my 2015 dr visit


my 2015 dr visitEvery year I have my annual Dr’s appointment and it seems it is getting a little different each year. like in the past years I’ve been seeing the same Dr. and nurse. I make my appointment and as usual I show up wearing panties and a a/b size bra. I only own panties and since they have seen me in them in previous years it is no big deal. I do wear pretty panties with lace around the waist and leg bands.When I was called back by the nurse as usual she had me take off my shorts and top and put on a gown and commented on my pretty bra and panties and told me to keep them on since they were so pretty and she knew the Dr. liked seeing me in them. She began by asking me how I have been and if I still had a boy friend and If I was still having anal sex. I told her I do and yes I am in the feminine role in our relationship. she asked if I was having any problems in that area and was I still using a tampon afterwards to keep from leaking after he came in me and was I changing it regularly. We had had a similar conversation last year so it was not really a surprise to being asked that. She said all of us girls have a similar concern and it just went with the territory but a pad might also protect bursa escort my panties and might be easier for me. She would advise the Dr about my continuing role in my relationship. Winking at me she gave me a sweet smile telling me the Dr would be in soon.The Dr. eventually came in and saw me sitting there in my gown and said I didn’t need it any more. taking it off and standing there in my bra and panties he told me his nurse had updated him on my feminine lifestyle since last year’s visit so “let’s get started”. Surprisingly, he called the nurse back into the room this time, telling me that since I was even more girly now she needed to be in the room during my exam which would be more along the lines of a gynecology exam since I was more sexually active. After checking my lungs and heart he had me lay down on the table he then examined my nipples and squeezed my little breast after pulling my bra up a bit and surprised me by pulling up the stirrups and telling me to put my feet into them and scoot down. I was blushing by now and looked at the nurse who had a big grin on her face and she told me it would be OK and it was necessary for me to have such an exam now, all girls go thru it during bursa escort bayan their annual exam. I was so embarrassed by all this as he pulled my panties down put on his gloves, lubricated his finger pulled out a syringe looking thing filled with lube he said, inserting it in my pussy and pushed in the plunger filling me with lube. God it felt so good I moaned. Removing it he inserted his finger in me and started feeling around my sissy pussy. Telling me it was important to keep myself lubed and clean just as any girl has to and this would make it easier for him to do his exam. He told me he would be inserting something inside me soon to open me up a bit so he could inspect my anal passage and he’d be looking for any damage that might have been caused by my boy friend having sex with me. saying it was important for me to take care of myself just like a girl needed to but in male to male sex it was more important to ensure I maintained elasticity and my tissue remained healthy. Like previous exams I’ll also be checking your prostrates health. He lubed up his gloved finger and slowly inserted into my “pussy” he felt around a bit asking if anything hurt and saying no he continued to basically escort bursa finger fuck me. I started to moan and he just told me to relax and continued to massage my prostrate and my clittie started leaking, he noticed that and said it must feel really good. I just leaned back into his finger and moaned softly. God I was horney by now.He pulled his finger out and told me all was well. He then starting inserting the thing that he expanded and completed his exam. while the nurse was rubbing my tummy and telling me I was doing fine for my first time; smiling she told me sissies like me needed to be taken care of and the Dr and her were more than glad to do so. He then removed the thing and wiped my pussy telling me to be careful using tampons and change them frequently. like previous years he talked to me about safe sex and asked if I needed anything else while the nurse helped me up gave me my cloths. after I put them on he patted my bottom and told me to be a good girl and he would see me again next year. The nurse then told me to take care of myself and that I was really becoming a very pretty girly boi and my boyfriend was very lucky to have meLike the previous times I have written about this I know it sounds like fantasy but it is all true and it seems the more familiar the Dr and nurse get with me the better they treat and respect me for who I am and are just treating me the way I need to be treated. Hugs, s*s

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