My Big Powerful Negro Bruno, Day out from Prison w

My Big Powerful Negro Bruno, Day out from Prison w…At last after a few months inside and behind those solid bars. my hung stud Bruno was allowed to come outside for his day with me. Of course he was shackled to a guard and wore a GPS tag on his ankle!It now all meant I did not have to see Bill, that is hubbies mate who was in prison 1st as a visitor, using Bill as the excuse to go over there.No I could now see Bruno outside the prison, OK, with his guard there!Most of the more intimate meeting outside were in a park about 10 miles from the prison. It was a public place, but lots of tress, woods and places to be private.Bruno had been allowed to tell me when we could meet and I was already there in my little car waiting for them to arrive. After about 15 mins a secure van pulled into the little dusty car park, it was a very hot and dry Summer day. The driver in uniform and a peaked cap got out of the front and with a large bunch of keys sorted out the one that would open the back door. The van had a few small windows in it that were all blacked out.1st a tall. this white guard stepped out, then my big Bruno. They both blinked in the bright Sun!I slowly stepped out from the low sports car. I was wearing a very short Summer frock(dress), white with pink flowers on it. My legs were pale white and bare, white strappy canvas, high platform shoes. I had no bra on and a pair of small white pants. I liked this dress in this heat has it was strappy, tied off around my neck, and just holding in my massive baby nursing titties! Both guys could see my nickers as I swung my legs from the car, they were staring at me.I recognized the guard from my prison visits, I know for sure he had been watching Bruno and me in the comfort room via the video camera!Walking to Bruno and looking up at him, towering above me, I saw he was hand cuffed to the guard? Anyway I did not care, so long as I could have my big Bruno! I kissed his big fat lips and he held my about the waist and slipped his hand onto my big fat ass…mmm.’ Doll u looks deeevine and tastes like sugar too…haha,’ bellowed Bruno. ‘ What ma friend here say to that?’ he quipped at the guard.The guard said nothing and at the same time the driver as if in an unspoken way reached into the van and pulled out a heavy metal ball?The guard nodded at the driver and he clamped the ball to Bruno’s ankle? The the guard undid the hand cuff from him.’OK, Black 2387, your released for 1 hour, OK I am switching on your tag too, so stay in the park or we will re-arrest you, OK?’ said the guard.’ Yes Sir, I gets you fela,’ said Bruno staring at my tits with open eyes.The driver and guard both climbed into the van and smoked.Me and Bruno just held each other and kissed some more. I love how his huge black hands wandered all over me…mmm x’ Jeees Doll I have a load under pressure and all for you, right here in these pants. This here black poker want to play…mmmm…yeah,’ Bruno excitedly said to me.’ We gotten us 1 hour of hot loving, let me grab this big ball and find us a spot Doll,’ he said. I followed him as he limped off into the bushes not too far from the car park. Just in front of us there was a long park bench and a quiet path next to it. Bruno thumped his heavy frame down onto it and dropped the ball. It thumped down and made a dent in çankırı escort the ground! I sat at his side and reached over to stroke his manly chest, kissing him. He had his hand on my big tits and made then wobble about in my loose cotton dress, without a bra they were out of control and banging about in the dress. his huge hand easily took control of my right one. As he held it tight and circled the whole titty he squeezed it firmly, rubbing my nipple onto the inside of the dress fabric. I loved this and my nipple swole, then shot out milk, as my tits orgasmed to this monster!I felt my dress go cold and wet and the summer heat made the milk smell all sweet. I looked down and Bruno had he biggest hard-on I remember! I felt him through his drab blue prison trousers, wow he was so hard!I rushed at his button fly and released that ugly fat black pole…mmm x. The sun made the bell end glisten as his helmet skin was so stretched and shiny. The foreskin was already rolled back and the shaft looked amazing. In this light I could see all the details a Lady loves to dream about…mmm. Huge and hard, stuck straight up, over 13″ high, fat helmet, with a lovely ridge