my aunt and i on holiday, final version


my aunt and i on holiday, final versionI was 19 when this happened, and have never told anyone about it, but it always plays on my mind when i was 18 my aunt went away and she asked me to look after her dog whilst she was gone, i agreed and went round there twice a day to feed and walk the dog. My aunt was in her early 40’s both her boys and left home and she was divorced, she had short blonde hair about average height , about a size 12 with small b cup boobs, i had fancied her since i was 13 had often masturbated whilst thinking of her. We had always been close. So the first day she was away i explored her bedroom wondering if i would find anything, my heart was beating fast and i was very horny. I opened her cupboard and found a box on the bottom, i took it out and placed it on her bed. Then slowly opened the lid, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when. I saw inside, she had porn magazines, a video, a vibrator and some anal beads. I immediately picked up the vibrator ans turned it on, my cock was so hard and pulsing now. I put on the DVD and watched the porno, masturbating. This went on every day until she got home. She must have never noticed as nothing was ever said.A year later i had bought tickets to fly out to spain to visit my grandparents, they owned a villa and allowed family to use their spare apartment annex. When i arrived i found my aunt there. After a discussion it turned out that we had crossed our stay by 1 night. My grandparents being a bit senile had not noticed. That night i slept on the sofa in the living room, whilst my aunt slept in the bedroom. We went süpertotobet yeni giriş out for drinks at the local pub as we always do when we visit and went back to the apartment to sleep. In the middle of the night i woke up. I could hear a buzzing noise and went to investigate. As i got closer to the buzzing i realised it was coming from my aunts room, i pushed her door slightly ajar and peeped through. My aunt was laying on the bed 1 hand playing with her boobs the other teasing her clit with a vibrator. I stood gob-smacked starring at the horniest thing i had ever seen. My aunt had not noticed me and was in the middle of playing. My cock was bulging of the shorts i was wearing. I grabbed my cock and started masturbating as i watched her, i imagined she new i was there and it made me hornier as she came i stumbled backward a little and knocked the door. My aunt sat bolt upright, i had to think of something quick so i knocked on the door. After a moment my aunt called for me to come in. i explained to her that the soda was only 5ft and too small and uncomfortable, i asked if she would mind if i shared her bed, she looked at me puzzled and surprised. She sighed and reluctantly agreed as i got into the bed the warmth of the bed and the smell of her cum made me horny, but scared of the repercussions i turned over a tried to sleep. An hour went by and i woke again, i was spooned up to my aunt with my hard cock pressing against her ass, it was very quiet and i wasn’t sure if my aunt was awake, this was a great opportunity and pretending i was asleep i süpertotobet giriş put my arm round her and cupped her tit, her nipples were hard, and i could feel the moisture of her pussy against me, i was sure she was awake i decided i had enough i gently removed my hand from her tit and slid it down her knickers sliding the down and felt her pussy for the first time,As i slid my hand over her pussy it was completely bald, my hand trembled as excitedly slid my fingers over her bald warm clit. i gently circled my finger around it as she started to groan. She arched her ass towards me pushing her pussy up against my cock. My Cock was so hard at this point that her pussy quickly met it, She was breathing heavily and i was sure she was awake, i pushed a little and my cock slid deep inside her, it was so wet and warm, it felt so wrong, but i loved every second of it. As soon as my cock pushed through into he pussy the room fell silent, the mild groaning and panting stopped i could tell my aunt was torn between the pleasure of the moment and the fact that what she was doing was so wrong, but she continued to lay with her eyes closed as if she was asleep. i pushed myself deeper inside her then slowly began to fuck her as. By this point her pussy was so wet i could feel her cum running down my cock it was so warm and as it trickled down whilst i was inside her it made me harder and hornier than ever before. I was so desperate to fuck her harder but knew that if i did my aunt wouldn’t be able to pretend she was asleep anymore which would make it difficult for her. süpertotobet güvenilirmi So as i spooned up against her groping her breasts with my cock deep inside her i slowly and gently thrust until i felt her tense up and an even bigger gush of warmth surrounded my cock, i knew she was cumming, finally this was too much for me and i came too, with my cock balls deep i filled her pussy I lay like that for a while then slowly pulled out and lay quietly with my eyes closed. My aunt didn’t move she just lay there as all the cum slowly seeped out of her pussy all over the bed sheets. i rolled onto my back closed my eyes and drifted away to sleep. Later that night i woke to the most amazing feeling, a warmth in my cock and hair brushing my torso she had started to suck my cock, I lay on my back with my eyes closed. Enjoying the amazing felling. She sucked my cock deep caressing my balls as she head moved up and down my shaft faster and faster I stiffened and is she detected I was about to cum she stopped. I opened my eyes, she moved from under the covers and looked at me she said “is this what you want?” she climbed on top i slid my hand up her nightie and groped her tits as she rode me deep and hard so my ass slapped against my balls with every bound, I squeezed her tits hard as she fucked me faster and faster until we both came together and she collapsed on top of me, her bare body pressed against mine. She kissed me and thanked me and expressed to me how wrong she knew what we had done was and how we must never tell anyone, she lay on me and closed her eyes, with my cock still inside her we fell asleep.When we got back to England we never discussed what had happened, it was if it was a dream. But it wasn’t and the unsaid words and tension built between us until one day it exploded, I will tell you about this if you want to here more message me so I know I am appreciated.

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