My Brother Adam Pt. 02


This is Part 2 of a two part story. In Part 1 Adam cleverly manipulated a reluctant but ultimately willing twin sister Mary into having incestuous sex. We left our two young lovers after they had done the deed, and Adam had discovered Mary’s submissive tendencies. Tendencies he hoped and planned to exploit.


Later that night, Adam and I had yet another long talk. We still had two weeks before I left for college, and he went back to the Army. To cool our incestuous passion for each other, which we both agreed was a problem in the long run, Adam came up with a plan. I would set him up with one of my high school friends, and I would also ask out a boy with whom I had been intimate but not yet had sex, and we would double date.

At the end, we would each watch the other couple have sex. There were many problems with this plan. I had no doubt the boy (Troy) would enjoy laying me; it was clear he had wanted to do so for some time.

The real question in my mind was: Do I want to take Troy to bed myself? I was not completely over Peter, and we had not yet officially broken up. I was already cheating on Peter with my twin brother Adam, but somehow, I figured that did not count. (This must be part of the logic of incest, I thought. It is so taboo, somehow it doesn’t count as cheating on one’s lover.)

I did like Troy. And those weekends Peter had not come over to visit, I had let one of Sam or Troy have his way with me, but of course I always stopped short of letting things get too, too far. Although to be honest, they did get pretty far. The point is, I already enjoyed my times with Troy a lot, and certainly would have done the deed with him if I had not been committed to Peter. So I guess that question is answered, I reasoned.

But why did Adam want this? Why did he want to watch me have sex with someone else? That continued to make no sense to me. The only thing I could think of was that it might be his way of getting over me. Perhaps seeing me enjoying sexual intimacy with another man would so disgust him that he would lose desire for me? Was that his thinking?

Then I thought: Could Adam convince a girl to have sex on her first date with him? She would have to be a real slut for that. And would Troy want to have sex with me with Adam watching? And even if the girl let Adam do her, would she let him fuck her in front of Troy and me?

Adam said I was to arrange it. All of it. I was not at all sure I could arrange all that! It was certainly a tall order.

I chose Troy to be the boy whom I would seduce, because he was not as shy as Sam, and because he would do anything to get to fuck me, I was sure. My boyfriend Peter was already back east at his college and therefore out of the picture, and Troy would figure this was his chance. It was, too. I was beginning to look forward to it.

The way I saw it, there was only one candidate for the lucky girl: Gloria. I had once saved her from a gangbang, and she was grateful. From her standpoint, I had saved her life, since the gangbang would in reality have been a gang rape. As it was, she had ended up naked in front of five boys, and they were all over her, not listening to her more and more frantic and desperate protests and cries.

How she managed to get herself in that situation is a long story, involving a lot of poor judgement decisions on Gloria’s part, shall we say. It was at a party where drugs and booze had helped to let things get out of control. I was there, too. I heard her cries, and came running.

When I found her, she was on a bed, naked, and she was screaming. Boys were holding down her arms and legs, and a fifth boy was just about to stuff her mouth with her panties. He had paused to sniff them, which had allowed me to hear her cries for help. I’ll never forget that image: it was frightening but sexy as hell at the same time. At least it was for my sick, twisted mind.

I actually shamed the five boys into letting her go. I was worried they would then turn on me, but somehow the mood changed. It was like in the movies, when one moral person could stop a lynch mob, reminding people they were individuals, and not just part of a mob. I don’t know if it ever happened with a lynching, but it happened in To Kill a Mocking Bird, an old movie I had seen on TV. I hope it happened for real, too, but irrespective of that, in fact I did save Gloria from a gang rape.

I told Gloria a white lie. I told her I wanted to have sex with Troy, but my brother Adam was back from Japan and he needed to get laid. I showed her a picture of what Adam looked like now, and one of him naked, with a flaming erection. I told her the whole plan.

“Just to get this clear,” Gloria said, “You want me to have sex with your brother while you and Troy watch? And then we watch you and Troy?” I nodded. I knew it sounded crazy, and certainly perverted. “What if Adam does not want to have sex with me? Or what if I don’t want to have sex with him?” She knew it was a dead certainty about Troy and me.

“Then Escort bayan you can walk away, of course,” I said.

I knew Gloria was smart, and I knew she was quick. But she still surprised me. She figured it all out. She said, “Tell me: Is your brother good in bed? Is he as good as Peter?”