of black meat circling the helmet to make a ridge of soft skin that rubs my G-Spot. Lots of lovely veins that move about on the hard poker, keeping it nice and hard for me to pleasure myself. That amazing spunk tube that, swells and pulses all the way up my cunt until it is ready to dispatch it’s greasy load at 100mph up me, than swelling and rocking me about with the force of the cum blast! Those huge balls I like to sit on top of, full of that dangerous nigga cream and rubbing into my clitty.’You jump on Doll, leave those nicks on you Babe,’ Bruno ordered.With that I climbed over him and holding his huge Dick in my right hand, guided the tip to my eager lips, by now soaking wet. The nicks went to one side easily and I slid down that hot wide poker in the hot sun…mmmm, what could be better than this?Both his hands slipped under my dress and onto my big wobbly ass, Bruno pushed out a little from the bench so I could straddle him better. He pulled me forwards now to plunge all the way up me. This made me jump a little as it had been a while since I had had this huge meat stick fuck me!’Mmmm, Awhhh yeah Bbbe, that it Doll, yeah, right in there, gud girl,’ uttered Bruno, his eyes rolling now.He was holding my love handles, my big ass cheeks either side and pulling me 1st towards him, then pushing me away on his knee.I could feel that very hard helmet hammering my spine, then my belly as I was wanked back and forth by his power!I reached forwards and sometimes at arms length had my arms about his thick neck, then next second up and kissing his lips!I cum and pissed onto his belly as I squirted forwards then down, he laughed load.Bruno stopped for a while, opened the front of my flowery dress and took out both tits, they flopped onto his chest, then he sucked both nipples at the same time. Both squirted Juniors milk into his open mouth. With this he groaned really loud and I felt a jolt and all hot in my cunt, this made me cum too and I had to be held by his strong arms as I went faint with pleasure.’Oh Fuck Luv, your cunt is on fire…Mmmm,’ Bruno dirtily said, firing his seed up me.With that he lifted me up escort çankırı off his hard sticky dick. My feet touched the floor. I looked down and could see his cock slit leaking out a stream of cum, so fast it was running down the long, thick shaft and dripping of his massive balls. He turned me around and sat me back onto his cum lubed dick again.I sank easily now and sat on his balls, playing with them, still with his trousers up, his dick sticking out the open fly. I decided to ride him, he helped me by lifting my bum up and down and holding the cum stained nicks to one side.I heard someone coming along this quiet path? Bruno wondered why I had stopped fucking his shaft now? So he continued ploughing up me, thinking I was tired. He said, ‘ Hey Doll, I guess Bruno should do the work…hahah.’I sat hard down onto Bruno and tried to pull down my dress a little when this guy came into view!!! Bruno also now could see him and he stopped too. Bruno’s legs were spread wide, so I put mine together inside his and thankfully Bruno’s huge shaft held me in place, so I could not slip off his knee! The guy noticed that Bruno’s trousers were open at the waist though! I was pulled up higher onto Bruno’s lap and he held me about the waist. My titties were only just back in the dress, although it was stained and we from milk!The guy asked if we were enjoying the nice weather and was staring at my long bare legs, then at Bruno. I think he was shocked that a white Lady would be with a big negro in this position too!’ Hey what yer name fella,’ asked Bruno to him.’Erm, erm it erm Michael, erm is my name, I am sorry, I mean if I disturb you Sir,’ he really nervously said!’ Haha Nah you don’t desturb us, does he Doll?’ Bruno asked me in his deep Afro voice.’ Oh no, we just sitting here, that’s all ain’t it Bruno,’ I joked with 13″ of black manhood throbbing away in my fucked white cunt.’Yeah this little farn Lady she just sat on ma knee, that all it is fella,’ Bruno said with effort and grunt as I wobbled about on his shaft, making his spunk fly deep in me.’ I sssssee, erm OK, are you like boy and girl friends then. I mean sorry If I ask you that?’ he nervously said. Then he saw the heavy prison ball on the ground and the chain attaching it to Bruno’s leg!’Nah this cute little Lady is a married Lady, like all decent married too to a rich man, well ain’t that true Doll?’ Bruno joked.I lifted again banging down on Bruno’s hidden but very full balls, my cunt lips smacking and slurping on them. My legs still together, like a good girl should. Bruno’s pulsing dick shot out to hit my belly and I put my little hand on that spot on my dress. I could feel the black snake just underneath…mmm.Bruno stiffened and held my hips. Then, ‘Sheeeet, bahhhh, whoooh yeah,’ Bruno shouted out loud. This made the thin white guy jump back as if a wild a****l was about to attack and eat him!My hand felt the rumble in my belly and my cunt filled with hot seed, Bruno shot at least 3 heavy loads up me. One thing about black men is they quickly recover and Bruno continued to quip.’ Yeah I just looking after her for her hubby while he works hard, ain’t that so hun?’ he told the guy.’ Oh yeah you so right Mr Bruno, it so good of you to do this on your day off..haha.I could feel Bruno’s thick spunk trickling çankırı escort bayan down my thighs now, even though I knew Bruno was not empty yet.The guy was now silent and looked like he was frozen to the spot! Bruno stuck his tongue into my ear and then kissed it at the same time he took both huge hands and parted my thighs slightly at 1st? He was slowly revealing our coupling!The guy knew where to stare now. I looked down and could just see my white pants all pulled over to one side of my pussy. Bruno stopped parting my legs when just the top of my pussy slit showed, but not his embedded poker? I think this was the tease? I could see as I looked down that the top of my pussy lips and clit were all glued up with Afro seed, my thighs were all slimey and wet too as I slipped about on his knee. I dug my heels into the soil, so not to slip.Bruno lifted my dress to show the guy my stretched marked belly, from carrying black Junior. The guy was now open mouthed! ‘ Yeah what you think to these mammas, don’t you fink her hubby is sooo luky dude? Haha,’ roared bruno as my titties fell forward and onto my bare belly.Like shooting 2 guns he squeezed one in each hand, firing milk skywards, the arc of milk hitting the ground a few meters in front of us.Then open came my thighs, now very wide, Bruno’s huge ball sack flopped onto the seat. I looked down again and it looked like a black man had his arm stuck up me!I was lifted up by my thighs and rocked onto his shaft until we both noisily cum off with each other. Nigga spunk just squirted up me, filling my open womb, I was used to so much black seed in me now, so was just loving the feel as it filled and filled me. Bruno was nicely moaning and biting my neck as he pleasured his fat ripe dick. I was just dreaming of all those billions of negro’s now living in my married cunt. Spunk was dripping though the seat slowly as it oozed from me, Bruno’s balls glistened with his yellowish live jelly. My cunt was clamping onto his thick shaft, milking all it could greedily take from his swollen slit.We were finished apart from the pleasure of being coupled. like a bitch in season with a dog up her!I let his semi hard cock slide from me, felt like a new born as it slid away and fell in front of the slated wood bench, covered in his cum and mine. My cunt tried to close, but was too fucked to even try after this huge boy! Even so my pussy dripped for ages, but not the spunk safe and secure in my full womb thankfully.The guy was on his knees, his head in his hands now?’ Take a gud luk fella, I think you get the idea of how I looks after this farn Lady for her hubby,’ Bruno stated and with that he snapped my nicks back into place over my open lips. I put my titties back and adjusted my wet dress. Bruno stood, did his flys. Helped me to my feet as I was faint and wobbly still. He took me in his arms, kissed me hard and said loved it till next time.The guard came over and put the cuffs on to Bruno, the driver undid the ball and chain. Bruno was placed into the van again.I opened the car door and lifted my leg in. I noticed my thighs were all sticky now as the spunk had been running out of me. I decided to take a tissue, reaching over to the glove box. The driver and guard I noticed just sat as I wiped between my legs before driving away. Bruno’s hard work was bubbling out of my nicks too! I just blushed at the prison officers as I wiped away their captives filth, throwing the heavy soiled paper onto the car park.Another lovely filling to take home with me….mmmmm.xxxxHope you love it too?

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