My Crazy Life 5 – Tammy, Wendy, Brenda – Second Half


In the first half of this story, I was telling my new friend Tammy about something mean I did to an acquaintance named Wendy. I was really enjoying the ego boost that I was getting from watching Tammy enjoy my true story. Tammy and I were both imagining how much we would enjoy it if Tammy were the woman I was having sex with.She started to openly masturbate on video chat while I continued the tale of being mean to Wendy.===Wendy:Did I mention that my wife is a troublemaker?”Do you mind if I make plans for us for next Saturday?” she asked me one evening.”What kind of plans?” I teased.”Do you remember Dean and Sarah? We met them at the house party in Madison,” she answered.”Kind of a quiet couple?” I almost remembered them. “She was pretty but she was only interested in big black cock?””They’re having a house party near Racine,” my wife explained. “Wendy asked them to invite us. She said you two have some unfinished business.”It had been more than a month since I had dumped Wendy. I knew my wife would be mad if I did something mean, but I couldn’t wait to find a way to figuratively slap her in the face. I started trying to figure out a plan to make a portable car horn that I could hide near her. That didn’t pan out, but I knew I’d have to think of something.The night of the party rolled around, and my wife and I headed over to Racine. As we entered the house, I was carrying a tray of snacks and my wife was carrying a gift bottle of wine. We had barely made inside the house when Wendy stepped in front of me to block my path.”Put that shit down and follow me,” she insisted. “Your ninety minutes starts right now!”I gave her a sarcastic look.”Good evening, Wendy! Good to see you,” I said nicely. “How about we wait a bit. I’d kind of like to take my coat off, have a beer, and maybe meet our hosts again.”I thought her brittle smile was going to crack. She relented, but she followed me everywhere. I would like to say that she waited patiently, but all I can say is that she waited.I know I have mentioned that I am a storyteller. I was very pleased to see that we knew a bunch of the guests at the party. Many of them were in the group from camping. Several of us started trading stories about our camping adventures, and we had a great time.As was typical of these parties, while we were socializing in the living room, various people were hooking up and exploring the bedrooms. My wife found an old friend that she really enjoyed, and the two of them were gone most of the evening.The crowd in the living room started to swell again, a sure sign that the early birds were returning. Wendy tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a look.”Are you ready to prove yourself?” she demanded.”What’s this all about?” my friend Mark asked.”I was telling her about the hotel party up in Oshkosh, and she doesn’t believe I lasted ninety minutes with one partner,” I answered.”Only ninety?” he laughed”I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes,” she insisted sharply.The look on her face was such a sharp contrast to the smiling faces of my friends. Ankara escort My eyes scanned around the group as I enjoyed a laugh with them. The plan I needed all but slapped me in the face.===Unknown:Dearest reader, I am sorry that I must take a moment here to apologize to the smiling red-haired woman that had joined our group to listen to our stories. She was every bit our age, with a cute pixie haircut and a beautiful smile with dimples. I think at some point, she and I must have shared names, but I lost hers.I had first noticed her when she joined our group to listen to Mark talk about seducing the pants off of a woman by the campfire. A plan started to form in my mind when I saw her smile turn to lust as I told a story about having naked starlight sex while watching shooting stars streak across the sky.With my best wolfish grin, I asked her, “Hey, gorgeous, could I entice you to come have sex with me for the next hour and a half?”Her eyes opened wide. “Me?” she gasped.”Yes!” I said confidently.”Yes!” she cried.I think I heard Wendy’s jaw hit the floor. The redhead was shocked beyond pleasure that I had asked her, and she was absolutely beautiful as she bubbled over with joy. She grabbed the front of my shirt and practically dragged me to the nearest bedroom.An hour later, she and I were still going at it. At one point, she had begged me to hold her head down on the mattress as I fucked her doggy style, and her squirting orgasms had lasted for ten minutes straight. We had settled into a slower rhythm with her riding on top.She had my arms crossed and pinned behind my head. She was twerking against my cock with the head barely inside of her. She was calling me mean and nasty names as she came over and over, when we heard the bedroom door briskly open.The redhead didn’t stop with the name calling or the orgasms as we both turned and smiled at Wendy. Wendy shot daggers at us with her eyes, and huffed loudly.”Thank you so much for making this happen,” the redhead said to Wendy. “This may just be the best sex I’ve ever had. Oh my god, don’t tell my husband that!”Wendy stormed out and slammed the door.The redhead started laughing, which caused her abdomen to tighten, and that caused her to start cumming again. She was still laughing as she fell forward and put her face next to mine.”How much do you wanna bet she goes straight to my husband,” she laughed. I was ready to be indignant. I was having too much fun to stop to get my ass kicked by a jealous husband. The redhead laughed harder, triggering another orgasm. “He’ll get a big smile on his face and tell her, ‘That’s awesome!'”I will confess that I didn’t make it the full ninety minutes. She was still cumming hard when she suddenly stopped laughing and she kissed me really hard. I grabbed her ass tightly and pushed her down on my cock while I filled her. When we finally caught our breath, we snuck into the shower and got cleaned up.Our stealth didn’t matter. My wife says that Wendy angrily stormed through the living room and bolted Ankara escort bayan out the door. I know what I did was mean, but I am glad to say I have never heard from her again.Sadly, we never ran into the redhead again either. I cannot apologize enough for not catching her name.