My Adopted Sister, Karen


My parents adopted Karen when I was 19. Karen was 18 and her parents had been killed in an airplane crash. Karen’s parents were distant cousins of my dad, and nobody else in his family wanted the responsibility of raising her. I am very glad that my parents wanted to provide for her. Very Glad!

When we went to the airport to pick Karen up from her flight from Indiana, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw her. She was about 5’5” tall, had strawberry blonde hair, skyblue eyes. She was kind of on the small side, so I was glad of that. Karen was dressed in an ankle length denim skirt, white socks, tennis shoes and plaid shirt. Her parents had been very strict church folks, so she was dressed the way females dressed in that belief. In a way, this style of dress was sexy to me.

On the way home, my parents were talking to Karen, asking all kinds of questions of how she had been raised, etc. Me? I was checking her out!! The plaid shirt hid her breasts, but I could see some bumps under it. Her shape was hidden by the long demin skirt, but looked good to me anyway. We arrived home and I helped carry Karen’s bags up to her room, which was next to mine, sharing a bathroom between them. As she got settled into her room, I took off to visit with some friends.

When I returned later for supper, I noticed that Karen appeared like she had been crying, as she had red eyes. We ate supper, and as usual my mom kept asking Karen what she liked to do or what her home life had been like. Karen answered Mom’s questions, but still seemed very shy. I kept checking her out and she noticed this, giving me a sly like smile. We finished our supper and went to our rooms. I had turned on the tv in my room to watch some show, when I noticed the bathroom light come on, under the closed door.

I soon heard the shower running and wondered what Karen looked like in the nude. I got up and slowly opened the bathroom door a little, leaving a space in it. Soon the shower stopped and I quietly peered through the opening to watch as Karen got out of the shower. At first her back was to me and boy did she have a nice cute, little butt. The kind that is so small and compact, it would fit easily in my hands. As she bent over to dry her ankles, her small pussy was completely shown. It had very little hair on it, and looked so smooth and inviting. I was instantly hard as a rock, and my hand was slowly rubbing up and down my penis. She straightened up to dry around her neck, and in doing so, turned around so she was facing me. As she had the towel up drying her face, I could see her very small breasts. She was almost flat but had cherry looking nipples. She raised a foot placing it on the toilet seat so she could dry her thighs, and I again got to see her pussy. It was so sweet looking, I wanted to just rush in and begin to lick it. She finished drying off and put on her robe and left to her room. I was hard as a rock and went to my bed to jack off to the memories of what I had just seen.

I was laying on my bed, my pants around my ankles, stroking my hard dick, my eyes shut and dreaming of stroking her pussy with my tongue, when I heard a gasp. I opened my eyes to see Karen standing at the end of my bed, her eyes wide open and staring at my moving hand. I let go of my dick, and scrambled out of yabancı escort bed, while Karen ran from the room in tears. I zipped up my pants and went to Karen’s door, softly knocking on it. Finally after a few more knocks, she answered me. I let myself in to her room and went to sit beside her on the bed. She was lying on her stomach, her head in her pillow, crying. Her robe was the short kind, and I noticed her cute, little butt showing at the bottom of it. I gently placed my hands on her back, trying to soothe her. I apologized for shocking her. She apologized to me for coming into my room without knocking. As she rolled over to look at me, I saw her tear stained face. It almost broke my heart to see her crying.

Karen sat up next to me, as I took a corner of her robe to dry her tears. She explained to me that she had come into my room to ask what kids our age liked to do and what kinds of clothes kids were wearing. She was shocked because she had never seen a penis before and didn’t understand what I was doing. Her overly religious parents had raised her to believe people didn’t touch themselves except to urinate. Shit, her parents hadn’t even explained anything about sex to her because they believed that “talk” should wait until the girl’s wedding day. As we talked about what kids liked to do and wear, I noticed her robe had opened and could see her bra and granny panties. I told her one of the things that would have to change was the style of her panties and bra. I went to my room and got a Sear’s catalog and opened it to the lingerie section so she could see the different kinds of panties.

Karen couldn’t believe how the lingerie looked as she had never seen anything that nice before. I told her to get with Mom and when they go shopping she can buy some nice things. As we sat on her bed, she asked me what I was doing when she saw me. I told her that I was jacking off. She didn’t know what that meant, so I tried to explain that when a male gets horny, they have to relieve the pressure and that is one way to do it. “What’s horny mean”? she asked. I told her sometimes both men and women get a feeling deep inside becoming sexually arroused. Seeing a naked female or even looking up a girl’s dress got me “horny”. So, Karen then asked if I had seen a naked girl or looked up someone’s dress to make me horny then. I sheepishly told her I had seen her naked in the bathroom after her shower and yes, I had gotten very horny. She asked me if seeing her naked body had really turned me on and again, I told her yes. I asked her if she had ever gotten horny or felt wierd inside?

She said “no”, not that she could remember. She hadn’t seen any naked men before and that my “thing” was the first she had ever seen. She then asked if she could see my “thing” again. I told her it was called a penis, or cock, or dick and if she really wanted to, I would show it to her. She shyly said yes. So, I pulled my dick out and let her see it. Her beautiful blue eyes were wide in amazement as she stared at it. I began to softly rub my fingers around and around on her tummy. She told me that felt good, so I did it some more. I got up and closed her bedroom door and when I turned around she had taken her robe off. I slid my shorts off and we were both in our underwear. yeni escort My underwear had a tent in them.