How could she have figured out we had already had incestuous sex? How? I just stared at her. Maybe it was when I showed her the picture of Adam with a hard on. That was a stupid move, I belatedly realized.

“You’re letting him do you, aren’t you?” Gloria asked.

“Don’t tell anyone, please, Gloria,” I mumbled. “Please. It was just once,” I lied.

“You slut!” Gloria cheered, slapping me on the back the way a boy does when he learns of a conquest his friend has made by laying a cheerleader or some equivalent notch for his belt. “You go, girl. Adam is a hunk. He always has been. I can’t wait to fuck his brains out,” she said.

“But you did not answer: Is he good in bed?” Gloria persisted.

“He is amazing. I’ll never be able to go back to Peter. He’s good in bed, on the stairs, out on the front porch, in the back yard, standing up, on all fours, everywhere and in every position,” I said, smiling.

“Ooh, you slut, you! Hubba hubba!” Gloria said, and she rubbed her hand over her private area.

I guessed I had chosen the right girl. Strangely, I felt jealous of how much Gloria was destined to enjoy sex with Adam. Well, the die is cast, I thought. I asked Gloria how she had figured out about Adam and me?

“The picture of Adam naked with an erection was taken in your bedroom, you moron,” Gloria said. “Does he have the hard on from seeing your boobs? Notice the mirror reflects your bare boobs while you are holding the camera.”

I checked. It was in the background and partially hidden. It was hard to see me holding a cell phone. But yes, my uncovered boobs were there, and the camera was held up to my stupid face. Even one of my nipples was in a corner of the picture. How could I have been that stupid?

I laughed. All I had to do was say yes. Gloria was right about everything. Then Gloria surprised me. She messaged me two pictures of herself. One was of her topless, and the other was of her naked and fingering herself. “For Adam,” she said to me. “I want him interested.”

“Shit girl,” I said. “That will not be a problem. Looking at these pictures, I myself am interested!”

“Really?” Gloria said, batting her eyelashes and giving me her best come hither look. And it’s a damn good look, I assure you. “I’d love to get my hands on your boobs, you know.”

“You and the rest of San Mateo County, I’m sure,” I said.

“You got that right, honey,” Gloria said. “Everyone loves Raymond, and everyone loves your boobs even more.” We set up the details. Gloria had some good ideas. That girl has one hell of a sexy mind.

I could not wait for Friday night. I refused to masturbate, saving myself for my seduction of Troy. I began to lust for him like never before. Adam could not get over the pictures of Gloria. “Sis, you have one dynamite friend. You are the best sister in the world, you know.”

“Do you love me for my pimping services, or just for my boobs?” I asked, a little disgusted.

“Oh Mary. How could you ask such a thing? My love for you is the purest love there is. I love you for your pussy, and the way you use it,” Adam said, his eyes twinkling. We both laughed a long time. I wondered, however, if there was some truth to his sarcasm. Adam added, “And I am looking forward to watching you get brutally ravished by Troy,” he said.

“Why, Adam? Why don’t you want me to yourself? Why do you want to see me with another man?” I quite reasonably asked.

“Ask me again after you see Gloria and me locked together in sexual bliss, okay? Ask me then if you still don’t understand,” was Adam’s annoying reply. His answer did not help at all. I let it go.

But I wondered: Did he want to see my reactions to some competition? Or perhaps he just wanted to humiliate me? Maybe that was why he wanted me to expose myself and perhaps even fuck with him on the beach in front of other men? Well, maybe if I’m patience, I will figure it out. Or maybe, I’ll just never know.

“Troy is a sweet boy. He does not have your Okinawa training, bro. He may even be a virgin, I don’t know,” I said, trying to warn Adam that he might be disappointed. I was still wondering why Adam wanted to see another man fuck me. It was not a normal thing for a man to want. But then, none of this was normal!

“Well then, he can watch Gloria and me. I’ll show him how it’s done. Does Gloria like rough sex, like my sweet little sister?” Adam asked.

“I don’t know. I suspect not many girls do. I have the feeling I’m fairly weird, you know.”

“Yes, I know. Boy, do I know. And God, Mary, do I love you for it! You are such a prize; I am sure neither Troy nor Peter is worthy of you. You are one hell of a sweet lay, you know?” Adam said.

“Yes, it’s Bayan escort such a great self-image. Something to be proud of: ‘Big boobed Mary is a sweet lay.’ Maybe that should be my new hashtag?” I almost spat at Adam. “I could get it printed on a T-shirt and wear it around town. What do you think?”

