My Doctor was a Nun


My Doctor was a Nun(Part of this story is true, part of it is pure fantasy. If you have a problem with a story about a Catholic Nun being a doctor who examines a man and does things that don’t break her vows, but which are surely a bit out there…then don’t read this story. Thank you)In my small western town it’s hard to get and keep doctors. Fortunately there are programs that bring doctors to small towns. I had a doctor for three years who was a nun. She never dressed in a habit. Her name was sister Prudence.It was the second year she was my doctor. I was in for my annual exam. We were to the part where she had me lower my pants. She pressed her gloved fingers up in my ball sack and had me cough. The first time I had that done by her I was a bit worried about having an erection, but it was over before the blood could pump it up.During the second year, just after the ‘cough’exam, while my pants were still down,she asked how old I was. I told her I was forty. She had already removed the glove. She nodded her head and wrote a note on my file. She asked if I had ever had a prostate exam. I told her I hadn’t and that I didn’t even know what that was. She then explained about the organ the size of a walnut that was located somewhere inside my body and behind where my genitals were located. She was putting on a fresh glove when I said, “Oh! THAT exam!”. This made her smile and said “Yes…that exam.” I was still naked from the waist down. I watched her put some lubricant on the gloved forefinger. “Lean forward with your torso on the exam table. It might be helpful if you spread your buttocks apart to facilitate easier entry through your anus. I did as she asked and felt my cock starting to get hard. “I am pressing my finger inside your anus. If it hurts any let me know and I will add more lubrication. I believe I have enough to make it not too uncomfortable. When she had her finger inside me and on the prostate I groaned because now my cock was massively hard. “It is quite common for a prostate exam to cause an erection. Don’t worry about it Peter. Erections are perfectly natural. I felt her breath on my ass, the one my wife has always called ‘perfect.’ I heard her voice from below. “Your prostate is slightly enlarged.” I felt her finger moving over the prostate and I was just going crazy though she didn’t know it. “The surface is smooth which is a good thing. This organ sends semen through your penis during intercourse…or any time your semen is expelled from your body.” Once again she said my prostate was slightly enlarged. She removed the finger from my ass and threw the glove in the waste bin. She handed me a moistened towel, “You may use this to clean your rectal area Peter.” I did so and she continued, “When you urinate do you have a problem starting your flow?” I said that sometimes it took a while. She replied,”Thank you, now when you ejaculate have you ever noticed any noticed any problems?” I asked breathlessly, “What kinds of problems?” She looked up at my face.”Lessened flow and or lessened strength of speed of ejaculation.”That’s when I decided what the hell. I was going to enjoy this as much as I could. ” Well sister when I was twelve, and had just discovered masturbation, my semen pendik escort would shoot clear across the room…maybe eight feet. The first time I masturbated on my upper bunk the semen hit the ceiling so I had to use a sock after that.” She nodded her head and asked, “So it would certainly be diminished some after those early years. You are forty. Tell me about the speed and amount of your ejaculate when you were in your twenties.”I took a deep breath and said, “Well, my girl friends when I was in my twenties would comment on how nice it felt when my ejaculate hit them on their cervix.When I would masturbate then, if I was sitting my semen would sometimes hit my neck and sometimes my chin if I wasn’t careful with my…uh…aim. I once got some in my hair while watching a private show at an adult club.” She nodded her head as she wrote on her notes.”Please tell me what you have observed about the strength and volume of your ejaculate in recent months Peter.” I was still turned away from her. “Please turn around to face me Peter. I am aware you have an erection. I am not bothered by that in the least.” I turned around, leaned my ass against the examination table, my erection moving to the beat of my heart,then said, “In recent months, it seems my ejaculate is more massive and powerful only when my wife is performing oral sex on me. But I must add that this only happens when she is on her knees and I am holding onto her head…sort of like having intercourse with her mouth. I do all the moving as I would in normal sex. Then my semen fills her up and shoots so deep that sometimes she coughs.”Are there any other instances when your ejaculate might be more forceful or less forceful?” I stared at her face and she at mine as I hesitated. After 30 seconds she said, “Obviously with your erection standing there you can see that this does not affect me in the least. You may tell me anything here and under doctor/patient confidentiality I would not be allowed to tell anyone else about this.”I nodded then said, “I have a girl friend. She is much younger than I am. I have had girl friends all through our marriage. I feel it adds to the relationship.” She pursed her lips and nodded her head. I continued. “My Dad always said, and this is a quote, “strange pussy makes a marriage stronger.” He said, “Fucking the pussy of a woman you have only known for a short while makes a man more manly.”sister Prudence rose from her chair then and walked over to the door. She locked it, turned around and said, “Peter, you are well aware that I am a nun and nuns have to stifle their natural sexual urges. You are also aware that I am a virgin. I married my Lord when I took my vows. That said, nuns have hormones and desires we have to repress. I believe a good way to test the strength of your ejaculate and perhaps the strength of my commitment, and I DO want to test that. If I exposed my body to you then it would be for you to look at a vagina and body you have never seen before.” I gave a puzzled look then let out a gasp when she started removing her clothes. She took off every stitch of clothing. This woman was 30 to 35 years old. Her breasts were very nice C cups with brown puffy nipples. There kağıthane escort was not a hair on her cunt. Her mound was prominent and her slit looked delicious. “I removed the hair