My Desires For Kelly


It is the first time to visit my brother ever since we were the age of 10. Don’t know much about him except that his wife had passed away several years ago and that he is living with his daughter who had been blind after a surgical failure. My brother Jim, I learned, had become a highly respectable man with a growing merchandising company.

Here I am, with my Hugo Boss tuxedo, Dark red crocodile Gucci shoes and sun glasses, I stepped out of my brother’s Limo and saw this overwhelming mansion with the most beautiful view. Yes, here, in Honolulu Hawaii, Wow this is a heaven!

Before entering his house, several bodyguards’ body checked me and then one of them led me in. I could hear my footsteps echoing as I stepped through the hallway, where the majority of this mansion, especially the ceiling seems to be made of glass.

Towards the humongous pentagon like living room, I saw him. My brother had become a very attractive man with grey hair; I guess money makes everyone attractive.

“Stephen my brother!” putting his martini down, he walked towards me and greeted me.

“Jim, it is such a great pleasure to see you again after so many years, wow, you are looking great.” I replied trying to be nice.

“So what are your plans?”

“Well, my plan is to stay here for one week, if that is convenient for you.”

“Are you joking with me? For my brother, of course! Hey, why don’t you stay longer so I could show you around more?”

“Well, I can’t take too long of a holiday, my company will pull my lungs out if I stay any longer.”

“Very well then, would you like some Martini?”

“No, but cheers.”

Suddenly, out of the pool behind the glass section that separated the indoor pool with the living room I saw a tanned and very voluptuously tall and slender lady with brunette hair coming out of the pool. To my very interest, she was nude. The butler helped her out of the pool and helped her put on a white silk robe that went up to her thighs. She walked out and now, to my notice is walking towards us.

As she walked towards us, her soaked body magnified the silk robe towards şirinevler escort her body, and as her long dark brunette hair dripped water, I saw her breasts under the silk material. Looking downwards and with a short glance I saw the smooth surface of her shaved pussy as water dripped down from her hair.

“Kelly my dear! Did you enjoy your swim?” My brother hugged his arms around her firm and round butt and kissed her very gently on the lips.

“Well, Stephen, this is my daughter Kelly.” As Jim introduced me to his daughter Kelly, he very gently fondled onto her breasts. “So, why don’t you greet your uncle Steven Kelly?”

“Oh, she is Kelly? Wow, Kelly, yes, I am Steven. Um, Jim’s brother, your uncle.”

“I heard a lot about you from my father, Uncle Steven.” Her voice was sexy. She held her hand towards me and I kissed it very gently to greet her. On her skin, she smelled like lavender, very sweet, but yet, the smell could not remain in my memory. As I looked at her glamorous green eyes contrasting her dark brown hair and tanned body, I saw the expressionless eye contact she made; She is too beautiful for me to even have realized that she was blind.

“Well, dear, I think you must get yourself ready for Mr. Travis now.” Jim kissed and teased her around her neck as he fondled tenderly onto her pussy. Then, the butler helped her towards the stairs. As she walked away, I was lost in-between the physical contact that my brother had with her and the sweet, innocent and heart throbbing beauty of my niece. This was killing me and so, when I was introduced to my room, I couldn’t help it and so helped myself to orgasm. I couldn’t take Kelly off my thoughts and the smell of her skin seemed to come and leave me every minute. After taking a refreshing shower, I wrapped myself with a towel and walked through the hall, I wanted to grab a can of beer.

On my way down, I saw that my brother had many guests over; they look like rich businessmen since they all were dressed neatly with tuxedos and stuffs. I heard sounds and everything, they sounded like they were chilling şirinevler elit escort around and playing cards. So, I leaned forward towards the balcony and looked down, and there I saw a group of about 5 men around there 50’s, sitting around the sofas. Then I saw Kelly with all those old bastard men facing towards her. Now, the whole view was clear. There were about 6 bodyguards standing and surrounding them, and Jim, with red cheeks and his drunken face had Kelly on his laps.

“Oh, come on Kelly! Let daddy fondle your little pussy cat.” He put his glass of Martini down and gave a loud burp.

“Jim! You have such a beautiful daughter, why can’t you let us have a taste of her?” another friend of his said.

“Daddy? Can I go to my room?” I heard Kelly asking very shyly as she tried to stand up.

Jim very quickly grasped her back to his lap, spread her legs apart, lifted her white summer dress and exposed her very smoothly shaved and cushion-like pussy to the audience.

“Kelly, sure you can after this.” He pulled her hair to one side and licked her ear as he grinded his middle finger around her exposed clitoris.

As he fondled with her pussy and licked her around her neck and face she kept on moaning “Daddy, no, please, no, can I please go back to my room?”

His friends were all drunk and enjoying the view. A man with white hair with the center of his hair bald walked towards them, unzipped his trousers and took out his cock. He forced it towards Kelly’s mouth as Jim fondled and held onto her.

“Ah, come on Kelly! You can do more than this.” The man sarcastically told Kelly.

“Come on dear, show Mr. Travis what you could do if you want and A in your exam?” Jim said nicely with sarcasm.

She now looked like she was enjoying the fondling and slowly, she glided and circulated her tongue around the tip of the old cock.

“Ah yes, very good, now, push, push, yes…” I heard Mr. Travis command as he enjoyed Kelly’s job.

“Well, okay now, Kelly you can go back to your room.” Jim stopped everything and ordered the butler to bring şirinevler escort her back to the room.

The whole audience and Mr. Travis didn’t seem to be happy about the idea, then Jim said “Come on, you want more chicks, I get you as many as you want! My daughter is still a virgin, I don’t want hers broken yet!”

Knowing that Kelly was heading towards where I am now, I had to hide myself because I didn’t want anybody to see me, and with a hurry, I rushed into any room I could have found.

Maybe this is fate or that I was really in the luck of getting busted, I happened to have gone to Kelly’s room.

Kelly and the butler entered the room, and yes, she was naked.

“Come on Kelly dear, you better get your rest now.” The butler put her on the bed and she laid to rest. The butler walked out. I hid myself inside the closet, so after the butler left, I walked out of it. I wanted to leave, but my desires for her made me stay. I stared at her as she gently took her nap. I kneeled by the bed and began fondling her long brunette hair gently. I touched her soft and tanned skin and then smelled her skin, which smelled like lavender. Beginning to lose control from my desires, I kissed her lips gently and slowly glided my lips to her breasts. Then my hands strolled gently under the silky white covers and my fingers began fondling her pussy; they are so smooth, soft and gentle.

Kelly suddenly woke up and held onto my hands.

“Who are you?” I was very busted, but thank goodness she couldn’t see. I didn’t know what to do, so all I did was rest my head on her.

She began feeling my head and then my facial characteristics. “Uncle Stephen? Is it you?”

I was extremely embarrassed to say anything, so I headed off.

As I walked towards the door, Kelly said, “Uncle Stephen, I can’t sleep now, do you think you can put me to sleep?”

I was relieved by the fact that she wasn’t mad at me and actually wanted me to stay with her.

“Um, sure.”

Therefore, from that moment and on, I slept beside her on the bed. The both of us were naked, and to my surprise, all we did was talk, except that during our long conversation, she was under my arms as I smelled the scent of lavender on her and my fingers fondled onto her smooth and juicy clitoris.

Okay, it was a lie. She gave me the best head I ever received in years and we did it over 5 times with different positions that same afternoon.

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