The doorbell rang. Troy had arrived. He was nervous as all hell. Adam jumped for the truck to go to collect Gloria. We agreed to meet at the restaurant. I wore a slinky dress that clung to all of my curves. It also gave me a great décolletage, giving Troy plenty of boob to salivate over. He did not stand a chance, and he was loving it, I could tell.

The dress also showed off my ass to great effect. Adam had already remarked that my bubble butt was almost as big of an asset as my boobs were. He emphasized the first three letters of the word asset as he said it. Subtlety, thy name is not Adam.

Troy had some vodka in the car. We pulled over and had a few shots to get a buzz before dinner. (We were too young to be served alcohol at dinner, after all.) We arrived late, but still had to wait half an hour for Adam and Gloria. Gloria arrived with her lipstick smeared, her hair messed up a bit, and missing her underwear. I looked at her quizzically.

Gloria took me aside. “Your brother is an animal. He did everything but stick it in me. Jesus, the man is hyper sexed or something.”

“I’m sorry, Gloria,” I said.

“Don’t be,” she said, and she smiled broadly. “His cum is delicious. Sweet and salty. Great appetizer for Chinese food. But then, I’m sure you know that, don’t you? Jeez, why couldn’t I have a twin brother? Or your boobs? Some girls have all the luck, you know?” Gloria smiled and licked her lips, no doubt tasting the traces of Adam’s cum that still clung to them. Cum is so viscous.

I already felt amazingly jealous. I know incest is wrong. I can’t marry my brother. I can’t have kids with him. I can’t dream about the future, of a happily after life together. I’m just going to have to get over this jealousy thing. But right then, I could not. Maybe that’s what Adam wanted? Did he want me to be jealous? If so, it was working. Boy, was it working!

“Gloria, do you like rough sex?” I asked, not answering what I assumed to be her rhetorical questions.

“Dunno. Never tried it. Why?” I raised one eyebrow. I can do that. I saw the lightbulb go off. “Oh. Cool,” she said. “Can’t wait.”

The restaurant has the best Chinese food on the peninsula. Masters of the universe from Silicon Valley were there, with their wives straight out of the fashion pages of Vogue magazine. And there were us four kids, all thinking about what comes later.

I took my time, enjoying the food. Troy was nervous, not knowing if he was going to have sex later. He should have known. His innocence felt sweet to me. Gloria was not being subtle about what was to come, with all of her double entendres during dinner.

I knew what was in store for Troy. He was going to get laid, but good. I wanted to make Adam jealous, too, and I was going to pull out all of the stops. It was fun knowing what bliss my body would give this nice young man.

Gloria and Adam, however, were both having trouble keeping their hands off each other. I had no idea what a slut Gloria could be. But right then I was very glad she was that way. I calmed myself with thoughts of making Adam jealous of Troy.

Troy tentatively put his hand on my leg. Testing the water, I guess. All I did in response was smile. His hand began to caress my leg. I smiled some more. His hand moved north, heading for my panties. I leaned over and blew warm air softly into his ear.

Troy’s hand reached my panties. “Take them off, Troy,” I whispered to him. Now Troy smiled, and he pulled my panties down. Talk about giving him a green light! This was a screaming green light.

My panties settled at my ankles, and I left them there. He was reaching now, and it was pretty obvious to Gloria and to Adam what was going on, as his fingers found my snatch.

Gloria said, “Now Troy. We don’t use our fingers in a restaurant. We use chopsticks in a Chinese restaurant,” and she handed him the plastic imitation ivory chopsticks. Minutes later I had two chopsticks up my pussy.

Adam gave Troy his chopsticks, too, and before I knew it I had four chopsticks inside me. Troy was maneuvering them around inside me, and my breathing was getting uneven. I was saved when the first course arrived. The waiter also brought over two new sets of chopsticks for Gloria and Adam.

Chopsticks are long. I ate the entire dinner with four chopsticks deep inside my pussy, but half of them were still poking out. Between courses Troy would resume manipulating the chopsticks, and I would resume my uneven breathing. Adam took a cell phone picture of my face.

Adam put his cell phone under the table, and took another picture. He checked it out, and showed it to Gloria. I suppose it showed my legs apart, and my soaking wet pussy with four chopsticks Escort sticking out of it. I was too ashamed to ask to see it. Adam understood that, I guess, but he texted the picture both to my phone, and to Troy’s.

