My Beautiful Cousin Just Turned 21


I will start with a little background info as usual. Unlike the rest of my stories, this one is more of a fantasy, though I think there may be a chance that something sexual will happen between us. She’s always been awfully flirty with me. She is not my cousin by blood, just sort of a girl that my uncle raised with her mom. The beginning is real observation, and will transition to the fantasy situation with a jump in time. I will change any names so identity remains unknown. Now, the story begins…

Danni, what a woman she had become! I remember when she first started to really develop about the time she was finishing highschool. She was one of the older girls in her graduating class, and 18 for her entire final year. She had a thick figure, with wide hips and a great, big, nice ass that filled her jeans. Her upper body was more petite, with from what I could tell, a very nice set of firm boobs. Perfect for one to fill each hand. I had definitely thought about pursuing her to some extent, though something serious was out of the question because of the whole family situation.

While in highschool, she started dating a girl. That lasted for about a year. Not long after they broke up, she began dating a guy and she ended up pregnant. Normal for a girl that age, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about her once that happened. She was becoming a mom and I knew her life would change a bit to where she’d have to “settle down” and focus solely on her child. Her relationship with Tony was rocky throughout its duration, and I didn’t know what would happen between them, though I hoped for the best for the sake of her child.

Now, fast forward a couple years…

Here we are, Danni had just turned 21. I wanted to go party simply because I wanted to be the fun, cool cousin that she always thought of me as. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t want to cooperate, and I wasn’t able to join her. I told her over text that I may be around the following weekend for another birthday, and hoped she may want to join in on that so we could make up for her birthday. She said we should definitely at least get some shots some time. Of course, I was up for that! It was strange timing as I found out she had just broken up with her boyfriend she had a child with.

The weekend rolled around, and I was in the area. She was up for joining us for a few games of bowling so I went to pick her up. She wore exactly what I liked to see her in, jeans that hugged her ass tightly and a pretty little shirt that exposed just enough cleavage. Of course at this point, she had no idea that I had ever looked at her that way, but I couldn’t help it, she was always pretty and had blossomed into an all around gorgeous, sexy girl. Plus, I’m a guy!

We rode to the bowling alley, about a 10 minute drive. We met with family and a couple friends. On the way, we talked and caught up, and Escort bayan listened to some good tunes. We arrived and began bowling. She is a hell of a bowler. She beat me in every game and just about everyone else as well! We each had some drinks, I was feeling quite buzzed, and I think she was too. She looked at me after every turn with a sort of seductive grin that started to drive me crazy. I wasn’t sure how to take it or what to think. I didn’t want to put any pressure on her and potentially ruin our relationship, or upset anyone in our families. I found out later why she had the grins…

We were all set on bowling after three games. It was time for everyone to leave, and we both had just a little much to drink to be able to drive, so we got a ride back to her place from my sister. I asked if I could stay overnight and also if I could get a ride to my car in the morning. She was totally cool with it. So we got dropped off and walked inside. She got out a little more alcohol so we could continue to drink a bit while hanging out. We decided to watch a movie, relax, and talk the night away.

Danni sat on the love seat, and I sat on the couch. I wasn’t really feeling like I wanted to make a move because we had been drinking and I didn’t want to risk upsetting her. We talked about our work and school careers, some future plans and aspirations, and eventually a little bit of our love lives. Mine wasn’t the greatest at this point, though I had plenty of sex up until recently. She was a little down about breaking up with her boyfriend but she said she needed change. The relationship became stagnant. I definitely understood where she was coming from.

After we finished one movie, she put in another, and went into another room for a minute. She came back to the living room with different clothes on- just a long t-shirt and some very short shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I was a little surprised, but tried to keep my eyes off of her for the most part. She totally knew that I had been checking her out quite a bit. After only a couple minutes, she turned and asked if I liked what I had seen. A little startled, I slowly gathered myself and was able to quietly get some words out. I said of course, and that I had always thought she was a good looking girl. She seemed to have liked what she heard.

After another few minutes, she got up, looked at me, and slowly walked over to the couch where I was sitting. She stood at my feet, and slowly lifted her shirt. I could not believe what was happening! She didn’t have a bra on, so her chest was totally exposed. I gasped, and told her she was gorgeous. She proceeded to climb onto my lap, facing me. She slowly moved in for a kiss, and I couldn’t help myself, so I met her part-way. Our lips touched, just a little peck at first, but then we slowly transitioned into a deeper kiss. Eventually, Bayan escort we were deeply, passionately making out, our tongues battling delicately. We could not let go of each other, but had to in order continue.