===Tammy:Obviously, for the sake of word counts, I’ve had to leave out some of the details. Tammy drank in the details with great pleasure. Her eyes focused on my eyes as I watched her enjoy herself. We both let the telling of the story pause as I watched her cum when I told her about how I came with the redheaded woman.I could see her eyes gleaming in the video feed. She asked, “Are you hard from the story, or from watching me? I can see you squirming to adjust yourself, so which was it?””You’ve had your breasts out to tease me all this time, and the look on your face when you came was priceless!” I answered. “Of course I like the story, but I really liked watching you.”The twinkle in her eyes got brighter. “Show me,” she demanded.With no hesitation, I stood up and stepped back just a little. I checked my video feed to be sure my crotch was centered properly. My jeans were open and pulled down just a bit. I let them drop to the floor. I nearly laughed as I saw her lean closer to her screen. Moving nice and slow, I pulled my boxers down to reveal my hard cock.”Wrap your hand around it and stroke it,” she commanded in a breathy voice. “Let me see how big it really is!”I tried not to shake too much as I slowly stroked myself. I’m sure she heard the catch in my breath and saw the quiver of my butt as I reacted to the pleasure I was giving myself.”You’re about to cum!” she marveled.”We’ve had hours of foreplay, and watching you cum was very stimulating,” I reminded her.”What about your esteemed self-control?” she teased.”It has its limits,” I laughed. “I could probably make this last if I don’t go any faster.”She stared at my stroking hand for a long thirty seconds. She swallowed to keep from drooling, and then she looked directly into the camera.”Do it,” she breathed. “Go faster. Let me see!”I didn’t even think twice about the mess I was about to make. There was a bare tile floor beneath me. I held a little tighter, stroked a little faster, and in no time at all, I was finishing for her. I was even able to watch her face the whole time.She leaned in really close to the camera, which meant she was close to the monitor. Her hand came up and reached forward. She was probably stroking my image on her screen. Her jaw went slack, and she shook almost as much as I did as I came. When she realized what she was doing, she had to swallow hard again, and then she had to wipe the drool from her lip. She blushed at her own actions.”Did you just cum again?” I asked breathily. She nodded as she blushed darker. “You are amazing!” I praised. She gave me a huge, happy smile. “I can’t wait to chat with you again tomorrow!” I gushed. She looked crestfallen.”I have a date with Michael tomorrow,” she said sadly.”No worries,” Escort Ankara I promised with a smile. “We’ll work something out.”===We managed to chat again a couple of nights later. She begged for another true story. I begged to see what her hand was doing “down there”. She begged to watch me finish again. It was a good chat.We both had busy weekends planned, so we made plans to chat again in the new week.===I have used pieces of the next part of this story in some of my fantasy stories. The truth of what happened was too hot not to include in fantasies.It was my turn to be the troublemaker. A couple that we only casually knew was having a private birthday party at a strip club near our house. We were invited, but my wife didn’t want to go.First, that couple tends to have younger friends, and my wife prefers older gentlemen. Second, although my wife had never been to a strip club, she had heard stories. She is very straight, and the thought of having the female dancers being overly friendly with her made her want to stay home. I convinced her to go.The party was in a private room at the club. There was plenty of room for the twenty or so friends that showed up. We had our own private stage, and everyone had a front row seat. We had our own private bar and our own private restroom.My wife was ready to be a party pooper right up until we got there and discovered that Michael and Tammy were there as well. She flew into his arms, and then she was ready to party.Tammy unconsciously posed for me, and then stood and drank in my lustful looks. She was taller than I thought, maybe five-foot-seven-inches tall. She was wearing a tight skirt and a tighter blouse that beautifully accentuated her curves. Between her smile, her good looks, and the memory of our chats, I was getting hard with lust.Although she greedily devoured the looks I gave her, she was also radiating a sense of reserve. As I approached her, I could feel that she was only going to allow a quick hug.”I have to kiss you,” I warned her. Her eyes flared and begged me to do it. Her head shook a denial.”And then what?” she worried. She licked her lips in anticipation. I shook my head, because I didn’t know.She pulled me close, and we kissed like long lost lovers. I had to stop suddenly, because if we had continued, I would have had a mess to clean up. Her body shook as she clung to me. She nearly had the same predicament.”How big is your car?” she begged. “There’s not enough room in my Mercedes coupe for what we need!”I swallowed hard.”We are not having sex in a strip club parking lot,” I had to protest. “They have security cameras everywhere, and they’d call the cops in a heartbeat.”She gave a quick half-laugh, and then she gave me a quick kiss.”It’s going to be a long week,” she lamented.We both managed to get control of ourselves, and we settled in to have some quiet fun with our friends.I should have known things would get out of control. My wife decided that she hadn’t caused enough trouble. After a half hour of enjoying drinks, catered food, and a sexually charged atmosphere, my wife asked Tammy why she hadn’t pulled me off into a corner somewhere to fuck me.I pointed out the beefy security guys that were everywhere, and reminded my wife that we really didn’t need to go to jail with charges of lewd behavior. My wife teased me for being too conservative.

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