At one point I decided to tease Troy back. “Troy, have you seen the new cross my parents gave me for my 18th birthday? It’s a Maltese cross,” I said, looking innocently at Troy. It was not easy to look innocent with four chopsticks half inside me.

“No, Mary. Are you wearing it now?” Troy asked. There was a gold chain that disappeared down into my tight cleavage.

“Yes. Why don’t you pull it out? Just dig in and I’m sure you’ll find it in no time,” I said. I leaned forward so that my boobs were as close as possible to him. Troy looked nervous, but he reached down into my cleavage, rooted around rubbing my soft boob flesh, and finally found my cross. I had made sure it was buried inside my brassiere, so his hands had to follow the chain inside my bra.

Troy found the cross, and he also found my nipple. He gave my nipple a lovely little tweak right there in the restaurant. I moaned softly when he did that. With my moan, Troy lost any of his remaining anxiety. He now went to town massaging my boobs before he slowly removed the cross.

“It’s lovely, Mary,” Troy said.

“Glad you like what you found,” I said, and I winked at him. Then like a good Catholic girl, I kissed the cross and buried it back down deep in my cleavage. I glanced at Adam to see if I could detect any jealousy. None yet, dammit.

At the end of the meal, Troy pulled out the chopsticks, and passed them around. We all took one chopsticks. The other three took large sniffs, and Troy, Gloria and my brother Adam all complemented me on the smell of the chopsticks. Adam put his in his mouth and licked it clean. I liked that.

I did not sniff. What if I did not like the smell of myself? I was stuck with me. I could not trade myself in for another woman with a better smelling pussy, after all. Better not to know.

Troy followed Adam’s lead. All eyes then turned to Gloria. She smiled, shrugged, and she cleaned my juices off her chopstick, too. Again, that left me. I just left them on the table. Gloria giggled.

We took Gloria and Troy back to our parent’s place after dinner. Our parents were spending the weekend in Napa Valley, getting drunk visiting all of the wineries. Our Mom was planning a mud bath with seaweed in Calistoga, at the hot springs spa there. We had the house to ourselves. Ah.

We began with some games. We played a strip version of Cards Against Humanity, and gradually got down to our underwear. Everyone was waiting for me to lose my bra. But Gloria lost hers first, and while her boobs are not huge like mine, they are nevertheless beautiful. Adam and Troy both stared lustily at her boobs. I got jealous.

Troy was the first to get naked. He was embarrassed since he had a full erection, but Gloria and I both praised it, and he relaxed. Next Adam got naked, and then Gloria. That left me, with both bra and panties on. The game stopped at that point, and both Troy and Adam jumped me, ripping off both my bra and my panties.

We were rolling around on the floor, the three of us, and I was giggling. Gloria pulled Adam off me, and they kissed. While they kissed Adam’s hands went all over Gloria, and she cooed and sighed. It was not long before Adam and Gloria were going to town.

They wasted little time. Adam started sweetly fucking her, and Gloria gasped when he stuck it in all the way. She looked at me, and smiled. The next time she looked at me, she winked, and said, “Adam, I like it rough. Mary says…Oh! Oh, my God!”

Gloria launched a string of invectives as Adam switched on a dime to a vicious fuck. Just as he had done with me, he pulled out, put her on all fours, thrust it back in, and he fucked her as if his life depended on it. His cock was pushing her around the room, while her boobs dangled sexily beneath her. He began to slap her ass as hard as he could, timing his slaps to match his penetrations. Gloria was reduced to guttural moans.

As I watched Gloria’s reactions to Adam’s magnificent fucking, I imagined me in her place just the previous evening. My reactions must have looked the same. I was so wet I felt as if I were in danger of dripping.

I was proud of how my brother could fuck. Troy however was intimidated. I thought he might be on the verge of crying, seeing this over the top performance of Adam and Gloria. Gloria was not only taking the beating, but she was eating it up and fucking Adam right back.

I led Troy from the room, and over to Adam’s bedroom, so we could have some privacy. That sexual display was over the top, and Troy was now insecure. He was intimidated. I had to do something. I said, “I wanted to be naked for you, Troy. Do you like me this way?” I tried to sound insecure myself, and vulnerable. Troy had lost his erection.

“God yes, Mary. You are beautiful naked,” Troy said.

“That was the right thing to say. Kiss me Troy. Kiss me all over.” Troy began by kissing my lips. We French kissed and then he headed south, kissing and nibbling on my boobs. He even gently bit them, which turned me on. I moaned to let him know.

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