She got up off my lap and turned around. She gave me a bit of a show/lap dance. At this point, I was absolutely rock hard. She couldn’t really tell as it was concealed well, but she soon found out the state of my cock. I had to taste her, since she had done enough for me up to this point. I had her sit down on the couch. I got on my knees, and slowly pulled her shorts off. My, oh my, does she have a beautiful pussy! Cleanly shaved, and a nice bright pink with some luscious lips. I leaned down and started to lick her.

I sloppily licked her in my drunken state. It was delicious! I swirled my tongue around her clit, up and down her slit, and even tongue fucked her. I truly could not get enough, but she had enough for now and wanted to take a turn on me. I got onto the couch, and she stood up. She ripped my shorts off rather furiously as if she couldn’t wait to see and pleasure my cock. I had her come next to me on the couch. She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth.

She is an incredible cock sucker. One of the best I’ve ever had, easily. While she was sucking me, I was playing with her pussy as she was bent over. This moment was pure ecstasy for both of us. I eventually had her move so that her legs were on the back of the couch so I could lick her some more. It was a strange 69, I suppose, but very hot and felt amazing. We both couldn’t wait any longer to move onto the next act…

We moved into her bedroom for more comfort. She laid down and I got up on the bed with her. I wanted to look at those pretty eyes as I entered her. I got between her legs and rubbed the tip of my cock along her slit. I could tell she wanted it inside of her really bad. I put the tip in, our eyes met, and I slowly pushed it all the way in. I stayed deep for about a whole minute, while we both felt each other. Her pussy was soaking wet at this point, and super warm. I figured I wouldn’t last too long, and that was exactly the case.

I began to slowly thrust, passionately, both of us lost in a world of pleasure. Her sexy little moans were driving me insane. I loved it! I leaned down and we began making out again as we were going at it. I only lasted a few minutes, and I pulled out to cum on her. I exploded EVERYWHERE. I’ve always been that way, and just like the rest of the women I’ve been with, she was impressed, but also ready to get a little cleaned up. First, we laid there for about 10 minutes trying to catch our breath and take in what had just happened. Luckily for us, my “recharge” time is not very long. So soon, we were getting ready to have some more fun. This time, she grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom.

She Escort has a nice, relatively big shower with several shower heads. We both got in, and closed the door. She cleaned the cum off of her body, and got a total rinse. I rinsed myself off as well, and then we were once again embracing each other. While holding each other, we began to make out. This time even more passionately. I gently pressed her up against a wall, with my dick sliding in between her legs, slightly touching her slit.

It didn’t take long, and I had her turn around so I could enter from behind this time. She put her hands on the wall and stuck her ass up a bit. I decided I wanted to taste her some more, so I got down and began to eat her out from behind. She was moaning very loudly at this point, and it was so damn hot! After a few minutes, I stood up and put my cock to her willing pussy. I slid it all the way in again, and then began to pound away. She absolutely loved it, and matched my rhythm. She was almost screaming, and it didn’t take long; she began to have an intense orgasm. Her pussy tightened like a vice around my cock and was pulsating. That sent me over the edge, and it was time for me to cum as well. She didn’t want me to pull out this time, so I began shooting inside her hot, wet pussy. This was in my top 5 orgasms I’ve ever had, maybe even the best. The way she was gripping me, and especially wanting my load inside her was so hot!

After we were done, we both got washed up, helping one another. We both got out of the shower and dried off. We went back to the living room to end the night by finishing our movie. This time, we cuddled on the couch, with lots of kissing and touching. But, we were both spent, and weren’t ready to do any more fucking for the night. Eventually, we both passed out, her in my arms, both of us so very content with how the night unfolded.

The next morning, we woke up and decided to make breakfast together. The morning was full of flirtation and laughs. It was as if we were a couple, and it felt great to both of us. I didn’t want the weekend to end, but of course, it had to…

After we ate and talked a bit, it was time for me to get dropped off at my car. On the way there, we talked about our night and agreed that nobody we knew would ever be told about it. When we got to my car, I leaned over to give her a kiss. We briefly made out, I squeezed one of her boobs, and we now have plans to go out again soon.

The end!

*As I said, most of the actual sex story part is a fantasy. Who knows what could possibly happen between us at any point in the future? If something does happen, I will likely type up a story detailing it. But it’ll be tough because, as I said, I don’t want her to feel pressured or anything, so it will all be entirely up to her. She really is a beautiful girl, with a pretty damn sexy body. Anyway, I hope some of you like this story! I’ve been horny today and just felt like it was time to post another story. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar errors, didn’t proof read! Thanks for reading if you’ve made it to the end!

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