and lips for minutes, though I know it was just a few seconds. Then I came. The first pump sent some flying (to the pillow?), the second pump landed on her neck and the remainder dripped onto her nipple. Wow!Bob walked around to the bathroom to cleanup and then sat down in the chair that I had vacated earlier. I had left a hand towel at the night stand and wiped first Pam and then myself clean while still at the bed. I could sense that Pam wasn’t yet done so I slid my hand down from her tits, across her belly, and down to her pussy for just a little more touching. She was extremely wet and her pussy felt like a temperature of 200 degrees. I decided to reposition myself for just a little oral, but when I touched my tongue to her pussy she pushed me away. Apparently that was out of bounds. I now knew the limits. Pam allowed me to gently touch her pussy again with my fingers. It only took about a minute of in and out movement by my middle finger for her to convulse into another orgasm. It was clear at that point that Pam and Bob were done for the evening. Pam told me that she didn’t “have any more of those in me” and needed to rest and think about the fun evening she had. Bob also seemed very happy. All-in-all a thoroughly enjoyable night. I’d love to try that experience again some time.

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