My Daughter Comes Home

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My 26 year old daughter, Kathy, returned home due to an ongoing divorce. Since my wife’s departure a few years before, I lived alone and had plenty of room for her to move in to help her out financially.

So I prepared a welcome home dinner for her arrival.

“Dad!” she exclaimed as I came to the door to greet her, and we shared a tight hug at the door.

“Welcome home, Kathy,” I said. I was stunned at the way she looked and her perfume. Even though she had only been away for a few years, she had changed! Her wavy hair, which had cascaded over her shoulders in soft waves, was now even longer and nicely styled. Her glasses were gone, and in their place were tinted contact lenses that heightened the blue of her eyes. I had sent a nice looking, but fairly plain virgin girl to into the real world, and a beautiful shapely penthouse model had returned!

“You didn’t tell me about your hair and glasses…and that outfit – wow!” I said.

“Oh yeah! Do you like it?” She twirled around, and I noticed her breasts jiggled indicating that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin skimpy blouse. I was startled to realize that I was getting an erection, looking at her in her mini skirt. I quickly had a flash of her dropping her skirt….and shook my head!

Trying to mask my uneasiness, I said, “Looks good on you girl. Well, come on in — I’ve got dinner almost ready, and I’m sure that you would like to freshen up before we eat.”

We went inside, and I worked around the kitchen, trying to get my semi-erection down.

During the course of dinner, we chatted about her life and so forth, and I managed to keep my hormones under control. After dinner, we cleared the table, and I did the dishes while she unpacked. As I was finishing up, she came in and announced that she was going to take a shower and retire early, since she was tired from the long drive. I said good night to her, and kissed her on the forehead.

I went into the living room and sat down to watch the evening news. As usual, there was nothing encouraging on, but I liked to keep abreast of events. A few minutes into the newscast, I heard Kathy calling me. I got up and traced her to the guest bathroom.

She called through the door, “Dad, I forgot to bring a towel in here with me. Can you get me one?” I told her to wait for a second and went to the linen closet to get one. When I turned around, she was standing in the bathroom door, naked and dripping wet. I stood, glued to the spot, admiring her body with my eyes, and at the same time blushing furiously.

She noticed my discomfort and giggled, “What’s the matter Daddy? It’s nothing you haven’t seen before,” and leaned forward to take the towel from my trembling hands.

“Yeah,” I protested, “but the last time I saw it, it sure didn’t look like THAT!”

She giggled again, wrapping the towel securely around her, and said, “Noooo, I suppose not. Sorry if I embarrassed you, Dad,” and she stood on her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. She turned and went into her bedroom, and for a moment I got a glimpse of her walking down the hall with the towel barely covering her ass. Wow! I said to myself, if only I wasn’t her father!

Later after the news went off, I went to bed thinking how good it was to have Kathy back home. Sure, she was an astonishingly lovely young woman, but she was also my daughter! So I ended up lying nude in bed masturbating over her. As I stroked I thought of her naked body and how it would feel having her Escort bayan soft, firm ass in my hands sitting on me. One night I walked by her room and her door was slightly open and I saw her sleeping in the nude! Wow, it was the finest ass I’d ever seen!

Well my fantasies went on for weeks and I finally couldn’t stand it any longer. I just had to see her body again. So I decided to place a hidden camera in her bedroom and one in the bathroom. I had the camera connected to my computer so I could watch her in the shower and in her bed, she was really fantastic. Her body was so smooth and shapely to view in her panties and tube top.

