My 78 yr. old principal


My 78 yr. old principalverwijderdThere was this principal of mine who was a pervert. I never liked him at all as he was very old but strong enough and smart as it the classroom or extra tuitions that he used to offer to us students he always used to come and stand beside me and then keep his hands on my shoulder and then always trying to go down towards my big breast..though i was a teenager but my figure was awesome…you guys wont believe but my bra size at that time was 36d and had a nice arse as well…also i always got compliments on my curvy waist though i’m plumy..i never looked of my age..i noticed him doing such things with other young girls as well…everyone in my class started noticing his behaviour towards me and then i was ragged by my classmates to the core..they all started teasing me…i’m a girl who can never fight for herself so i did not protest…but then at the same time i was fed up with this old man as well so i decided to go and complain to our administrator..when i told her about the principal she started laughing at me saying i’m foolish bursa escort thinking about such things..she explained me that he is an anglo indian, does not have any daughter and as i am good in my studies he is very happy and thus this is the way he shows his fatherly love and appreciation towards me..i tried explaining her but all my efforts were in vain…Then one day he called me to his room for giving me some notes and after taking my notes when i turned to leave he held my shoulder and asked me to study them thoroughly as they’ll be very helpful…then he held my waist hard an told me that he loves me alot…at that moment i was shit scared and pushed him and ran away…i did not let him do anything because i didnt wanted to…he still continued holding my shoulders, sometimes my waist, sometimes even he used to end up hugging me in front of everyone..can you beat this..he knew i was helpless at that time…I passed out my 10, came back to my hometowm and started doing my 11th..whenever iused to sit alone and think about my amazing boarding life i somehow started bursa escort bayan liking what my smart principal used to do to me..i then started fantasizing him…oh my god then i realized how badly i wanted him and craved to have sex with him…then after passing out my 12th i still could not forget boarding school was on a hill station and coincidently my friends planned to celebrate our results there…After going there when i finished meeting all the staff members i went to his office..he was quite happy and when he stood to shake his hands to greet i could not control and hugged him tjght..i started pressing my boobs against his chest..and could feel his cock as well..he was very shocked by my act as he knew how much i hated him…i had a hand bag with me and took his permission to keep the bag in his room and told him that i would pick it up in the evening after 8.30….he told me that he would be glad to meet me again…obviously the kind of hugg that i had given him had turned him on…when i was out partying with my friends it started raining…i was escort bursa thoroughly wet…my friends told me to go and pick up the bag and come back to the hotel…i went to the school, all the c***dren had gone to their dormetory and the teachers to their quarters…i knocked his door and he welcomed me…and then the electricity went off…He lit the candles and asked me to wipe my body…as i was wearing a white salwar kameez which was then transparent due to the water, i started his eyes noticing my exploring give him a good view i opened two hooks of my kameez secretly and sat on his bed…he then came and sat beside me and then told me how wet was i…i then went to the bathroom and took a shower..and came out in a towel…i then noticed his bulge..while walking towards bed he pulled me and started kissing me..i responded back and then he pulled away my towel..i was already getting wet and my juicy pussy was waiting for some a cock…he started chewing my nipples and then i sucked his dick…then he licked my pussy and then fucked me hard throughout the night….We are still in touch and meet somehow and trust me our sexual life is on the rocks…my horny principal still gets his dick erect during having sex and satisfies me more than my boyfriend who is only 2 yrs. Older to me.

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