from my vagina because it pleases me to look at it with a mirror when I masturbate.I asked if she was going to masturbate then added, “The women I play with on video cam always masturbate which helps me with my masturbation.” sister Prudence smiled at me and said “I will lay myself down on the examination table right next to where you stand Peter. Would that help with your orgasm?”I took a deep breath, trying to look at her face. “Sure that would help. Perhaps what might help even more is me fingering your pussy while you jack me off. If your hand is firm on my shaft, just right here, and I could smell your cu…pussy scent…I would be very, very much more motivated to do a good shot or shots for you. I must say, in all honesty, that it seems to me that it is a waste that this perfect body you have has never had a cock inside of it.”She smiled and said, “While I know my body would enjoy that Peter, my soul would suffer for it.” Then she told me where I should stand and explained the distances. “If you stand right here and I aim your penis at the natural angle at which it stands when erect, your semen would shoot off to somewhere over there.” I nodded my head and she continued, “these tiles on the floor are twelve inches square. If you stand with your toes right on this seam of these tiles right here we would have a good idea of the distance. After I would collect the semen so I may weigh and measure the amount.”I lobbied for more, “Since fucking you is not an option and would not work for this…uh…test, I would love to give you an orgasm.” She considered that then said, “Let me show you my hymen Peter. I would not want for it to be torn during your digital manipulation of my vagina.” She opened her legs wide and bent her knees. She placed her fingers on her cunt and spread her lips with one hand. She gave me a small hand mirror and asked me to hold it so we could both see inside of her vagina.” I did as she asked and she showed me the tissue which kept her a virgin.”sister Prudence, is it possible you could…uh be a bit more…slutty in your language? Referring to vagina, penis, ejaculate is all a bit clinical for me. I love when women with me talk filthy. Do you think you could possibly say…oh…cunt…cock…and cum?”She considered this for a while then said, “I will sit right here where I can jack on your hard cock Peter. You may finger my cunt all you want as long as you don’t rip my cherry. I will try to make you cum nice and hard.”Satisfied, I stood right where she wanted so there would be an accurate measure of distance. I slipped my hand onto her face, down her neck then grazed over her delicious puffy nips. Her breathing quickened a great deal. I moved my hand down her belly, she had her right hand firmly wrapped around my cock and started stroking me. I used my forefinger to circle her hard little clit, then dip inside her lips to bring up some of the large amounts of juices that were forming there. I used the slippery finger to maltepe escort massage her clit more. “Talk dirty to me Prudence.” “Oh fuck Peter. Your hard cock feels so fucking hot in my hand. I love seeing your balls sway as i jack you off. Your fingers in my cunt feel so so good. I probably will come a few times while we do each other.” She started stroking my cock harder and I moved my fingers just so they could touch the hymen inside her hole. Her whole body shook and she hissed out, “Oh holy fuck!”Her fist was moving rapidly on my cock. She stared at my prick. The sound of my fingers in her cunt filled the room. She went into contractions of lust as she came, but her hand continued it’s steady hard beat on my cock. “Fuck Peter, suck my nipples!” I leaned over and sucked on the nipple closest to me then used my other hand to massage the other. I pulled on her nipple and she came hard again. Her hand was erratic on my prick but she kept up the speed. She reached down with her left hand and pulled on her clit as my fingers dipped dangerously close to doing damage to her hymen. When she pulled her hand from her clit she held her fingers up to my nose. The smell of her cunt did it. Her stroking produced six beautiful arcs of white semen arcing across the room. I stopped stroking her cunt and she hissed, “Don’t stop touching me stud!” She signaled for me to turn so my cock was facing her. She moved her head to my cock and started sucking on it. I shot more cum then into her mouth. This brought about her final orgasm. As her body slowly regained its equanimity she sat up, went to her desk and found the tape measure for finding the last inches of the semen as it passed beyond a seam in the tiles. She was kneeling on the floor, her sweet ass pointing at me. She looked up at me, her breasts swaying and said, “Seventy-five and three quarter inches. That was a nice cum shot Peter.”She had also gotten some sort of squeegie thing which she used to sc**** the semen from the floor. She sc****d the semen off into a small square container that she said weighed three ounces. She place it on an electronic scale that listed the weight of container and semen as 3.25 ounces. The rough measurement of your semen is one quarter of an ounce Peter. She wrote the distance and the weight in my file. I noticed there was a small ooze of cum from the corner or her mouth that had moved down her chin and landed on her left nipple.The doctor put her hand on my cock that now had wilted into an arc. She stripped the base of the shaft into the container and some dribbled out. “I don’t know what I was thinking…just the passion I guess. Of course part of your semen produced would still be in your cock. The semen I took in my mouth doesn’t count because that was a post initial ejaculation orgasm. There would have been an amount equal to what I just stripped from your cock if I hadn’t sucked you off, so that will do for this measurement. Let’s just weigh this again. The total weight now was 3.27 ounces. She erased the book and wrote in the box marked semen production, ‘0.27 oz.'”You have a very nice cock Peter. If I were a woman of the world I would surely want this cock to break my cherry. Have you ever taken a cherry?” I said I had not had the responsibility or the pleasure.We both dressed then and when we were clothed she said, “I am not allowed to speak of examinations. In this unusual case I hope you will be as willing to keep this confidential.” I hugged her, pressing her tits against my chest and whispered, “Our secret is safe Prudence.”

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