I was hoping I would see her masturbate in bed but it never happened. Occasionally she would feel of herself but it wouldn’t last long. So I began searching on the internet for ideas and found an article on hypnotism that a guy used on a girl to view her naked and was absorbed by it. Maybe this would be the answer so I contacted the author and he helped me on the hypnotism techniques that he used. One thing that was made clear, it does not always work on all people-you can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do. But I had to give it a try so I decided to make a game out of it by telling Kathy it’s just for fun. Our game went on for weeks and she really liked it. I was successful in getting her to close her eyes and relax then I after a few sessions I started suggesting that she feel of herself in bed. Every night after a session I would watch the hidden camera but had no success and I had almost decided to give up. Then by chance one night I turned on my pc to view the camera and saw it happen. She began to rub herself as she lay in bed in her panties and bra. Then slowly she removed each article of clothing until she was totally naked-something I’d never see her do. My eyes were glued to the computer screen watching as her hands began to rub her body and then her pussy, softly at first then harder and she dug her fingers deeper into herself. With each passing night she became more intense. Finally, she became a wild whore; she moaned and screamed louder as her body rocked in the bed. Her hips started to buck with her fingers plunging her pussy and I knew she was about to have an orgasm. I couldn’t stand it any longer so I pulled out my cock and started jacking off each night I viewed her performances. I was so glad I was recording her. We must have cummed at the same time, every time, wow it was so wonderful!!!

Night after night her masturbations in bed became regular and I would usually watch the video the next day instead of staying up for them. Then late one night while I was in bed I heard her screaming in lust again then she became very quite….The door to my bedroom slowly swung open and I froze. Kathy stood silhouetted in the doorway with the hall night light behind her. All she was wearing was her black bra and panties.

In the dim light, my bulging eyes admired her from her head to toe. I could see her erect nipples and bare pussy as she loosened her clothes. She looked like a lioness stalking her prey standing at the door, with a slow, seductive roll to her hips she rocked and swayed. Her breasts giggled slightly with each movement, mesmerizing me.

Then pausing she whispered, “Daddy are you awake? I really need a big favor from you… Can I sleep with you tonight? Please don’t be startled, it’s all right, you can see me like this. I don’t want to sleep alone tonight”. “Yes, baby, you can” I nervously Bayan escort replied as I moved over in the bed to allow her room. “Thanks daddy”, she said in relief. She slowly walked to me and slid onto the bed beside me – face to face, I said nothing. As I laid there with my arms around her and smelling of her fabulous perfume, she placed her hand on my bare chest and thanked me for letting her get in bed with me. Then she leaned over and lightly kissed my lips. A small kiss at first then numerous longer ones until her sweet tongue started to prod into my mouth and she started to moan.

Without a word being said, she stepped out of bed and slowly dropped her panties onto the floor. She was totally naked now and it seemed as if she moved in slow motion getting back in bed.

This time I felt her firm breasts pressing against my bare chest as our lips met again. My hand instinctively guided down her soft smooth arched back until I was squeezing her bare ass cheeks with my fingers. My lust for her was growing so much in me. With my hand on her ass I pulled her closer to me and kissed her passionately. Chills ran all over me when I felt her soft hand slid down my chest and onto my growing cock and she begin stroking me. She turned from kissing me to looking at her hand working my hard cock then back to my eyes. Her eyes told me she wanted to give me a blowjob and with that she leaned down to my cock and began to kiss and suck on it. It had been so long since I had a woman’s soft touch that I couldn’t get myself to stop her, I just laid completely still moaning and telling her how great it felt. After a few minutes of sucking my cock she returned to kissing me then with a soft motion she pulled my head down to her right breast and placed the nipple to my lips. My hand surrounded her soft breast and I opened my mouth for her erect nipple to enter. She moaned softly as my mouth began to milk it. My wet tongue circled all around the nipple and I began to pull on it with my teeth.

As I massaged her breasts with my hands, I rolled her over onto her back slowly and was on top of her. Her legs instinctively opened allowing me full access between them and I could feel my erect cock rubbing her pussy. With one hand she guided my cock into the wet folds of her vagina and she raised her hips up to encourage my entry while spreading her pussy wide. With my cock poised at the opening of her pussy, I hesitated and stared at her, in my mind I was thinking, this is my daughter I’m about to fuck, what if she gets pregnant! I can’t do this! Then as if she read my mind she whispered “Don’t worry daddy, my tubes have been tied, I won’t get pregnant…I want you inside me”.