I laid her back on her bed and lay down beside her, sliding my arm under her neck. I pulled her to me and softly kissed her lips. She told me that was nice, so I did it again, this time sliding my tongue against her lips. At first she resisted, but finally opened her lips to accept my tongue in her mouth. Soon, her tongue was moving around with mine and she even put her tongue in my mouth. My hand was caressing her tummy, and moving upwards to cup one of her breasts. I felt her nipple get hard, so I slid my hand under her bra. Her small nipple felt so hard, I reached back and unsnapped her bra, pulling it off of her shoulders. We were still kissing, but I could feel her moan a little bit as my fingers tweaked and pulled at a nipple. I began to kiss my way down her neck, softly licking around her throat and up to her ears, to nibble at her earlobe, before pushing my tongue into her ear. She giggled a little, so I started kissing, licking lower to her breasts.

Karen’s breasts were perfect in my eyes and I moved my lips and tongue to lick and trace little lines around her nipples with my tongue. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, gently sucking and biting it. As I sucked hard on a nipple, I felt her shake a little bit and heard her whimpering. As I moved to her other breast, she was moving her hips in little motions. I moved my hand softly down across her tummy, my fingers tracing little lines and circles on her, as it moved lower to her inner thighs. Softly I caressed and felt her, as I slid across her panty covered mound, feeling some wetness. I pushed a finger into her crease and she moaned, pushing her pussy towards my hand.

I slid my hand under the waist band of her panties, moving downward, softly touching and caressing. I felt her soft downy hair as I moved a finger in her crease, up and down. She was wet….very wet. I slid my finger up to her clitoris and began to circle my finger around and around. Karen opened her legs up some more and pushed against my hand as my finger was probing around her opening. When I finally pushed my finger into her hole, she let out a loud moan and pushed against me harder. Karen grabbed my head and forced her tongue deep into my mouth, as my finger slid in and out of her. Her pussy juices were covering my finger making it easier to put two fingers into her. Her hips were rocking and I felt her body all of a sudden tense up. She moaned into my mouth as her body wiggled or vibrated as she had her first orgasm.

As she was coming down from her cum, I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, bringing them up to my mouth. I sniffed them, then stuck them in my mouth. Mmmmmm, she tasted so good. I reached down to push her granny panties downwards, as she tried to help me. I slid them off her legs and began to kiss lower down her tummy. As I was laying between her legs, I looked at her pussy, open just for me. It was so good looking, actually very pretty. I kissed and licked her inner thighs before moving to slide my tongue up her crease. I slid my tongue up and down her, circling her clitoris.

As I nibbled at her clitoris, my finger was sliding in and out of her pussy. I would pull her juices out and lick yenibosna escort them up. Karen’s hips were moving up and down, as I licked at her. I slid my tongue deep into her hole to lick them out. I kept this up for some time, as I listened to her moaning and her body movements shown she was approaching another cum. She suddenly grabbed my head with her hands, pulling my face into her pussy as she began to cum. I was licking and biting her as she came into my mouth, and I savored her juices as I swallowed them down my throat. I was in heaven, sucking and licking her as she came. As she began to slow her movements down, I raised up from her pussy, sliding a finger in her and then moving to place my finger at her mouth. She eagerly sucked her own juices off of my finger, so I moved up her body to kiss her deeply, sharing her juices with her.

As I was kissing her, my cock head was laying right on her pussy. I moved my hips some making it slide up and down her tiny slit. Karen had her tongue in my mouth as I reached down and placing my penis right in her hole. I pushed in a little bit, feeling the wet heat at her opening and slid my tongue deep into her mouth. Her tight little pussy was opening slowly for me as I eased inside of her. When my dick head came against her obstruction in her, I stopped moving for a few seconds.

I reached back and placed her legs around me, as my dick moved in and out of her a little. I did this a little while as her pussy began to get used to my dick in it, before wrapping my arms around her, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth as I shoved my dick hard against her hymen, pushing it’s way through. Her pussy was so tight around my dick as it slid all the way in her. She screamed in my mouth, but her legs were pulling me deeper. Buried completely inside of her, I rested, letting her get used to my dick. Before long she looked at me and I felt her hips move a little. I started stroking and sliding my dick in and out of her.

When she felt like she was ready, I began to slowly fuck her. Her legs around my hips, pulling me deeper each time I slid into her. Her eyes were closed and I could hear her making little whimpering sounds as we fucked. Her pussy was so tight wrapped around my dick, that I could feel each bump and ridge inside of her. We were moving slowly, experiencing both of our first fucks, when all of a sudden she started shoving her hips back at me. I began to move in and out of her faster, my balls slapping against her ass cheeks. Faster and faster we fucked. Karen started moaning fairly loud and I could feel her pussy getting hotter and wetter. Finally she grabbed me and hugged me closer. I pushed my dick into her as far as it would go. I felt her pussy spasm around my dick as I poured my cum deep inside of her, both of us cumming together. Although I kept moving in and out of her, we soon slowed down, out of breath. I pulled my softening dick from her pussy as I looked down and saw a mixture of blood and white cum leaking out of her pussy. I slid up next to her, and we snuggled.

Karen and I would fuck many more times as we grew older.. I didn’t date much and neither did Karen. Why date others when we could basically fuck anytime we wanted to at home? Karen did finally find a man who was good to her and even though she was married, we would find the time to have a good fuck. She eventually got pregnant and had a little girl, Nina. I have often wondered if Nina was mine, as we do favor quite a bit. Karen is now divorced and we still get together for a good fuck. Someday, we might even get Nina to join us.

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