With that relief, I felt my cock slide into her tight moist hot pussy ever so slowly, savoring every inch of her velvet pussy walls. As I was holding her breasts kissing on them I returned to her mouth, kissing her deeply. As my cock went in her deeper I stretched out onto her body and moaned incomprehensible things into her ears as I nibbled on her neck.

All the while, her hands were roaming over my back, urging me on. Her legs wrapped around me as I pumped with increasing urgency inside her clutching pussy. Feeling my orgasm was imminent, I stopped hunching to catch my breath and to keep from cumming so early. After a minute or two, I rolled her over into a doggie position. I stood at the end of the bed as she got on all fours and pushed against me to begin.

I grabbed her hair and arched Escort her back as I pounded her pussy over and over…deeper and deeper inside her womb. The sound of my flesh slapping hers echoed around the room and intensified my desire to fuck her harder. We were shouting and moaning like wild animals in heat at the same time. Then I felt it about to happen… my cock began to throb then swell with a huge load building up. “I have to pull out! I’m about to cum!, I yelled, but she wouldn’t let me . She reached back and grabbed me yelling “stay in me Daddy! Don’t pull out! Let’s cum together!” I started pumping madly again and exploded like never before! Shot after shot like bullets going off I cummed inside my daughters womb! At the same time her body shook violently as she had a massive orgasm. We cummed so much I could see it dripping out of her. After several minutes of intense fucking I fell onto her exhausted. My cock was still inside her clamped tightly by her pussy muscles. I laid on her until my cock went limp and dropped out, and then I rolled her over.

As we lay together with our heavily sweat covered bodies she confided to me that although she had been with many men, including her ex-husband, she always found herself imagining that it was me, and it never failed to bring her off. I didn’t really know what to say. I was more satisfied now than I had been in years, but I was disturbed about having laid my own daughter and the fear of her getting pregnant.

However, Kathy saw how disturbed I was and laid my fears to rest again; she told me that a year ago she had her tubes tied and there was nothing to worry about we were adults and could have sex without anyone having to know about it. She was hoping she could sleep with me until she left again and I nodded my head in agreement. After we cooled down and napped some she woke crawling down me to devour my now-limp cock. I looked up to see her positioning her beautiful young shaven cunt to my face. She wiggled her ass at me and asked me to eat her. I didn’t have to be told twice so I dug in.

Her cunt was sopping wet, and I tasted myself mingled in with her own strongly feminine juices. My tongue found her hardening clit, and she began humping slightly on my face as I licked and teased it. My tongue was buried in her vagina, and I had to pull back to draw a shuddering breath every so often.

Meanwhile, her mouth and lips were working their magic on me and I felt my balls tightening. She explored my cock and balls with such care that I began to forget who she was, and concentrated instead on the fact that she was a beautiful woman, making unbridled, passionate love to me.

My hands explored her smooth curved ass and pussy, and my fingers came to rest at her puckered anus. She pushed towards me, and I gently slid a fingertip into her ass. She went wild, humping on my fingers violently and moaning loudly on my cock. With my tongue licking her pussy, I pushed my fingers all the way into her anus and I felt her clitoris tighten up.

Moments later, she exploded, and I felt her entire pussy convulse over my face, in perfect time to the contractions of her anus on my finger. Even as she began to relax, my own load built and then exploded in her throat. She swallowed all of it and continued until I was gasping for her to stop, and then she collapsed on top of me. After a little while, she turned back around, and we fell asleep holding each other protectively in each other’s arms. I got up in the morning and looked back at her still in bed as beautiful as I could ever imagine a woman to be…..with my cum in her womb.

The End? No the beginning of a great sex life with my daughter! And by the way she loves to pose nude for pictures!

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